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17 07 2017

This is Krsna speaking,

"maiya, chanda khilona laiyo, lauta jau dhartipar teri goda na ayo, maiya" Krsna says, If you do not give Me this toy, I will not sit or lie down in your lap. From now onwards, no. I would prefer to lie down on the floor not in your lap because you are not giving Me that toy."

"surabhi ko pai pana na kariya sira choti na kariyo"

Yasoda, one time told Krsna, "You see Balarama's long hairs? He has a big sikha also." Krsna inquired, "why I do not have?" She said, "Because you did not drink cow's milk. Balarama is drinking lots of cow's milk. You do not drink. If you drink your sikha, your hair, will also grow long." But today, Krsna says, "from today onwards, I will stop drinking the milk of the cow. Now, I will not tie my sikha. Better now give Me that toy." "maiya, chanda khilona laiyo"

Finally, Lord gives the final, kind of ultimatum to Mother Yasoda.

"kaho nanda baba ko tero suta na kahiyo"

He says, "From today onwards, I will tell everybody that I am son of Nanda Maharaj. No, no, I'm not son of Yasoda. I'm only son of Nanda Maharaja. Today, I am going to hire public address system, I will go all over Gokula declaring that I am son of Nanda Maharaja and not son of Yasoda!"

So, this way or that way, He is threatening Yasoda and is demanding, "maiya chanda khilona laiyo" So, like this Krsna spent His childhood days in Gokula. Mostly spent time with Nanda baba, with Yasoda, Rohini, Balarama. But as He grows, He meets His friends, begins playing with them, going door to door. Also, He loves butter like anything. Krsna likes butter and He does not mind stealing, buy, borrow, steal, to eat butter. His goal is to eat butter (laughter). He likes cow, He
likes their butter. This is His service to the cows. As He grows older, He is going to be serving cows by herding in forest of Vrndavana. 

Complaints come of the butter stealing. "Hey , Yasoda!" Everyday, some gopis are there, knocking at the door of Yasoda and complaining and warning, "do something!" Yasoda never believe her son would do such things. "He is such a nice boy, such a good boy, He will steal? No, forget it! You prove it. If you catch Him red handed or white handed (laughter) with the butter all over His hands, you bring Him to me. Then, I would believe!"

This is the 10th canto, 9th chapter of the Bhagavatam. It deals with, what we called, yesterday, as Damodara lila. Damodara refers to He is bound with a rope to the mortar, hence, Damodara. It is also called ukhal bandhana, bound to the mortar.

sri-suka uvaca
ekada grha-dasisu
yasoda nanda-gehini
nirmamantha svayam dadhi [SB 10.9.1-2]

So, Sukadeva Gosawami begins the narration. Who is the speaker of Bhagavatam? Sukadeva Goswami. We are hearing from Sukadeva Goswami. What Sukadeva Goswami has written, I'm presenting as much as it is, with the help and blessings of Srila Prabhupada. Sukadeva Goswami begins the narration with ekada, once upon a time, one day. Stories begin like this, right? One day, there was a King and he had a Queen. The King was Rama and the Queen was Sita. And it goes on like that. So, ekada, one day. That day was Divali. This Damodara lila took place on day of Divali, in month of Kartika, also known as month of
Damodara. A vaisnava month called Damodara also.

That day, Yasoda took charge of the churning of the butter. Butter churning, do you have experience any of the ladies here, matajis do butter churning? Butter churning is good for health also (laughter). My mother did this every morning. Every single morning when I would get up, I would hear churning of the butter by my mother. This was, of course, very common part of our culture. Now, that has change with the push of a button, machines.

There is a big difference between butter that is churned by your mother and that of the machine made butter. No feelings. You become machine like, with no feelings and many things are just like that. Life is machines centered, computerised, as we have become soul-less. Every day, some other ladies would do the churning. But that particular day, as mother Yasoda was getting these complaints, Yasoda was thinking, "maybe the quality of the butter churned at my home is not of the best quality. Maybe the best quality is next doors, my neighbours. That is why, maybe, Krsna is going for better quality of butter. So, let me work myself, to butter churning to make the best quality. He will be satisfied and will forget going to other doors for
stealing butter." With that idea in mind also, mother Yasoda was churning the butter. And not churning the butter. We always say work is worship. But it depends what work and how we are performing before you call that a worship. But you see here Yasoda's work and how she is working.

yani yaniha gitani
tad-bala-caritani ca
dadhi-nirmanthane kale
smaranti tany agayata [ SB 10.9.1-2]

She is not only physically churning butter, but the pleasure of her son Krsna. So, that is physical activity but then in the mind she is thinking, smaranati. In fact, before thinking, she is doing gitani caritani gayata. She is singing different pastimes of Krsna. With the mouth she is singing different pastimes of Krsna then, , she is thinking about those pastimes, about her son, Krsna.

So, it is a physical activity, vocal activity, mentally.

kayena mana sa vaca
Kayena, body; manasa, mind; ca, by words. She is busy. This is yoga, samadi, everything.
kayana parasa buddhya kevale indriye rati
yoginah karma kurwanti

Yogis remain busy, karma kurwantu yoginah. Yogis perform activities with their body, mind, intelligence, everything in service of the Lord. That is what Yasoda is doing. Best example for us to get inspired. Example of Yasoda is here.

[Text 3] ksaumam vasah prthu kati tate
bibrati sutra naddham

Sukadeva Goswami is describing mother Yasoda, meditate upon mother Yasoda while her churning activity. First of all, her clothing. Ksaumam vasah. She is wearing silk. The pujaris also when they perform worship they put silk clothing. Silk is considered pure. Prthu kati kate. prtu means big, she is a well built lady. Sutra naddham, and she has a belt around her waist. She's on duty, belt is on.

Sometimes, when police is not on duty, their belt is hanging loose. But as soon as they hear "attention!" Or, whatever the officer says, immediately, they tie their belts together, ready, fully focused. Otherwise, loose or spaced out, or all over. Belt means yes, you are now ready for action. So, Yasoda is like that, sutrana dham, fully commited and fully focused on her duties.

putra sneha snuta kuca yugam
jata-kampam ca subhruh

Because of her affection for her son, Krsna – that is why Yasoda is ca maha bhaga. It is very natural one think of her children and here, she is thinking of her child and her child is Krsna. She is singing and thinking and her affection gets aroused. As a result, from her breasts, milk is flowing, just by thinking. As a cow thinks of her calves, her milk begins flowing. Sukadeva Goswami is making the observation that milk is oozing, flowing from her breasts as she is churning the butter and as she is absorbed in thinking of the Lord. She has beautiful eyebrows.

rajjv-akarsh-srama-bhuja calat-kankana kundale ca

And there is a lot of srama, lot of labour involved in this churning activity. And her bangles are moving and sounding. And the earnings are moving.

svinnam vaktram kabara

There is perspiration in her face because of the srama, the labour that she is undergoing.

vigalan-malati nirmamantha

Some of the flowers from her hair are dropping down as she is busy with this churning service. And as this was going on for some time, Krsna comes.

[Text 4] tam stanya kama asadya mathnantim jananim harih

Krsna comes in the scene. This morning, uthi uthi gopala, that did not happen. Yasoda did not wake Him up. She got up and she is busy with her household duties and churning butter. Krsna got up on His own, mother is not around and He is looking for her. And what is on His mind is, stanya kama. He is looking for mother, why? He is hungry, stanya kama, so He could drink the
breasts milk of Yasoda.

He is supposed to be atmakama or atmarama. Lord is self – satisfied but here, He does not seem satisfied, He is unsatisfied. He is hungry, He needs milk, He wants His mother. He has to depends on His mother for His satisfaction. Harih, Sri Krsna, Bala Krsna, He noticed that janani is busy, "my mother is busy with butter churning."

grhitva dadhi-mantanam nyasedhat pritim avahan

Krsna was not at all happy with this. She was thinking, "oh, work is worship. I am doing my duty and I am okay." But this was not okay with Krsna, "this is your duties, this households, this is your secondary duty. But what about me? Are you not thinking of me? This is time to feed me! You forgot me and you are busy with your household duties. What is this? Am I not a priority for you? I am somewhere at the bottom of the list." No, devotees keep Krsna at the top of the list. So, He wanted all this business to stop. How to stop as mother was not going to listen to Him. So, He moved forward and grabbed the churning rod and everything stopped. Pritim avahan, by seeing this mother Yasoda was pleased. She was thinking, "what an intelligent boy! He is not only growing in age and body, but His intelligence is also growing."
"He came on the scene took the stop of the situation. He wanted to stop me and he took decision on His own how to stop me and He was able to stop me by grabbing the churning rod." Thinking so, she started smiling. She was very happy, "good boy, good boy." Next thing is,

[Text 5] tam ankam arudham apayayat stanam 
sneha-snutam sa-smitam iksati mukam
atrptam utsrjya javena sa yayav
utsicyamane payasi tv adhisrite

Krsna, immediately as the churning stopped, He jumped on her lap and mother helped, knowing that He was hungry and it was time for milk. She sat down and she was feeding the breasts milk. She was also feasting her eyes on the beautiful face of His son. She is not just sitting there but also thinking of the face of her son and she is pleased and smiling, watching how He is drinking and the His beautiful face.

While that went on for only sometime, and Krsna was not fully satisfied, yet, His belly was not full. Then, mother Yasoda, in the middle, dropped her son and ran back into the kitchen. Because she was hearing the sound of milk over flowing. She had to pay attention to so many affairs. Knowing that milk is over boiling and spilling, she dropped Krsna and ran into the

Now, the story of the milk. The milk was thinking, cow milk was hoping to render service to Krsna by feeding Himself to Krsna. But when milk realised that "Krsna is feeding His belly with all mother's milk, He is not going to drink me today." That milk in the pot was thinking, "Oh, my life is going to be just useless. It is not worth existing, worth living. I will give up my life!" Thinking so, milk was over flowing and jumping into the fire of the stove. Milk was committing suicide there.

Everyone wants to serve Krsna in Vrndavana. Everything is living in Vrndavana, Krsna centered. Perfection is in serving Krsna, pleasing Krsna. The milk pot was too hot so, mother lifted the pot and placed on the side and ran back. But there was a different scene when she got back. What was the scene like?

[Text 6] sanjata-kopah sphuritarunadharam sandasya dadbhira dadhi-mantanam-bhajanam 

bhittva mrsasrur drsad asmana raho
jaghasa haiyangavam antaram gatah

When mother Yasoda left Krsna in the middle of His breakfast and ran to the kitchen, Krsna did not like this and He became very angry. He was so angry that His lips were trembling. Aruna dharam, Krsna's lips are pinkish in colour. Seven parts of Krsna's body are pinkish in colour, including the lips. I think some ladies have found out that Krsna lips are pinkish (laughter). Krsna's nails also are pinkish. So, that news also have spread around, some imitation goes on (laughter). But Krsna does not need any lipsticks.

His pinkish lips are just trembling out of anger. When you are angry you press with your teeth your lips. Krsna held His lower lip with the teeth to express His intense anger. When you are angry you end up doing something not desirable. So, Krsna picked up a rock and threw at the big pot of the butter milk. Mother Yasoda was working hard all this morning, churning butter.

Krsna broke it and, soon, the butter milk was all over.

Immediately, "ah, mother Yasoda is going to come here soon and going to get me." So, He wants to get some tears ready so that He would be forgiven for His act. He was still hungry, so, He enters another room and climbs up a mortar and reaches the pot of butter which was hanging from the ceiling. You could imagine, right?

These days you do not do it, but we have seen it in our country (India), in our village, from we were born. For safe keeping, they keep different products, milk products, yoghurt, some other things hanging from the ceilings, with ropes. So, Krsna was reaching that out and feeding Himself some butter.

Yasoda is back in that room where she was churning butter earlier and

[Text 7] bhagnam vilokya sva sutasya karma taj

When she saw that broken pot and butter milk and butter all over, she immediately concluded, "this must be act of Krsna! It must be Him." Especially, as she noticed that He was not in the room, it was beyond her doubts that for sure He did it. 

jahasa tam capi na tatra pasyati

Now, she is looking for this naughty boy, Krsna. "Where is He?" She was to get Him, beat Him. She is looking for Him everywhere. Finally, she notices, "In that room oh, He is there." By this time Krsna, His belly was full. Then He was thinking of doing some charities. Charity begins at home (laughter). Now that His belly was full, He was thinking of others. Who are the others? Some monkeys. He starts feeding monkeys the additional butter.

These monkeys were of great help to the Lord when He fought that battle with Rama, Hanuman and company, was that big army battling. But He was not able to render much service to these monkeys army. So He thought, "let me be grateful. I am going to do something in return. Please, have some butter, monkeys." With that thought in His mind, He is thanking them and feeding them. While Krsna is busy with all this,

[Text 8] ulukhalanghrer upari vyavasthitam 
markaya kamam dadatam sick sthitam

He knows what He is doing is not proper. Not only He had broken the butter but He was stealthily eating butter and distributing that, now, to the monkeys. He knew mother Yasoda could come and find this out. So, He was looking here, there, all sides and checking whether she is noticing.

niriksa pascat sutam agamac chanaih

Yasoda came from behind and Krsna quickly noticed that mother was approaching. Cautiously, she was coming, not letting Him know that she was coming. He did find out that she was getting there and He also saw that she has a stick in her hand.

[Text 9] tama atta yastim prasamiksya satvaras

Quickly, she is coming with a stick in her hand. Krsna quickly jumped down and fled. He was scared, so He ran. Yogis perform austerities and they go in meditation.

tana vastita tada gatena manasa pasyanti yam yoginah

They try to capture the Lord in the heart, lots of meditation for long, long time. They may or may not have access to the Lord. So, that Lord mother Yasoda is trying to catch. Yogis do not always become successful. After long endeavour they become successful. That Lord Yasoda is running after and trying to catch Him.

[Text 10] anvancamana janani brahac-cala 

chroni-bharakranta-gatih sumadhyama
javena visramsita-kesa bandhana-cyuta-prasunanugatih paramrsat [SB 9.10.10]

Yasoda is a little elderly and well built with her big hips and breasts and thin waist. Krsna was quickly running and she had hard time catching up with Him. She was slowing down with Her heavy weight. In the course of time, her hair have become loosen, her flowers are dropping in the back. But she did not give up. She kept trying. She thought she was very close, very close and then she would slow down and He would run faster. But she would not lose enthusiasm, determination, patience. She was following all this. Finally, she managed capturing Krsna. It was not good news for Krsna (laughter).

[Text 11] krtagasam tam parudantam aksini

Because Krsna was thinking, "I am offender, I have done so many things wrong this morning!" He is caught hold by mother Yasoda. She has a stick in her hand and Krsna is in tears. With His both little lotus hands, He is rubbing His lotus eyes.

kasantam anjan-masini sva pnina

As a result, the tears mixed with the kajal, anjan, the blackish ointment, now, His whole face is
black as He is smearing that.

udviksamanam bhaya-vihvaleksanam

He is, kind of trembling, and expressing His fear and scare.

haste grhitva bhisayanty avagurat

He is held tight by mother Yasoda and she is threatening and chastising and more tears is flowing and He is fearful.

[Text 12] tyaktva yastim sutam bhitam
iyesa kila tam baddhum

Yasoda, after some time, she threw away the stick that was in her hand because He was too much afraid. She wanted to minimise His scare and give some relief. Now she thinks she should punish Him by tying Him to something so that she peacefully could do some of her remaining household morning duties.

[Text 13-14] nacantar na bahir yasya

He has no inside, no outside, no beginning, no end. He is unlimited. That kind of Person she has intention of tying Him. She is thinking He is just her little son whom she could tie. She wants to tie Him to a mortar. She wants to punish not only Krsna but also the mortar. Mortar is also punishable. Mortar helped Krsna climbing up. He was standing on that mortar so, it was teaming up with Krsna. It also should be punished. She was to punish Krsna and mortar by tying both of them together. Lucky mortar, right? (Laughter).

[Text15] tad dama badhyamanasya 
svarbhakasya krtagasah 
dvy-angulonam abhut tena
sandadhe nyac ca gopika

So, she was tying. She managed to get a rope and she was tying. But what was her experience? It was too short. How much? Two fingers short. So said, "I can get another rope." She got an another one and tied to the earlier one to make it longer and tried to tie Krsna. Again, the rope was two fingers short. She got more ropes and more ropes. Everytime she tied
the additional rope to the earlier rope, it was shorter again, two fingers short.

[Text 16] yadasit tad api nyunam
tenanyad api sandadhe
tad api dvy-angulam nyunam
yad had adatta bandhanam

Neighbouring ladies were all watching the scene. Yasoda was running all over. She went to goshala and brought some ropes from cows. All the cows are running free (laughter) because all the ropes are being used to tie Krsna. The ladies, "finally! We have been complaining! Now you realise! He stole butter at your own home, now you know. You did not believe us but today
He stole butter at your own home, your own butter, didn't He steal? Yes, He stole! He should be punished!" They are getting kind of happy. Finally, He was getting punishment so, they were enjoying.

[Text 18] dhrstva parisramam krsnah krpayasit sva-bhandhane

But Krsna saw that Yasoda was making so much endeavour, she was not going to stop. "She is not going to give up. Her goal is to tie me up, and she is going to do it." Finally, He allowed, "Okay, if you are so much determined, go ahead and tie me." Then she was finally able to tie Sri Krsna.

That two fingers short was that her endeavour was not sufficient. She had to endeavour more and more when it was to Lord's satisfaction and Lord pleased. So, from both side. God helps those who help themselves. So, God finally helped. Krsna finally helped Yasoda as she was helping herself, endeavouring to tie Krsna. That task was completed by tying Krsna to the mortar.

This is not in Bhagavatam, but we find from other sources, that day Balarama, when that pastime took place, He was not at home. But then He returned to see Krsna in that very awkward position, tied to the mortar, not being able to move. He has never seen His younger brother Krsna in helpless condition like that. When powerful Balarama, elder brother Balarama
returned and when He saw this, He was furious. He said, "who has done this?!"

diyu khalase bana shyama ne kaha bigharori

"What has He done wrong that someone has tied my brother Krsna to the mortar? Who could dare to do this?"

panch barasa ko shyama sakhina sanga nahi niharo ri

He has become an advocate of Krsna and wants to release Him so, He is giving all these arguments. "Who is doing this? He is just five years old! Maybe someone is thinking that He is teasing those gopis. Come on, He is only five years old! He is not going to tease gopis and do this and that. No!"

nahi kare utapata bhrata mero bhoro bharo ri

"My brother is such an innocent brother!" And Krsna says, "yes, yes, that's Me, that's Me."

(Laughter). "And such Krsna, someone has tied my brother!" mama ko ave tarasa mat ya ko mata maro ri He says, "I feel bad seeing my brother in condition like this." He is kind of doubting, "most probably, this is a job of Yasoda." And Balarama says, bare yugan se nanda baba ne yako palo ri "Nanda Maharaja has to take so much trouble, anxiety and endeavour to make maintain, look after, protect this child! Look what mother Yasoda is doing! Nanda Maharaja, on one side, cares and concerns, protects, and so much. And someone else is tying and beating and punishing
Him like this. Is this fair?" And finally, He says, Krsna kanhaya chotha bhaiya mero bhoro bharo ri "This Krsna Kanhaya is small little brother of mine. Bhoro bharo, such an innocent brother. Who is accusing Him for this and that? Why He has been tied like this?!"

yo ukhaka se band shyama ne kaha bigharo ri hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare

hare kada raksami nandasya balakam 
nipam malakam lasatata tilaka balakam
palakam sarva satavanam

This is a prayer Rupa Goswami Prabhupada. He is praying to the Lord. He is very anxious to have darshan of Krsna as son of Nanda. Kada raksami, "when will I be able to see nandasya balakam, nanda balaka, the darling of Nanda and Yasoda." Nipam malakam, he says, "oh that baby Krsna with a garland of kadamba flowers around His neck, oh that Krsna, when will I be able to see Him? Lasata tilakam balakam, and that Krsna has tilaka on His forehead. He looks so beautiful with a tilaka. That balaka is also palaka, He is also protector. All His devotees are protected by Him."

kasturi tilakam lalata pathale
"When will I be able to see Him?" The Lord with kasturi tilakam. Lalata pathale, Lord Krsna has a broad forehead. He has a broad shoulders and broad forehead. These are some of the special features of His personality. He has a raised nose. The standard of beauty is Krsna. There are 32 different features described in different sastras and also in Bhakti Rasamrta

32 features of Krsna's form. There you will find this list. Seven parts of His body are reddish or, as we said, pinkish. Seven parts of His body are lotus like: lotus face, lotus feet, lotus navel, lotus hands. His hands are like a lotus. They not only look beautiful like a lotus but they are also very tender like lotus. The palms of Krsna's are also pinkish in colour, like lotus. You may ask, "oh, Krsna hands are tender and pinkish like lotus. Then, are they fragrant also
like lotus?" Yes, they are. You could smell Krsna's body or hands. They have sweet or madhuram fragrant like lotus. In fact, all the fragrance of this existence, including that of lotus come from Him. Krsna's body is fragrant, naturally fragrant. There are no need of powders, cosmetics to freshen His body.

If Krsna spends some time in some place and when He walks away, goes away He leaves the fragrance behind. Whether Krsna was or wasn't in such and such place and you want to find out, you go there and what you do? You breathe in and there is the fragrance. "Oh, sweet smelling place. Where is that sweet smell coming from? For sure Krsna was here some time
ago. He has left His fragrance behind."

kasturi tilakam lalata pathake vaksastale kaustubham

He has kasturi tilaka. Where do we find kasturi? The mrig, the dear, the must. He wears kaustubha mani, special jewel, only one in existence, around His neck. When they did the churning of the ocean, they found different items. One of them was this kaustubha Mani. "Who should get this kaustubha Mani?" The assembly was deciding. "Oh, that should goes to Visnu, Krsna!" Then Krsna is wearing that kaustubha mani.

nasa agreha vara motikam

nasa agreha, nasa, nasika or the nose and there is one one diamond on middle of His nose. It is sometimes photographed like this. Motikam, special pearl that Krsna wears.

karatale venuma

He holds flute in His hands.

karecha kanganam

And he has bangles around His wrists. Krsna like all these ornaments. Visnu, Krsna, they love these ornaments.

Surya, sun like the namaskar. Surya namaskar. Ganesha likes laddoos. Shiva likes water. Visnu likes alankara, these abhushana, or these ornaments. This is statement like that. He puts on lots of ornaments.

sarvange harih candanam su lalitham

All over His body, there is candana. Yasoda puts lots of candana on Lord's body because He has to go all day, herding the cows in the sun, so, to have a cooling effect on His body. In summer there is also candana yatra, a special festival for  21 days. For 21 days, everyday, the body of the deities are smeared with candana.

kanthe ca muktavali

He has a full necklace. In the pearls necklace that He wears, is like swans. Because the body of Krsna is bluish in colour, it is like a sky and then swans are flying. And He has His peacock which is like a rainbow.

barhapirama nathavaravabu karanayog karnikaram

The beautiful Krsna's feet, madhuradhipater akhilam madhuram talking something related to that. The sweetness of the Lord, the beauty of the Lord. Sukadeva Goswami describes the Lord in Bhagavatam as barhapiram nathvara. Lord is a nathavaravapu. Lord is a nathavara, is an actor. The best of actors, king of all actors. He dresses like, also, actors, meticulously He dresses.

The sastras describes Lord's dressing "as meticulously He dresses," as if someone is going to take photograph of Him. Somebody is going to do video filming of Him. He is dressed like that all the time, meticulously dresses.

Nathavaravapu. His body and dress is like an actor. Barhapirama, He has a turban with lotus and peacock feather. Karanayo karnikaram, in His ears, Sukadeva Goswami describes that there is one flower that he puts in two ears, He wears in two ears. Flower is one, ears are how many? Two ears, flower one.

How could He wear one flower in two ears? Do you have some ideas? You have to be smart, South Africans here (laughter). He says (an American devotee), "break the flower into two." American idea (laughter). I think he said something else too. Oh okay, "flower sometimes here (right ear) same flower after sometimes, here (left ear)". That is what Krsna does! Karanayo, two ears. Karnikaram, one kind of a yellow flower. Same flower sometimes in this ear, sometimes in the other ear.

vipravasa kanaka kapisam

He has yellow garments that dazzles, that shines like a lightening.

vaijayanti ca makam

He wears a garland and that has a name. One kind of garland is called vaijayanti mala. Have you heard? Or, you have heard the name of one actress, her name was Vaijayanti Mala (laughter). Mala means garland. When garlands have five different kinds of flowers with five different colours, which those five colours are mentioned, that kind of combination in a garland then that garland is called vaijayanti mala. Sukadeva Goswami says that He is wearing that kind of garland.

venorandhan adharasudhaya pudayan gopa vrndaya

Now, Lord is with his friends. Lots of time He spends with His friends. He is playing His flute, venorandhan. The nectar from His lower lips, He fills in the flute. As He plays His flute, He sprinkles all over, it reaches all Vraja Mandala. The gopis are hearing the flute playing of Krsna.

That venunaga, the sweet.

vrndavanam prahisata gopakirtihi

Krsna enters Vrndavana while playing His flute, surrounded by His friends. What are the friends doing? Gopakirtinhi, they are all chanting glories of Krsna, some talk about about Krsna. All the residents of Vrndavana are known for what? Their talks about Krsna. If there has to be some subject matter to talk about, then you could talk. Unless you are have heard, unless you have read or realised, how could you talk?

But there are so much to talk about Krsna, unlimited talk. Some may be saying, "oh, He is undescribable!" He cannot be described. Mayavadis may be talking impersonalist. They do not appreciate the lila, pastimes, the form, abode of the Lord.
Ananta Sesa is always talking. Ananta Sesa has one thousand mouths. With one thousand mouths, he is chanting the glories of the Lord. And not that all the mouths are talking about the same thing, no. Each mouth is talking about one topic. There are thousands hearing near that mouth. Then you go next door to another mouth and there is another topic and there is a large
crowd to hear. Then another mouth, another topic, and crowd. He is talking and talking since the beginning of creations and he has not seen the end of the topics and he has not repeated the same topic twice. So much to talk about or hear about.

So, basically first, when there is the hearing then comes talking. How many mouth we have? One. And ears? Two. So, we should be talking more or hearing more? Hearing more because there are two ears and should be talking less. But normally, what do we do? We talk more, hear less or do not hear. We think we are all the ideas of the world. We are independently thoughtful
and complete. In this way, we have locked the source of knowledge. We are deprived and stay in full ignorance and we think that ignorance is bliss.

So we should be hearing, fill in our ears with all this topics, fill our existence with this topics. Purify our ears. Who is here for first time, have not come to festival or temple before? So, you are around and connected for sometime. You have been hearing and now you are hearing more, marathon hearing. Now, you could talk about Krsna. This is perfection.

Do you like to talk? Yes? How many of you like to talk about Krsna? Some are thinking (laughter). No, I am not giving you microphone. But you could talk to someone next to you. We can give you 2 minutes to talk. He talks for one minute, you finish his talk, wined it up. Speak something that you have been hearing. Yes? We could do this for a couple of minutes. So, select your partner, you tell him you want to talk for a couple of minutes about Krsna. Then both of you talk. One talks, the other hears. Okay, go ahead. We want everyone to talk and hear.

One person talking, other one hearing. Not laughing, talking. Talk of something that you have heard that you like. By pairs, two together. I want to see two person facing each other and talking.

(Devotees talking in pairs about Krsna)
Nitai Gaura Premanande, Hari Hari Bol!

Did you talk and hear? Did you like it? Yes? Did you like that program? So, carry on. You got to talking about Krsna. You are going to hear some more topics to talk about.

Lord Krsna, one time, is with mother Yasoda and He is expressing His special liking for butter. He says,

"maiya re, mohe makhana bhavei"
"I love butter, oh mother!"
"jo meva pakawana kehti tu mohe nahi ruci avei"

"You are feeding me pakawana, chappan bhoga, 56 offerings but you know, what I really like is butter more than anything else."

"Braja yuvati ekapiche pache thari sunnata shyama ki baat"
As bala Krsna was talking to Yasoda in Gokhool, Nanda Bhavan, there was another gopi. She was behind Nanda Bhavan, near the window and she was hearing this statement and appeal of Krsna, "I like butter, you should just only feed me butter. Forget all this cooking and just give me butter." She was all hearing about what Krsna has to say.

"mana mana kehti kabahu apane ghara dikho makhana khai"

In mind she was thinking, "oh, You are making so many appeals to Your mother! You see, she is not giving You enough butter. Why don't You come to my home? I will feed You lots of butter, please come. Be guest of honour at my home and eat as much butter as to Your heart content." "bhaitega hi mathani maiy kaba raho chappani" "You come and as I take note of Your arrival, I will just hide somewhere. Then You will think that owner of this house, owner of this butter is not around and then You eat butter. I will make Your job easy."

"suradasa prabhu antarayami"

This is compilation of great devotee Suradasa and he says that prabhu is antarayami. So, what this gopi was thinking outside there, behind the house as she was hearing and as she was thinking, Lord immediately took note of what she was thinking. Because He is antarayami, He is Lord of the heart, He knows what is on our mind and He is sarva abhigya svaratha. He is
knower. As she was thinking, Lord took note as He is antarayami Krsna.

gvalini ki mana ki jani

He took note of what she was thinking and, in due course of time, Lord did go to that gvalini, gopi's home and stole and ate lots of butter.

Krsna is known as makhana chora. God is very famous or infamous (laughter). The thief is not very famous. One of His titles is makahana chora or the butter thief. But is He the thief? Or, we are the thieves? Everything belongs to Him. Butter at His home is His and butter at other homes, who's property is it? It is His property.

It is His property but if you claim it, then you are a trespasser. You should be persecuted. And that happens, in fact. This is what is happening. We are getting punished. It is Lord's property but we are claiming that as our property and we are enjoying, exploiting.

In the words of Srila Prabhupada, he says, "we like kingdom of God without God." "Why do I need God for? I am God. Iswaro aham, I am iswara, I am the enjoyer," that is the spirit, unfortunately.

Although they call him butter thief but, in fact, they pray, "may Lord come and steal butter at our home." This is their prayer. They are waiting, "when is He going to come? He looted butter at this home other day, and that was yesterday and there also last month. And He has left us! He is not stealing butter at our place. How unfortunate we are!" This is how they are thinking. They think, "when Lord comes and stealing, eating butter at other homes, how fortunate they are!" So, gopis in Vrndavana, there is a big competition. Which gopi gets up first and does the
churning of the butter and keeps butter ready. Because they think, "what if Krsna comes and the butter is not ready? Then, naturally, He'll go next door. So, I will have butter ready. Whenever He comes butter should be ready."

So, there is a big competition of getting up early. It is a good reason of getting up early, right? (Laughter). Early to bed then early to rise. That would make someone healthy, wealthy and wise.

So, gopis are getting up early morning and churning butter and keeping it ready so that Krsna would come and steal butter. But then they, outwardly, are making this complain, "oh Yasoda, stop Him stealing butter. Why don't you feed Him your own butter? You are not looking after your child! Your butter is not good! Do something! Stop this!" They are complaining like this. Yasoda keep saying, "no, no, no, my boy is such a nice boy. He would never steal. Catch Him,
prove it!" And all the gopis are endearing also to catch hold of Krsna. They made so many attempts but every time their attempts fail.

One time, one gopi was very successful. Her name was Prabhavati. She managed to catch hold of Krsna right in the middle of His act of stealing butter and she was very jubilant, thinking, "I have become successful, victorious!"

She was dragging Krsna towards Nanda  Bhavan. She was dragging Him in through this lane to that street all the way to Nanda Bhavan, telling everybody, "yes! See, I have caught hold of Krsna!" Everybody was surprised how this lady managed to catch Him and they were all happy, "yes, finally, He is going to be punished!"

So, she comes to Nanda Bhavan. She was screaming from a distance and letting Yasoda know, "yes, yes. Look! Look! Yasoda, come out and see! I have caught hold of your son stealing butter!"

This lady, as in Vrndavana, she had her head and half face covered by her scarf. She has held Krsna with one hand and dragging Him. The other hand was holding the scarf covering her head to prevent it from falling and she was calling out for Yasoda.

Finally, Yasoda comes. Prabhavati presenting Krsna to Yasoda, "just see. Here is your child. I caught Him white handed with the butter."

Then Yasoda says, "you fool! That is not Krsna, that is your son!" (Laughter). As she looks she was surprised. That was really her son. Now you could imagine, she must have really covered her face fully. How could she show her face. While coming to Nanda Bhavan she was thinking, "oh, my name is going to be in the front page of Mathura Times!" (Laughter).

Now she is thinking, "I better cover my face otherwise cameraman may take my photographs, foolish lady." So, as she was, with big embarrassment, going towards her home, Krsna was waiting for her (laughter). He said, "hey Prabhavati come here. So, this is last time, okay? If you make another attempt and catch Me and try to present Me to Yasoda, today I turned into your son, next time I'll maybe turn into your husband!" (Laughter). So, that news spread. Then, they were not daring to catch Him (laughter). He is unpredictable, he could do anything.

So, His attempts of stealing butter and pleasing residents of Vrndavana, pleasing His friends and monkeys and cows, He is serving that way goes on and it is going on to this day. Devotees take pleasure in hearing these pastimes and cherish this and preserve as a big treasure. It makes the souls happy more than anything else. Any wealth of this world would not make the
soul happy.

You just sit, you do so much run around and still do not become happy. For a change you could just sit down and chant,

hare krsna hare Krsna Krsna Krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare And be happy. Or sit down and hear Bhagavatam, hear Krsna katha, Caitanya katha, Rama's pastimes, hear Bhagavad Gita, read, share with others, talk to you family members about Krsna, remind them of Krsna and Krsna's instructions, remind your neighbours, friends and
countrymen. Increase this Krsna katha in the whole world for it to be peaceful, prosperous; it would flourish not perish as it is happening.

Man of character would be born out of such sessions as they hear about Krsna. Caring, concerned citizens, knowledgeable, pure hearted, friendly, equipped with all good qualities. Government should promote this program, push on Krsna consciousness movement, facilitate Krsna consciousness movement. It will be a big  transformation. Otherwise, is there any hope?
Crime is rising and everything.

I was here last year and this year. Has this country made progress? Has crime rates gone down? No, it is on rise. What means do you have to minimise it? Unless there is a goodness within. Krsna consciousness is meant to revive the good qualities in all souls, in all people, of whole world. So, go on pushing, spreading this Krsna consciousness movement far and wide,
for the benefit of humanity at large.

Damodarastakam Prayer

namamisvaram sac-cid-ananda-rupam
lasat-kundalam gokule bhrajamanam
yasoda-bhiyolukhalad dhavamanam
paramrstam atyantato drutya gopya

To that iswara, I offer my obeissances who is sac cid ananda rupam, whose rupa is sac cid ananda. 

lasat kundalam, and He has kundalam, earrings dazzling, shining. Yasoda bhiyolukham, out of fear of Yasoda, He has jumped down from that mortar and is running, Yasoda is running after Him to catch hold of Him.

rudantam muhur netra-yugmam mrjantam
karambhoja-yugmena satanka-netram
muhuh svasa-kampa-trirekhanka-kantha-
sthita-graivam damodaram bhakti-baddham

Rudantam muhur netram yugmam mrjantam, same description of Bhagavatam we find here. They do not consider Him Lord. We are calling Him Lord, Lord. For them, in vatsalya bhava, the parenthood, as those residents of Vrndavana, especially, Nanda and Yasoda, they take the position of parents. They are parents and that is their son. So, they have right to beat, teach
Him lessons. So, at that time He is crying and rubbing His eye. 

Muhu svasa kampa, He is breathing very heavily as He is crying. As a result, khanka kantha, on the Lord's neck there are three lines. Sthita graivam damodaram bhakti baddham, He is bound by love of Yasoda.

itidrk sva-lilabhir ananda-kunde
sva-ghosam nimajjantam akhyapayantam
tadiyesita-jnesu bhaktair jitatvam
punah prematas tam satavrtti vande

These kind of lilas – the residents of Vrndavana are drowned in lila like this. Kundas, like a lake, are filled with these ananda kunda. What is the cause of ananda is these lila. Everybody is floating, jumping, diving into that ananda. 

Unto this Lord, sattavriti vande, I offer my obeissances again and again.

This Lord is bhaktair jitatvam, He is conquered by bhakti. The bhaktas are conquering the Lord just by their devotion for Him. 

aham bhaktana paradhinu, Lord says, "I am not independent, I am paradhina, I am dependent, I am controlled by my devotees.

varam deva moksam na moksavadhim va
na canyam vrne ‘ham varesad apiha
idam te vapur natha gopala-balam
sada me manasy avirastam kim anyaih

My Lord, varam deva, I do not want this benediction of moksa. No, no, I do not care for moksa or any other kind of benediction. 

Just one thing, idam te vapur natha gopala balam, your form as bala Gopala,  sada me manasy, all the time let this be on my mind. Kim manyaih, what else do I need? What else do I care for?

idam te mukhambhojam atyanta-nilair
vrtam kuntalaih snigdha-raktais’ ca gopya
muhus cumbitam bimba-raktadharam me
manasy avirastam alam laksa-labhaih

Idam te mukhambhojam, His devotee is praying, "oh that beautiful face of the Lord, with curly hair and hence, seeing the beauty of His face,

Muhus cumbitam bimba raktadharam me,

As sometimes Yasoda kisses her child, as a result the child's face, Gopala balak's face becomes reddish. She leaves some signs and He looks beautiful and that I would like to contemplate on that beautiful face for those signs of kisses from His mother. 

Alam laksa labhaih, this is all that I need. There are kinds of millions of benedictions I do not care for.

namo deva damodarananta visno
prasida prabho duhkha-jalabdhi-magnam
krpa-drsti-vrstyati-dinam batanu-
grhanesa mam ajnam edhy aksi-drsyah

Oh damodara, You are ananta, unlimited Visnu. Be kind to me. I am just drowning in this jala abdhi, dukh sagar. It is the ocean of miseries and suffering. Get me out if here. Krpa drsti vrsatydi, let Your merciful glances fall upon me.

kuveratmajau baddha-murtyaiva yadvat
tvaya mocitau bhakti-bhajau krtau ca
tatha prema-bhaktim svakam me prayaccha
na mokse graho me ‘sti damodareha

Kuveratmajau, the way You liberated those, two sons of Kuvera, Manigriva and Nalakuvera, Tomorrow, we will be talking how Lord He is just bound here, right? Now, he wants to do something more naughtier. So, more lila's are going to be unfolding. As you keep coming, you will have next scene presented.

Lord crawling out  two huge trees, he pulled and they fell down and two personalities emerged. They were there in the form of tree, and they offer obeissances. So those details of that will be presented to morrow and what follows. The uprooting of the trees and cause of havoc in Vraja Gokula. And they had a big assembly, istha gosthis of Gokula vasis.

Then they took a resolution, they have to leave this place and in all unanimous and how they prepared to leave Gokula, how they crossed Yamuna, how they arrived in Vrndavana. This is all the subject matter of tomorrow's presentation regarding Krsna's childhood pastimes. So many details we are leaving because of time constraints.

Continuing with the Damodarastaka.
The way you liberated sons of kubera, 

Tvaya maucitau bhakti, and You gave them lots of bhakti and devotional service. Tatha prema bhaktim,  just like You did to them, tatha, likewise, do that to me also. Na moksa grha, I want to remind You oh Lord, I do not want moksa, I do not want liberation. I want Your bhakti, I want eternal devotional service at your lotus feet.

namas te ‘stu damne sphurad-dipti-dhamne
tvadiyodarayatha visvasya dhamne
namo radhikayai tvadiya-priyayai
namo ‘nanta-lilaya devaya tubhyam

Finally, namaste, please accept my obeisances unto damne. I offer my obeisances to that rope that was binding Krsna and the mortar. 

Sphurad dipti damne, that brilliant rope.

Tvadiyo, and I also offer my obeisancs unto Your belly that was bound.

That was visvasya damne, now it is being revealed to us that why it was difficult for Yasoda to bind Krsna. She was thinking, "long rope and His waist is round like that. So, if I get 9 inch rope, one foot, that should be good enough."

But here we are informed that udhara, that belly of the Lord is visvasya damne. It is abode of whole entier visva, entire bramhana is in it. So, long rope is required? That goes around bramahana, around the universe then He could be tied. Mother Yasoda also was short and that is an another pastime we will uncover.

"Oh, yes, He has eaten dirt!" They complained. Balarama also was part in that complaint. "No, no,I did not eat. I have not eaten!" Mother Yasoda comes again with a stick asking what is going on. Krsna says, "if you think or you really believe In Balarama, what are you afraid of looking into my mouth?" Then Krsna opened His mouth and Yasoda was looking right into the mouth. When she saw within the mouth of the Lord, what was there? The whole bramhana was there.

"Oh, you are complaining about me eating a little dirt, but you could see his much dirt is in there (laughter). Whole world which is made up of earth, water, fire, ether, is all there, why you should be complaining me eating a little pinch of dirt? No big deal."

As mother was seeing inside she saw the whole universe, so many planets. The she saw, "oh, there is earth there! Oh look! New Delhi there (laughter). So, let me follow. High way going to Agra. There is a Vraja mandala. Yamuna is flowing and there is Gokula. And in the courtyard on the banks of Yamuna, oh, I'm there! Inside the mouth!" And she is seeing Krsna with His mouth opened inside there also. Baby Krsna with opened mouth, Yasoda is there, same the scenes.

Visvasya damne, You are abode of the whole universe.

Namo radhikayai tva diya priyayai I offer my obeisances unto Radhika. 
Tvadiya priyayai, She is very dear to You. 

Namo nanta lilaya devaya tubhyam. My unlimited obeisances into You, oh Damodara deva. You performed unlimited lila's, my obeisances unto You, Lord Damodara.

Damodara Lila ki, jai!

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