Sita Rama Katha Day 3

3 May 2020 Day 3 Sita Rama Katha Hare Krishna. Welcome all. Here devotees of ISKCON Pandharpur are participating in Katha. Katha is being telecasted from Pandharpur and hence it is obvious that Pandharpur devotees are taking part in this Katha. Devotees from different parts of...
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Sita Rama Katha Day 2

2 May 2020 Day 2 Sita Rama Katha Appearance Day of Mother Sita Jai Sri Rama hor gaya Kama. All endeavours become successful with Rama Nama. Katha commenced yesterday. Today is Day 2. We were remembering Balakanda, the first sarga of Ramayana which was spoken by Narada Muni. He...
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