Kaliya subdued by Lord Krishna


So did you notice that this killer of Dhenukasur is Balarama and its very appropriate that Balarama killed Dhenukasur. Dhenukasur is an ass (laughter) he is very dull headed. So Balarama He is adiguru, the original spiritual master. So the dull headedness within us, the assess are known for two thing one thing is they are less intelligent because the grass is everywhere they could eat but they think they must carry this big load on their backs then only at the end of the day they will be able to get some grass they think they must work hard that’s one thing. And then they try to enjoy and one of the, besides the grass they try to enjoy also the female association and when they run behind to approach to she ass but what does he ass gets in return? (sound of a kick) (laughter) just a big kick in the face. So they are working hard and wanting to enjoy sense gratification – all sorts specially sex life.
So what happens we want to just quickly say very important subject matter what we going to share it is important that we listen to this Krishna killing demons past times. Usually there is tendency to skip them and run for something more nectarine or even Rasa dance forget this killing part, violence but these past times of Krishna killing different demons they are in there with the purpose also that each of these demons Krishna is killing they represent different anarthas some bad qualities in them. So when we hear Krishna killing demons with whatever bad quality in them if that bad quality was say in us then we also just by hearing that past time that anartha in us gets killed we become free from that anartha by hearing that past time. So spiritual master on behalf of Balarama plays the similar role and brings us to the senses the mentality of wanting to work very hard like ass or they run after the opposite sex, so this anartha in Dhenukasur as we hear that past time we become free from that mentality that anartha, that bad quality in us. So like that there are other each demons represent different different bad quality and as we then like this we become purified then gradually ready for other more nectarine pastimes like rasa dance and then we are thoroughly purified it’s like preparation first thing first. So in few days we will be also reading in sequence the five chapters dealing with the rasa dance in summary form.
So I just wanted to remind you the benefits of hearing such past times and then more things we are going to quickly know about Krishna before we go for Kaliyas subduing Kaliya-kaliya daman leela its very exciting thing. So let’s spend little time, so then that day it was almost evening time and
“ krsnah kamala patraksah punya sravana- kirtanah
stuyamano anugair gopaih sagrajo vrajama avrajat” (S.B 10.15.41)
So Krishna kamal patraksah lotus eyed Krishna lotus eyed blooming lotus eyed His eyes reach almost His ears if ours do not reach what do we do? Do some painting so that we try to make our eyes bigger or kajal we try imitate Krishna
“punya sravana kirtanah” His friends “anugair gopaih” they are singing different glories appreciating Krishna, praising Krishna and all of them together they are now returning to Vraja meaning towards Nandagram in the evening time. Sukhdev goswami describes Krishna and His beauty further he says the cows are also walking the dust of braja is so light as they walk so much go raja go raja go dhuli is raised up in the sky and then that settles Krishna’s hairs are smeared and peacock outfit is also smeared covered with that dust – vraja, He has garland of forest flowers and caru-hasam His eyes are rucireksana- charming eyes and caru-hasam Krishna is known for His very attractive smile, charming eyes and smile on His face. “venum” He is playing His flute and other cowherd boys are also doing that now they are coming closer and closer they are about to enter Nandagram and the gopis are waiting the cowherd girls. There are two kinds of gopis you have to take note of the cowherd girls are also called gopis but the elderly gopis and young gopis they have different bhava towards Krishna different relationship with Krishna one is vatsalya bhava and another ones young ones have madhurya rasa- relationship- mellow with the Lord. And for the first time these young gopis have been mentioned because for first time Krishna is now of the appropriate age to enter experienced yet another rasa, yesterday or day before yesterday we were mentioning in Gokul Krishna experiences vatsalya rasa and little bit of sakhya or friendship then He grows and while He is calf herd boy vatsapal then He is spending more time with His friends sakhya bhava becomes dominant some vatsalya bhava continues but as He grows yet another dimension is added to His pastimes, His life and gopis come into picture and that’s what is going on here now.
As calf herd boys they were also returning evening but the young girls never cared to, they were also too young to think of those matters conjugal relationship only elderly ladies with vatsalya bhava – parenthood they would be waiting to receive Krishna but they would look straight look at Krishna meeting of eyes and everything. And now also that two kinds of gopis were awaiting Krishna’s arrival the elderly gopis are just looking at Krishna as affectionately as child but other gopis young gopis they cannot look at Krishna directly social difficulties are there young boy young girls. So they are looking elsewhere but with the side long glances they are looking Krishna, Krishna is going that way – they are looking there, their face is there but the eyes are that side (laughter) the side long glances only they could look at the Lord. And these gopis with the side long glances as if their eyes are like bee like and they are drinking “mukunda mukha saragham” (S.B 10.15.43) the face of “pitva” they are drinking the face of the Lord is like a flower and gopi eyes are like honey they are trying to drink, the bees always go to the flowers to get the honey and by doing so their tapa- so much separation from the Lord, Lord being away so as they drink that nectar emanating from the lotus face of the Lord that fever goes down they are pacified a bit.
So now they are Krishna and Balarama they are all the way close to Nandabhavan and they entered Nandabhavan. They are greeted by Nanda also Yasoda is there Rohini is there.
“tayor Yasoda rohinyau putrayoh putra-vatsale,
yatha kamam yatha kalam vyadhattam paramasisah” (S.B 10.15.44)
According to the time, place and circumstances they are always expressing their affection by giving different kinds of gifts, sweets or whatever children are in need of Krishna and Balarama, so first thing as they return from the forest
“Gatadhvana- sramau” sram they had been walking all day behind the cows the hot sun so “majjanonmardanadibhih” (S.B 10.15.45) bathing takes place in order to do that “nivim vasitva” Sukdev Goswami says the little boys now wearing only undergarments all other their clothes are off they are wearing undergarments and they been bathed by mothers Yashoda and Rohini while bathing little massaging is being done, putting some oil there and you know all day they are working very very hard “ruciram divya srag – gandha manditau” so then they are offered fresh garlands different other gandhas, chandan and their body decorated that way with fresh clothing.
“janany- upahrtam prasya” (S.B 10.15.46)
The dinner time they are made to sit down and they are feed “svadv annam” svadu svadu sweet dishes all they cook is nectarine, nice nice chappan bhoga offered. “lalito palito” there is lalan and palan both things are done. “samvisya vara-sayyayam” and finally around 10:30 or 26 minutes after 10 they have put to bed on a very special bed Krishna and Balarama they take rest – sukhe nidra gela. So this is one sample, sampling of how He returns how He is greeted at the entrance by two kind of gopis finally into Nandabhavan they are bathing, new clothing, feeding, put into rest and this is everyday. Everyday is exciting no routine, no boringthing and we have to. So like that Krishna’s past time continues and Sukhdev goswami quickly turns our attention to Jamuna river.
Jamuna maiyya ki ……………………………jay so kalindim “ yayau ramam rte rajan kalindim sakhibhir vrtah” (S.B 10.15.47)
Once upon a time that day Balarama was not with them, again Balarama is not with them all cowherd boys and Krishna only going into the forest they are now on the banks of Jamuna “atha gavas gopas ca” (S.B 10.15.48) the cows and the cowherd boys they are very thirsty and they end up drinking jamuna jal thirsty they are so what could they do. But “dustam jalam” the poisonous water they drank jamuna jala has become poisonous ‘visa-dusitam” and the result was they fell lifeless right there in front of Krishna “salilante” just on the bank of jamuna.
“viksya tan vai tatha-bhutan krsno yogesvaresvarah iksayamrta -varsinya” (S.B 10.15.48) He opened His eyes and He glanced over all the friends, the cows and “samajivayat” brought them back to life and now they were playing different games very close to Jamuna and Krishna is only thinking how to He understood what is this due to? Why water of jamuna is so poisonous?
“vilokya dusitam krsnam krsnah krsnahina vibhuh” (S.B 10.16.1)
Such wonderful…(maharaj laughs) Krsnam, “dusitam Krsnam” krsna – means here Jamuna. Krsna – krsnaa… if you say “hare krsnaa.. hare Krsnaa.. Krsnaa.. Krsnaa.. hare hare” you are saying “hare jamuna hare jamuna jamuna jamuna hare hare” different mantra you are chanting. Krsna- krsnaa…. Krsnaa… is jamuna Krsnaa… is also Dropadi, there is subtle difference understand, Krsna –Krsnaa.., suta-sutaa… “dusitam krsnam” so the river jamuna has become polluted this is because “Krsna ahina” ahina means serpant and because he is blackish he is addressed here as is Krishna-ahina the black serpant. And this is all vilokya Krsnah Krishna saw Lord Krishna saw that the river Krishna jamuna was polluted by black Krishna ahina, black serpant that is Sukhdev Goswami and “tasya visuddhim anvicchan” and in order to purify, cleanse the waters of contaminated river “sarpam tam udavasayat” He sent away the kaliya so Sukadev Goswami has summarized the whole chapter just in one verse this will and require attention let’s see how far we go interesting details here. The rivers water was so badly polluted full of poison that would be boiling because of poison heated and boiling the birds are flying above the river with the vapors coming evaporated water full of poison the birds would breath that air and result would be they would be falling dead into the river it was that bad. Also “praninah mriyante” animals were dying, birds were dying so what did Krishna do? He wanted to chastise this kaliya sent him away. So in middle of the game Krishna He climbed up kadamba tree right on the bank of this kaliya rte- this kaliya lake this name was kaliya lake because kaliya was residing in the lake.
So Krishna climbed up hey! Where are you going? He was just playing, and now He stopped the play and He just very swiftly He climbs up the tree and He is now standing at the top of the tree, top of the tree tallest branch and He is standing there (maharaj is asking the audience – you could see Him?) yes you have to see Him, you have to visualize this pastime kadamba tree on the bank of jamuna kaliya lake is part of connected with jamuna little extended lake. So He goes up there and He is doing (maharaj slapping his arms) He is slapping “asphotya” slapping arms – challenging that kaliya are you ready? come come lets have a fight wrestlers in India do that come come so this is what Krishna also did and “gadha – rasano” (S.B 10.16.6) Krishna is tightening his belt and the next thing is “nyapatad visode” He fell in the lake, then from there He is into the lake. So big splash all the water has been agitated, waves, water causing flood and the water is spreading now going beyond the lake and the kaliya he heard the splash and he noticed. Oh! There is someone has encroached my territory “asrutya niriksya .” (S.B 10.16.8) the snakes they hear with their eyes they don’t have ears. caksuh-sravah kaliya heard with the eyes the big splash and noticed also, saw also he was deep into, he has his home family also, palace there, children also came out in the direction someone had fallen into that water.
“tam preksaniya sukumara-ghanavadatam” (S.B 10.16.9) and so Krishna is swimming at the top and from underneath kaliya comes he is looking up at Krishna and this beautiful young boy he sees and he has a bluish complexion sri vatsa, he is noticing, He has a srivatsa mark on His chest Laxmi resides on the chest of Sri Krishna in the form of a golden line – suvarna rekha or srivatsa “pita vasanam” He has golden yellow clothing “smita-sundarasyam” His smiling face “kridamtam apratibhayam” and fearlessly He is playing there not scared He is fearless. “kamalodaranghrim sandasya” so kaliya comes he is furious and he starts biting Krishna and next thing he has done he has enveloped Krishna in its coils.
And so the cowherd boys and cows they were watching this scene. Krishna is their lives and it was too much for them to handle this situation for cowherd boys and the cows so they were going unconscious, they were falling there unconscious just on the bank of kaliya lake. “krandamanah su-duhkhitah” (S.B 10.16.11) they are crying they are very very distressed not knowing what to do they eyes are fixed on Krishna and they are standing still, motionless only looking with great anxiety and so while this was the scene on the bank of kaliya now all over Braja mandal there were bad omens. Lighting and this and that signs giving indication that something dangerous has happened in Braja somewhere so many indication.
Whenever such thing happen everyone of course Nanada Yasoda they immediately think of where is Krishna? Where is He? Is He difficulty? Hey! and another thing that they noticed “vina ramena gah krsnam jnatva carayitum gatam” (S.B 10.16.13) oh! Today Balarama has not gone with Krishna so oh! For sure there is some trouble. That other day also He did not go so Brahma had stole again Balarama had stole the cows and cow herd boys and again Balarama hasn’t gone look at all these difficulties all around bad omens everywhere. So they were expecting the worst and they were also thinking is Krishna alive does this mean He is no more, these thoughts were also coming to their mind. “duhkha –soka-bhayaturah” (S.B 10.16.14) full of lamentation have taken over.
“a-bala-vrddha-vanitah sarve anga pasu-vrttayah nirjagmurbgokulad” (S.B 10.16.15) so like that cow going looking for calf, all the men elderly men, gopis they left home, left Gokul, left Braja, left Nanadagram and they are searching “krsna darsana lalasah” (S.B 10.16.15) they are very very eager to find and see identify, locate their Krishna. While everyone is in total anxiety Balarama He isn’t because He knows extraordinary power of His brother Krishna, nothing to worry. But He could not share; He couldn’t say anything because of this emotion of everybody. But He was “prahasya” smiling, trying to conceal His smile and laugh as He is seeing everyone else in total anxiety and so they all go they want to find Krishna. So on the way they see some foot prints hey! come come everyone they all gather around the footprints and they see that these are the footprints of Krishna there are different signs – the flag, thunderbolt and immediately they understand these are foot prints of Krishna see see everyone confirms. And then they follow the foot prints they keep going following those foot prints and they end up on the bank of …………..Jamuna “jamuna jalasayante”
And what do they see there? Some animals died, cowherd boys unconscious, some are struggling to stay alive, those who are alive they are looking, where are they looking? They are looking inside so immediately everyone’s attention has gone towards that scene there ghastly scene. And so as these persons have come towards kaliya lake and as they see Krishna they are all trying to go in there to protect their Krishna they don’t care whether they will get drowned they just want to protect Him but Balarama forbid them stopped them, kept them away from entering the lake. So Krishna stays for few moments for a little while in that state but then seeing the condition of everyone else all around Vrajawasis everywhere, elderly ladies, gentlemen, Gopis very very anxious, crying, screaming wanting to get closer to Krishna but they can’t get there. So Krishna manages to get out of the coil of kaliya and kaliya and Krishna they are facing each other like two wrestlers, trying to overpower the other one.
And kaliya is trying to get closer to bite or again catch Krishna in his coils and Krishna is trying to avoid that so that kind of battling lasted for a while and this was little relief for those who were watching because atleast he was not in the tight grip of kaliya. But He was still there in the middle of the lake in front of kaliya, so next thing Krishna does is He is pushing some of the hoods of kaliya and he jumps up and Krishna is standing on the hoods of kaliya Haribol…………………Haribol.
And He has His flute and he begins His “akhila- kaladi gurur nanarta” (S.B 10.16.26) He is the adiguru of all the artist, all the dancers and the flute players, musicians He is the original guru – the master of everybody and He begins his dance. Krishna begins His dance on the hoods of kaliya, kaliya has one hundred and one hoods so that becomes His platform Krishna’s platform and as soon as Krishna desire to dance on the hoods of kaliya immediately just that minute the Gandharvas, the Siddhas, the caranas they all begin the orcastra party, they all play the best music and nice drumming is going on helping Krishna to, the dancer comes in good mood when there is nice music. So there are different scenes here Krishna kaliya in the middle of lake, Krishna in the middle all the Brajavasis – the audience on the bank of the lake water they don’t know what to expect, they are still in anxiety and up there in the sky it is all filled with the Demigods and gandharva and Apasaras and they are providing all the necessary music and Krishna is dancing on the hoods of kaliya, He is Nataraja – the best of all the dancers, amitabh bachchan is nobody why even remember him before Krishna. Krishna is best dancer and He is dancing, playing his flute also and he has ankle bells – jingling, tinkling around his ankle they are also playing and his attempt is He is trying to express anger and poisonous flame are emanating from different hoods, so which ever hood is most active trying to find Krishna, bite Krishna, Krishna puts his foot right there and “anghri pataih” he hits He dances, His dancing is working like hitting the hoods ok this one is out of 100, He has 100 to work with so as he is dancing he is watching also, playing now which hood where, which one now. So some times he is here middle hood, then this hood then that hood like that he is going all over and hitting this hoods now he has 50% taken over, 50% are just life less vomiting blood and then He is working on more hoods, some more dance and music goes on and on…….
Pushpas are being showered on Krishna and He is enjoying and now all his hoods, all 101 hoods have been totally subdued, kicked and brought under control by Lord who appears to do this “vinasayaca duskritam”. So at this point the Nagapatnis – wives of Kaliya they come they are addressing the Lord who is still standing on the hoods, head of their husband “nyayyo hi dandah” Krishna whatever you have done is very fair we have no complaints, this is the purpose you appear “tavavatarah khala nigrahaya ”.
“anugraho ayam bhavatah” infact benediction of yours upon our husband and ourself “tapah sutaptam kim anena purvam” we don’t know what kind of austerities our husband has performed as a result you have blessed him touched his head left lot of dust of you lotus feet on the heads of our husband they are reminded even that Laxmi she has performed so much austerities hoping to get closer to Krishna, getting the dust of lotus feet but she did not become successful but look our husband has become successful getting that sacred dust on his head and they say “vanchanti yat-pada rajah prapannah” (S.B10.16.37) this is the only desire of devotees of the lord just to get the dust –surrender into the dust of krishna’s lotus feet. They did not desire “na naka prstam” they don’t desire to go to heaven they don’t want to be emperors “paramesthyam” they dnt want post of Brahma they dn’t want to be any kind of rulers “na yoga –siddir” they don’t want bhukti-siddhi-kami no nothing………………..

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