The program of Bhagavat Dharma is to kill the lust

The program of Bhagavat Dharma is to kill the lust

We will start with Canto 8, chapter 9, text no. 10 – 11, so start with text number 10 which has no purport, then we will move on to text no. 11 which is on the board.

salavrkanam strinam ca
svairininam sura dvisah
sakhyany ahur anityani
nutnam nutnam vicinvatam
(SB 8.9.10)

O demons, as monkeys, jackals and dog are unsteady in their sexual relationships and want newer and newer friends every day, women who live independently seek new friends daily. Friendship with such a women is never permanent. This is the opinion of learned scholars.
Text number 11, please repeat

sri suka uvaca
iti te ksvelitais tasya
asvasta manaso surah
jahasur bhava gambhiRama
dadus camrta bhajanam

(repeated twice)
Sri sukah uvach- Sri Sukadeva Goswami said; iti – thus; te – those demons; ksvelitaih – by speaking as if jokingly; tasyah – of Mohini Murti; asvasta – grateful, with faith; manasah – their minds; asurah – all the demons; jahusuh –laughed; bhava-gambhiRama – although Mohini Murti was full
of gravity; daduh – delivered; ca- also; amrta bhajanam –the container of nectar.

Translation and Purport by Srila Prabhupada,

Srila Prabhupada ki Jai.

Sri Sukedava Goswami continued: after the demons heard the words of Mohini murti, who had spoken as if jokingly, they were all very confident. They laughed with gravity, and ultimately they delivered the container of nectar into her hands.

That’s good,

Purport: The Personality of Godhead in his form of (doesn’t say in her form) of Mohini was certainly not joking by talking seriously, with gravity. Although that form of female form women form, it is still Purusah. The demons, however, being captivated by Mohini-murti’s bodily features, took her
words as a joke and confidently delivered the container of nectar into her hands. Thus Mohini-murti resembles Lord Buddha, who appeared sammohaya sura dvisam [SB 1.3.24]– to cheat the asuras. The word sura dvisam refers to those who are envious of the demigods or devotees.

Sometimes an incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead cheats the atheists. Thus we see here that although Mohini murti was speaking factually to the asuras, the asuras took her words to be facetious. Indeed they were so confident of Mohini-murti’s honesty that they immediately
delivered the container of nectar into her hands, as if they would allow her to do whatever she liked, whether she distributed it, threw it away or drank it herself without giving it to them.

So much confidence they had in the words of Mohini Murti.

sri suka uvaca
iti te ksvelitais tasya
asvasta manaso surah
jahasur bhava gambhiRama
dadus camrta bhajanam (SB 8.9.11)

Sri Sukedava Goswami continued: After the demons heard the words of Mohini murti, who had spoken as if jokingly, they were all very confident. They laughed with gravity, and ultimately they delivered the container of nectar into her hands.

So this was the only possible way to retrieve the container of nectar (kumbha) which had landed in the hands of “sura-dvisha”, only possible way was Lord has taken a form of Mohini Murti. To them She is just another, another women. So that was the weapon, Lord is using to defeat, attack and defeat, all those asuras they were very much in the party, like 50 -50 in the endeavour to get the nectar. In the very beginning the whole strategy was sarpa-musak nyaya. Snake and mouse once caught in a container, in a trap.

Mouse is always caught in a trap then somehow one snake also entered and he could get in but then getting out was not possible, because door was shut an then there was a proposal from the snake because the mouse could cut open. It will take some extra time but chewing with his, he is expert in cutting so you make a hole and then we both be out. If you don’t help me with this, I will eat you up, but if you help me to get out. I will, you will be saved. So this is the logic. Sarpa- snake, musak – punarmusak bhava. So this was the logic used and proposed by the Lord, to the demigods. So you go ahead with this, get the help of the demons they are very strong and stout, you alone will not be able to churn the ocean of milk and as a result there will be nectar. You need help, additional help is required. So take help of the demons. Once the nectar is there, “ohh! We didn’t say that.”

So, that snake, so the rat/mouse helped making the hole, they were both out and once they were both out, snake did end up eating this mouse. So he wants to get out only with the help of that mouse, once he was out then, he also had his breakfast. So the demons would offer all the help in the churning and once the nectar was there, as the result of that churning, only demigods will get the nectar and not the demons. This was very, in the beginning this was the vision. Lord is helping in fact in this endeavour of getting the nectar, churning the nectar or churning the ocean of milk and finally getting the nectar.

So many incarnations are appearing here Ajita incarnation appears helping, anyway that I think we don’t want to get into that and then the tortoise, the Kashyap. avatar is appearing, one who had a pot Dhanvantari is appearing here. Then Mohini murti is appearing here. So with pastime of churning, the milk ocean, “Samdra Manthan.” Samdra is ocean and manthan is churning, many incarnations are associated with this pastime as you go through “Nityam Bhagavatam sevaya”. Lord incarnates as Mohini-murti is the chapter title and she has appeared and spoken also and she has addressed demons.

Dear demons, and she has spoken and the verse ten is Lord is talking of a siddhanta, the rule, the law. As monkeys and jackals and dogs are unsteady in their sexual relationships and want newer and newer friendships everyday. Women who live independently seek new friends daily, friendship with
such women is never permanent, friendship with me, you are kind of believing me, you are trusting me, but I am svairinnam, I am independent.

svairachar means svairinnam, my achar, my behaviour, my wondering is quite independent, in fact, not about her as such or him as such, Mohini murti but just stating the law, this is how things work in case of svairinnam, strinam svairinnam. If the stri is svairinnam, independent then “nutnam nutnam vicinvatam, they always seek nutnam, nutnam, newer and newer friendships they seek.

So that was concluding statement or some universal principal as it works or functions in this world. Lord Mohini Murti has said that to the sura-dvisah, oh demons and then Sukdeva Goswami, he is upholding that principle, what else could he do, let Lord speak for Himself, you shut up. Prabhupada would say, Let Lord speak for Himself, let Him speak, as He speaks. You don’t become stumbling block. You don’t dilute, you say as it is, say it. So same spirit, same elevation in, this is elevated thought, this is high thinking of the Lord highest thought.

iti te ksvelitais tasya (SB 8.9.11)

So Mohini-murti said “strinam svairinnam” because independent women another word, equivalent word is used by Sukdeva Goswami, “ksvelitais” meaning the same thing,

asvasta manaso surah
jahasur bhava gambhiRama
(SB 8.9.11)

Anyway he is just translating the mood of Lord Mohini murti dadus camrta bhajanam (SB 8.9.11)

So as “dadus” they gave amrita, “bhajanam” pot of nectar, back into the hands of Mohini murti or first time, it was not in the hands of Mohini murti, first time gave it to Mohini murti. And her words as if jokingly said words, they took them seriously and with all confidence and as Prabhupada is pointing out their mood. Oh! Whatever you wish to do with it, you may distribute or you may drink it yourself what else you could do, throw it away, with all that confidence with all that trust. “svairinnam” anyone who becomes independent, this is talk of women here becoming independent. However anyone who becomes independent gets into trouble that doesn’t help that person or that doesn’t help others who are dependent on
that person. I was reminded of because this “svarinnam” word I was reminded of similar word from the tenth canto of Bhagavatam.

kridasaktesu gopesu
tad gavo dura carinih
svaiRama carantyo vivisus
trna lobhena gahvaRama (SB 10.19.1)

While Krsna was playing with his friends the cows now had their backs towards the Lord and they were facing the grass and trna lobhena as they were greedy for the grass, they kept going with their backs towards Krsna svairan carantyo. And they become independent and they were wandering from forest to forest and the end result was, soon there was a forest fire, and they were caught in the middle forest fire, burning forest fire. And then ofcourse there was oh help, help, help help and then Krsna, when they were facing the Lord again. Lord says close your eyes and Lord drank all the
fire. So they were finally helped up but they got into trouble is the acarya’s comment in this verse.

svaiRama carantyo wandering of cows was svaiRama carantyo and trna lobhena they were greedy whether that’s Kama, Krodha or Lobha, Lobha is greed, the lust, anger, greed. This could be the cause of wandering away, back towards the Lord wandering independently, svaiRama carantyo, strinam svairininam and one could only invite the trouble for oneself and for others, that’s one comment on, even the cows, when they did the svairan carantyo, they got into the trouble as they didn’t stay in the vicinity of the Lord, but Lord was playing they could have stayed there. Whatever
little grass they were in need of instead they went away and that independent wandering of the cows ended up, they getting into the trouble.

strinam svairininam so in the previous verse, Srila Prabhupada has already, the famous moral instructor Chanakaya says.

visvasam naiva kartavyam
strisu raja kulesu ca

Not trust politician and women, famous one, difficult to digest lots of times, such instruction or such principle of morality. But Lord has appeared here, Srila Prabhupada is pointing, the Buddha appeared, sammohaya sura-dvisam (SB 1.3.24) to bewildered the demonic class and Lord has appeared here as Mohini murti to also bewilder the demons and He has taken the women form.

Women form has invested with such powers, balam me pasya mayayah (SB. 3.31.38) it was Kapil muni talking to his mother, she is also women, balam me pasya you want to see the power of that I have invested in form of a women, jayino disam (SB 3.31.38).

Some emperor he had just now returned to his capital and as bhruvi jrmbhena kevalam (3.31.38) as women only moves her eyebrows, he is emperor, conquer of the world and he has back to his palace or capital and he sees some women with the movement of eyebrows ya katoti padakrantan (3.31.38) he just ends up in their feet, licking their feet, serving their lotus feet, oh it is just feet.

balam me pasya mayayah ( 3.31.38), just see the bala of my maya, mam maya duratyaya (BG 7.14) this is my maya, I have invested such powers. So if maya, maya’s powers is exhibited by independent women, it is only talk of independent women. Independent woman is condemned as most undesirable thing to happen. Otherwise women are worshipped.

matravat pardareshu
losthavat pardareshu
yeha pasyati
seh pandita

Another principle of morality is that person is real pandit yeha pasyati one who sees matravat pardareshu all women as his mother, matravat pardareshu, atmavat servabhuteshu, other living entities as if they are him or myself. I respect other living entities, other parts and parcels of the Lord, as if they are myself. This is his vision. losthavat pardareshu, and the wealth of others, I have nothing to do, it is untouchable, I will not even touch or just, something is in the dustbin, yeha pasyati one who sees like this, is a real learned person. This is opinion of learned scholars.

Srila Prabhupada has translated the verse and this is opinion of the learned scholars. In the assembly of demigods, women is worshipped that society is civilized society or civilized country where women is honoured and worshipped, given position of a mother. If it is not society of devotees and demigods and civilized society then other things happen. An added this verse was reminded of the third chapter, there is a talk of Arjuna has a question.

atha kena prayukto yam
papam carati purusah (BG 3.36)

It is what it is, you know what is that,

anicchann api varsneya
balad iva niyojitah (BG. 3.36)

Sometimes, I know this is not right thing to do, this is sinful activity but you know something or someone, just drags me into it, annicchann api varsneya, balad iva niyojitah who is it, what is it, Oh Lord, This is Arjun’s question. If we also have similar question then we will also understand Lord’s reply to this question but we don’t bother such thoughts, don’t come to our mind and we will understand what Lord had to say but not, all the thing or everything that conveys us response to this question and it is a common answer, that it is all on the tip of our tongues and Krsna’s says.

Sri Bhagavan uvaca
kamaesa krodha esa
rajo guna samudbhavah

mahasano maha papma
viddhy enam iha vairinam (BG 3.37)

Lord begins like that and he has more to say viddhy enam, Arjuna do you have your notepad or writing dairy, viddhi, please not you should know , you should take a note of this. viddhy enam iha vairinam, oh that person, the force, something drags you in the activity which is as if you don’t wish
to perform that sin, that one is kama, that one is lust, Mr.Lust and Prabhupada says Mr. Lust has a younger brother called Mr. Anger because,

kamat krodho bhijayate (BG 2.62)

Kama krodha, first kama appears then krodho bhijayate, then there is a krodha, then there is a anger, frustration. The cinema’s have lot of time basically two things sex and violence. Samething. kamat krodho bhijayate (BG 2.62) Lord has said it kamat krodho bhijayate. One may say oh this is
your scripture, this is Hindu’s scripture, we are nothing to do with this, doesn’t matter in fact whether they know this is Lord’s statement, accept it or they don’t accept, same principal.

kamat krodho bhijayate (BG 2.62)

krodhad bhavati sammohah, Srila Prabhupada is pointing out in the purport that sammohah sura dvisam, Lord is appearing here as Mohini murti, sammohah suara dvisam, to bewildered the demons. So first there is a kama, which is in there, big stock of it. Kama and when that is not fulfilled then there is Krodha, frustration, anger and when it gets more thicker, concentrated anger, more and more anger person ends up with smrti bhRamasad buddhi naso ( BG 2.63) then Budhi intelligence is lost, this bewildered sammohah krodhad bhavati sammohah (BG 2.63) from anger comes sommohah, bewilderment. And when person is angry he is doing something crazy, crazy something, later on he may lament for. So advice is “When you are angry, just don’t act.” This is not time for action, take some deep breath, they advice like that, get your because the anger has turned up your breath, heavy breath and those heavy breaths, you are unsteady in your thought. So calm down and that is done with the help of asana and pranayam. Pranayam has role to play. Pranayam means it balance your thoughts within, with the help of deep breathing anyway this is that technique, our technique devotion technique.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

With this also breath control is done, pranayam is also taken care of as one also chants in every dam, you are chanting, do your japa. You are also doing, you are sitting, chanting. The best asana for chanting is “sukhasana” or you could manage padama-asana or siddha asana. There are different
asana’s. This is sukhsana, crossed legged, you are sitting this is sukha-asana and this is the best asana for chanting. This is mode of goodness asana. As you get up, there is passion when you are up and when you lie down that is ignorance.

So these are two positions, three modes of material nature. So goodness, sitting is goodness and you chant. So we are in an asana and you are chanting and your pranayam is also taken care off and you are hearing Lord’s name that develops prema and that is just the other extreme of kama. You are bothered, you are agitated by kama and the solution is praying, replace kama, replace all that stuff, Kama with the prem and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has appeared with that gift of prema or love of Godhead. So why is Vedic culture, or the Vedas, the sastra’s are, why they are against this women, specially independent women, because in there, there is likely hood of this the kama, kama is aroused.

balam me pasya mayayah (SB. 3.31.38)

I have invested all the energies, in body of a women.
dhyayato visayan pumsah
sangas tesupajayate
sangat sanjayate kamah (BG. 2.62)

As one contemplates on objects of senses, the result is contemplated, contemplate on objects of senses, the form of women and women is also contemplating on form of a man and both ways it works, flow from one to the other and one to the other one. So independent women and independent uncontrolled mind, then dhyayato the contemplation is there. This women free or available or looking for a man and then some corresponding other men’s mind, also looking for and then

dhyayato visayan pumsah
sangas tesupajayate

If he is attached and from that attachment snagat sanjayate kamah, from that attachment comes lust and on and on and on and then buddhi nasat, they lost intelligent, buddhi nasat pranasyati (BG 2.63). You are doomed, person is doomed, all begins with some contemplation and then more things. So Lord has said this as, number one enemy. Arjuna there are others on the list but this one is number one. So the proposal of the Lord is, what do, how to deal with this enemy in the form of Kama.

papamanam prajahi hy enam
jnana vijnana nasanam (BG 3.41)

Lords proposal, so he spoke up, Kapil Dev, we are hearing here from Mohini murti, we are hearing from Lord Sri Krsna, learned scholars speak the same language. Sukdev Goswami. There is no hatred in Sukdev Goswami, he is such a pure, innocent personality, sarvabhut hridayam as if, he is in the
heart of everybody or he understands everyone’s heart and into such muni, I offer my obsciences. So Sukdev Goswami talks, as we said, he is upholding this principle, this principle of morality or just a social principle or etiquette for women and then other lessons for men and Srila Prabhupada, this is ,

dharma samsthapanarthaya
sambhavami yuge yuge (BG 4.8)

Bhagavatam is here, to establish Bhagavat Dharma, principles of Bhagavat Dharma, there is no room for hatred, love and hate, that is again “dvanda” of this dual nature, but this Krsna consciousness. Bhagavat is above the duality or is a means to bring the human race above this, love and hate and
kama and krodha and man and women principle. Only purusha is the Lord, Govindam adi purusham and everyone else is the prakriti, everyone else is a women in relationship with the Lord, everyone is a women.

Women is women, and men are also women, forget about this. At the spirit level and get rid of the bodies, spirit soul, prakriti and purusha, so that is the constitutional position. It changes with the bodies; women of today could be a man of tomorrow.

So Lord say, how to deal with this kama. What to do with this kama. What to do with this kama, with this lust and Lords proposal is “prajahi” jahi means to kill and Prajahi means real, really this kama, this lust has to be killed. There is no other way to deal with this. This is enemy, he has been termed branded as enemy to begin with. The kama is enemy viddhy enam iha vairinam (BG 3.37) so how to deal with this enemy and Lord’s say only thing is to kill this enemy. So I was just reading comments by “Sridhar Swami”, the famous or our previous senior acarya a commentator on Gita
and Bhagavatam, he says that to deal with enemy camp, enemy or as, there are four ways.

1. Sam
2. Dam
3. Danda
4. Bedha

Four things you could do, sam means some talk diplomatically or tactfully, have some talk and pacify him and ask him to, not to be enemy anymore at all. Talk it out, have a dialogue, sam Sridhar Swami says that doesn’t work with this enemy. You talk with Mr.Lust, he may not even come around for a round table conference, that’s sam. Then dam, means bribing, giving some bribe under the table, somehow, may be just give him part of the kingdom. Lord has already described him as mahasano maha papma (BG 3.37) he is such as sinful enemy that mahasano, sano means feeding.

So doesn’t matter how much you feed, he is never satisfied, whatever you feed, what bribe you, whatever you give him, he wants more and more and more. There is no end, mahasano, he has been described as “maha sano.” It’s like pouring oil or a ghee into the fire, so far that pouring is going on, there is no question of that free getting extinguished. So feeding this kama or giving, bribing, giving only something you know he will ask for more and more and more. So sam, dam, and then bedha, bedha means okay we are out casting you, you stay away, you don’t mix with us from now onwards. Something, something like that or separate him from what you say this, bedha difference. You are different or they are different, it is kind of put him out, alienated, good. You need to know some better words alienation. So he is part of the team alienation is done from the part of the group and he is alienated. So he is part of this Kama, krodha, Lobha, Mada, Moha, matsar, y this is a team, leading team, enemy team. So “Sridhar Maharaja says, it is difficult to separate them.” They can’t be separated where there is kama, there is krodha, anger and followed by lust and they are kind of one, they are also different, but they are one, the same group, they cannot be separated. So this bedha alienation also would not work. So sam, dam, bedha only remaining thing is danda, means punishment and the only punishment for this enemy is kill them, hang them. So while talking of killing, jahi, Lord says prajahi, not only jahi means killing, kill him, this is jahi, means he should be means, don’t leave any traces. Make sure he is dead, make sure and burn him.

So the purport of that Prabhupada writes of that Gita 3.41. Lust is only perverted reflection of the love of God, which is natural for every living entity. Love is natural, but if one is educated in Krsna consciousness from the very beginning, that natural love of god cannot deteriorate into lust, it is very difficult to return to the normal condition. Nonetheless, Krsna consciousness is so powerful that even a late beginner can become the lover of god by following the regulative principles of devotional service. So, from any stage of life, or from the time of understanding its urgency, one can begin regulating the senses in Krsna consciousness, devotional service of the Lord, and turn the lust into love of Godhead, the highest perfection stage of human life.

So that program of Bhagavat Dharma, to kill the lust, wherever it is. Unless the goal of life, which is love of godhead is clear and fixed, these topics are very difficult to understand. Once the goal is prema, prema is the goal, love of godhead is goal of life and had achieved this in this life time. Prabhupada gave us the target, this life time, then businessmen doesn’t think of making profits next life. He wants to do business now, profits now and close the deal or whatever. So Srila Prabhupada would speak like that in this lifetime, end of this lifetime. So goal is love, prema. So then the bhagavatam, the Vedic life style they can come very heavily down upon this lust business, lusty affairs. Because this is enemy, this is enemy, not just open arms policy, there is no talk like this. I don’t know, as much as I know little the Christianity, or their scriptures or Quran or they talk little bit but, not as much as the Bhagavat talks of crush it, kill it.

Unless that is done, there is no love of godhead, they are so you may be following some compromise or substandard, principle of religion or but then the corresponding outcome also is not going to be love of Godhead. You go somewhere higher by following some of those principles. So Bhagavatam has identified, Bhagavat Gita has identified, the enemy and where does it reside and here Lord in the third chapter is going step by step. Indriyani niyamaydo in the beginning, where to begin, how to conquer this enemy, so that some procedure is also stated, niyamayado indriyani , the sense, control, indiriyani mano buddhir asyadhisthanam ucyate (BG 3.40) then Krsna say this lust, who is enemy, you would like to know, where is my enemy, who is he and where is he before I attack or battle, fight, kill him. I have to know who is my enemy, where is he sitting. Lord says, indiriyani- in all the senses, mano – in mind, buddhir – in the intelligence.

So as he comes from outside from sense objects, one lets them come it and our mind going out and contemplating, bringing even those objects in and contemplating. So the gates are not guarded, gates are open. Enemy is coming in through the senses and now it has some in the mind and contemplation as if is welcomed not even identified, his enemy. We may have not prepared for battle, at least know this one is enemy, this one is enemy that realization, that understanding, this is my enemy, it is coming through the senses, through your intelligence unto the mind and if it is not
checked at the sense level and mind’s level then it keeps walking all over. Walking through and goes to the intelligence and once the enemy has captured the intelligence then what hope is there. He has captured, so atleast with the intelligence one is able to think this is my enemy, I know this is my enemy, he has come and I have to get rid of it.

So those whose are in maya, those who are in illusion, don’t know that they are in illusion but those who are Krsna Consciousness or trying to become Krsna conscious, they atleast know this is Krsna and this is maya, this is Krsna and this is prema and this is kama. This is love and this is lust, they may not have full development of love as of yet but at least they know oh this is love, this is lust the power of discrimination within intelligence and dadami buddhi yogam tam (BG 10.10) and Srila Prabhupada is talking about that in the purport that we read we may take to Krsna consciousness even at later date but we are serious, not here, then Lord gives intelligence in the tenth chapter, he says,

tesam satata yuktanam bhajatam priti purvakam
dadami buddhi yogam tam yena mam upayanti te

(BG 10.10)

So I have intelligence, otherwise the earlier intelligence was contaminated by lust, worldly intelligence; Lord says I give the intelligence. I become your intelligence agency, then how is that intelligence used. Yena mam upyanti te, yanti means to go upyanti means closer, to come closer
and closer to Me, that intelligence is used, with that intelligence one could discriminate, this is this, this is Krsna, this is maya, this is love, this is lust, my enemy or there he has entered sitting in my senses, in my mind, intelligence also captured to some extent. If it is fully captured then you can’t think, that some part of the brain is still free from illusion then you can see that the rest is, enemy has captured.

So goal is love of God, prema, so with that aim in mind, then everything else is strategy included what is stated here, the lose women or independent women behind them, there are independent men also, there is team behind women’s liberation, they say more men behind women’s liberation then women herself, you trace it back and as a team, they are illusioned, this sammohah, it is mentioned sammohahya to bewildered them. We also kind of left that incomplete there that Lord is Purusha and the soul is prakriti but then the soul is covered by two kind of clothing, two kinds of clothes.

vasam sa jarnani

Vasam is clothes, so two sets of cloth, one looks like a male, male cloth, male uniform and female uniform. So when that understanding of being soul is not there then they want kingdom of God. Srila Prabhupada would say, oh people want kingdom of God, but without God. What do I need god for, I am god- Ishvaro aham so that’s not only men’s thing, Ishvaro aham, women also think ishwaro aham and when woman is wanting enjoyment. She is not a woman anymore, she is a man. As Srila Prabhupada said, she becomes purusha, she takes the role of purusha and they both wanting to be purush, competition with the Lord. Living entities envious of the Lord and they want to enjoy independently, independent women wanting independently to enjoy the world, independent of what? Independent of Lord.

Otherwise where is this independence, independent women not just independent of man, ultimately independent of Lord, but when both are enjoying spirit, they are both take the role of purusah. They both want to enjoy and there is a divine couple Radha and Krsna, and then there are so many other pairs, as you and me, they sit together, we are god, enjoyer. This whole independent thing, men independent, women independent, when men is depending on god, father is depending on god, husband is depending on god, son is depending on god, God conscious.

And then women depends on father when she is a child, depends on husband when she is married, depends on son when husband retires or renounce the both depending on the Lord. The daughter- father, wife -husband, son -mother depending upon the Lord or wanting to achieve the Lord, get closer to the Lord. So this topics could only be understood in the context of Krsna Consciousness specially keeping in mind the goal of life.

If that is not understood, doesn’t even have a clue of what the goal of life is, who we are? and the Lord, love of god, if that is not there then immediately they will fight back with the talk that we are giving here or what Mohini murti has to say, what Kapil dev has to say, what Krsna or Srila Prabhupada and Sukdev Goswami has to say. Are you crazy and then who is crazy, this party says that they are crazy and other party says other one is crazy. So who is the judge, who is? So there are so many difficulties because of this independence of men or women. All sorts of difficulties. nutnam nutnam vicinvatam always looking for newer and newer partners, men is looking, women is also looking and this divorce cases this was such a rare thing in India specially, but now I happen to read that Delhi court they get some kind of 700 cases per week or per month also.

700 families are gone to the court, maybe I am not sure much bigger number here in the west, but the lawyers they are say, these cases were rare, 20 years , 30 years 40-50 years back. Very occasionally, someone would go all the way to the court, to battle out but this is not a good sign. Union, I mean married and separation, every time is breaking heart, some breaking bonds in not a, what one goes through but they are forced, another reason what happen to those children, who are in “varnasankara” this is one very major concern of Arjuna. The husband dies in the battle and women will go after another men and the children and this is it.

See what is happening, what is going on, as the result, so much of HIV, HIV they all, what is that other name of it? AIDS. I was in South Africa and now the life span, average life span is not 33 years in South Africa or may be in some parts 33 years. I asked what happened, they said lots of youth dying in their 20s and 30s. So this to throw in few difficulties, universally or globally for human races facing with, which has connection with this independence of men or women or no control over the senses, strinam svairininam. As it was happening to those cows, they drifted away from Lord, they drifted away from Lord, they didn’t care could have stayed around Krsna and they ended up in forest fire.

Oh! We all also end up in forest fire and this material existence is one fire, that’s why first thing we say samsara davanala lidha loka, very first thing that comes out of Hare Krsna devotees mouth is samsara davanala this world is on fire and more fires, how much fighting fires not possible, they will not be able to extinguish fire, only increase in fire, increase the fire only when ghanaghanatvan when the cloud , merciful cloud comes, rains showers, yesterday. By the mercy clouds and mercy drops and as they come down upon. So they are available, Krsna consciousness is being showered, all over, it’s made available with temples and Gita’s everywhere.

Book distribution , Govinda’s restaurants, these are mercy clouds, these are mercy, what other forms you are distributing mercy here, preaching to the congregation, congregation developments, youth preaching as many as audience as possible, we tried to Krishna consciousness, so that people are shattered people have no shelter.

dharmo rakshit raksat

If you want to protect someone, you should protect his Dharma, you protect his religion pull his under the umbrella of religion, dharma. Dharma, the dharma, not some ABC dharma preliminary dharma, that is also available on the planet. Then that person is protected. So the principle mentioned here, they are meant for protection and ultimately and then pulling everyone under the shelter of Krsna. By following these principles, one is protected, shattered and cultivation of Krishna consciousness of godhead and get out of here that’s the idea, get out of here.

Atleast get out of this lower consciousness, you may want to come back and preach, Dhruva Maharaja, Prahlad Maharaja, they don’t care about going back to godhead, but at least, at least come to the level of whether Krsna brings us back or He keeps us on in this world for His mission.
Please at least come to that level.

When Srila Prabhupada his servants in Prayagraj Allahabad has stolen some money and gone away and telegram was sent to Jhansi. Prabhupada was in Jhansi at that time and telegram message landed in Prabhakar Mishra, the first and only disciple that time in his hand and he had already read
the message and he rushed to Prabhupada and he wanted to read this message to Srila Prabhupada , the message said that your servants or workers have conflicted some money and fled, nowhere to be found up to that effect. So when after Prabhakar Mishra read that message to Srila Prabhupada
and looked at Prabhupada thinking that Prabhupada is going to be in tears or he is going to be very unhappy but that wasn’t the case.

Prabhupada was smiling, Prabhupada was happy face and that’s when Prabhupada quoted this verse that you are talking. Prabhupada said to Dr. Prabhakar Mishra

yesha anugranami, hari shednam shane shane

When Lord is kind to you, harishedanam, he steals, he takes away your danam shane shane, means gradually could be drastically, gradually, this verse says shane, gradually takes away your wealth. When Lords wants to benedict you, special benediction. So Srila Prabhupada took up it in that spirit,
he was reminded of that statement from Bhagavatam and he gave the purport also. So he fully agreed with, I mean when things are taken away , there is a saying in Marathi, I would say, I am from Maharashtra, there is a something similar, sounding similar, it says, asatil shite tal jamtil bhute
Bhute means ghost, shite means grains, if you have something, something to offer to feed ghosts, folks and others, they will be always dancing around you, flattering you, pleasing you, do this, do that. So they always come bigger and bigger number and big parties, if you have something, then they will come to get it, they will dance around you, but when you are bankrupt then they will say bye! See you later and what is expected when this happens is you would turn to the Lord. If you have expected him as a only shelter and another loss, yet another loss, yet another lost yet another calamity and Kunti says, my dear Lord , send me calmaties.

vipadah santu toh sasvat
tatra tarra jagad guru ( SB 1.8.25)

Calamities of this kind, of that kind of bankruptcy, she doesn’t specify but she said send calamities, send difficulties, all this in my direction and

bhavato darsanam yat syad ( SB 1.8.25)

And for sure, whenever there is calamity, I will turn to you, I will face you and as a result apnur bhava darsanam I don’t have, calamity after calamity, each time I will run to you, I will have your darsana, as a result, apnur bhava darshana I don’t have to take darsana of this world again, so she was pretty smart lady , this Kunti. No one has prayed like she did.

So things we are attached to, are taken away, one by one or all of sudden all of them, suppose if you are not on Kunti’s level, she takes it in a right spirit, if we are half way through then some thanking the Lord and some cursing the Lord. I didn’t know you are that kind of Lord, you are taking away these things. Well if that person cannot understand on, his or her own then the elders wise men, that’s why we need grandmothers or elders, wise men around us. Our society need, our community guides to help out counselling, explaining, trying to depend upon Lord ultimately. I mean, you know and then one makes play in we came empty handed and how do we go, empty handed and Srila Prabhupada once, maybe we had said several times that you prove it, this is your property, you prove it. How when you die, if you take this property with you, will accept that this was, this is your property. But no one does that, no one is able to manage hence sarvalok meheshwarama

I am the proprietor of everything that principle is established also going back, taking away taking away that ghost and you know dancing around, when they leave you in peace that is suppose to be conducive for your spiritual life. You are bothered by so many of them and so much wealth could be a big burden, extraction, keeping track of account giving. So one less item to worry about and that much time you could devote to Lord.

One of the 24 guru’s, the list of 24 gurus, one of the 24 gurus is you by yourself. So it is one of guru’s and there is example that ya, this whole context was, when the lady was doing unhusking of rice paddy, use the rod, long rod, held in the middle and there is a pile of rice paddy or wheat with the husk and with this they unhusk the manual and when this guru thing, 24 guru explained that is one guru this lady had the bangles and every time she did, it was making sounds and she was then may be decreasing number of bangles, finally even when there were two , there was still some sound, they were colliding with each other and finally it was one, no sound, so that is considered. One of the guru’s to be in situation like that, just by yourself you and your Lord, you are your, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, you and your shravanam, kirtanam, you and remembering the Lord. So that
is only factors you could any given act, what is the cause gahana karmano gatih (BG 4.17) Lord says the topic of karma cause an effect and result, what are the causes , difficult to trace out. So that person may try to understand and blame this one, blame that one blame that one. So no action is complete unless the super soul, the five factors, Supersoul in involved. So there could be some explanation, discussion, counselling like that. Rule is Krsna, he is the wealth, He is the wealth. What if the , you lose the soul and what gained the world or what says the bible, you lose the soul gained the world, what gain is that.

So this giving, taking, gaining and lose more or less does happen with everybody without exception over, person has to just maintain his mental core, equilibrium and that link and my relationship with the Lord and that doesn’t change, doesn’t matter what happens to the world. We are living entities part and parcel of Krsna. Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and we achieve him through our devotion, practice that is a truth. So doesn’t matter you become empty pocket, ya Lord has given you so much and you are also bewildered if he gives too much and it is also too much for you to handle, if he takes away, it is too much for you to handle. So these are again the dual nature of this world. So the advice in the second chapter is thata maan apmaanyo labh hani, yet listed quite a few items that the person in sthita dhir munir ucyate (2.56) munir who is sthita dhir he has attained the equilibrium state of mind and he is in samadhi state, he is above this of loss and gain and respect and then insult.

So Lord with pride say my devotee he is santusta whatever comes in his way or even something goes away.

dvandvatito vimatsarah

He is not envious and dvandvatito means beyond or transcendental to the dual nature of this world. Enemy and friend, local and foreigner, men and women, rich and poor, black and white and more into it. The world is made of these two things.

So I stop here.


Granthraj Srimad Bhagavatam ki Jai

Srila Prabhupada ki jai.