Siksastakam Seminar-Day 2

Siksastakam seminar-Day 2 Venue: ISKCON Mayapur [1:48:54] Thank you for coming again and again and again and again, four times. Then we don’t have to come back again in this material existence. If we could keep coming here and understand this subject matter of Siksastaka. This is...
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Sri Siksastakam Seminar Verse 1

Sri Siksastakam Seminar Verse 1 Mayapur [1:28:19] So, we welcome you to Mayapur dhama. Mayapur dhama ki Jai! And in Mayapur we get to hear Siksastaka. It was not here in this dhama where Caitanya Mahaprabhu compiled or recited or presented this Siksastaka, it was in Jagannath...
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