Birth of Lord Krishna is very special


Birth of Lord Krishna is very special
Venue: ISKCON Boston
Dated: June 8, 2010

Today’s topic, I thought of Vaasudeva, who is Vaasudeva? Is there any Vaasudeva hear in Boston. Vaasudeva is son of Vasudeva. That’s the meaning of Vaasudeva son of Vasudeva. There may be somebody who is Vasudeva and then his son is Vaasudeva, sometime people do have name Vasudeva. But this Vaasudeva is

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

Bhagavan Vaasudeva, Bhagavate unto Bhagavan. Not only son of Vasudeva, hence is Vaasudeva but He is also Bhagavate the Suprime Personality of Godhead, who has not become son of Vasudev. And Lord got this title. He took birth in prison house of Kamsa. Then He became celebrated as Vaasudeva, Jai Vaasudeva…Jai Vaasudeva.

Then there was darsana and whole dialogue and prays between Vasudeva and Vaasudeva and with Devki also, Devaki offered prayers. In conclusion Devaki also asked is it possible to have only two hands? As He had appeared as four handed. Then we could hide You then we could say, he has nothing to do with God he is just a child, he just has two hands. But if there are four hands it’s difficult to hide the ID of Supreme Personality. Then Lord obliged and He became two handed little baby.

He already had cloths on and He was smiling this is an exception. When children take birth do they smile? Do you remember what you did? Mothers know. First thing child does is he cries and that’s good news also when child cries means he is alive. If he doesn’t even cries forgets the smile part, if he doesn’t even cry then it could be trouble. So babies cry is welcomed, babies cry because they just were in big trouble.

punarapi jananam punarapi maranam
punarapi janani jatare sayanam

If someone walks out of the door crying, you could imagine what he went through when he was inside. Anyway in case of Lord, He was smiling. He is not suppose be taking birth. He has nothing to do with birth. He is ajanma unborn. This is His pastime, He likes to be a son. He is waiting for vatsalya rasa, He becomes a baby. He has a mother, He has father. Otherwise, om jai jagdish hare, all prayers, awe and reverence every time. It’s too much; someone approaches Him and prays to Him. Lord wants to experience something different. So He is appearing as a baby son of Vasudev, Devaki and He is smiling. He has all the clothes on, already He has clothes not that Vasudev, Devki order they go Loi bazar. He has all the ornaments on. The dimly lit prison room is filled with light and Lord appears. Even prior to that when Lord was in womb there was brilliant sun light. Not just one sun, koti surya samaprabha Millions of suns light was there in the prison house. Then Lord had this idea that he should be taken out of there, get me out of here. Oh, where would you like to go? Please bring it to Gokul. What who would bring it to Gokul? Of course you. But I am shackled. No just left me and see what happens.

Vasudeva was willing to bring Lord to Gokul and he attempted and lifted. Immediately all the bonds all the shackles were into pieces. And this is what happens when anyone accepts Lord within his life he becomes free from all the bonds. Not only Vasudeva that’s not the only exception anyone who accepts Lord he become free from all the bonds, all the string attached are cut.

Then he begins walking towards the door, there are many doors to go through. He already has the whole baby and he only has two hands and they are busy. How is he going to open the door? But not necessary, he doesn’t have to do anything; he just wants to bring the Lord to Gokul that’s all. That’s what he knows and he is ordered to serve and he is on the job and moving on. And as he come to the door what happened? Automatically lock is unlocked, door is opened, how?

Automatically. So this automatic business is not a new thing (laughter). This existed 5000 years ago. First time I went to airport with my luggage trolley and I came to the door and door was closed, but on the top it said entrance enter here but the door was closed. I parked my luggage on the side and moved forward to open, but again I did not open it, it opened automatically. But then this is old fashion nothing new it
existed 5000 years back we are just imitating.

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