Gauranga is Krishna is Jagannatha


Gauranga is Krishna is Jagannatha.
Prayers of Vausdeva Ghosh,
13 June 2018
New Vraj Dham Hungary

You know Nilacala? Everyone knows Nilacala?
How many of you know about Nilacala? How many of you know Nilacala? Some do.

So Nilacala is Jagannatha Puri, but to understand more ‘Nila’, ‘Nila’ means blue, and ‘acal’ means: not moving, so “acal” means immovable, and there is a mountain. So Nila-cala is a bluish mountain and Jagannatha Puri is on the top of that bluish mountain, hence the name Nilacala – Jagannatha Puri.

So, in Nilacala, in Jagannatha Puri, the Lord holds symbols of shankha, chakra, gada, padma. Well, normally we see two hands of Jagannath, but also He could have four hands, holding all the 4 symbols. And then same Jagannatha in ‘nadiya nagare danda kamandalu kara’ When He appears in Nadia, then He is Sachinandana, then he takes sannyasa, and holds symbols kamandalu and danda, He is holding ekdand, “ekdhand”, not three dhand, and kamandalu.

keha bale purabete rabana badhila
golokera vaibhava lila prakasa korila

Some wise souls say that in ancient times he killed Ravana. Some say in Goloka he enjoys glorious pastimes.

So Lord Jagannatha, when He appeared in treta-yuga, “ravana vadhila” -He killed Ravana, Jay Sri Ram! Jay Sri Ram!
Golokera vaibhava lila prakasa korila-And then the same Jagannatha appeared in Dwapara-yuga. In Dwapara-yuga He appeared in Gokul and He displayed and manifested Goloka pastimes in Gokul, or He exhibited the appearance of Golok in Gokul.

Sri-radhar bhave ebe gora avatar
hare krsna nam gaura korila pracaR

To taste the ecstasy that Radha feels in Her love for Him, He has now incarnated here in the form of Lord Gaura. As Lord Gaura He preaches the chanting of the holy names of the Hare Krsn a mantra.”

And then, the next stage, the age of Kali appeared, and in this age “Sri Radhar-bhave”, Lord assumed the mood, bhava of Radharani and He appeared as Gaura Avatar, gora or gaura same things, Golden avatar Gauranga.


hare krsna n?m gaura korila pracar

And then, in that advent He propagated Hare Krishna Mahamantra and while He was propagating, spreading the Holy name all over Indian continent we could say, He also predicted that this names will be chanted in every town, every village, including in Hungarian villages and there will be one village or valley called “Krishna Valley”. There also my name should be chanted. This prediction of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has come true and we have Srila Prabhupada, he is doing that and now on behalf of Srila Prabhupada you are taking it far and wide.

hare krsna nam gaura korila pracar
jei gaura sei krsna sei jagannath

Vasudeva Ghosa says: Folding my hands, I declare: Gauranga is Krsna and He is Jagannatha.
You see this name Vasudeva Ghosh. He was one of the very close associate of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,

kiba nara hari adi kori camara dhulaya”

And then “sajaya mukhunda vasu, gosa adi gaya” those names “vasu ghosh, adi gaya”, they were singing, some are offering camara. This is during the arti of Gauranga.

arati korena brahma adi deva gane

Brahma is offering arti, Nara Hari is offering camara and Vasudeva Ghosh is singing, “vasudeva ghoaa bole kori joda hat”. So this song that we are about to sing is 500 years old and compiled by Vasudev Ghosh. During the arati of Gauranga he used to sing, so he is in this song in the end, “kori joda hat”. He said that with my folded hands I want to submit something and what is this submission? Which is also his realization?

Jei Gaura, sei Krishna, sei Jagannatha

Jei Gaura means one who is Gauranga, sei Krishna is Krishna and sei Jagannatha is also Jagannatha. So one who is Gauranga is Krishna is Jagannatha.

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