“Rules as per dharma”


Venue: Mauritius
Dated: 10 Sept 2012
Granthraj Srimad Bhagvatam ki… Jai.
Radha Golokanand ki …jai.
Srila Prabhupada ki…..
So this is canto 10th canto chapter 49 text number 18th. So it is on the board, please repeat.
“Dharmena palayan urvim prajah silena ranjayan
Vartamanah samah svesu sreyah kirtim avapsyasi”

Dharmena – religiously; paalayan – protecting; urvim – the earth; prajah – the citizens; shilena – by good character; ranjayan – delighting; vartamaaanah – remaining; samah – equally disposed; svesu – to your relatives; Shreyah – perfection; kirtim – glory; avaapsyasi – you will achieve.
Translation and purport by Srila Prabhupada ki jai – By religiously protecting the earth, delighting your subjects with your noble character, and treating all your relatives equally, you will surely achieve success and glory.
Purport: Akrura told Dhritarashtra that even though he had usurped the throne, if he now ruled according to the principles of the dharma and behaved properly, he could be successful. End of the purport.
“Dharmena palayan urvim prajah silena ranjayan,
Vartamanah samah svesu sreyah kirtim avapsyasi

By religiously protecting the earth, delighting your subjects with your noble character, and treating all your relatives equally, you will surely achieve success and glory.
So this is Akrura uvaca, Akrura said and he said this to Dhritarashtra. We also had said yesterday if you were here.
“bho bho vaicitravirya tvam kurunam kirti-vardhana
bhratary uparate panda adhunasanam asthitah” (
S.B 10.49.17)
What we are reading is just the beginning and the second statement this one we just read this is the first one addressing Dhritarashtra Akrura said “O! My dear son of Vichitra virya, O! Enhancer of the Kurus glory, your brother Pandu having passed away you have now assumed the royal throne. And then today’s statement, so Akrura has come all the way from Mathura. He has been infact send to Hastinapur, you know where Hastinapur is? You know where Mathura is? You know Mathura ok. You know vrindavan? You have to know something in relation with that location you could understand the other things called sambandha jnana relationships.
Jai ho Radha Golokanand ki…… jai ho
Jagannath Baladev Subhadra ki …….Jai.

So on the banks of Jamuna is Mathura and on the bank of Ganga is Hastinapur. Hastinapur is not very far from Haridwar, you know Haridwar. Near there was a town capital of the entire planet Urvim he said you rule not just little kingdom. “Dharmena palayan urvim” the earth you are ruler of the earth. You are emperor there are others kings but you are king of the kings, you are emperor. And your capital is Hastinapur on the bank sacred banks of Ganga. So from Mathura Akrura has travelled to Hastinapur for the message of Krishna and Balaram. Some news reaching Mathura, all the way from Hastinapur. Not very good news, the sons of Pandu the Pandavas are being harassed tortured attempts to kill them. So many atrocities they had been undergoing. So something had to be done, so Akrura has come to Hastinapur and talk to the top person. Most responsible person for whatever was going on, it was knowledge of Dhritarashtra he is a king. His sons were responsible for some of the bad things going on. But then Dhritarashtra is a ruler and a father also of those Dhritarashtra especially Duryodhan had a big role to play. So here is advice of Akrura who’s a devotee of the Lord. So he is going to be talking on behalf of the Lord, as if Lord is talking himself now.
Akrura uvaca is very similar to Sri Bhagwan uvaca speaking on behalf of Sri Krishna Balaram. So my dear Dhritarashtra “kurunam kirti vardhana” you are the glory of the Kuru dynasty or you are meant to enhance the glory of the kuru dynasty kirtivardhana like a Go-vardhana, ananda-vardhana vardhan means to expand. You are meant to expand enhance the glory kirti (glory) of kurunam the kuru dynasty. And you are son of Vichitravirya that exalted king Vichitravirya you are son of him. Now Pandu is no more and your brother Pandu was expecting that you would be taking care maintaining taking care of his sons. They were just minor children when he passed away. This was his will that you would execute looking after his sons and in due course of time you would enthrone them they would become the rulers take charge of the kingdom. But it’s not happening that’s not going on this is unfair what you are doing “dharmen palayan urvim” you should protect urvim- the whole earthly planet you are suppose to be maintainer of the earthly planet or all the citizens on this earthly planet. You are raja and they are all your praja. They are your off springs, they are your children that’s the understanding, all the citizens are children of the king raja and praja “yatha raja tatha praja” – like king like citizens, like father like son. So citizens are like the king yatha raja tatha praja like that praja, praja as if he has given the birth they are his children and he is expected to take care of all of them “dharmen palayan urvim” and while taking care of them how do you take care of them dharmena by following the principle of dharma you take care of your citizens, will go forward.
“shilena ranjayan” so palayan ranjayan, palayan you maintain them and you also do what palayan and ranjayan, gopijan what is that? gopijana ranjan? brajajan ranjan Lord Shri Krishna is brajajanas ranjan He is entertainer delighter He gives delights to all the residents of vrindavan, brajanan ranjan. And for you you’re the king so have to do praja palan praja ranjan this is also called lalan and palan, the parents also do two things for their children they do lalan and palan. Palan is maintenance give them roti kapda makan give them housing, clothing, education this is palan, and lalan is give them affection love and affection. These are requirements of children palan and lalan parents seem to be doing palan but there is no time for lalan because they are so busy with their businesses they feed them palan, for lalan there is no time for family or children.
So palan is for body, more for body, lalan is more for mind soul. “praja silena ranjayan, silena by your character good character good conduct you do ranjayan ranjan pleasing delighting them keeping them jubilant happy. “vartamanah samah svesu” is some of these words are jewels very good words quality words jems “samah svesu” you should be equally disposed “samah sarvesu bhutesu” (BG 18.54) you should not make distinction, O! These are my children these are someone else children, these are my people these are outsiders this is not fair “ayam nijah paro veti ganana laghu chetsam” – these are my people and these are some outsiders “ganana” -one who thinks like this is counted amongst the “laghu chetsam”- Small minded people think like this narrow minded people low class people think like this ours and theirs and they make distinction.
“Udar charitanam tu vaisudhaiva kutumbkam”- those who are ‘udar’ magnanimous, broad minded vasudeva kutumbakam. Vasudha again urvim is prithvi the earth and vasudha is another name for earth. “vasudhaiva kutumbakam”- all the people on this planet are part of my family, his is high thinking, this is called? High thinking. Simple living and high thinking. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam especially you are the king you are the emperor and you should be thinking of everybody on this planet as part of your family. “vartamanah samaha sveshu”- they are all your people shveshu before vision like gods vision. This high thinking is a godly thinking, thinking like god not that you become god to think like that, like father like son father, so father is supreme Lord Shri Krishna you think like him you are son, you are his son so this is expectation your god son so think like the way your father thinks and father thinks Krishna thinks God thinks they all my people all mine.
So thinking on behalf of the Lord as representative of the Lord think like big thinking Prabhupada built the house, how big is the house? Whole world whole Mauritius, whole of Mauritius, is that world? Mauritius is world in itself. Our family is the world for some of us, big world Prabhupada was thinking the whole world can live in that house big house Krishna conscious family globally living in one house. “Sreyaha” and if you did this, this would be sreyaha, “na ca sreyo nupasyami hatva sva-janam ahave” (B.G 1.31) Arjuna at the beginning of the battle no no no fighting I can’t do “hatva sva-janam ahave” and this ghastly war fare killing my own people , “na ca sreyo nupasyami” I do not see “anupashyami na sreyo” any do not see any long term benefit in killing my own people may be something immediate benefit may be there, short term benefit may be there but I care for sreyah not for preyah, sreyas and preyas you feel good do it, don’t even think just do it feel good do it do not think this is preyas. Sreyas is taking everything into consideration what will be the reaction outcome of this action I will feel good now but what next what would be the reaction of what I am just about to do this.
So “na ca rajyam sukhani ca” Arjuna said ok if I win this battle I will become king and have some sukha, something immediate I would achieve but I would be losing all my family by killing them what good is that being ruler and happy enjoying kingdom if there are no citizens, no friends, no relatives remain after killing after the battle what good is that kingdom “na ca rajyam sukhani ca” I am not interested in this kind of kingdom and this kind of happiness so I will not kill. So Arjuna is thinking like that at least he is thinking of shreya business in long term I will not be happy. So Akrur is advice “sreyah kirtim avapsyasi” you will attain kirti if you rule like this “dharmena palayan urvim” if you rule the kingdom according the principle of the religion “prajah silena ranjayan” and if you entertain them take care of their even psychological needs, mental needs, taking care of body mind and soul complete whole is the three components body mind and soul so not only taking care of their bodies by palayan but by ranjayan taking care of their needs of the mind and ultimately of course the soul. “Vartamanah samah svesu” equal disposition equilibrium of your mind if you rule the kingdom like this, more things are to follow this is just one sentence one statement there is going to be long good advice or next quite few days we will be talking on and on and on and which is good for, you should give this to your prime minister of your country. Like Akrura has gone to the prime minister or president of the planet. Prime minister president should hear message on behalf of Golokananda, if Arjuna could do this gave a message Lord gave message to Arjuna pass that on so that they could rule the Mauritius accordingly. The citizens would be maintained and entertained, and as a result “kirtim avapsyasi” you will attain kirti and you will get good name for doing these things. Kirtim avapsyasi -this is something important achievement kirti is something one should try to achieve kirti some good name. “kirti yashyasa jivati” person who has a good name, good name fame in the society that person is good person is living person living. Otherwise he is already dead, while living in this body no good name means he is already dead. And by following God’s principles dharma, certainly one becomes naturally famous. He don’t need public relation department some image builder, Lord becomes He promotes kirtinam manah vardhana. While Prabhupada centennial and this is statement from the sastra I think from the Bhagavatam, Bhaktanam “Bhaktanam mana vardhanah” (S.B 3.24.30) Lord is known as bhaktanam His devotees mana, mana means honour mana sanmaan, mana vardhanah like a kirti vardhanah, mana vardhanah. Who does this Lord does this. Bhaktanam mana vardhanah- the glories of devotees. Who is a PR person for Dhruva Maharaj? Who is a PR person for Prahalad maharaj? They are famous after 100 & 1000’s of years have passed. And you know Dhruva maharaj? You know Prahalad maharaj? They were just 8 years old or maybe even smaller. I was told about Prahalad maharaj, Dhruva maharaj this Maharaj and that Maharaj. Bhaktanam mana vardhanah.
“ebe jasa ghushuk tribhuvana” May my Spiritual Master’s glories Srila Prabhupada’s glories spread how far? Tribhuvan in all the 3 worlds there his glories. So who is going to bring his glories from the other world? Lord does this “Bhaktanam mana vardhanah” “ kirtim avapsyasi” You will become you will gain good name. “marave pari kirti rupe urave” there is a saying in Marathi, You may die for sure you will die, but then you should stay behind in what form? Kirti rupe urave kirti rup. You may move on but you also stay on, how do you stay on? Kirti rupe urave you stay on in the form of your good name. People will remember you, they will be remembering you, you are there? you are not dead. So don’t die when death takes place, live on with your good name. So this advice of Akrura as he had arrived in Hastinapur he has already met with Vidura and mother Kunti and both of them have briefed Akrura. Briefing has already taken place given all the reports. You know that Duryodhana he did this and he did that and on and on and on, life has become unbearable. Does that Lord Krishna, do they remember us? As we are going through these ups and downs and harassments do they even remember this? Kunti is thinking or expecting them to come do something or telephone us or phone us, no sms nothing (Laughter). Vidura also saying I tried to give good advice to my brother Dhritarashtra, this he is just talking to Akrura. Dritarashtra and Vidura they are brothers and Pandu 3 sons 3 brothers, 3 of them. Pandu is no more so remaining 2 brothers. Vidura was born on the womb of lower class women sudrani, naukrani, he was very wise man Vidura, vidu – he very knew he was very learned and also very beautiful vidura vidura niti his principal of morality are world famous but he couldn’t take the throne because of his birth, then Pandu he had to leave his body he was not old man but there was a curse. So Dhritarashtra was born blind, Pandu brother was no more then he becomes the ruler but not forever as soon as Pandavas are grown up, Dhritarashtra should have immediately given the throne the kingdom to the sons of Pandu but he is not doing this because son of Dhritarashtra specially Duryodhan is very ambitious envious and ambitious he wants to take the throne and vidhura had given good advice to Dhritrashtra on many occasions and whenever vidura would talked to dhritrashtra he could understand points made by vidura it would make sense to them he would kind of agree yes that make sense that’s right brother thank you. But as soon as Dhritrashtra back with Duryodhan then all that good advice by vidura gone finish in vain because Dhritrashtra was so much attached to his sons specially the eldest one Duryodhan all that good advice would not go deeper take roots in his heart and consciousness that would come to an end.
So as a result and birth Vidura still there in Hastinapur after giving advice many time again and again and again its like preaching to the faithless is offence, preach to the faithless is an offence. So one day he felt I am committing offences I am giving good advice but its waste of time and energy. And one time Duryodhan also insulting, oh! I doubt dear father didn’t you hear from your Vidura he is the one who was giving this advice to you. And Duryodhan gets on the case of Vidura and that was it Vidhura leaves home and begins travelling all over Bharat varsh and this is much prior to that time.
“dharmen palayan urvim’ again the ruler is expected to ruler should take shastra in one hand which is dharma dharma shastra and other hand he takes sastra so before using sastra he has to refer first shashtra that is dharmen palayan urvim that is ruling the earth according to the principles of religion otherwise no shastra king is blind ignorant he just using sashtra (laughter). So either king is using shastra referring to the shastra or he has advisers the brahmanans learned pandits and they are compare to the head, Brahamanas are the head, the head gives direction to the entire body including the hands the head says use the hand, the head says battle now don’t battle do this do that hand does it accordingly so does the belly and the legs so brahmanas are this is their role in the society they are head not just the head. But the present day society is what kind of society? Prabhupada said? Headless society. Present day society is headless society. That doesn’t mean people they don’t have this part only (laughter). Ya! It is there but that head has no shastra inside there is no jnana inside there is no sheela character inside; there is no equilibrium of mind inside. So many things are missing. So citizens would be protected. The king rules the kingdom as per dharma.
“Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha” is very big statement from Vedic statements “Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha” People if you want to protect dharma protect citizens then protect dharma. If dharma is protected then the citizens would be protected rakshan raksha. A kshatriya is “kshatat trayate iti kshatriya” Kshat kshat mean getting wounded or getting hurt, so kshatriya is that person who kshatat trayate iti kshatriya. Kshatriya the king the ruler the emperor is that person who protects citizens from getting wounded getting hurt, this is his job description, Kshata trayate make sure they are not hurt and not wounded not hurt physically or mentally or spiritually. He is a manager of the society. So that’s why they are the first ones “evam parampara praptam imam rajarsayo viduh” (B.G 4.2) Lord said in Bhagvat Gita. The first party who should know the sastras in parampara disciplic succession are the kings “evam parampara praptam” praptam attain who attains? Rajarsaya Rajarishis Saintly kings. So Raja and Rishi this use to be the team. In good old days when there were there were proper rules & raja and rishi use to be the team. Now rishi giving the advice and raja doing the execution implementation, but then down the road some few hundred years ago and now that is what is happening more and more around the world or already happened secular state secularism or the church and the state separation. There used to be a time when church and state church means priest and state is the king use to work together. But in the west also segregation took place ok you please mind your own business in your monasteries (laughter) don’t interfere all that we’ll manage the state you manage the church.
So this is how the society became gradually the headless society, no guidance from the priest the brahmanas the shastras, which express the will of the Lord. The direction coming from the Lord how the kingdom should be ruled comes from the shastras, shadhus shastras acharyas and above all of them is Supreme Personality of Godhead and then sadhu shastra acharyas and then the kshatriyas there, they are for implementation. So “dharmena palayan urvim” according to the principles of dharma earth should be ruled. That is not happening as the result what is the result? Headless society is praja ranjayan is praja delighted? We travel all over the world practically and we are yet to come across a country and meet the citizens where citizens are delighted with the king, oh!we are happy with our king, oh! We are happy with our prime minister oh! Yeah we are happy with our president. Everywhere as we go around from country to country everywhere the citizens are in tears troubled heavy taxes and what not what not.
One gentlemen’s son died the father is living son dead. This happened in the rule of Sri Rama one such case, immediately he went directly to the king. There must be something wrong in your rule, some discrepancy some flaw as the result you see the father is living son dies before father. This was un-heard of but this happened who is responsible the king is responsible. Something is wrong with his rule. And now what happens? So many sons and daughters are dying prematurely dying or they are not even allowed to take birth, parents make the plans. Mother makes the plan the child is killed in the womb. And then the governments would pass the legislation that abortion is legalised. So the government doesn’t panelise you but there is another government up there the Lord’s government. “sunday ho ya monday khate jao ande”, so the government has legalised but there is another government “ Yamaraj ke dande” they don’t know this. So government may pass so many rules make legislation constitution when headless society they pass these rules. So this is all preyas immediately I feel good for the sake of convenience I do this, do that but then this shreya this is preya, shreyas a long term what is the outcome of these actions.
So palayan urvim protection of earth thinking of that for a moment all the present day kings which are presidents and prime ministers mostly while they are combined rules of this planet earthly planet see the affairs of this planet. Earth itself is in trouble, earth itself is sick and developing some temperature which they call that as? Global warming. The globe mother earth is warming up, now 4 degrees have gone higher than the normal. In whose lap we reside hopefully happily mother herself is not in healthy state then what could children expect. There is so much deforestation cutting the forest which sometimes is compared with, the forest on the body of the earth face of the earth is like a sari of the mother earth. She wears a sari form of this forest, there are some flowers there embroidery on the sari the green sari and then lot of beautiful sari embroidery all over but the present day rulers present day Duryodhana and Dushasanas what did Dushasan do some 5000 years ago what was he doing? Right there in assembly he disrobed he was attempting, he was attempting to remove the sari of Draupadi. So now there are so many Dushasanas all over the planet. They are doing the same thing or making big holes and Johannesburg looking for gold, we can see big big mines as if flying over those areas that dug so much dirt on earth another mountain like they go deeper looking for gold, looking for coal, looking for petroleum, looking for this. And so much pinching so much drilling that be possibly I don’t know but there are so many news of earthquakes these days. Every other day is earthquake somewhere on the planet. The news of earthquake use to be rare you know above 10-20-30 years ago and few times in a year the news of earthquake but now every other day some earthquake somewhere so many earthquakes like earth is trembling its trembling shaking. And with all this climatic changes climate change I don’t know whether you are experiencing this in this part of the world but rest the world are taking serious note and seriously being affected by the changes in the climate. The seasons drag-on or some places there is a drought or there is a flood everywhere, drought everywhere and blowing of the winds and tornados. Some years ago there was a haricane, haricane in America and I said Hari’s cane (Maharaj Laughs) Hari has come with a cane to beat you (laughter). So there is so much mismanagement, misrule of citizens all human population, so this is what you get then animals are also part of the praja. Animals are also part of they are the children of the king they are also citizens so where is that ‘samaha sveshu’? Ok we’ll take care of the human beings but we’ll slaughter the animals. We’ll slaughter cows, feed beef to the human beings this is adharmena this is against the principles. Not only human beings are citizens and children of the country and the king but all the animals including trees why cut them we need them. They need us we need them, they give us oxygen and take carbon dioxide they give oxygen in return, Oxygen is our life. So there no trees no forest to do this transformation take CO2 and give O2 oxygen and the temperature is going up. Kirtim avapsyasi as a result they say that the kings and the president not getting good name not in this life forget in the next life after they are gone they are not remembered.
Ok so many things this piece of advice from Akrura this is some 5000 years ago but still relevant to this day that’s why this is in the Bhagvatam. This wasn’t just printed in the Hastinapur newspaper. Akrura from Mathura gave this piece of advice to the king of Hastinapur, Dhritarashtra and photograph of that what Akrura had to say some printed quote and unquote and then next day another news and next day another news and next day another news and that has been again old and irrelevant news and useless. That is not the case that is why what Akrura had to say to Dhritarashtra was good for all the time in future. Hence it was not just printed in the newspaper but it has been included in Bhagavatam here for benefit of everybody. And especially for rulers because they are suppose to be ‘evam param para praptam’ evam raja rashayo viduh. They would read what Akrura had to say, they would study this and rule their countries accordingly. So their citizens are protected, so that the citizens end up becoming Krishna conscious citizens’ God conscious Krishna conscious citizens and attain the perfection of their life.
So we have to get this cross spread this around, see how we could apply this in our our own lives. May be we are not emperors of the world, we are not president of the country but we are president of the temple also administration as a post, it’s a kshatriya post. We may be head of the family you are ruler of the family you are king of the family. You are emperor of that little world of your own. So we could see how in those post that we have in that jurisdiction that we have of we could rule manage according to the expectation of the Akrura. He is on the mission Akrur’s mission in Hastinapur. But that’s not limited his mission could be or his advice could be implemented for all the time to come or present time also. Ok so we’ll I’ll stop here. Is there any question or comments?
Question: We must think big and teach others to think big in the Godly way. How do we make government understand that their thinking is nonsense?
We can go to media (Maharaj laughs….laughter) its nonsense is it on the internet is the president watching us right now? And ours is better while doing being more humble than the blade of grass. Or we still have to speak the truth; we will humbly present the truth. So just you know out of humility we don’t shut up we don’t, that’s not being proud to speak the truth. There is no pride in it false pride in it. So humility still humble statement this is the truth. Entering in like a needle coming out like a plow, needle small needle entering like a needle coming out like a plow. ‘Avajananti mam mudha manusim tanum asritum” (B.G 9.11) Lord is talking mudhas they are fools and rascals. Those who consider that I am yet another human like “manusim tanum asritum” my mind tanu my body is like human like, those who think like this are mudhas. “avajanati” they don’t know Lord is speaking the truth so people are dull headed to wake them up to shake them up sometimes these terms are used. What? They really wake up what! Nonsense you say.
(Maharaj is addressing the devotee who asked question) do you get it’s alright or there is some further clarification?
So loud thinking is we think like, ya high thinking like Krishna’s thinking so trying to get that across. “Jare dekho tare kaho Krishna upadesh” Krishna’s upadesh we have nothing to say, try to say on behalf of the Lord big thinking for the benefit of everybody. We may not be palatable every time it may not be sugaring of the pill. That’s another sugar the pill, medicine is bitter so there is some sugar coating on it. So when they initially taste oh! It tastes good so you go take that sugar coated bitter medicine. And so tongue welcomes it and it goes in and bitter medicine does its job. So we may give you some prasadam to the king first or invite him for lunch. So do some sugaring of the bitter advice. Ya so devotees may use that tact also to get the message across. Not always straight forward and there may be some time place or circumstances.
Any other statement? (Maharaj is asking)
Question: Liberation is sort of punishment? (Question by a devotee)
Ya “ bhukti mukti sidhi kami sakale ashant Krishna bhakt nishkam ata eva shant’. Ya so devotee, “kaivalyam narakayate” this is kaivalya mukti is also called kaivalya its worse than hell. There are some devotees don’t mind even if I go to hell, I am ready, even there I will remember you or serve you or try to maintain my Krishna consciousness, I will meet Yamaraj there, he is a devotee also maha bhagvat have some exchanges with them. But if I attain liberation then there is no scope to do that, because I’ll be put into illusion it’s a kind of illusion. Last snare of maya Prabhupada says, this liberation business is. Living entity is trying to imitate with the Lord or compete with the Lord so they first try to enjoy like Lord by bhukti bhukti kami by enjoying bhogas. When that does not work then they go for mukti kami- the liberation. Then they I was just hearing Prabhupad’s lecture the fox comes to the grape garden but the smart farmer has hung his grapes in a great height. So fox is jumping and jumping and jumping but not reaching grapes he is not able to grab the grapes he goes away. Oh! I never wanted those grapes they are sour who cares for those grapes. So condition soul first of all tries to enjoy tries to enjoy tries to enjoy if that doesn’t work when he gets kicks every time action reaction. Then he come to conclusion bramha sathya jagad mithya jagat is false, world is false, Brahman liberation is reality. So then he tries to merge identify with the brahman. I am brahmasmi. So all material existence or the falsity of this existence is described in two small words in Bhagvatam. One word is aham the other word is mama. Mama means mine this is all mine this is all mine “ishvaro aham” I am going to enjoy this is for me. When that does not work this mama part aspect then he goes for aham. Aham bramhasmi – I am Brahman. So Adavait just me and me alone. So there is no scope so that kills this liberation kills the spirit of devotion, for devotion and devotion unto somebody. There is another body, I am one body small one and there is Lord another one and there is devotion. I am bhakta Lord is Bhagavan and there is a flow the link between the two is Bhakti. Bhakti is a media for bhakta. Bhakta expresses his bhakti devotion unto the Lord. And that’s the life spiritual life Krishna conscious life. But liberation meant that’s the end of that devotion. It kills the spirit of that devotion, you are empty. That’s why Caitanya Mahaprabhu had to say do not hear this “mayavadi bhashya sunile hoile sarva nasha”. So mayavadis are they are after this liberation and by listening to their interpretation their understanding which is misunderstanding then hoila sarva nasha. Your spirit of devotion your devotional service you lose that spirit. So be aware mayavadi Krishna aparadhi.
Mayavadies are big offenders unto the lotus feet of the Lord. But they do not accept those lotus feet of the Lord. “Aruhya Krcchrena param padam tatah” (S.B 10.2.32) they try to go higher but they fall down these mayavadi impersonalist. They disrespect your lotus feet they disrespect your lotus feet my Lord that’s why they fall down they merge into brahman. Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu ki jai. So this is Caitanya Mahaprabhus contribution this devotional service this bhakti, after shankaracharya who propagated this “sarvam khalu idam bramha” and then vaishnav acharya appeared then finally Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared to establish this devotional service unto the Lord.
Ok let’s stop (some devotee asks question.. Maharaj says) this is Mahabhaaarat (Maharaj laughs) Quite intricate Shantanu and mother Ganga. Vichitravirya and there were more 2 brothers Chitrangada. Chitrangada was battling in the same Kurukshetra before the battle of kurukshetra he died so that the remaining one was Vichitravirya and then so he had he was married to Ambika and Ambalika and there was one made servant also third one and Vichitravirya. So one brother chitrangada was already killed in the battle and Vichitravirya he had some disease he developed and he also died so the dynasty had to be continued so the Satyavati right? So Parashra muni while he was going on a boat the boating was done by Satyavati and the union between the two and Srila Vyasadev was born, but this was kind of illegal illicit. She abandoned Vyasadev and nothing, but he had said mother if you need help anytime in future please just remember me I may be of some help some assistance to you. So then Satyavati remembered what could I do, so Ambika Ambalika they were there but no children husband no more. The dynasty has to continue so could you do something and then he obliged he did. So there were different reaction Vyasadev had a union with this three two wives of Vichitravirya. One wife she couldn’t just stand it Srila Vyasadev is not very beautiful so as he approached she closed her eyes at the time conception. And the child was born blind Dhritarashtra. The other wife’s reaction was she became pale her body lustres. She lost the lustres of her body as Srila Vyasadev approached. And the son was born Pandu. Pandu meaning the complexion was pale complexion. So these were the two official wives of Vichitravirya Ambika and Ambalika there was the third one the maid servant and it was ok with her no reactions normal for her. And the child was born beautiful and very intelligent and that was Vidura. You know Dhritarashtra and Pandu are born from official wives of Vichitravirya so they continued one of them as we explained earlier Pandu I think he was elder or because he was not blind or maybe Dhritarashtra was elder but because he was blind so he doesn’t become the king and Pandu become the king and Vidura although Vyasadev had given birth to Vidura also but he was not of the two official wives of Vichitravirya so he could not claim the throne. So that’s the history of Mahabharat. Ok. Alright Radha Golokanand ki Jai.. ..
Jagannath Baladev Subhadra Ki Jai..
Granthraj Srimad Bhagvatam ki jai..
Srila Prabhupada ki jai..
Gaur premanande hari hari bol..


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