Glorification of Aindra Prabhu


Date: 6th July 2011, Venue: Pune (On  occasion of 25thanniversary of 24 hours sankirtan in Krishna Balarama temple His Holiness Lokanath Maharaj ji talking to the 24 hours sankirtan team in Krishna Balarama and glorifying Aindra Prabhu on phone)

Aindra prabhu ki……………jai, we miss him on this day such a wonderful association, so much inspiration especially in the kirtan, sankirtan movement. I also like little bit kirtan, so we were colleagues and I remember from the kirtan we did together during Kartik in front of Krishna and Balarama or in Mayapur in front of Pancha tattva, he is sitting next to me. The sad part
is he is not with us; the good part is he is gone back to Krishna and joined our Shyamsundar in Vrindavan.

I think this is 25th year, 25th anniversary of the kirtan that he inaugurated, it started in 86 we arrived in Mayapur for the 500th anniversary Caitanya Mahaprabhu appearances, so hard work. So I wish he was with us this year also in celebration of completion of 25th year of “akhanda” –Non stop kirtan in Krishna Balarama Temple.  World famous Krishna Balarama temple is known for its “Non Stop” kirtan probably it’s the only temple. Srila Prabhupada wanted this and Aindra Prabhu he fulfilled
Prabhupada,s desire of having “Non Stop” kirtan in Krishna Balarama temple, all glories to him.

Besides the Holy Name he was attached to the Radha Shyamasundar he would do kirtan in front of them and then he would also go on the altar, so many days, every week and dress Radha Shyamasundar we remember him as pujari of Radha Shyamasundar . And I also remember when ever gave class he just stand in front of Radha Shyamasundar,s  altar and listen to class from there and sometimes he would also ask questions or make some comments. He had very deep
philosophical insight for the realm of Radha, Krishna and Manjaries and Gopis, he was into that bhava.

And then his personal Deities number of Silas that he had collected, biggest collection on the planet. He has Guara Nitai and Vrindadevi. Last month I was there and I was given tour of his quarter we spend quiet sometime with the Deities and all the devotees who were team members of his 24 hours Sankirtan party and then I was also pointed out at a clock at the wall it had no hands it was stand still and one devotee said purposely Aindra Prabhu put that clock which did not move – meant in Vrindavan there is no influence of time transcendental. I kind of became emotional and speechless on the occasion like this. So we miss him, we take inspiration and we have responsibility of pushing
on the 24 hour kirtan at the Krishna Balarama temple. I understand some more devotees have joined and there is quite a steady team and kirtans are going on and on and on………that way keep Aindra Prabhu alive. And last time I was with the kirtan team in Aindra Prabhu,s quarters I asked devotees would you like to see Aindra Prabhu dead or alive? And the y said of course we want to see him alive, we want to see him alive. Then I proposed them to do kirtan and Aindra Prabhu
would be there, wherever there is kirtan Aindra Parbhu must be there where else he would go.

Almost conditioned by the kirtan he can’t be away from kirtan or without kirtan. Keep performing kirtan, chanting 24 hours push on his service, his project and that would be the best attribute on occasion like this to Aindra Prabhu. (Maharaj asking the 24 hours kirtan team devotees in the
Krishna Balarama temple) is Krishna Balaram temple full? Reply- yes ok now I would let you carry on. Aindra Prabhu was offered Raj Bhoga –remnants of Krishna Balarama, Radha Shyamsundar, Guara Nitai, I was trying to watch on Iskcon I missed and I was kind of wondering where then I found out you all were not in the temple but in the Balarama Hall. Ok so my obeisance
at the lotus feet of Aindra Prabhu and my obeisance to all assembled vaishnavas

Srila Prabhupada ki ……….jai

Aindra Prabhu ki…………………jai

“vancha kalpatarubhyas ca krpa- sindhubhya eva ca pattitanam pavanebhyo vaisnavebhyo namo namah”

Harinaam Sankirtan ki………jai

24 hours kirtan in front of Krishna Balarama ki………….jai.

Guara premanande ……………………..Hari Hari bol

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