Bhagvat mahatmya and Sri Krishna Janma


Dated: 28th June 2006
Venue: Guayana
“Jaya jaya Radhe, jaya jaya Shyam, Jaya jaya shree Vrindavan dham,
Jaya jaya Radhe, jaya jaya Shyam, Jaya jaya shree Vrindavan dham”
In our minds, we would like to go to Vrindavan today, that is where Shree Krishna, made His appearance. Not exactly in Vrindavan, He appeared in Mathura. And then He comes over to Vrindavan to Gokul. He comes to Gokul. Before we talk of that past time, in Srimad Bhagvatam, as Sukhadev Goswami has described it, would like to just think of that Vrindavan. Make a journey to Vrindavan. Be there, as Lord Krishna appears. All the devatas , all the Demigods had come all the way from their respective aboards. You think Demigods are less busy; you are more busy than those Demigods?? They have much bigger affairs to handle. Each Demigod has a big universal department that they oversee; but as they got the news, got the clue, got the hint, indication that Lord Krishna would be appearing, they dropped everything. They ran, they rushed to Vrindavan.
Mathura Vrindavan ki……..JAI.
Anyway we already have dropped, am sure, something something ; watching television or this body, that body and different affairs. We already have come here, now all that, now we need to do is to in our minds, travel to Vrindavan, think of Vrindavan. Or as you think of Vrindavan, Vrindavan will come to you, Instead of you going to Vrindavan.
“Naham vasami vaikunthe nachayoginaam hridaye
Yatra madbhakta gaayanti tatra tishthami narada”
Lord has made it very clear that if you wish to find me, you go where the devotees have assembled for Bhagvat katha or for sankirtan , where they are chanting His glories, remembering Him, His past times , remembering His form, remembering His aboard , remembering His qualities I am there you could find Me there.
“Yatra madbhakta gaayanti tatra tishthami” Tatra – There I reside.
We did not complete that Bhagvat mahatmya last night but in there is also promise from Shree Krishna. In that Bhagvat katha, on the banks of Ganga in Haridwar, there 4 kumarars where reciting Bhagvatam. Towards the end of that Bhagvat katha, Lord Krishna appeared. Naturally, He was given big throne, big sinhasan to sit on. And as Lord took His seat, all the devotees did big kirtan…for Lord’s pleasure. Prahlad maharaj was there, he was playing kartal. And Udhhav was there, playing hand symbols. And there was Indra , he was playing mridanga. One of the best mridanga players in the world is Indra himself.
And Arjuna is also good singer. (Maharaj sings aa………aa……………..) Arjuna was doing aalap. And Sukhdev Goswami was there, doing all the bhava bhangi , he was expressing all the emotions, feelings; for different mudras, different facial expressions and body language. So like that and Brahma comes ……. And Shivji arrives with Bhavani . So like that, there was everybody there and they had this wonderful kirtan , everyone was participating to their heart content
“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”…………………..kirtan (everybody raise hands)
“yam brahma varunendra-rudra-marutah stunvanti divyaih stavair
vedaih sanga-pada-kramopanishadair gayanti yam sama-gah
dhyanavasthita-tad-gatena manasa pasyanti yam yogino
yasyantam na viduh surasura-gana devaya tasmai namah” (S.B 12.13.1)
Yam Brahma – Brahma ji was there. Rudra marutah – rudra marus Sunvanti . Each one of them, they are all praising the Lord. “Brahma bole chatur mukhe” Brahma, with all his four heads in four directions he was chanting “Brahma bole chatur mukhe, Krishna Krishna hare hare” What was he chanting? From all his four heads he was chanting Krishna Krishna hare hare
“Pancha muke mahadev” One of the features of Mahadev is panchamukhi Mahadev, 5 headed Shiv and what was he doing with all his 5 heads and 5 mouths also. “Pancha mukhe bole ram ram hare hare”. With all his mouths he was chanting ram ram hare hare. In other words, Brahma and Shivji Mahadev they are also chanting this Mahamantra. “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”
And so on, everyone assembled there, they all stood up, they all got up They couldn’t resist the temptation of getting up, something within them was just making them stand up and they all started dancing very slowly. Everyone there, all the demigods and of course, you know there assembly, the rushis and munis, Brahmarishis, rajrishis. From everywhere they had come. Ganga had come, Jamuna was there. Ganga has her own form, she assumed her form she rides on a crocodile. Ganga comes, Jamuna was there. Godavari Saraswati………
“Narmade sindhu kaveri jalasvin san nidhim kurum”
All the rivers , different sastras, different scriptures, they had taken different forms, their own form Vedas, Upanishads all the 7 purans were there in that Bhagvat katha mahotstav, Bagvat katha festival and let us not forget very much there was Naradji…….Narayan . And there was bhakti devi, and there was gyan and there was vairagya. That whole katha was for their benefit and they were greatly benefited. At the beginning of katha, they had to be brought in, they needed help. They were picked up from Vrindavan, they were not able to even walk but by the end of the katha they were up and they were dancing like peacocks. Gyan and vairagya , they were dancing……………HARI BOL…..HARI BOL……HARI BOL.
Narada muni dancing of course he always dances and bhakti devi was dancing. The meaning that Bhagvat katha revived their spirits. They all became fully Krishna conscious by hearing Srimad Bhagwat katha. They were free form ignorance, they became knowledgeable, they became detached at the same time, they were full of bhakti, they were full of devotion for the Lord and gyan, bhakti, vairagya they were all dancing.
“Jaya Radhe jaya Krishna jaya Vrindavan Jaya Radhe jaya Krishna jaya Vrindavan
Shree Govind Gopinath Madanmohan Shyam kund Radha kunda Giri Govardhan” (bhajan)
In that Vrindavan, aboard of Radhe and Krishna “Jaya Radhe jaya Krishna jaya Vrindavan” The deities of Madanmohan, Radha Govind, Radha Gopinath these are principal deities there are so many, there are 5000 temples in Vrindavan. How many?? 5000 temples in Vrindavan.
“Shyam kund Radha kund Giri Govardhan………….” In that Vrindavan, there’s a place called Radha kunda…..very dear, Radha kunda is very dear to Krishna as Radha is near to Krishna. It is a very sacred pond; sacred lake where Radha and Krishna meet every day at noon time and next to Radha kunda is Shyam kunda. Kunda– the pond, the lake named after Krishna. Radha kunda Shyam kunda, and not far from there, is Govardhan, the hill that Lord Krishna lifted.
Shyam kund Radha kund Giri Govardhan Kalindi jamuna jaya jaya mahavan…………………….
Yamuna maiya ki……….jai.
Vrindavan is not complete without Yamuna. Kesi ghat bansi vat dvadasa kanan………………. .This Kesi ghat where Krishna killed the Kesi demon, Kesi ghat and there’s a bansi ban where Lord played His flute and like that there are 12 forest of Vrindavan. There’s a Madhuban, Talvan, kumud van, Vrindaban, kaam van, badhravan, bhandirvan, shree ban Lohavan, maha ban. Like this there are 12 forests of Vrindavan.
Jaha sab leela kaila shree nanda nanda Jaha sab leela kaila shree nanda nanda………………………………………
In all these 12 forests of Vrindavan, Krishna performed His past times. In each one different different past times, jaya Radhe jaya Krishna jaya Vrindavan…………………….. “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”…………………..kirtan.
There was kirtan everyone was taking part; we already mentioned we have everyone. So enthusiastic, they were all dancing, jumping up and down in ecstasy, and Lord was so much pleased with them. That particular kirtan, Lord personally appeared and He was very much there and He was hearing that kirtan directly. Krishna said, “I am very much pleased with all of you assembled devotees. You may ask for a boon…var mango…devotees, the assembled devotees, they were consultation with each other. What, what boon should we ask, what should we ask for?? Lord is personally asking, ask for a boon. What should we ask the Lord? Should we ask for this, ask for that. They were all debating. Finally they came to conclusion and they asked the Lord, my dear Lord, that we humbly appeal to you that whenever there is Bhagvat katha, wherever whenever the devotees get together and conduct this Bhagvat yagya, Bhagvat katha mahotsav. We would like you to be present in all those Bhagvat kathas. Could you kindly make your appearance in those kathas? And Lord’s response was tathastu. So ‘tatha-astu’ – as you desire, I promise, I would be there. So there’s one point, important point, we are also doing katha here. We made the point that ok; we should try to go to Vrindavan in our minds. But then it is easier for Lord to come here than for us to go there. Lord will come if we do not only assemble here for katha but with our devotion, with our enthusiasm, our thoughts going to Krishna, Krishna will come. Srila Prabhupad used to say, if you like to see your prime minister, I don’t know about in your country but prime minister like Mr. Bush or in India the big prime minister big country, very difficult to see him but what if, he would like to see you? Then easy. He could just arrange it.
So likewise, if we wish to see God, who knows how long it will take what it would take to see the Lord, meet the Lord but what if Lord wants to see you? Then He could manage very easily. Srila prabhupad used to say, you act in such a way that in your activities attract the Lord towards you. He would like to come and meet you, see you, thank you. So in this Bhagvat katha if you could please the Lord like that by our action, by our presence Lord is already pleased but if our kaya. Kayen mana vacha. Everything, there’s a body, there’s a speech and there’s a mind. So body we have dedicated in service of Bhagvad katha here. Our body is nowhere else but here sitting in the chair. Then we could also keep our mind fixed in Krishna’s katha, Krishna’s past times, remembrance of Krishna and whenever necessary, whenever possible we could use our tongue, speech not that we have to give lecture but if we could just say jay………….Vrindavan dham ki……..JAY. If we could just use our tongue or as these songs are being sung. If we could repeat after use our tongue again, so like this
“Kaayen mansa vacha Keval indrayi api Yoginah karma kurvanti sangatyatva aatma shudhhaye
In full detachment, the yogis they engaged everything at their disposal in service of the Lord , their bodies, mind, souls, they do this for ‘aatma shudhhaye’ for the self purification, and once we are purified we’ll be happy. Brahma saukhyam tam anantam, Brahma sukh – unlimited happiness is awaiting for those souls who undergo this process of purification, cleansing process, chanting the Hare Krishna maha mantra is that cleansing process in this age of Kali yug. Hare Krishna. HARI HARIBOL…
Become enlightened, become purified, become realized self realized, Krishna realized. Get your realization together, gets transformed not just information, gathering up information. The world is so proud….ohhhh this is the age of IT (Information Technology) to gather information, what good is that information if that doesn’t bring about the transformation of our hearts condition who do not become the men of characters or ladies of characters, good characters well behaved and God conscious that’s important than just information of this material world. So this Bhagvad katha is for transformation, purification, self realization. So that was the left over Bhagvad mahatmya.
Today our topic is ‘SHREE KRISHNA JANMA’
The birth of Lord Krishna. How many years ago did He appear? Who remembers? (Someone replies 5108) no no, that was disappearance….5108 years ago Lord disappeared. And how long was He on the planet? 125 years Lord was on the planet. So, you add this. 5108 + 125 grand total is 5233 years ago Lord Shree Krishna appeared on this planet. This Janmastami that is in month of august would be 5233rd Shree Krishna janmastami that this world would be celebrating. So, Lord Shree Krishna’s birth is Krishna is wonderful and His birth is also wonderful.
“Janma karma ca me divyam evam yo vetti tattvatah
tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti so arjuna” (B.G 4.9)
Lord Krishna in the 4th chapter of Bhagvad gita, He says “My janma, My appearance and karma in My past times are transcendental “janma karma ca me divyam.” It is not like your birth, my birth. No…..Lord’s janma karma ca me divyam- transcendental, Lord Krishna’s appearance is transcendental, out of this world, not ordinary, out of ordinary. If we could understand by hearing Lord Krishna’s appearance and His activities which are called Lila’s – tattvatah.
Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti – then when we give up these bodies which we will have to give up sooner or later. Then Krishna says, “If you have understood Me, My appearance, My past times then as you give up this body, you don’t have to take birth again” Life is tough and then you die someone in New York wrote it on a wall “Life is tough and then you die” and what ? then you born again. Life is tough then you die then born again. Like that, the cycle goes on. Tough life, then you die. I wish everything would end with death. But no, it doesn’t end with the death, it is another beginning and tough life is waiting and then you die. Someone wrote this in big letters in New York on the wall so that everyone could read.
We attend this Bhagvad katha, chant Hare Krishna, take Krishna Prasad, Food offered to Krishna. “Patram pushpam phalam toyam , yo me bhaktya prayacchyati” (B.G 9.26). This is Lord’s recommendation “Patram pushpam phalam toyam , yo me bhaktya prayacchyati”. You offer me fruits, flower or water, milk, juices, food made from grains, breads, sweets, milk sweets plenty of all this, all around. Krishna is providing. Krishna says offer this to me and then you honor the remnants as Prasad. This country would be different country if this country could eat only Krishna Prasad, food offered to Krishna full belly not just in the hand, this will transform we guarantee less murders. I was surprised to read as I was coming here for Bhagvat katha, that just in 3 months 75 murders in our country. 75 people got murdered, they are no more. So much violence, over 500 armed robbers and what there are so many others. Not so encouraging figures and facts. This is result of meat eating, fish eating. Person becomes violent by nature, becomes passionate, he becomes a tiger , he comes roaring where is the blood , he has drank the blood or ate the flesh, he has transformed, he has become a tiger, a lion he wants to act like one , he drinks the blood instead if he eats Krishna Prasad and let them drink Charanamruta . This is the different country, Guayana would be different country. Just chant Hare Krishna and honor Krishna Prasad, listen to this Bhagvat katha you would be the well wisher, friend of all living entities. You would have wanted to hurt anybody not even an ant. Wasn’t that Valmiki he was a robber, killer, a sinner . The name of Shree Ram transformed him. Ram……. Ram…. He chanted names of Ram. He was so simple, as you know, when he was asked to chant the names of Ram by devarshi Narada he was not even able to chant, utter the name of Ram properly. He started from the back, the reverse. What was he chanting? mara mara mara mara…….mara mara ………………ram .ram………….ram……mara became ram .. As he was purified, he was then able to chant.
“Ram ram ram bolo shyam shyam shyam bolo…..jag me sundar hai do naam” (bhajan) . In this world these two beautiful names…….Chahe Krishna kaho ya Raam – You say Raam or Krishna. Ram Ram Ram bolo……………Shyam Shyam Shyam bolo…Bolo Raam……………….bolo Shyam………….
This is the formula, is the process given by Shree Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The names of Krishna, chanting the names of Krishna, honoring Krishna Prasad and listening to Krishna’s message in the form of Bhagvat Gita, listening to His past times in the form of Srimad Bhagvatam. This is the need of the hour that leaders of this country, make the plans for chanting the holy name all over this island…, it’s not island. Sorry, whatever, country, nation.
“paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge” (B.G 4.8)
As we are talking of the appearance of Krishna, the birth of Krishna. Krishna again makes it clear in Bhagvat Gita, why does He appear or as He appears, what does Krishna do here?
paritranaya sadhunam – to protect His devotees. Lord protects His devotees and how does He deal with the demons.
vinasaya ca duskrtam – He does vinash, anillates and finishes the existence of these demons and by doing so dharma samsthapanarthaya – He establishes the principles of religion, He establishes dharma
sambhavami yuge yuge – with this purpose in mind, Lord Krishna appears.
Probably, you are wondering, aren’t there enough demons around, aren’t the demoniac parties now burdening the earth, 5000 years ago just prior to the advent of Lord Shree Krishna mother earth was feeling burdened was too much , this demon kings and rakshasas . She was crying, mother earth, Bhumi was in tears.
So, 5000 years ago, mother earth, Bhumi was in great distress. Although everybody is her child, her demoniac children she feels they are undesirable elements the demons. And she is burdened. So, she had gone to the Demigods, please help please help! do something and the demons were of big size demons they heard the reports and they said this is not cup of tea for us, we can’t handle. So they all go to Brahma, Brahma also ahe! This is too much and they all together they go to svetadvipa, and report to Vishnu, Shree Krishna. The Lord had promised yes yes you have so many difficult things and you bhumi and you all Demigods put together cannot put fullstop to these disturbances then I must come but you go ahead, you also take birth in Brajmandal, Vrindavan and I’ll be following you, very soon I’ll also appear and Demigods were very thankful to the Lord and mother Bhumi was feeling relieved. She returned, she had gone there in the form of a shape of a cow.
And then the Bhagvatam describes, Sukhdev Goswami describing about the sequence of events, how in Mathura the marriage ceremony of Vasudev and Devaki and Kamsa himself was driving that chariot and newly married couple Vasudev and Devaki, they were just sitting in the chariot driven by kamsa. And the middle of this marriage procession they were playing all kinds of musical instruments and chanting the mantras, the drums and what not. The marriage was being performed in Mathura and Vasudev is son of king Surasane and Devaki is daughter of king Devak. Devak was brother of Ugrasen, Ugrasen and Devak are brothers. So, Devak’s daughter is Devaki and Ugrasen’s son is kamsa. So kamsa and devaki, they were brother and sister. Cousin Brother, not real brother and sister. Their parents, fathers were brothers real brothers.
So he was driving the chariot of his cousin sister devaki and he heard, what did he hear? “You kamsa, you fool……now you are having this great celebration and you are driving your sister’s and brother in law’s chariot but do you know the 8th son of Devaki would be your killer but you really woke up” that shuck him that akashwani. The voice from up above and he immediately grabbed Devaki. He took sword and he was trying to kill somehow somehow Vasudev managed to protect rescue Devaki, he said no problem that’s the 8th child baba, there’s a long way away. Every time Devaki gives birth to child; I’ll bring that child to you. Including the 8th child. Then kamsa was pacified and Vasudev’s all 6 children one after the other were all killed by kamsa , once a year they would give birth to a child and dutifully to keep that promise, Vasudev would bring that child to kamsa and he would kill the baby. It was 7th time, 7th child to be born the child did not take birth in Mathura, in the prison house, ya he also had prison. Vasudev and devaki by this time, by yoga maya’s arrangement, Sukhdev Goswami explains how in Krishna’s own aboard, Lord explained the yoga maya. You yoga maya please go please go, you go to Vrindavan. 2 things you have to do. Well, first you transfer Balarama from Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb. Rohini was in Gokul those days under the protection of Nanda maharaj. So this way the 7th child was protected and he took birth as son of Rohini in Gokul and yoga maya was given another task, and then you take birth as daughter of Yashoda so yoga maya, tashatu yoga maya offered obedience’s and parikrama circumambulation to the Lord this is all going on in the spiritual sky, up there in Golok in Vaikunth, Krishna’s aboard and then yoga maya descends and she did her task transferring of Balarama to Rohini’s womb and then she will be taking birth as daughter of Yashoda.
Then it was 8th child’s appearance time, and news had reached the Demigods that Lord Krishna would be soon taking birth in Mathura. All the Demigods they came flying in each one has his own vehicle. Brahma has a hansa, he drives on the back of a swan and Shiv has his, what does Shiv rides upon? Anyone has idea? Nandi….and then who else, Ganesha also had travelled riding on mouse and Yamaraj came riding on the back of a crow.. No, who’s that….Shani has a crow, Yamaraj has a buffalo. You know any other vehicles? Kartikeya has peacock, Durga had come riding on the back of tiger. So like that they all had come and they had assembled in Mathura but they did not land right on the ground they were up there in the sky, it was so crowded you know 33 crore i.e. 330million demigods and each one wanted to be as closest possible to that spot where Krishna was going to take birth in that prison house. So there, there was a big traffic jam, no parking space, and each one was trying to get closer and closer as, as soon as Krishna takes birth, they wanted to have darshan of the Lord, so beautiful…..ohhh!! So beautiful Krishna. Before He exhibits His power, His strength and His intelligence and opulence and His vairagya, His is Bhagwan. To begin with, they’ll be seeing the beauty of Krishna
“su durdarsa m idam rupam drstavan asi yan mama deva apy asya rupasya nityam darsana kanksinah” (B.G 11.52) What is that? Nityam darsana kanksinah
Yes, again Krishna is talking about His own form. When Arjun wanted to see that Krishna’s two handed form in the 11th chapter of Bhagvat Gita . He said, “O! Arjun, you know this form now you are looking at, this is very rare to have darshan of this form.”
deva apy asya rupasya nityam darsana kanksinah – even demigods are very very anxious , always curious to have darsana of this form. Demigods are themselves very beautiful personalities and if they want to see that means He must be more beautiful than them, the demigods. So they had all come with idea of taking darsana of Shree Krishna and of course Kamsa was also very anxious. 8th child, he had killed 6 ones, 6 children. He didn’t realized what happened to the 7th one, miscarriage, he concluded but he’d been thinking all these 8 years what he was thinking? ohh that 8th child…..ohhh !! And he was really scared from the 8th child of devaki and he was thinking and thinking of that 8th child all the time. Anything that he would look at, if it was yellow colour, these bulbs also look like yellow, by seeing bulbs like this he would oye!! pitambar in yellow garments. Wherever he looked yellow. One time he was eating his lunch and there was some sabji that was yellow colour he thought ohhh! He’s coming out of my plate. He was so scared; he had become Krishna conscious in negative way because as soon as I see him, before he kills me I am going to kill him. This was his determination. He was a demon, demons always think like this.
The scientists also, they have this “ohh! God doesn’t exists” just kill Him then we could have all the fun then we don’t have to worry about these teachings of Bhagvat Gita and committing sin we don’t have to feel guilty. Do this and don’t do that. Be vegetarian and Krishnaterian and all these ethics we have to follow what for?? Because Lord exists and this karma and you’ll have to suffer or forget all this, God doesn’t exist. Come to this conclusion and then do any damn nonsense that you feel. Just do it, you heard of just doing it? In your country, they do this, just do it… in some country people go around with t-shirts and in the back of the t-shirt what do you read? just do it. Means they do not even think just do it. You have heard of – simple living and what kind of thinking? Living should be simple, thinking should be high thinking. But now there’s a different mantra. People are doing, their living is very very high and thinking is very very low. High living low thinking or sometimes we say, no thinking, low thinking that means atleast some thinking is there but not even low thinking, NO thinking and that is just do it. Feel good, just do it don’t even think, just do it. This kind of dictation to get from within or from their friends circle or this is the training this is the culture, trend. We are reading rubbish newspapers and what not…. So called hero’s in the cinemas, they are hero’s. Ram is not a hero, the film hero’s, where they display the sex and violence two themes of the cinema, sex and violence. They go together.
“Kamat krodhobhijayate” – the lust is not satisfied. The anger, kamat krodhobhijayate – this is how it has to happen one thing follow the other one. You are so much lusty desire cultivated by watching television, newspaper and the other media and the computers and what not……. There is so much desire to enjoy, to exploit and when that is not fulfilled, kamat krodho – anger, frustration and the person in angry mood he loses the sense of discrimination, cannot think straight. He’s hot headed, to take action, most of the times some destructive things he is doing and lastly…….ohhhh! what did I do!! Oo!… it’s too late. So, the demons like to kill Krishna, kill God, which is never possible. That Jarasandha this is the topic of Bhagvatam , You will see Krishna killing so demons after demons after demon after demon…bakasura and aghasura and you name the asura and there is a big list of asuras “paritranya sadunam vinasaya ca duskritam”. So demons think they could kill Krishna it’s not possible Lord eternally exists.
“nainam chindanti sastrani” (B.G 2.23) – no weapon could cut. Lord is made up of complete atma.
Sachhidananda vigraha – you can’t cut the soul. What to speck of cutting the super soul or supreme soul, there is no weapon that could the soul or supreme soul. Lord cannot be killed. Lord cannot be burnt. There was a forest fire in Vrindavan, Krishna’s friends were in difficulty. They all prayed Krishna….krishna….krishna.
“Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna he
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Pahimam
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna raksha mam” (bhajan)
Pray, lets pray…Ohhhh! fire, O! Krishna, please protect. The forest fire, cow and boys are in the middle, caught in the big forest fire, burning everywhere, could here the crackling noises and smoke everywhere. O! Krishna,
“Krishna keshav Krishna keshav Krishna keshav pahimam
Rama raghav Rama raghav Rama raghav raksha mam
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna pahimam
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna rakshamam”
“hye! Krishna karuna sindhu deena bandhu jagatpate Gopisha Gopika kanta Radha kanta namostute”.
Pahimam raksha mam – protect, please protect. As Krishna, He was hearing this, the appeal from His friends, please protect O! Krishna, Krishna responded to this prayer. He said, “Yes friends, ma bhaishta – do not be afraid, nilayat lochanani – and do another thing; close, everybody close your eyes boys. So all the friends as they closed their eyes, what did Krishna do?? He drank all that fire. Krishna drank the fire. Everything was quiet, no fire. Okay open the eyes. As everyone opened their eyes, looked around and there was no fire and everything was clean and green all around by Krishna’s arrangement. This big big fire which Krishna drank, did that burned His lips? Or His lungs or His body? No, nothing happened. Fire cannot burn the spirit, certainly not the Supreme spirit. Krishna cannot be burned, cannot be killed, He is eternal. Sacchidananda vigraha – only demon thinks the unthinkable, most undesirable. So kamsa had this idea of killing the Lord. So at the middle of night, Lord Shree Krishna, He appeared. Which night was that? That was Krishna Janmastami night, midnight, midnight is 12 O’clock. The moon was rising in the east on astami Krishna paksha nights are darker and darker. So, astami, 8th day, time for moon to rise and Lord Shree Krishna was also rising, appearing. Krishna Chandra was appearing; the Chandra, moon was appearing on eastern horizon. Shree Krishna Chandra was appearing in that prison house. The moon became so delighted Lord Shree Krishna was appearing in the dynasty of chandra, moon dynasty as Shree Ram, He appeared in surya vansh. He appeared in sun dynasty, He appeared during the day, the midday, when the sun was up. Shree Krishna is appearing in the moon dynasty as He had chosen the night and that night when moon is appearing, He’s also appearing. The moon was very very happy. That night, the moon was expected to be half moon. Because it was delighted, it was exceptional, it was full moon.
At midnight, it was full moon appearance. The moon appeared as full moon that night. Rohini nakshatra, one of the wives of moon is Rohini, different from Rohini, mother of Balarama. Two different Rohinis’. Lord choosed the appearing constellation called, nakshatra called Rohini nakshatra. It was month of bhadra; Shravan bhadra ashwin kartik. It is very auspicious month. Lord Krishna was appearing in rainy season. It was not heavy rain, some raining was there which is considered auspicious and then everything all over the planet there was jubilation and celebration and spring season everywhere, although it was not a spring time not vasant ritu time, waters were crystal clear in the lakes, lotuses were blooming, birds were chirping, peacocks were dancing, the cool breeze, fragrant breeze all around. Under the circumstances Lord Shree Krishna made His appearance in the prison house. As He appeared in front of Vasudev and Devaki, the whole room that prison house was lit as if millions of suns had appeared. Krishna’s body – koti surya samaprabha. As if millions of moons had appeared sorry, suns, surya – suns; millions of suns had appeared. This beautiful description of the beauty of Shree Krishna, the baby Krishna and He had clothes on. He was wearing all the clothing, yellow garments and He had all the ornaments. He was born with clothes and ornaments, the garland around his neck and Kaustub mani, now what a beauty to behold of that Shree Krishna, baal Gopal, Shree Krishna.
Vasudev and devaki, they were drinking the beauty of their darling this little son of Vasudev, krishna. They both offered their prayers, then Krishna, He speaks, expresses His appreciation and orders vasudev or requests please get me out of this prison house take me to Gokul. What could Vasudev think? He is very much tied down shackles, iron chains binding his feet and hand, he cannot even move and his baby Krishna says bring me, bring me to Gokul. So, he did not think much, Vasudev within his mind he was just willing to follow these instructions, the guideline of this newly born baby. He was willing and as he made attempt to pick up baby Krishna immediately all the shackles broke into pieces…. Hari Bol…..and there were so many prison doors and so many gate keepers but the arrangement of the yoga maya they all were sleeping ( Maharaj makes snoring sound ) what you thought it is a tiger?. No, they were all snoring, fast asleep; all of them, everywhere, the doors were locked. So how was he going to get out? There were so many door after door after door but no problem, as he picked up Krishna, and he starts walking, doors automatically opened; at the airport when you go, doors automatically open. First time I went to the airport, some 30 years ago, I did know how it works (Maharaj laughs) so I was having lot of luggage. So I was approaching the door on the airport, I was thinking of keeping my baggage and go forward, open the doors and push my cart, I was thinking I have to do this. I parked my baggage on a side and as I went few steps forward and the door s opened and I was like, hey! ghosts here, whats happening here. I was surprised what’s going on and I didn’t even touch the door and the door opened automatically. This automatic idea is not a new idea, it is just stolen idea, 5000 years ago, Krishna had this idea. Krishna arranged the opening of those doors automatically opening door after door after door and as vasudev was out of the prison house, all the way out in the compound there was Anantshesh waiting there. Balaram has a form; the snake that you see above Shree Krishna. See photographs of Shree Krishna and then there’s a snake with so many hoods, sometimes they show a crown of those hoods. These are not snakes from African jungles, some jungle snakes. Don’t think like this, this is Anantashesh, this is extension of Balarama, Balarama becomes a snake and renders different kind of service to Shree Krishna including all those hoods they chant Shree Krishna’s glories. He has sahastra vadan he has thousand hoods, thousand mouths sahastra vadan Shankarshan he is chanting with all those 1000 hoods and from each mouth there’s a different story, different leela, different past time, different katha, different name, different form. His mouth is talking different different topics and is unlimited. There’s no limit to Krishna’s glories even Anantshesh cannot find the end of the glories of the Lord and he doesn’t repeat same past time twice and he had been chanting glories of Shree Krishna.
Since the beginning of the creation, he’s chanting and he’s chanting and chanting and he is singing. So, as vasudev came out of the prison house, Balarama who had already appeared, he comes to serve his brother, Shree Krishna. It was rainy season so umbrella some protection had to be there. So vasudev was walking and shankarshan was going next to him and holding the hoods right above Shree Krishna. And they walked through the Mathura town, the yoga maya, the arrangement, even all the dogs were sleeping. What if the dogs would begin barking? That would have woken up some residents of Mathura and they could have told hey! look look vasudev, he’s running away from the prison house. They could have immediately mobiled kamsa. So, anticipating some difficulties of that sort, yoga maya had made all the dogs sleeping, nothing was moving, path was all clear. Krishna travels to Gokul and as they come to the banks of Jamuna; it was rainy season so river was so flooded. Vasudev decided to just keep walking and walking. He was not afraid, he was just instructed; go to Gokul that’s all.
Gokul is that way, so he was just looking forward, not looking backward, just moving, moving on and as he moved forward and forward and water was knee deep and waist deep and shoulder deep and seems to be that Jamuna was rising and rising. He could here water waves of Jamuna. Jamuna is a devotee of Shree Krishna. Jamuna was very very anxious. This was her opportunity to touch Krishna. She was rising and rising and vasudev was wondering why is this , why waters are just swelling. She was very anxious to touch Krishna and so after touching Shree krishna’s lotus feet, she was satisfied and she also was thinking, oh! in future, I’ll be one of the queens of Dwarkadhish, Shree Krishna. I better render some service, there will be not obstacle on His path. So remembering that future relationship, Jamuna immediately gave the way. Jamuna this side, Jamuna that side, both sides water body wall, water wall and vasudev is walking through the bed, river bed of Jamuna and he reaches Gokul, enters Nanda bhavan, lays his baby Krishna on the way infact he was in 2 minds, sometimes he would run thinking oh! what if kamsa would find, he may run to catch me, he may grab my darling Shree Krishna, no I better run. He would run, hurriedly moved forward but then next moment he thinks oh! no no, but if I run faster go faster like this I would be soon there in Gokul then I have to leave my darling, my baby boy Krishna there and I’ll be deprived of His association, I better slow down and go as slow as possible so that I get more time to be with my son. So he was going in these 2 moods. Vilambita druta vilambita druta vilambita……..sometimes faster, sometimes slower, faster slower faster slower and finally he arrived and he had to leave his baby Krishna in Gokul and Yashoda just now given birth to a daughter and yoga maya as Krishna had ordered. So he comes back to Mathura with a daughter. In this prison this was all arranged by Krishna his yoga maya back in the prison house and back with the shackles and the baby begins crying and kamsa’s men heard the crying of the baby. They all ran to the king, baby has taken birth baby has taken birth and kamsa jumped from his bed and rushed to the prison house and grabbed the little baby. You could only imagine there’s a description of the condition of devaki and vasudev. Please spare this child already you have killed my children please please.
But he was cruel, merciless, he just grabbed the child and he was thinking he hold the child round and round and round and finally as he was about to drop the child on the floor in front of him thinking he would crash, he would smash the child into pieces the child instead flew away “you fool” this baby daughter yoga maya had taken the form of 8 handed form of Durga, “your killer has taken birth elsewhere, your life will not be spared, be prepared to die kamsa”.
And back there in Gokul next day, on navmi, there was a big Nandostava, Nanda Maharaj all the residents of Vrindavan, they came, they got the news, Nanda Maharaj had given birth to a son, a child, big big celebration, big festival.
Nitai Gaur premanande……………………………… HARI HARI BOL.
Krishna jinka naam hai, Gokul jinka dham hai
Aise Shree bhagwan ko mere barambar pranam hai Krishna jinka naam hai, Gokul jinka dham hai
Krishna kanhaiya lal………………… ki jai
Gokul dham ki………………. jai
Nanda Yashodha ki………………. jai
Krishna Balaram ki ………………………………..jai
Nitai Gaur Premanande HARI HARI BOL.

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