Book -Padayatra Worldwide, on the road with Lord Chaitanya


Book -Padayatra Worldwide, on the road with Lord Chaitanya
When I look back to those days of padayatra it seems that the Lord had been guiding and protecting us throughout. We have seen those days when we didn’t have our own bullock cart and no funds, just meagre facilities. However, this did not deter us, nor dampen our spirit. Till Bullock Cart Padayatra was the most effective medium through which we could connect with hundreds and thousands of people and engage them in Krishna consciousness.

Srila Prabhupada always said “Depend on Krishna”, not on outside help, that is what has kept us going till this day. During Srila Prabhupada’s 100th birth Anniversary Centennial Celebrations, his followers organized padayatra in over 100 countries, walking a monumental 2,50,000 km. More than half of that was covered by Padayatra India alone. When we walk on padayatra it is not the kind of a business as usual walk. Padayatra is something where your heart and soul walks towards its ultimate destination, Krishna Prem!

Padayatra Worldwide, on the road with Lord Chaitanya is not only a book, it is the history of our organization’s development and insights of how it has emerged as a leading preaching strategy. It gives you the power for seeking your inner journey home.

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