At the bank of Mandakini River at Atri Muni’s Ashram


At the bank of Mandakini River at Atri Muni’s Ashram
Venue: Chitrakoot at bank of Mandakini river
Dated: 13th May 2017

We pray that when Lord will bless us and we will come and reside here in the dhama. We are going round the world, sometimes Delhi sometimes Nagpur. This is dhama but we can’t see it and realize it but something’s we can see. When we come to dhama and see lila stahli have darshan and have holy dip and then we go back with transformation of are heart and thoughts.

Think over this I am giving you some hint, food for thought that will take you ahead in your devotional life. What ever you hear should go directly to your heart where we stay and Lord also stays in our heart. So make place in your heart for the Lord, remove all rubbish, the sad ripu (six anarthas) and make your heart a temple.

When Lord Ram used to stay here this place was very wonderful, pure water flowing. See the Mandarachal Mountain. If we stand near it we feel we are very small in front of this mountain thus making us humble. So this place is Sati Anusuya and Atri muni’s ashram. Atri muni is manas putra of Brahma and Anusuya and Atri muni both did tapasya here, so this place is tapobhumi.

Bhagvatm says Atri muni used to eat air. Yogis eat air during pranayam. He stayed alive on air and stood on one leg with mind and body stable. Atri muni prayed to Lord for getting a son. So he called Isvara but he did not take any name. Isvara was pleased and Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu came here. Shiva was playing damru and Brahma ji had kusa grass and Vishnu had cakra. Muni asked, Oh! How did you all come . Lords said, you did not take any name so we came. Lord is vanchakalpataru.

They all blessed Atri muni and then they all disappeared. Atri muni was blessed with three sons. Due to Shiva’s blessing he got Durvasa as son. Brahmajis blessing he got Chandra as son and from Vishnu he got Dattatreya as son. In Maharashtra there is lot of preaching of Dattatreya bhagvan. In my village also our neighbor had Dattatreya’s temple. So Dattatreya appered here.

Mandakini flows very slowly manda manda gati so she is called Mandakini . This is origin of mandakini river. Once upon a time this river was not there. Anusuya was the one who manifested this river by her tapasya. Once there was famine in this area. No greenery, all dry like desert drop of water was not there.

Jal is Jivan, our life is based on water. So in those days Anusuya did tapasya for thousands of years and due to her power Mandakini appeared and all became green again all animals were happy now. And since that time Mandakini is flowing here. So this river reminds us of Anusuya.

Hanuman did not come here. He first met Lord Ram at Rishamukha parvat. So once when Ram Laxman were going to Rishamukha parvat, hanuman met them and got introduced with each other.

Surya dev had given a mukut to Hanuman and had said one who will recognize this mukut will be Lord Ram. And Lord Ram recognized the mukut and Hanuman fell at his feet saying Jai Sri Ram. Then they went to meet Sugriva, Hanuman took Ram and Laxman on his shoulders. And went to Rishamukha parvat. This was the first meeting of Ram and Hanuman. Now starts Ram’s lila with Hanuman. He was right hand man of Ram. So here hanuman was not there.

Hanuman dhara

When Lord Ram was returning after 11,000 years to Saket dhama. He said to Hanuman you want anything? Hanuman said, please give me some place due to burning Lanka I am feeling very hot so please give me a cool place. So Hanuman dhara was given to Hanumanji. That’s water of Hanuman dhara is cool and does abhishek of Hanuman. So that’s charanamrita. So at end Hanuman came here to stay at Hanuman dhara.

Become tapasvi become yogi Lord says,

tapo divyam putraka yena sattvam
suddhyed yasmad brahma-saukhyam tv anantam (SB 5.5.1)

Lord says, you should undergo penances in this life by which your existence will be purified, and as a result you will be able to enjoy unlimited transcendental bliss.”

Transcendental happiness is only realized after tapasya and then such person does not depend on anything for happiness. Brahma ji also did tapasya . Sita met Anusuya here and had dialogue and Anusuya gave her advice to Sita about pativrata dharma.

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