Creation of Lord is His Lila


Creation of Lord is His Lila.

2008 Vrindavan [1:4:36]

So this morning we are reading from Srimad Bhagavatam canto 3 chapter 26
text number 60 th , which is a short purport so we’ll move onto the next one also.

So please repeat,
ksut-pipase tatah syatam
samudras tv etayor abhut
athasya hrdayam bhinnam
hrdayan mana utthitam.

Translation and purport by Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada ki jai!
Next grew feelings of hunger and thirst, and in their wake came the manifestation of the oceans. Then a heart became manifest, and in the wake of the heart the mind appeared. The ocean is considered to be the presiding deity of the abdomen, where the feelings of hunger and thirst originate.

In the abdomen, not in the mind. Hunger and thirst has origin in the abdomen, we get signals from the mind but mind is not independent, it’s coming from abdomen. There are connections.

When there is an irregularity in hunger and thirst, one is advised, according to ayurvedic treatment, to take a bath in the ocean. Now you know the treatment.
Okay, that’s the end of that purport.

So, text 61,
manasas candrama jato
buddhir buddher giram patih
ahankaras tato rudras
cittam caityas tato ’bhavat.

Translation, purport by Srila Prabhupada.

After the mind, the moon appeared. Intelligence appeared next, and after intelligence, Lord Brahma appeared. Then the false ego appeared and then Lord siva, and after the appearance of Lord siva came consciousness and the deity presiding over consciousness. The moon appeared after the appearance of the mind. The moon, there’s only one moon. Lord is also moon. Krishna Candra, Rama Chandra, Caitanya Chandra. There’s a little talk about that coming up here in this purport. But Chandra mentioned here by Kapila Muni is the moon in the sky. The moon appeared after the appearance of the mind, and this indicates that the moon is the presiding deity of mind. Something in the body is appearing, some part. Then its predominating deity appears, out there in the universe. We’ll be talking about that in a minute, but quickly, the creation is called Brahman and the body is called pinda. Whatever is in Brahman, there’s also in the pinda corresponding manifestations.

Similarly, Lord Brahma, appearing after intelligence, is the presiding deity of intelligence, and Lord siva, who appears after false ego, is the presiding deity of false ego. In other words, it is indicated that the moon- god is in the mode of goodness, whereas Lord Brahma is in the mode of passion and Lord siva is in the mode of ignorance. The appearance of consciousness after appearance of false ego indicates that, from the beginning, the material consciousness is under the mode of ignorance and that one therefore has to purify himself by purifying his consciousness.

This purificatory process is called Krsna consciousness. As soon as the consciousness is purified, the false ego disappears. Identification of the body with the self is called false identification, or false ego. Lord Caitanya confirms this in His siksastaka. He states that the first result of chanting the maha-mantra, Hare Krsna, is that dirt is cleared from the consciousness, or the mirror of the mind, and then at once the blazing fire of material existence is over.

Did you get that? Don’t sleep. You may miss some very important points.

The blazing fire of material existence is due to false ego, but as soon as the false ego is removed, one can understand his real identity. At that point he is actually liberated from the clutches of maya. As soon as one is freed from the clutches of false ego, his intelligence also becomes purified, and then his mind is always engaged upon the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Everything is there in one purport. Purport is complete in itself.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared on the full-moon day as Gauracandra, or the spotless transcendental moon. The material moon has spots on it, but on the transcendental moon, Gauracandra, there are no spots. In order to fix the purified mind in the service of the Supreme Lord, one has to worship the spotless moon, Gauracandra. Those who are materially passionate or those who want to exhibit their intelligence for material advancement in life are generally worshipers of Lord Brahma, and the persons who are in the gross ignorance of identifying with the body worship Lord siva. Materialists like Hiranyakasipu and Ravana are worshipers of Lord Brahma or Lord siva, but Prahlada and other devotees in service of Krsna consciousness worship the Supreme Lord, the

Personality of Godhead. Sri Krishna Balarama ki jai!

So, this is, probably you’re in Vrndavan during kartik and expecting some rasa-lila kind of topics, but don’t be disappointed. This will also lead to that one. First thing first, first thing first then comes the next thing. So, this is the first thing in the Bhagavatam. This is also lila, creation, the fundamental principles of material nature, spoken by Lord Kapiladev, spoken to his own mother, certainly Kapila wouldn’t be wasting his time.

It’s important, it is essential to know the Lord and not just dancing, playing his flute but in the old context of the creation, where we fit into, but we want to get out of this existence, entanglement of this existence.

We have to understand how we are bound before we understand how Yashoda bound Krishna. That’s nice to relish those pastimes of Damodhar, but let us first understand how we are bound, what is binding us. If something has tied you down, sometimes rope, the rope is tied around here or whatever, before you try to untie that knot, what do you do? First take a close look, you look from here, this way that way, where should I start? Untying the knot, this knot okay now and then what is next?

Or what is next? and you understand how that rope has bound you. Before you begin untying that knot. So, same principle applies, what is binding me? Before how I could become free from bond. That is kind of subject-matter of the third canto of Bhagavatam or earlier canto before we go to ukhala bhandan lila, ukhala bhandan, bhandan, Krishna was bound to the mortar ukhala,

atha te sampravaksyami tattvanam laksanam prthak [SB 3.26.1]

This is how the, we are in text 60 th , the very first verse of this chapter says; “my dear mother”, atha te sampravaksyami, “I will now speak to you”. Sampravaksyami, thoroughly, in detail, I will give you, provide you all the details. Sampravaksyami tattvanam laksanam prthak, the elements, material existence, which is binding, so you will know the symptoms, you will understand those elements and their functions.

yad viditva vimucyeta purusah prakrtair gunaih [SB 3.26.1] prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvasah
ahankara-vimudhatma kartaham iti manyate [BG 3.27]

Lord says, Bhagavad Gita, that is Bhagavad Gita just something introductory and you want to find explanation, purport to Bhagavad Gita is the Bhagavatam. Bhagavad Gita is a verse or text, Bhagavatam is the purport, explanation.

prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvasah

Everyone is bound, everyone is bound by the three modes of material nature.

prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani, gunaih karmani sarvasah,

all our activities are controlled by gunaih, guna, again the ropes of the material nature, they are making us dance. We do not see those ropes, they have been mentioned in this chapter, presiding deities are there. Each and every part of our body gross and subtle as my hand is moving, I hope in Vrndavan, demigods have no control, it is said. The Demigods have no access, although they have full charge over the material existence, but in Vrndavan they cannot even pick up speck of dust from one spot and place it on another.

So, purusah prakrtair gunaih, so by knowing the symptoms, the activities of the gunas of the material nature, vimucyeta, one becomes vimucyeta, becomes free. So, before the discourse, this is the purpose stated, “Why am I going to talk to you? All that I will be talking to you at great length and full details, my purpose is this.” Lord says, Kapila Muni,

yad viditva vimucyeta

One becomes free, you become mukta then you become bhakta then you could sit down and relish the pastimes of the Lord. Not while you are being bothered, the whole agitation going on and you are not taking care of it. Not subdued the mind and not attained the intelligence.

dadami buddhi-yogam

Intelligence coming directly from the Lord, yena mam upayanti te and that intelligence, Lord says, then my devotee will use that intelligence to come to me, not to exploit this material existence and try to exploit, enjoy, isvaro ‘ham with that spirit.

ksut-pipase tatah syatam

Thirst and hunger has become manifest, tatah syatam, after something. So, this verse, what has been stated in the beginning verse, has connection with the ending of the previous verse.
udaram nirabhidyata, then appeared an abdomen, verse 59 said, then appeared the abdomen, udaram nirabhidyata, tatah, so from once there was abdomen, ksut-pipase, there was thirst and hunger and then samudras, the ocean, presiding deity.

hrdayam bhinnam hrdayan mana utthitam,

then the heart became manifest and hrdayan from hrda, mana utthitam, heart and mind. manasas candrama jato then when there’s mind presiding deity, mind the moon. Then intelligence, then giram patih, the Brahma is born.

ahankaras tatah then false ego. rudras cittam rudra is born tatah 'bhavat. And this kind, what could living entity with teeny brain, Prabhupada would say, teeny brain, tiny brain, what could they understand? The subject-matter which could be described as acintya and could just keep it aside, it’s not for me, you know, acintya, inconceivable. But something something, not that Kapila muni has said everything here but something that human beings possible could grasp has been presented and then you also have to be sort of devotee to even understand this, to assimilate this information, not just accumulate but assimilate. Assimilation is yet another level, not you put the food inside but then it has to be digested, assimilated into energy that you could use for functioning.

All that has been said here, it’s not just information technology here that is going on in this world today. Information technology, but there’s no transformation. Lots of information no transformation but this information is another nature, meant to change, transform us, transform our character, our whole paradigm shift, leading to not only studying the principles of material nature but then the source of this nature or Whose nature is it?

Prabhupada would say, “Whose nature is it? So, by knowing this nature, it could lead a natural life, leading to a spiritual life. That’s the natural life, not, life in this world, without Krishna consciousness it may be some kind of simple life or natural living but if it is not Krishna conscious living, then it is not again natural, it is artificial, material. So, spiritual life is the natural ultimate and natural life.

So, purusa, virat-purusa has been talked about and from virat-purusa, and from virat-purusa, the two other virat-purusas are coming. All the living entities are purusas and the demigods are purusas. The dead matter cannot move by itself, if I leave this watch, it will stay there unless some living force picks it up and places it in another place or some strong wind could also come, you don’t see who’s behind the wind. There are demigods, some demigod behind the wind and he could blow my watch. It’s either that some living force, living entity can move the nature, the dead matter.

So, living entities at our level whatever different moments we manage, again, we are not free, we move things, we move ourselves or something moves us. But then we are not independent in our movements unless the demigods are right behind or right with us, above us. Then again, demigods are also not free to move. There’s someone above them and that is Supreme Personality of Godhead who declares again in Bhagavad Gita;

mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sa-caracaram [BG 9.10]

Supreme Personality of Godhead is the superintendent. He’s moving the matter through demigods and the living entities. He is in charge. He is the boss and there’s no one above Him. But, I was talking early. All that is in the Brahman, in the universe, that is also in the little universe of our body.
So, there is Brahmanda and the body is called pinda.

pinde pinde matirbhinaa

You heard? Or some say munde munde matirbhinna. Munde, every head has a matir- Intelligence, ideas, concepts, bhinna.

munde munde matir bhinna

Each munde or it’s also called pinda. Matirbhinna,

ya matir sa gatir

What kind of matir you have, that kind of gatir you achieve, what kind of destination you achieve. So, matir and gatir, so first matir. munde munde matirbhinna There’s different ideas to exploitation, enjoyment and then you go different directions. Brahman?a bhramite, they’re going round and round, enjoy this enjoy that, your gatir, your destination, anyway is complicating things. So, the munde and pinda, that’s what we’re talking. This body, munda, pinda is body. Munda, pinda, this body and all that is in the universe gets into the body, pindanam, there’s a word called pindanam, we’re just looking at the dictionary meaning; coagulation, coagulation, the word called coagulation. In chemistry laboratory, with the use of electrons, there’s some kind of solution and electrons specially alum, they all get attracted to these and they become, they all get together and form kind of a hard substance or body, all that is in the solution, some particular elements they come together and they form a pinda, pindanam, coagulation. So, all that is in the universe from Brahmanda it comes and forms a pinda, forms a body, so there’s something that has come up in this chapter. What we have in the body there’s corresponding existence of it in the universe and its predominating deity. We have abdomen inside and the ocean connection, like that. Everything has a connection around us or in the universe and demigods in charge and ultimately the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

This is kind of sankhya yoga and sankhya points, brings us to the origin of all these elements and that is aham sarvasya prabhavo mattah sarvam pravartate, again Bhagavad Gita, aham sarvasya prabhavo. Lord is source of all that exists, spiritual as well as the material existence. To how this world was created. The whole cosmos and cosmology is very major, one of the ten unanswered questions, they say, “How the world was created?

How it came into existence?” There’s no answer to this question and if there are answers and explanations that exist, that is right here, the third canto of Bhagavatam. You find some astronomy also in the fifth canto of Bhagavatam. Bhagavatam is answer to all the questions. Otherwise without the help of this knowledge, the sabda, sound coming from the Lord, this knowledge coming from the Lord, how could possibly living entities understand something that happened billions of years ago? We could only speculate and that is, a speculation is, one speculation called big bang, some big bang and some kind of explosion took place but then who was there to explode it? Someone was there to become the cause of the explosion. All these terrorist are doing explosions, let this one took place, in our song we heard. There may not be a remote somewhere there pushing button, someone behind. You may not see so there is nothing automatic in this world, there’s nothing automatic. When we do not see someone, we do not see the cause or hand involved then say, oh it’s automatic but there’s nothing automatic. If you find out go deeper, reverse back the connection you will see ultimately there’s person behind, even beyond behind this big bang, there’s mahatattva and the glancing upon that mass, the matter and creating agitation and the living entities entering bodies and the whole Mahavisnu, more universes and garbhodaka-sayi Visnu entering each universe and then Ks?rodakasay?-Visnu entering each of those atoms, “I am in the anda in Brahmanda” and that is garbhodaka-sayi Visnu. […] the atom.

andantara-stha-paramanu- chayantara-stham [Brahma Samita]

I am within the atom also. Kana kana may bhagvaan, in every anu parmanu there’s a Lord, so He is in smallest unit of the universe, He is there and in whole brahman He is there as kind of a soul in that universal body in the form of Garbhodaka-sayi Visnu. He is described, Lord is described, “Where is Lord present?” Lord is present “otam protam.”
Lord’s existence is described as otam protam, like in a cloth, the threads are this and that way, there are threads everywhere in a cloth, this way, that way. So Lord is everywhere

andantara-stha-paramanu- chayantara-stham.

So, this speculation trying to avoid God, “We don’t need God because I am God.” isvaro ‘ham, that’s the idea. Then you forget this sastras, gita, bhagavat because they talk of some other God and who has seen and all that and the reasoning. It’s the faith and reason, “Oh these are just blind followers, this religionist”. We are another party and we are reasoning party, we want to reason, we want to see the proof of everything before we accept. So, this has always existed but in the modern times, this maybe started whenever this industrial civilisation, so-called western civilisation came into existence, that who was, he wanted to come to India Columbus, same time as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was exploring the Gauracandra mentioned in this port, He was going within deeper and was talking about going within, realising the soul and going within to the Supersoul. This fellow, he wanted to come to India but he went to the other direction and he found the land of opportunities, land of opportunity, which is now melting down, economic melt-down.

So, it started some 500 years ago, when they got into another economy. There was agrarian economy in this world headed by Nanda Maharaja in Gokul, he was a leader of the agrarian community, vaisya community. Nandaraja or Brajaraj and they knew and that was being followed in the vedic times. Economy is based on the land and the cows; who is wealthy?

One who has more cows. More land. That person is a wealthy person, not who has more nuts and bolts. And when you’re hungry you cannot do the deep frying of nuts and bolts in your petrol and use some of them for your breakfast and when you’re hungry. So, that’s the kind of material, so industrial civilisation and industrial economy was created with that faithlessness came into existence, show me. Then gradually this, the state and religion was separated prior to that, the rajarsis existed, evam parampara-praptam imam rajarsayo viduh What I am talking to you Arjun, this is learned in parampara and the first party to learn this are the rajarsi, the saintly kings. The saints and the kings, this used to be the team because saints had, or the kings had association of the saints or guidance counselling so those rajas were rajarsi, saintly kings. They worked as a team, state, the administration, the kingdom, the king and the advisors, the vidvan, the pandit, the scholars, the brahmanas, vaisnavas, they work together. But then at some point, this was separated, state and religion, secular state. Even India went for this with great pride following the example of the modern civilisation of the west, India adopted this as part of their constitution in 1947, our secular state, we are now separating religion from, we don’t have a worry, “We only take care of the secular needs of the population. We only take care of the roti kapada makan.” They talk about. Roti? You know roti? Chapati.

Kapada- clothes, makan-housing. “This is our concern. Beyond that? It’s not our business. We are secular state. We don’t want to interfere with religion or be partial to this religion and closer to this one and at distant from that one. No no, we are neutral, we are secular. Let the religion go to whatever hell.” The communism also has sprung up out of this. That has again origin. The capitalism did not work. They tried few hundred years capitalism. That experiment was total failure then the world was looking for something else to try we could try. Okay let’s go for communism, “All the country it belongs to us. And we will just enjoy it together; there is no one above us, no no.” God, forget. Did you go to the church? Yes, we did.
Did you ask for something? Yes. What for, what did you ask for? Oh!

Bread, oh God give us daily bread. Did He give you? No, He did not give. Now pray to the communist.” Oh! Communist come and give us the daily bread and they used to have this truckloads of bread, Prabhupada used to talk about this, and then they were handing out the bread. “Just see, you went to the church, you prayed to God for your daily bread, He’s not giving you but as soon as you prayed to us, wasn’t there bread immediately available?” So, systematically they were trying to kill the remaining faith of remaining people. Faith in God. We are just communists.

But then the day arrived and they used the cranes and they were lifting statues of Lennon, from wherever they were stationed, they lifting and they’re dumping into the gut of our oceans. Lennon, he was the leader.

“You have your leader, we have our leader.” Prabhupada. He was in Moscow “You have your leader Lennon, we have our leader Krishna. You have your communism, we have our communism, Bhagavat says everything belongs to the Lord, isavasyam idam sarvam. Not that everything belongs to us now. We are the Russians, the owners of this land who will enjoy it together, we share it but we will not share nothing with God.

It’s also the year of Darwin. This year or next year, they’re getting ready, 100 or 200. 200 anniversary of Darwin, Darwin’s theory of evolution which is being dumped already and some people still getting ready for a grand celebration of the bi-centennial of the father of evolution. Who starts, in the beginning there was amoeba and Bhagavatam says in the beginning there was a Brahma. Amoeba and then gradually there’s no intelligence, least intelligent being came into existence and there was evolution and further evolution. Prabhupada made so many jokes about this and he had his boot on the faces of the scientists. He wouldn’t like to just kick them bare feet but with a boot on and give a kick. So, the most intelligent, Brahma intelligence, we’re seeing connection here. The most intelligent, the most evolved, even four-headed, not just one head that was the first one to take birth, four-headed person has taken birth. This is the fact, this is history. In the beginning, Brahma was there not amoeba and then evolution and then monkeys and then monkeys. They walk on their hind legs then four legs. So, he explains how the monkeys started kind of rising. And the hind limbs or legs remained the legs but the fore limbs, they became the hands. The tail of the monkey went inside [laughter] and then he was a fully-fledged. So, one party says we are ancestors of monkeys, Bhagavatam says we are ancestors of Brahma. From Brahma’s mind comes manu and manusyas come from manu.

See all this distraction, side-tracking, just avoid the Lord, just avoid the Lord, so that we could remain the Lord, so we could remain the isvaras. So asura sampradaya, devi sampradaya that’s the topic of the Bhagavad Gita, divine and demoniac, those parties have always existed. But more now in number in this age of kali. But they are also not independent of the Lord, the Lord’s arrangement. They are influenced by the forgetfulness which is a creation of the Lord. Forgetfulness, remembrance is creation of the Lord.

Forgetfulness is creation of the Lord. It comes from the Lord;

sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam

From me, I am situated in the heart as Supersoul and from Me comes knowledge, remembrance and forgetfulness. See if someone has forgotten God because they wish to forget so God arranges, okay you would love to forget Him? “I can arrange. You would like to forget? Sure. I can make all the, give you lots of logic and arguments. I will equip with you lot of logic and argument so you could be satisfied. Be convinced of no existence of God and then you could enjoy because if God exists then He is going to interfere with my enjoyment then God is going to be talking about, oh this is a pious activity and this is a sinful activity. If you’re fine you go to Swarga, if you’re sinful, you go to hell. Oh this God is going to be talking, He is going to be reminding me. I am going to be feeling guilty. I want to just throw all of this, be free and just jump in the middle of feeling free.”

So, you could be. Forgetfulness could cover over you and you could boldly “God does not exist! God does not exist!” who is saying this? God is telling him, “Go ahead, go ahead say it. God does not exist.” This is a text, purport also, a little more purport. Write the books, give talks, “God does not exist.” But who is telling him God does not exist. God tells him.
This kind of ignorance is also creation of God. Human beings have not create ignorance, it exists. As we were hearing yesterday from Vayasaki prabhu. Prabhupada said I am equal to everyone, my mercy is equal to everyone but this Visnujana prabhu has taken more of that mercy, its equally available. So, it depends what you take, how much you take. It is available. Both things are also available. Krishna consciousness is also available, illusory consciousness, illusory is also available. What do you go for? Choice is yours. You’re on the beach, you could enter the ocean, you could go to the land, you could come to temple. you could go to cinema house, both things are there. Is someone in there? Who is it?

So, the little child came to the door. “Is your father here?” “Oh! Let me check.” The child goes all over big house, looking for her father. “Daddy, daddy, you know your friend has come. Father was not interested. So, he says “Tell him that I am not here.” The child back to the door and tells “You know my father said that he is not here.” My father said… God does not exist. Who said? God said, God said that He does not exist. You want to be convinced that way so that arrangement is also there. So this kind of party nastik, astik party is also described. Asti means He is, astik astik, He is. He exists! He exists! Astik! Astik! So one who accepts His existence is called astiko. And one who thinks oh no He doesn’t exist, nastiko. Deva asura eva ca, devatas and asuras. The Krishna conscious party and the other party. And sure there was a time all those who knew reading and writing, only thing that they read throughout their lives was sastras. There was nothing else to read, they didn’t feel there was anything else outside sastra the need to read. Everything was in there.

Vedas and puranas and Vedantasutra and Gita and Bhagavat. This is all that they read and all the studies were based on just the sastras. A verb in Sanskrit called sas meaning ruling over or administration, rule, sas. So, the sastras used to rule the life. Guide the lives of people. Sastras or based on the sastras, then the kings would rule. They would get all their mantra from mantri. Mantri, minister. Why were they called mantris? Because they had mantras. “Minister, minister, mantriji mantri.” “You know this happened, what should I do?” “Here’s a mantra.” And they were so smart, realised, well-versed. Immediately they would come with some mantra. They had a mantra, they had a sloka for different folks, different slokas. For every occasion they had some mantra. So, one who provided mantra, they were called mantris. And mantra came from the sastras. So, kings had sastra and sastra. This is how also, the rule. Sastra, scriptures and sastra. Those who do not follow the sastra, those who want to go against the sastra, okay here comes the sastra. Here comes some kind of weapon. But when using of the sastra was based on the…the sastra was based on sastra. When to use sastra, when to use weapon, when not to use the weapon. This was all guided by the sastra, by the scriptures and by learned, wise, impartial personalities. They would go give these advise to the kings.

dharmo rakshati rakshitah

So, by protecting religion, those who protect religion, that religion in turn protects them. Dharmo rakshati rakshitah. You protect religion that religion will protect you. So, kings, they would protect that religion. They were protectors of that religion. And then they knew then their citizens would be protected always upheld the principles of religion. Always upheld the principles of Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam and that was all that taught. All these kulagurus, Sandipani muni. Every school was a Vidyapeeth. Every school was a Vidyapitha. And every teacher was some rushi, some muni. So, that has. So, starting somewhere around five years.

Big deviation, big distraction and a big way distancing from the Vedic thought. Vedic lifestyle, Vedic version but the results are a total failure that’s what Prabhupada said. Modern civilisation is total failure. Seven days, Prabhupada spoke on this topic, in ’77 his last lecture series in Bombay, everyday he spoke, “Modern civilisation, total failure. Only alternative is Krishna consciousness.” Maybe to a lot of us, it was not obvious, thirty years ago when Prabhupada was speaking but he was foreseeing but now it is more than clear to more people, if they’re doing fine their mundane affairs or whatever even happily living, good health, good this, good family, good whatever. Even that they cannot manage.

Bad health, most sick country in the world is America, most sick nation on the planet is America. When I read that kind of survey result, when I heard, I was not surprised. Because we all know. They also are very proud, land of opportunities. The bhoga, the bhogis on the planet. Most bhoga is done in America. Whole bhoga is taught by the western world and then they went even further west. They were only in Europe and then Columbus found the land and they moved further west and they became western.

Distancing from the eastern part. Just opposite of the east is the west so a big turn around and they tried it. 500 years, this has been tried and failure. Splitting of the families can’t even, no peace of mind, can’t digest what they eat, cannot sleep, can buy very expensive beds but they can’t sleep at night. They can purchase lots of food but when it is cooked, they tell the servants “You eat, no hunger.” The big bosses have their cooks or their cook. When the offering is ready to be offered to the bosses, bosses have no hunger, you eat. So, they have nice appetite, the workers and the cooks eat. And there’s terrorism, and this and that and pollution, air pollution, mind pollution. Everything is polluted. “Don’t breathe, close your nose.” when the instructions come in, I know in Los Angeles when the pollution is kind if bad, they close the schools and they “don’t go out, don’t send your children to the street, stay indoors, there’s very bad pollution.” So, one day they will say, stop breathing using the television communication.

They have all these means. So, mind’s predominating deity is the moon. From moon comes oja one who has ojas is called Ojasvi He kind of creates, his mind is healthy and creates an aura around him and he could defend all the attacks of different sorts of different concepts, different this, that, could shield himself from all those. If he has nice mind, clean mind, pure mind-ojasvi, tejasvi. So, for vaisnavas, they go even beyond the mind, candra. They go to the moon or the Caitanya candra, He is spotless and He was given process of chanting of,

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hara Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

He is spotless and anyone who chants Hare Krishna, his mind also would become spotless, ceto darpana marjanam and that’s the protection. Krishna consciousness then you could protect yourself, So, Caitanya candra when He appeared, this moon in the sky, he covered his face cos he knew that another moon which is spotless moon He is appearing. So, this moon in the sky was thinking oh my face has so many spots, how could I show my face with all black spots, let me cover my face. So, he appeared with his face covered, with the skills of the moon eclipse, comments are given like that. The moon, he didn’t want to show his face,

candra koti chandra jini vadana ujjwala

That moon has brilliant face like a thousand moon effulgence is emanating from His face, from His personality. But look at my face, I don’t want anyone to look at, so many spots, I hide my face. So, he hid his face with the pretense of, this is moon eclipse, you know moon eclipse. So, both candras. Two candras appeared at the same time, as moon was rising in the east on the horizon. Caitanya candra also took birth, appearance of candra in Mayapur, Yogapeeth.

So, we have both the candra in the sky at our disposal and we have yet another candra, best of all the candras, Caitanya candra and we could just take shelter of Him, take shelter of something that He has delivered to the world, the holy name and He also, Caitanya candra took great interests in these sastras. Srimad Bhagavatam pramanam amalam, He says. Srimad Bhagavatam pramanam amalam. Srimad Bhagavatam is authority because it is a spotless purana, it is amalam, it is a spotless purana. So, then that purana has been given to us by Srila Prabhupada. And hundreds and thousands of devotees are already convinced about the contents and they have kicked Darwin out of their mind long time ago and the theories.

Anyway hate the sin, not the sinner. Don’t have to that Darwin committed some kind of sin by proposing something anti-Bhagavat, against Bhagavad, conclusion of Bhagavat. There was no need. But the words are no we don’t know how the world was created, could someone supply theory. So, then speculation came up. But then the stories of Bhagavatam, they will not look beyond Bhagavat. There are more and more students and followers of this Bhagavat, person also like Prabhupada, goswamis of Vrndavan, they wouldn’t think twice. This is it. So, as we distribute Bhagavatm more, sets of Bhagavatam more and more people read then immediately everything lese is out. Doesn’t fit into the picture, doesn’t make sense. So, this is most intelligible, most intelligent approach, information. In fact, history as we said. Coming from Kapiladev so with the spreading of Krishna consciousness and with more and more distribution of this knowledge, this Bhagavatam, all the darkness will disappear. Where there is sun, there is no darkness.

Krishna-surya sama maya haya andhakara.

So, the world was thinking, we don’t know how the world was created, let’s find out. There’s no need to do experiments with the truth. The truth exists. You don’t make experiments with the truth. Someone tried to do that then Prabhupada founded also Bhaktivedanta institute with a very important task cos scientists are gurus these days. For most of the people, scientists are gurus who cares for the gurus or scientists are. Prabhupada wanted his devotee, his disciples, scientist disciples to prove Krishna is the supreme scientist and life comes from life and not from matter and all these. The creation. And then his vision was this planetarium in Mayapur. Not only we install deities and we have this and that but part of the temple complex, planetarium.

Challenging the modern scientific approach and so-called science. Challenging the whole science, of course Krishna is challenging. On behalf of Krishna, his pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada challenged. Alright, we are overtime,
Grantharaj Srimad Bhagavatam ki jai!

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