By serving cow we will become protected


By serving cow we will become protected
Dated: 20th March 2018

One devotee walked with umbrella and was trying to hold it over me, immediately I was reminded of a tough time. When first time Krishna had to leave for cow herding then mother Yashoda approached Krishna, please take a pair of shoes. Krishna refused. No no I can’t wear shoes; cows don’t not have shoes, but if you insist that I should wear the shoes then bring shoes for all the cows first. Nanda Maharaj had 900 thousand cows, each cow has 4 feets, and then how many shoes are required, 36 lakh. Which Bata, Tata company will provide shoes? Mother Yashoda gave up the idea of insisting to wear the shoes. Instead atleast you take the umbrella, it is very hot out there, and again Krishna’s condition was to first bring umbrella for all the cows. How many umbrellas are required? 9 lakh umbrellas are required. Krishna said cows have feet, but they don’t have hand so we require someone to carry the umbrella. So 9 lakh people also walking next to the cow holding umbrella.

Mother Yashod gave up the idea, she couldn’t manage 9 lakh people. During all the cow herding past times of Shri Krishna in Vrndavan He always walks bear feet behind the cows. So don’t think you are the only ones going on Brajmandal parikarma without shoes, Krishna has also gone around without shoes, around Vrndavan. He has gone around without shoes without umbrella, then He did little preaching to mother Yashoda.

He said mother “dharmo rakshati rakshata” if you protect dharma then dharma will protect us. Krishna said serving cow, taking care of cow, this is our dharma. Then our own protection is guaranteed if we take care of the cow, protect the cow so the cow. Lord Krishna not only has delivered talk discourse of this topic He has practically demonstrated throughout His lilas importance of cow and importance of serving the cow. The Cow is centre of our culture and religion. Krishna’s one of principal past time is gocharan lila Cow herding, calf herding pastimes.

What does God do this question came this morning in question answer session? What does God do every day that priest the minister was not able give the answer but we know the answer is very simple. I know you also know the answer you already have the clue. So what does Krishna do every day, He is a cow herd boy He is hearding cows. The Supreme personality of Godhead is master or controller of all the universe all what He does in Vrndavan is herding cows, taking care of the cows.

namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana- hitaya ca
jagad-dhitaya krishnaya govindaya namo namah

This way Krishna has established the importance of cows and brahmanas in Krishna Consciousness. We are doing puja of cows today as it was instructed by Krishna to Nanda Maharaj. Krishna said worship cows, brahmanas and Giriraj. We have done some puja of cows. Go Mata ki Jai. We should serve vaishnavas, brahmanas.

vancha-kalpatarubhyas ca kripa-sindhubhya eva ca
patitanam pavanebhyo vaishnavebhyo namo namah.

And then soon we will worshiping Giriraj this way Krishna’s instruction is followed.
Giriraj Govardhan ki Jai.

The cows and Govardhan are very closely connected closely related. We could hear if you hear the name Go-vardhan, there is cow connection right there in the name Go-vardahn. The cow become healthy because of the grass available at the Govardhan, the water, shades of the trees available at Govardhan. The cows enjoy being around Govardhan. The cow herd boy also very happy being around cow and Govardhan. They can contemplate, meditate upon Govardhan and Krishna, cow herd boys, so that one day we also be promoted to get an assignment as cow herd boys.

Don’t think I am engineer, doctor I cannot be a cow herd boy but Krishna is a cow herd boy. If you want to be doctor, engineer then continue in this world, but if you want to come back home be prepared to become a cow herd boy, herding cows taking care of cows. Anyone interested in going back home, going to Krishna going to vrndavan , then pray to this dham, pray to cow, Giriraj and you will become eligible and have adhikar of entering Krishna’s past time and being a cow herd boy. Go mata ki jai.

Before you leave pay your obeisance to the cow

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