Hare Krishna to Everybody,
So as all of you know, today is very special day, “Mohini Ekadashi”. But today is the Mangala Tri Sparshi Maha Dvadashi. Most of you must have heard by now the glories of this special Ekadashi. It takes place after long, long time. Somebody told me 200 years before this ekadashi, so special auspicious ekadashi came, and of course I have heard one sadhu baba telling that Ambrish Maharaj, came to Mathura to observe this special Ekadashi Vrat.

That was this Mangala Tri Sparshi Maha Dvadashi and this is very special because, you know on ekadashi tithi, we observe ekadashi, sometime ekadashi came on…………. , but today it became very special, which is some time ekadashi, sometime dvadashi and little bit triyodashi also. Tri Sparsh three tithi touching on today’s day so that is why it is very, very special and also if someone observes today’s ekadashi that he will get the result of observing one thousand ekadashi, very special. So lot of time, we observe ekadashi that is we do it. Sometime Nirjala ekadashi, sometime drinking ekadashi, by drinking water, milk, fruits and whatever we could offer.

So today is very auspicious day and I am very grateful to his Holiness Lokanath Swami Maharaj and kirtan Ministry to give me opportunity today to associate with so many devotees through zoom conference, zoom link and also I beg blessings from Maharaj because today is also my birthday. So I would like to pray Maharaj to bless me and to keep me under the shelter of his lotus feet. Maharaj you extended me you love and affection as you have been showering upon me since last many, many years, because love and affection of pure devotees that is only hope in our life. Someone like you, who has taken Harinaam Sankirtan so much in your heart, so to get blessings from you is very special for me, specially on this special tithi on my birthday and also same time I pray all vaishanava’s who have assembled here, please pay for me and please bless me, so that I can stay in devotional service up to the end of my life and continue on works. This continuation is very challenging, very challenging though Mahaprabhu being very merciful introduced Holy Name.

namnam akari bahudha nija sarva saktis
tatrarpita niyamitah smarane na kalah
etadrsi tava krpa Bhagavan mamapi
durdaivam idrsam ihajani nanuragah

Mahaprabhu has set example for us, he is not relying for himself, he knows what will be the situation, so by taking our role he is saying “durdaivam idrsam ihajani nanuragah”. It os so durdaiv, that we have no Anurag. So much challenges now a days, so it is a big challenge to cope up with devotional services. One day, I was discussing from Chaitanya Charitamrit with my God Brother. We were discussing about that how Mahaprabhu do this.

This is unique thing that Krsna Prema “anarapit charit chart karunaya avtim karo” never given this was long, long time. What Mahaprabhu did samarpitam, he completely give, not arpitum, samarpitum, samyak rupen arpitam, samarpitum, Unnatt ujjawal Rasam. Very high class delagiving melodious, very unnatt, ujjawal. Subh Bhakti shrayam that Bhakti Sambhav, that Mahaprabhu beautiful things that Mahaprabhu has done, but we were discussing about our Krsna prema. Both of us, have realised then I said, yes we are here with somewhat of this prema, and we are discussing, so much hearing, so much lectures that what Mahaprabhu has given is there any hope that we will get his Krsna Prema in this life?

With more and more studying the scriptures, we know the greatness of Krsna Prema, look like it is going more and more far away, very difficult to reach, to attend this, so, is there any possibility that we can get Krsna Prema in this life. So that prabhu my God Brother called me, he said very interesting thing. He said, Maharaj, forget about our entering into Krsna Prema, this kaliyug is so challenging , if we can manage our life in such a way that up to our death, up to the time of leaving our body, we can manage to mental control our mind Kanthi mala and tilak than everything will be fine, that we can maintain in our devotional life. Mahaprabhu has given me the most simple process “durdaivan idrsam ihajani nanuragh”. It is our durdaiv that we have no anurag, so today, it is ekadashi tithi, very special tithi, Madhav tithi, actually this fasting, this tapasaya, it is not so essential for devotees. What is not necessary to do is tapasya, going through the I know all of you presently in this conference you are all observing Ekadashi vrat for sure but what Shastras says Ekadashi vart means only eating one time night time no eating. Night no sleep, Ekadashi no eating, no drinking, no sleeping, what to speak of no sleeping, you cannot even lie down on the floor. Whole night you have to chant HARE KRISHNA and offer lamp to Bhagwan Shri Hari. Whole night no sleep.

Next day morning you cook very nicely and offer to Govinda. That Parashadam……feed to all vaishnava sanyasi then taking the permission during the Parana time then you accept that, that is Ekadashi.
Now please tell me how many of you observing Ekadashi, none of us. I think somebody may be doing but rarely, who will do like this? But our Acharyas doing very much simple, understanding the situation of while reading Purana I think this have been ………………..our all answers………. just reference from ……….and you take Anukampa, Anukampa means not only ………..but Anukampa’s literal meaning very little is taking. Just maintain so that you don’t get acidity, only equal of acidity, acidity you got not too much acidity. So that you can …….. Ekadashi means is not Anukampa in mahaKampa that is problem in observing Ekadasi.

Once I was having Bhagavatam sngraha samillan,all those birth Bhagvatam came to Mayapur that was …………………Dashmi next day is Ekadasi, Bengali, Karmi Bengali that have found . So on Dashmi’s night I announced that tomorrow is ekadasi but we have Ekadasi prashad … will give you ….

Then they said no no we all do what is Ekadashi , what is Ekadashi prashad. We offered Ekadasi prashadam. Bengali one day no rice means very difficult. Bengali need Morning rice, afternoon rice, evening rice, and then no rice, next morning they need …..No rice how can we survive.

Then … I told we are very sorry that distributing ekadashi prashad very difficult this people said No Maharaj, Ekadashi means like this prashad one day will do 30times ekadashi. So that is Prabhupada’s mercy and Acharyas mercy today because it is special ekadashi, if anybody can offer to do Nirjala ok, or just take water , take milk, just take fruits. Or take anukalpa, then to take anukalpa, 3 times anukapa, 2 times anukalpa………………

So anyway so much glories to Ekadashi tithiso much glory to Ekadashi tithi, will discuss about holyname utsav , because ekadashi has two meaning, Ekadashi upvasa, everybody thinks upvasa means fasting that is general meaning of Upvasa, is fasting dont eat anything.

There is another good meaning of upvasa you would like to know which does not mean upvasam – fasting. Another meaning is UPUVASA – UPU means close VASA means recite – place to recite, up – up mantra or Upa means close. So Upvas another meaning thst is today is the day we stay very close to Hari. Very close to Hari, so today is known as Hari vasra, in Bengal they say be…….bearvashram mens bear means marriage vasram is today, day of marriage bear vashram.

Today is Hari vasra dev Hari , most important is not just fasting , fasting purpose is of course there is others, secondary ,good results, one result will be if you spend time in eating and cooking three times in ………………..today with reference ………………..how to be more close, chanting , reading engage in devotional service sitting with devotees all kinds of thing that will keep very close to Sri Hari, Archana, may times arti, Archana, pleasing the deity, stay as close as to ….then this ……………..we have to stay close to god, we have to take association of God but in this kaliyug, how can we take association of God. Yogi, Rishis they take association of Lord thru meditation, they meditate to parmarth, and we are absolutely unfit to this eligible…. We get association thru meditation, Rishi that will fire sacrifice yagya Purush, Fire sacrifice, that take association of God, then those doing Archana, they enter in temple room diety room they do archana they get association of God, but finally for all these things you have to be first qualified, you have to be pure then you are eligible to do Tapasya, to do meditation. To enter into deity room you have to be brahaman initiated, so May cleanliness one has to maintain, then you get association of the Lord, the deitys around.

A yagya purush … yagna, yogis to Parmarth. What about the fallen souls like us, especially like me. Mountains of sinful activities, body, mind, thoughts. With every respect ……….we are in the situation in Yuga,………….mandas mand…….so are we really manda bhagya, yes we are manda bhagya.

For the Maha prabhu, we met us most fortunate we are manda bhagya but Maha prabhu made us most fortunate giving this opportunity ……………..still you can take ashray just now, Mahaprabhu made us fortune ,Prabhupad made us fortunate. One devotee told Prabhupad that I am so fortunate that is came to this ………..Prabhupad said you are not fortunate I made you fortunate, what is they make us so fortunate ………………that is their business, Mahanta swabhave……
This Mahant…….this is more artistic …personality they don’t have any personal agenda, personal business. They go out, Prabhupad is greatest example of that, and we have no personal agenda. So that he went out – Mahanta Swabhav…………………………., all over the world distributing this Holyname Distributing Krishna.

Kaliyuga – there is two things that associate with Krishna – Krishna fortunate have not come , it came as Gauranga mahaprahu birth, Charnavata antakrishna bahirko, two forms he came one is holy name – Kalikaye namrupe Krishanavata, Kaliyug people are not eligible to achieve, has to …..Krishan to Deity …..To deity to Yagya, tapasya, dhayana. Guruve. But Holyname is so merciful that we can associate. Holy name does not consider anything, dose not ….for us to be qualify in chant holyname. Be pure in holy name. This is the difference in all other processes, be pure, as be pure then you stay in this arena.

Holyname is not ….rather by chanting Hare Krishna one become pure. How merciful is Holyname, How mercy full is Holyname. There is no consideration of desh, kaal, pada. No rules and regulation for chanting Holy name, wherever, whenever, whoever can chant holyname, that the good result, Dashrath chanted Ram nama, Ajamil – Narayana, Dhruv maharaj – Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya, all chanted Holy name, interestingly, my observation is from scriptures ……chanted holyname Rama , Ram, Rama, you become free from sinful reacts…………………..Ajamil- he chanted Narayan, Narayan and he became free from the clutches of Yamaraj. Then he has to do ….. Dhruv maharaj, he chanted – Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya, ……he saw Supreme personality of God head Lord Narayan, ……….but what gives Krishna Prem. Holyname is Krishna Prem, that is most important.

Upnishad is describing ………………….16 holyname added to syllabus, all the kalikanam ………….
By this will get Krishna prem, ………………..holyname chanted by anybody, anywhere, anyplace, even in the toilet also. Can you imagine in toilet we can chant Hare Krishna, we can’t do deity worship, We can’t do tapasya, gyanchar, reading bhagvatam all are restricted holyname not restricted.

As all of you must have heard this – Gopal guru story, Gopal guru said, Mahaprabhu and some devotee went for nature call, Gopal guru was company him with lota water, they must be going to field somewhere ,there not attached bathroom that time, toilet, so Prabhu was attending his nature call and gopal guru was seeing his face, so the Prabhu was biting his tongue, after attending nature call and he came back, the Gopal guru asked that prabhu that vaishnav when you were attending nature call I saw you were biting your tongue why is that? Then Prabhu said that by chanting his holy name by chanting and chanting I ………………..i can stop chanting so I bite my toungue to stop.
So he is struggling to stop chanting, we are struggling to chant nicely and how struggle is that we cannot itself properly how strong……………….

Dear `vaishnav he is struggling to stop chanting because he is attending nature call, so then Gopal guru said Prabhu we are not chanting that time doing nature call if that time we leave body and death will come.when Maha prabhu heard this he like this …..its small boy Gopal, Gopal guru……………….Gopal guru said this to Mahaprabhu ……..holyname, anybody, anyone, anytime.

So my time is almost out its 6:30 now, 4-5 minutes I will give one story ………………….
This Holyname is only centre because, Abhinattam nam nami, naam Chintamani Krishna, Chaitanya rasa vigrah. Abhinattam naam nami, abhinaah, that is very intresting, when we are chanting Krishna means………..Krishna , is non difference name is Krishna, holy name…….non difference Lord rama.

So once……..i tell you very briefly, so there is one business man in a village that he has being doing his house hold activity very nicely, but he never doing any dharma, religious activity. One day his good fortune Narada muni came to his house and said, oh my dear one you are very busy in doing household activity but not doing any dharma karma, when you will die what will happen to you.

Narad muni what can I do, I have so may things to do I do my business, take care of my children to go for shopping I have no time to do, to chant holyname. Narad muni said if I give I advise you something which will not hamper all your activities timewise but still you can do. So what is that, when you go to toilet …..that time you chant Rama, Rama, Rama. This business man thought, that is very good idea I am not loosing any thing I am anyway free so whenever he go to toilet he chant Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama Very loud. One day happened Hanuman ji was flying in the sky on top of his house Hanuman ji heard Rama, rama, Rama, Rama, Hanuman ji thought ohh! Rama bhakt is here, I must take darshan of Rama bhakta and then go, so Hanuman ji landed in his courtyard then chanting holy means chanting in Deity room so Hanuman ji stayed in Deity room there is no body, so he thought he is cooking and chanting but there is no body, them in bed room lying down and chanting Rama, rama, Rama, but there is no body. So where is this Rama naam coming from then finally he found rama naam coming from toilet, he very angrily what nonsense is this this ……. He is chanting holyname inside toilet bathroom.ok I will give good lesson to him .very angry, sitting outside …this man will come, very angry mood sitting there, wil give a good lesson to him.

This man inside dosent know what is happening outside, he is loudly telling Rama Rama Rama, finishing all his…..everything open the door ,outside Hanuman sitting …..slap on his face , you fool you don’t know where to chant holy name. My Prabhu’s name you are chanting sitting in toilet. Be carefu, never chant like this. You should sit in nice place and chant holyname. Then thus this business man got the message……..good slap on his face.
Then Hanuman said to Lord Rama……………………..
The Katha is going on and details varies from person to person, so Rama Chandra was sitting in the simhasan and putting his hand on face on his cheek, like this. Hanuman comes inside and pay obsiences then Ramachandra took out his and becom straight like this then Hanuman saw tha Ramchandra cheek has swollen, hanuman saw that and asked my lord how this happened to you, also he could see there is marks of fingers on Ramchandra , what is this cheek, cheeks of ram Chandra,then he got very angry.who can dare to slap you, who slap you, who can dare to slap you. Tell me , he is very angry I will kill him.who is that person did to my lordlike this. Just imagine somebody slap o Ramchandra how will hanumam tolerating. jumping up and down please tell me who is this. I will kill him Ramchandra smile, hanuman my dear, who ever slapped me you will kill him, yes tell me who is that person Ramchandra said you have slapped me, me?how can you say like that. Lord Ramachandra rajan think about this, how can I slap you, you are my lord , worshipped lord.

Ram Chandra said do you remember you slapped anyone today, yes yes I slapped one person in toilet chanting your holyname, that foolish person dosent know anything chanting your holyname sitting in toilet I slapped him. Ramchandra explained because you slapped hime while chanting holynamethat is the reasoni am not different from holyname. You slappd him slap came on my face.

These are transcendental past time to teach us that how holy name is non different from Krishna. But its not only that, it is not only that holy name is non different and equal to Krishna. There is something more, holy name is better than Krishna. Holyname is more powerful than Bhagwan, that ……everything, more powerful, more merciful than bhagwan that ……….in this kaliyug there is merciful manifestation of supremepersonality of Godhead, you came this Kaliyug KALIKALE NAAM RUPE KRISHNA AVATARE…..That has been also put in Ram Chandra story ……………..

All the monkyes and hanuman they are throwing stones to make bridge they are writing Rama, Rama, Rama. Rama holyname is so powerful stones are floating. Ramachandra thought oh my name is so powerful if I throw the stone what will happen. Day time he cant do it in front of everybody so nighttime when everybody is going to sleep Ramchandra walking to ….to check whether write his holyname he himself wil put it.everyone want to sleep Hanuman was …….. Hanuman saw ……..at night where is is going whether saying anything from far he was observing. Ramchandra wait and throw the stone into the water then stone drowned into the water then Hanuman was clapping from behind oh lord you are thinking you are so powerful that even throwing stone will float, your holyname is so powerful than you the supreme personality of god head.

SO THESE ARE THE Katha ……………I don’t know but what ever it is its softenciate the philosophy.
Then some body is telling ibig problem if people come to know, then Prabhupad cannot do anything,……then he added something. This means the lord, that if you cares somebody is protected, if you leave somebody will be drowned just like stone drowned in water. whoever is under Your shelter they are safe, those there are not under your shelter will drowned in the material world.
So like this so many nice things have been spoken by great simple personality to substanciate the ….lesser things of Krishna Consciousness with knowledge.

So very nice to associate with all of you, blessings of His Holiness Loknath Swami Maharaj and blessings of Srila Prabhupad. He has put us altogether creating very nice family and nice home where we all living together irrespective of what background we have come from which country, which religion, what background we do not know but we are all together chant. YAGYAHI SANKIRTAN PRAYE

Chant holyname in Assembly……………………..chanting holyname means many people do together, its great opportunity some this auspicious tithi, I have been offered this opportunity by association of greatt personality, devotees. So I thank His Holiness Loknath Swami Maharaj and kirtan ministry. thank you all, please excuse me in the presentation there is anything wrong off the track. Please excuse me for that.


Thank you very much, His Holiness Bhakti Purushotam Swami Maharaj we are extremely greatful to you on behalf of the ISKCON KIRTAN MINISTRY we would like to really thank you and express our heartfelt gratitude for giving us your wonderful association this morning on the Ekadashi Shravan kirtan festival and on very auspicious tithi of Mohini Ekadashi as well as your wonderful appearance day the 64th Birthday today. Thankyou for giving us your blessings sharing the glories of holyname. Wonderful Kirtan and glories of Ekadashi and beautiful pastime on the importance of how the holyname is more powerful than the lord himself or they are non different the name and the lord himself.

So I would request everyone present in this forum right now kindly raise your hands and very loudly although you may on mute but let us offer one Hare Krishna Mahamantra chant for the well being , good health of Maharaj on this auspicious birthday.

His Holiness Bhakti Puroshatam Swami Maharaj ki Jay!!
Jagat Guru Srila Prabhupad ki Jay!!
Upastith Bhaktvrind ki Jay!!
Nitay Gaur Premanande Hari Hari Bol!!

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