Chanting Lord’s name will take us to Lord’s abode


Chanting Lord’s name will take us to Lord’s abode
Venue: Mayapur
Dated: December 29, 2018
Occasion: Annual yatra, Session session

Are you tired?? Marathon is going on 24 hours. Prabhupada also used to stay busy; how long? 24 hours a day.

There are so many activities going on throughout the day. Morning program, evening program, katha book distribution and so on. We used to read Krsna book and near us was a bucket of milk. One devotee would read the book for us and we used to empty the glasses of milk. That’s the last item and subharatri and good dreams.

Vaishnavas are never tired of hearing. I’m talking about Vaishnavas. I don’t know we are vaishnav or not. Even if we are not vaishnav by hearing and hearing katha we will become vaishnav. In Goloka there is always katha kirtan going on.

 srnvanti gayanti grnanty

Vaishnavas are always busy with sravanam and kirtanam.  We will give away all designation but this designation of  being vaishanva we will never give up.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, “I am not Sudra, Vaishya, Ksatriya, or Brahman. I am not grahasta or vanaprasta. I am servant of servants of the Lord.” We should never be tired of chanting; similarly we should never be tired of hearing katha. And in fact we should be eager to hear katha.

One time Katha was going on by Radha Govinda Maharaja. A man got up; Maharaja thought he is having a question. Man asked, “Timing of katha is over, my question is when will katha get over?”

The rishis of  Naimisharanya Shaunaka Rishis said.

vayam tu na vitrpyama uttama-sloka-vikrame

One can never be satiated even though one continuously hears the transcendental pastimes of Krsna, who is glorified by excellent prayers.

Please don’t stop katha; go on reciting. One should hear katha with eagerness, meditate on it and establish it in one’s heart. Why in heart? Because that’s   the place of atma.

Sudarlala sachira duala…
radha krsna eka tanu hai

Radha Krsna are one but they became two in Vrindavan to perform lila and again became one in Navadvipa as Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Muralidhara has appeared in Mayapur and before Him appeared Vishvarupa as elder brother of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

vishvarupa ki prabhuji sahi

So Krsna appears as Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda as Vishvarupa. So both appear  in Navadvipa.

koi gayata hai radha-krishna nam koi gayata hai hari-guna gan

At some place katha is going on and other places kirtan is going on. Both are kirtana,  nama kirtan and lila kirtan.

mangala-tana mridanga rasala bajata hai koi rangana men

Lot of instruments are being played. The sound of Mridanga is madhura. It is also said that Murali or Venu of Krsna appears as Mridanga.

When you say Krsna, Muralidhara Krsna comes in front of our eyes. And what does He do when you take His darsana? What is He doing? Playing Murali. And as you see Caitanya Mahaprabhu what is he doing ?? His hands are raised. He is doing sankirtana.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare

Caitanya Mahaprabhu is always performing kirtana and we are also performing kirtana. That proves we are with Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

And if we perform sankirtan, we enter the sankirtana lila. Srila Prabhupada used to say our goal is to join the Radha Krsna sankirtana party. Performing kirtan we will achieve the eligibility to enter the sankirtana lila of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

One who does kirtana is a kirtankar. Keep doing kirtana and return back to Godhead. From nama to dhama. Chanting Lord’s name you will reach dhama.

apani acari prabhu jivera sikhaye

Caitanya Mahaprabhu has taught this sankirtana to all of us.

Nadiya godrume nityananda mahajan Sradhavan jana.

Bhakti Vinoda Thakura  used to stay at Godrumdvipa. He has written many bhajans which we sing. He is announcing oh there is namahatta and there hari nama is being distributed. Only nama and nothing else you will get there. Then who will get??

One who is sraddhavan. The father of sankiratan are Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda. Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared on Falguna purnima and now it’s called as Gaura purnima. That was lunar eclipse in 1486. Crores of people had gathered at the bank of Ganga and they were chanting the Holy name by the inspiration of the Lord. Full day all  were performing sankirtana and in the evening Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared. So kirtana appeared before the Lord. Kirtana is also avatar.

Kali kale name rupe krsna avatar

Lord takes avatar as kirtana. Now as sankirtana was being performed Lord had appeared.

yatra mad bhakta gayanti tatra tistami narada

That day the Moon did not show his face. He thought let Gaurachandra is going to appear today. Bahu koti chandra jini vadan ujwal. His lotus face has effulgence of many moons. Then how can I saw my face which is full of black spots.

There is also Gaura sahastra nama. Officially He was named as Vishvambar by his grandfather Nilambar Chakravarty. He used to stay at Belpukur but came to Mayapur. He was an astrologer and saw the kundali and said His name as Vishvambhar. Sita Thakurani the consort of  Advait Acharya named Caitanya Mahaprabhu as Nimai as He was born under the neem tree.

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