Dwaraka Lila of Lord Krishna


Venue: Pune
Occasion: 14th Bhagvat Katha- Day 4
Date: 28 December 2015,
Dwarakadhish ki …..jai

Srila Prabhupada gave us Bhagvat and taught us “nityam bhagvat sevaya”. Bhagvat sravanam is not to be done for just 7 days but like Parikshit maharaja heard it continuously for 7 days. His death was destined in 7 days and we say our death also is destined in seven days Sunday.. Monday …Saturday, one day in a week.

So in ISKCON Srila Prabhupada gave us seva of “nityam bhagvat sevaya”.

In every temple every day we have Bhagvat sravan every day one slok is discussed. So you also by hearing for 7 days you will also get addicted to hearing Bhagvat, for example alcoholic keeps on drinking and says “jina to kaya jina pine ke bina”. Like that by regularly hearing Bhagavat we will get addicted and one day will come we will not be able to live without “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. One man used to say I will read Bhagvat tomorrow, I will read Bhagvat tomorrow ….and tomorrow as no end.
Lord is bakebihari he is not straight, Lord Krishna is given the name Tribhanga Lalit, he whose body assumes a beautiful threefold bending form. So it’s very difficult to make Him enter our heart but once He enters then it’s very difficult to remove Him, as He is Tribhanga.
So first day we had Bhagvat katha we heard about glories of Prabhupada, he is himself Bhagvat .

Second day we heard about Lord Badrinarayan and third day Rameshwar katha and in Dwapara yuga Lord Krishna appeared and He went to Dwaraka and was called Dwarakadhish.

Dwaraka dham ki ..jai.

So Lord stayed for 11 years in Vrindavan then Kamsa sent Akrura. Narada told Kamsa about Krsna Balaram whom he was searching for.

“nainam chindanti sastrani nainam dahati pavakah
na cainam kledayanty apo na sosayati marutah”

The soul can never be cut into pieces by any weapon, nor can he be burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind. This knowledge is known by devotees that’s called Science of Self realization. One who thinks I will kill God is a big fool, he is a demon. So as Narada had told Kamsa about Krishna Balaram and Akrur goes to Vrindavan to bring them and there is abhanga in Marathi
“Soduniya Gopinath Krsna Mathuresi Gela….akrurane raath sajavila …ratha”.

Om namo bhagvate vasudevaya, so these two vasudev’s -Krishna and Balaram were brought by Akrura to Mathura in Mathura Lord stayed for 18 years every year one war with Jarasanda at Lohavan for 17 times. Then Krishna killed Kamsa. His wives Asti and Prapti were daughters of Jarasanda went crying to their father. Then Jarasanda wants to take revenge and wants to now kill Krishna and with this thought he used to come for war. With 23 aksayoni divisions of armies. And Krishna s policy was to kill all army and keep Jarasanda alive so next year he used to again come for war. On the other side Kalyavan wants have war with some powerful person and Narada muni tell him yes take this address and go to Mathura. Krishna thought both these armies will harm are Mathuravasis. So let’s shift all of them to a safe place. The Krishna comes to dwaraka and takes some land from samudra devta on condition that once your Lila is over the lease will be over of the land. Then overnight a Nagari ws set up by Visvakarma who is Lords architecture. The nagari was said to be out of this world that city was in this world but out of this world it was divya , its cintamani dhama. Lords dhama is abhina from Lord and it’s eternal. And the same night mathura vasis were transferred to Dwaraka.

Then when Jarasanda comes on the 18th time but Lord was not interested in war with him. It was boring routine for Him. And at same time Rukmini maiya was remembering him and send letter to him. And Lord left the war field and Jarasanda said oh!!Ranchoda Ranchoda. But he has forgotten how Lord defeated him for 17 times. As Lord left the war and came to Dawarak he was glorified as Ranchoda rai ki…. jai

Then Balaram was also married to Revati daughter of king Revata. Now Krishna was to be married. And in vidarbha region, in kaundinyapur also called as kundinpur is at the bank of Vardayini river. Kaundinyapur is near Amravati and by hearing katha of Lord from rishi munis coming to kaundinyapur. She fell in love with Lord and she decided I will marry only Krishna and here in dwaraka Krishna also made mind to get married to Rukmini. But Rukmi brother of Rukmini want her to get married to Sisupala number one enemy of Krishna.

When Rukmini heard this she wrote love letter to Lord and send with a Brahman. When Lord reads the letter He goes to kaundinyapur with the Brahman who had brought letter. In the morning when Balaram comes to know Krishna has gone he also goes with small army to kaundanyapur.
So all vidarbha vasi had darshan of Krishna and Balaram. Sukdev Goswami says in katha, the vidarbha vasis with the cups of their eyes were drinking beauty of Lord Krishna and Balaram and were getting satisfied.

So Krishna kidnaps Rukmini when she goes for darshan of Ambika. A meeting point was decided first and Rukmini told Krishna to take her from there. Lord goes with his ratha at that place and Rukmini is waiting for Lord Krishna. Many kings had come for the marriage of Rukmini and Sisupala but all in vain and Krishna took away Rukmini. And there was war between the two parties. And when Krishna reaches dwaraka first marriage of Krishna took place and Rukimini of Maharashtra became patarani of Krishna.

But Rukmini is not from Maharashtra or Krishna is not from Gujarat. They are from their dhama. Krishna is Shakatiman and his queens and Radha rani and gopis are Lords alhadini sakti – pleasure potency of Lord they give pleasure to the Lord. We are also small saktis of Lord; we can also give pleasure to Lord.

We are very small,
balagra-sata-bhagasya satadha kalpitasya ca
bhago jivah vijneyah sa canantyaya kalpate”

“When the upper point of a hair is divided into one hundred parts and again each of such parts is further divided into one hundred parts, each such part is the measurement of the dimension of the spirit soul.

As in Vrindavan Lord has 8 gopis like that in dwaraka there are 8 Queens and Rukmini is patarani. And Lord marriages other 7 queens. Daughter of Jambavan is Jambavati, searching for Shyamantaka-mani He came in cave of Jambavan, Jambavati was playing with the jewel Krishna tried to take the jewel but Jambavan had war with Him for many days. Then one day Jambavan thought who is this person is he my Lord Ram?. Then he realised he is my Lord. Then Jambavan give the jewel and Jambavati to Krishna. Then he marries Satyabhama. Then Kalindi daughter of Suryadev. Yamraj and Kalindi are brother and sister, Yam – yami. Krishna accepted Kalinda as wife, four wives then Mitravinda also wants to marry Krishna but her brothers were followers of Duryodhana. But Krishna came and took away Mitravinda and married her. Satya also called as Nagnajiti, but she wanted to marry person who will fight with the seven strong bulls. Many came and tried but all failed then came Dwarakadhish and fought with the 7 bulls and defeated them and then got married to Nagnajiti. Then He marries Bhadra and then 8th wife Lakshmana.

We have heard Krishna has 16008 wives but this calculation comes to only 8. Then once Krishna was going to svarga loka so he went to Assam side with Satyabhama on Garuda. A special gift was to be given to Satyabhama, when Dwaraka was established that time Indra had brought Parijat trees as a gift.

So east India Pragjyotishpur there Baumasura was staying he had kidnapped 16000 princes and they send message to Krishna to save them. So Lord goes there and first He encounters with mura demon and kills him so called as Murari. So this guard of Bhaumasura was killed. Bhaumasura was son of earth. Krishna kills him and takes all the 16000 princes. And Lord goes to svarga and brings parijat tree for Satyabhama. This was not welcomed by Demigods so there was takes place and after that Lord comes back to Dwaraka and marries all 16000 princes so all together 16008 wives.
He does not stay in apartments He has palaces for each wife. And in each palace marriage was taking place and the queens were 16000 but Krishna was only one. That’s Lord, there is nothing surprising in this, Vrindavan to play rasa with 3 crore Gopis He expands and with each Gopi there is one Krishna. And He expands also for us for every Jiva one Krishna, in everyone’s heart Krishna is there as Parmatma. As said in Katha Upanishad, Paramatma is sakashi.
“isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese arjuna tisthati”- The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone’s heart.

“bhramayan sarva-bhutani yantrarudhani mayaya”- Body is called as yantra.

So in Dwaraka Lord made arrangement that Vasudev and Devaki also were present for each and every marriage. Then savadhan subha mangalam, for Lords what savadhan? It’s all mangal. When Lord goes to Sudharma sabha, from 16008 palaces 16008 ratha used to come to entrance of sudharma sabha and then they all become one and one Krishna enters the sabha and in evening after office hours, one Krishna comes out and 16008 ratha are waiting for Him. And then Lord enters each ratha and moves to respective palace. Satyabhama..Laxmana..Rukmini. And Lord gives birth to 10 sons from each queen and lives a family life that is also His Lila.

So from Dwarka Krishna goes to many places for marriages. Then He goes to Kuruksetra at time of surya grahan to take bath in surya kunda in Kuruksetra, He starts His journey and before that He stayed for 18 years in Mathura and 11 years in Vrindavan and rest time He spends in Dwaraka. He was based in Dwaraka. So vraj vasis were missing him. He send letter to vraj vasis saying I am coming to Kuruksetra you all come to meet me there. So vraj vasi and dwaraka vasi meet each other. Radha Rani also meets Krishna, gopis also meet Krishna. Then again Krishna goes to Kuruksetra for war.

Oh! Arjuna only got Krishna and I got all army, Duryodhana was very happy. Krishna goes to Kuruksetra. And He stays there for 18 days and drives the ratha of Arjuna. Lord said message of Gita there which is the best gift for us. Ignorance is cause of all suffering so Krishna gave us knowledge about atma parmatma. The money making vidya is not vidya its atmaha- killer of atma. Prabhupada used to say now a days the school and colleges are slaughter house of spirituality.

“yavat jivet sukham jivet” – as long as living enjoy, but if you don’t have money take loan- “rinam kritva ghritam pibet”.
“bhasmi bhutasya dehasya punaragamanam kutah”- Once body is finished everything is finished, so who knows about karma and its reactions.
So Lord due to His mercy gave us prasad it was not only for Arjuna but for all of us now it’s are turn. Then Krishna returns to Hastinapur after war. Then Yudhisthira maharaja thinks it’s due me all were killed in war. He was sad and Krishna was counselling him.
Bhisma pitamaha was on the bed of arrows but he had Benediction of ischa mrutyu. So Krishna comes to meet Him so this is the third visit of Krishna to Kuruksetra and then taking darshan of Lord Krishna, Bhisma leaves body. This is not death but its victory. Then Krishna returns to Hastinapur and prayers of queen kunti the first prayers in Bhagvatam. When Lord returns from Hastinapur, Kunti recites prayers.
Then Krishna comes to Dwaraka blowing His Panchajanya sankha and then He stays in Dwaraka. Then Sudama comes to met Krishna they are friends. They studied together in Sandipani Munis ashram. Sudama was poor and his wife Sushila send him to Dwarakadhish to ask for help. So he goes to palace of Rukmini and as Krishna sees Sudama, He runs to hug him and makes him and makes him sit in his bed and Krishna was a satriya and He used to respect all Brahmans.

namo brahmanya devaya go brahmana hitaya ca
jagat hitaya krsnaya govindaya namo namah”.

So Lord worshipped this Brahman, He becomes pujari of Brahmans, He does padapraksalan of brahmanas.
Krishna asks Sudama, you did not bring any gift?? He had brought chipped rice but he was hiding. But Krishna saw it and snatched and eat some of it. Then Sudama leaves for Sudamapuri and in the way he thought oh! I did not ask anything?? But it’s OK its good I did not ask anything. I did not ask and Lord did not give anything. He thinks good Krishna knows that if He gives me money I will get spoiled. This is bhava bhakti nisakam bhakti.
But Lord does home delivery He sets up palace in Sudamapuri and everything. And he reaches he is surprised. He sees his wife in banarasi sari o! who are you?? Oh I am sushila. But sudama was attached to only Krishna. And he was following his simple living. Krishna also used to get up early. So there was no change in Sudama’s life style, his 16 rounds were going on and he was eating prasad “patram puspam…carnamrita…not chai amrita”.In kumbha mela all were busy collecting nectar in the holy river but one man had put a tea shop named chai amrita.

Then Krishna is about to go to His abode. Lord is sitting at the bank of sarasvati at prabhasetra. There was war between the dwarakavasis and they kill each other. And Lord meets Udhava and Maitreya muni at the end before leaving. He called Daruk hye! daruk go to dwaraka and tell all dwarakavasis to leave dwaraka beacuse as I leave this world the lease of the land will be over and ocean will take away the land.
Lord is sitting and a hunter thinking Lord’s feet as deer. And he trying to kill the deer shoots an arrow and Krishna leaves for His abode.
In between Lord comes to Pandarpur as Rukmini was angry on Him when she saw Krishna talking with gopis and Radha rani when they all come to meet Krishna and she leaves Dwaraka and goes to Dindirvan where He meets Rukmini and then he meets his bhakta Pundarik and Pundarik tell him to wait for all the devotees coming to meet him. Kara kata vari, so dwarakashish is Panduranga. This deity of Panduranga is a svayambhu deity, if someone says he is made by some man then it’s a big offence as said by Tukaram maharaja.

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