Capture the real you


Capture the real you
Venue: Amsterdam
Dated: May 31, 2018
na jayate mriyate va kadacin (BG 2.20)

Something that is within us, that never dies never takes birth something that is always there and that is, which Krsna says also,

mamaivamso jiva-lokejiva-bhutah sanatanah (BG 15.7)

Sanatana, Lord has used the word sanatana. Have you heard this word? Sanatana means eternal. So that soul, soul is eternal and that soul is part of Krsna, part of the Lord. We are Krsna’s people Haribol Hari Hari. We are children of Krsna. Our father is same father, common father of all of us. Hindi Chini bhai bhai. I have heard this when I was a boy. We were shouting this slogan, `Hindi Chini bhai bhai’, ‘Hindi Chini bhai bhai’, `Hindi Chini bhai bhai’, brothers, bhai means brothers. Hindi is a bhasha a language and Chini is something that you eat, sugar. They supposed to be brothers [laughs]. And I was thinking that how could the language, the bhasha hindi and the sugar that you eat, how could they be brothers? [laughs] So, then I grew little bigger then I understood. Hindi refers to people of Hindustan, Indians and Chini refers to people of China. So, that was making some sense. People, all people of China, all people of India are brothers. But how could two persons be brothers or when? When could two persons be called brothers? Same father, common father. So, when I came to Krsna consciousness this was way back in 1972, 71 and then I read Bhagavad-gita as it is, I heard Prabhupada’s talks on Bhagavad-gita, you are also reading? Then I found Krishna’s statement.

aham bija-pradah pita (BG 14.4)
mata dhata pitamahah (BG 9.17)

I am the seed giving father of all the living entities. Then there was complete understanding. People of China, all people of China all people of India; they are brothers because Krishna says He is a father of all living entities. President, he is not father, president of China, our prime minister of India, Modi, is he father of all of us? Certainly not. So then not just people of India and China but people of all the countries, Netherland, lowland , nomans land[laughter], so many lands and people, everywhere their father is the same. Some know him some don’t know him. The fact is, fact cannot be changed. So by chanting, “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 
Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare” We become realized. You heard God realization, self-realization, which is the goal of life to realize the self. Eat, sleep, meat repeat [laughs]. As I was coming here, the big sign board, I think there is hotel nearby. You eat, sleep, meat repeat and life goes on like this. Eat, sleep, mate also, eating, mating, defending and repeat. By chanting Hare Krishna and by reading Bhagavad-gita , hearing the Lord we come to the senses, would know lot of things which we do not know right now . What we are studying is just Biology and Botany and Physics and Chemistry and Cosmology, Information Technology and this and that. Basically we are studying the matter, dead matter. The subject of our study is not a spirit, we are not studying spirit. No one is teaching no one is learning. We know about everything else but ourselves. We know everything else. We know bhugol, we know khagol but ultimately is a big gol, a big circle. ceto darpana marjanam You know that mantra also? Ceto darpana marjanam? You are quite advanced students. I am just talking of abc to you but you have undergone some higher education.

Hari Hari, Vaiyasaki prabhu ki jay!! (Talks to Vaiyasaki Prabhu) I have just arrived also [laughs]. Saying just few words to assembled friends here. You may take seat here. He is Vaiyasaki prabhu. Big haribol, big haribol to Vaiyasaki prabhu ki jay! We are good old friends. We are more than friends we are brothers also, god brothers. We were in Bombay together, Juhu Bombay. Prabhuji spent many years in Bangladesh. He is fluent in Bengali. Prabhuji sings, he is one of the leading topnotch singer, musician for the Lord. Bengali bhajans, when you hear him singing Bengali bhajans you can’t tell whether Bengali is singing or American is on microphone. Even I cannot manage singing Bengali bhajans like him. And, of course, Hare Krsna he sings all the time, that is what he does. Also he is a writer, author, five books to his credit. So you are very lucky, very fortunate to have Vaiyasaki prabhu amongst us, amongst you [Haribol] Kishori is on the back there? So, like this we are, we are a big family. In fact there is but one family in the world with Krsna in the center or Krsna as a father or Krsna as a mother.

tvameva mata tvameva pita tvameva bandhu tvameva sakha

Like that, understand ? No need to translate this. And Vedic hymns also says, vasudhaiva kutumbakam kutumba means family our kutumba our family how big is our family? Vasudha, vasudha means planet, earthly planet. Vasudhaiva, it is as big as earthly planet. All people on the planet are part of our family. There is just but one family. So when you become Krsna conscious, this is International Society for Krsna consciousness. So when you become Krsna conscious then you understand this truth. I was thinking then that we establish this truth I was saying but then we don’t establish the truth. Truth exists, exists ‘satya meva jayte’. It is `satya meva jayte’ only truth prevails. But we are full of ignorance and Krsna kindly, He is making us knowledgeable. He is speaking to us as He spoke to Arjuna. He meant to speak to all of us but He spoke to just one person and that was good enough. That’s like talking to each one of us for all the time. Generation after generation, word is like that, the speech is like that. So, such a wonderful thing. World will be better world. Krsna consciousness spread all over and people would accept Krsna as our eternal father. Krsna, I mean He is giving intelligence like that we don’t accept. He says, “I am sitting in everyone’s heart”

sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto (BG 15.15)

When He spoke this He did not say, “In the hearts of Hindus only, Ok!” There is no foot note that it is for Indians only, Indians heart only. He resides in the heart of all the living entities. Saint Francis of Italy, have you heard of this? Even he was that kind of broad minded. He has this understanding. We are all children of God. He would address as sister tree and brother moon. All the trees and animals are “oh! You are my brothers and sisters, my brothers and sisters”. So, Lord is sitting in our heart. And He says,

mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca

From me comes knowledge, remembrance and forgetfulness. Knowledge comes from Him. If somebody is ignorant God is the one who make him ignorant. He is giving lots of ignorance, supplying lots of ignorance. So that he would remain, this is his wish to remain ignorant. So knowledge, ignorance, forgetfulness comes from Him. Those who say God doesn’t exist. But He is the one. God is sitting in the heart, go and say, `I don’t exist’. And this is something like, if you want to meet your friend, you go to his house, the entrance, you knock the door or ring the bell. Lot of time children are the first ones to come to the door. They are very anxious or curious, others remain busy, children are the first one to run. So child had come, and this gentlemen, may be he is was Patil and inquired ,”Is Patelji here? I would like to see him.” So little boy goes around. So big house, Patel’s house. big house. So he is finding, looking for his daddy. Finally found him, and he said, “Daddy daddy, Mr Patil, he would like to see you.” And Daddy is not interested in seeing him. “Oh! That Patil.” Again he says, “Tell him I am not here.” So the child is back at the door and what does child say? “My father said, I am not here.” [laughs]. My father said, I am not here. It’s just like that.

There are but only two parties in this world. One is called astik other one is nastik. Asti means, there is. Who is there? God is there, God is there. Those who say admit or realize or worship Him take to that path of God conscious ness, Krsna consciousness. They are astik. The other party is nastik. Oh! He is not there. He doesn’t exist. So, source is the same. If someone says, God exists-that also has the source in God. And one who says, He doesn’t exist, He is not there, who has seen God. So that also.

Those who are Krsna conscious, they are broad minded people. They could accommodate whole world in their heart, accept everybody, as part of their family. Those who think, ayam nijah, These are my people.

ayam nijah parovetti, ganana laghu chetasam

So, those who make this type of condition, these are my people, oh! no no, these are outsiders. This is ganana laghu chetasam, laghu means narrow or light or shallow or hollow. There is a word in marathi, halkat. Guru means bhari, vajandar, heavy. So, these are the two laghu and guru. So this laghu party, small minded party, narrow minded party, low minded, low thinkers think

ayam nijah paroveti ganana laghuchetasam
udaracharitanantu vasudhaiva kutumbakam

Those are udar, or those are gurus or connected with gurus in parampara, their thought is vasudhaiva kutumbakam. Everybody is part of my family. You know how much hatred that goes on, the hate speech. That’s not only speech but deeds. So killing happened few days ago, you heard of it? It is everyday affair nothing new. So, the wars are happening, the battles are happening, fighting is everywhere. Because of hate, “I can’t stand it get out from here, I don’t want to see your face.”

So like this the world is getting fragmented and as a result this world is becoming unlivable. Condition is like that and we are the doers of that situation. Hari Hari. So this international society for Krsna consciousness whose founder Acarya is “Srila Prabhupad ki Jay”!! Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada. On behalf of the Lord and on behalf of all the saintly devotees of the Lord he inaugurated this propagation of Krsna consciousness and this Krsna consciousness movement is uniting people. Yes he is from big country America and I am just one time third world country, now becoming super power of India [laughs]. But we are brothers, we are friends, we are part of one family. So what unites?

Krsna is uniting us. Otherwise, so much division and the attempt is being made global level to unite the people in the world under the banner of UNO, United Nations of the spiritual world [laughs]. United Nation Organization, its head quarter in New York. Whenever Prabhupada passed by that building, used to take note `oh! Another flag.’ After few months, 4, 5 months, `another flag’, `Oh! Another flag’. And he says what kind of united nation is this? This is disunited nation, splitting, splitting, splitting. In fact only very recently just 5000 years ago, the whole planet was one country. `Bharatvarsha’. Last week I was in a place called Hastinapur.

You heard that name `Hastinapur’? Not New Delhi. It’s Indraprastha. Hastinapur is another town. It is between Haridwar and Delhi. Not right on the way but it is little interior. There just at the outskirts of the Hastinapur, Srila Sukdev Goswami spoke Bhagavatam to king Parikshit. So, we are some 1000 ISCKON devotees. We travelled there and we recited Srimad Bhagavatam in the same spot where Sukdev Goswami sat and spoke. I was made to sit and speak on the same spot. Some 1000 devotees, so that was next door, just outskirt of Hastinapur. Hastinapur was the capital of the world. It is history. Mahabharat is a history, mahabharat. So the emperor ruled entire planet. So with advent of this age of kali, kali you heard of kali? Kaliyuga and people are so ignorant, know kaliyuga, what to speak of treta yuga and sat yuga and dwapara yuga.

Kaliyuga, they are laghu chetasa, narrow minded, low minded, ignorant. Like a frog in the well. How much frog would know? His knowledge is limited in the well. And another frog from the ocean comes and he says, so the frog in the well is asking, “How big is your ocean?” “My ocean is where I reside is very very huge.” “Is it twice big as my well as to twice as big ? Four times?” No, no, no, like that. So he is going to be thinking only in terms of his well. His experience is, his knowledge is well, not very well but well limited. So the generation that is being produced all over the planet is limited knowledge.

So we were talking about 5000 years old Hastinapur and like that so many places in India. Ayodhya is there for 1 million years. I was in Los Angeles. They were celebrating the anniversary of the town. Once upon a time, they thought long long time ago this Los Angeles was established, settlement and gradually grew in size. So they were celebrating anniversary of the city. So I asked one gentleman who was there. “How old is this Los Angeles?” He said, “very ooooold!!” By saying this he wanted to make it older. Very ooooooooold!! [laughs]. I said “How old ?” Its 200 years old. Wow!! wow factor is. So some cities being 200 year old are very old. So like that and we one of the town. Kali began 5000 years ago kali yuga is 5000 years. The time factor that Vedas deal with, the Vedic time is yet another dimension, kali yuga is 4,32000 years long. 4 lacks, in Indian way of saying 4 lacks 32 thousand years. Those many years in kaliyuga.

You make that twice as big that is dwapara yuga, three times as long is treta yuga, four times is satya yuga and if you put all these ages together one cycle of these four ages and when you multiply that by 1000 that makes Brahma’s one day which does not include the night. You have to multiply that by 2 the night is also included. And that is just one day we are talking and then weeks and months and years and he lives 100 years long. Right now he is about 50 years old.

Brahma is 50 years old. Sometime they show him with grey hair and beard [laughs]. That is not correct he is not that old to have grey beard and just turning, it is purvardha and utarardha. There is a cycle he is just doing transition from purvardha to utarardha, 50 entering early 50s and then 100 years of Brahma is equal to one breath of Mahavishnu. 100years of Brahma, his whole entire lifespan is one, just but one breath of Mahavishnu.

God is great!!! Prabhupada says, “They say God is great but they don’t know how God is great”. This is one instance to realize how God is great. So we are spreading this, this knowledge which is about you and me, real you and real myself. Capture real you!! I was in New Delhi, some mobile company which brand I don’t want to say. Selfie is a very big hobby or big fashion. You become self-photographer yourself. You don’t need photographer and then you and yourself, selfie [laughs]. You are taking selfie. So they were advertising, `capture real you’. Like you laughed. Yes? That’s not real you. `To mi navhech’, `to me navhech’. That’s not real you. That wasn’t you 20 years ago and that is not going to be you 20 years from now. So how is that real you? That is present you but that is not real you. So you have to find out real you, real eternal you. Krsna is eternal, we are eternal and we have eternal relationship with Lord. We are eternally His.

You heard that conversation between scientists and the boatman? You did? Yes? Just crossing Ganga? A scientist from Kolkata wanted to go right across Ganga and then they were having dialogue in the middle of their journey, boat journey. Scientist was asking, “Hey!! Boats man! Have you learnt computer science?”
“What is that computer? I haven’t learnt.”
Then scientist said, “Hey!! 25 percent of your life is wasted.”
And the boats man sings,

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

That’s all what he knew. He says, “I don’t know.” After few minutes scientists said, “Hey!! What about the cosmology?” “Cosmology? Where does it grow? Some tree? I don’t know.” “Oh! Then 50 percent of your life is wasted.” He is going on with his `Hare Krsna Hare Krsna’ and then so down the road after few minutes.

“Oh! What about Information Technology?” “I don’t know.” “75 percent of your life is.” Then soon climatic changes took place. A wind was blowing. The boat started turbulent and boat was just making rounds and situation was like they will drown and then it was now the turn of the boats man. Boats man said, “Hey!! Dear scientist, do you know swimming?” “Swimming? No, no. I don’t know swimming.” Then what? Your, 100 percent of your life is going to be soon finished.

And while he even did not finished saying this big blow of the wind and boat turned upside down. And it is good to have boat in the water. But if there is a water in the boat laugh], not good. Boat in the water is desirable. So now the water was in the boat and scientist drowned while the boats man, he knew swimming and he specially knew,

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

So everyone else is going to be drowning in the ocean of material existence except those who chant `Hare Krsna’. Those who chant `Hare Krsna’ is going to cross over, go cross beyond this world, back to, back to the Lord, Haribol!! So we are inviting everyone to come join us. Join this Hare Krsna’s in chanting and dancing and studying Bhagavad-gita also and honor prasadam and propagate these values, this truth around you. And as bigger circle that you could make lot of people around you, your neighbors and your friends’ family members. Ok! So what I am thinking, I did the talking part. If you take over and if you wish he may also, talk of singing is also, singing includes the talk. There is no need of talk and I could, I had a big day and had a long travel and his more travelling is ahead of me and I have not reached my destination. Yes or no? You have reached your destination. Temple president of Bhaktivedanta Manor, he shared this. He was driving and his GPS was on and he was travelling and travelling and travelling and travelling. In fact he had to attend funeral ceremony. He has to take funeral ceremony that day. So when they reached that location this GPS machine said, “You have reached your destination or reached your final destination”.

You have reached your final destination. So he had heard this before the machine saying that, but that day [laugh] it made some sense. “Oh!! You have reached your final destination.” [laughs] But that’s not our devotee’s final destination. Our final destination is Krsna’s lotus feet or going back to Vaikunth. Then you have reached your final destination.
Ok! So is that ok?
Thank u very much!!
H H Lokanath Swami Maharaj ki jay!!!

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