Let us uphold the principles given by Sri Rama and Ramayan


Venue: New Jersey Ram katha (Third session) Jai Shri Rama, now you are getting into the mood, spirit is getting higher; Rama is entering you, entering your hearts. You are having good time or you are suffering or Rama is? He never suffers. This is His lila, His pastimes. Rama has lost peace of His mind, Rama has lost His Sita. They could never be separated, “He is shaktiman and she is shakti”. Shakti and shaktiman they are always...

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Lord Ram- best example of simple living high thinking


Second session Jai Sri ….Ram bhakta Hanuman Welcome everybody to the second session of Rama katha….Ramayan “Sri ramah sharanam samasta jagatam, ramam vina ka gatih ramena pratihanyate kalimalam ramaya karyam namah ramatrasyati kal bhima bhujago ramasya sarvam vase rame bhakir akhandita bhavatume Rama tvameva ashrayah” That’s the prayer at the lotus feet of Sri Rama, at the very beginning of Ramayan mahatmya. “Sri ramah...

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As we hear Ramayan Lord Rama enters our heart


Venue: New Jersey Ram katha (First session) Thank you for coming, jai Sita Rama Laxman Hanuman ji ki………. jai. Thank you for also the opportunity to talk about Shri Rama not for 9 days; normally that is how long they have Rama katha for 9 days, Bhagvatam for 7 days Ramayan for 9 days. Navaanha they call navaanha. You are happy that it is only for 3 days (laughter) lucky you are. And we also have Shri Rama here there is also Shri Rama...

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