Killing of Aghasura


Venue: Los Angeles  So, Krishna is in front, they looked at Krishna. One more time, they gained confidence. They remembered how Bakasura, this asura was killed right in front of them, He will handle this is His homework and with that thing, they all entered. “Kara-tadanair” they started clapping and singing and calves, calves and cows also entered with their tails upraised there. So many of them running right inside the mouth of Aghasura. There are thousands of them, you know thousands of them. And Krishna was listening to all this conversation.

OH! Is this real one or is this diorama or this is what? Krishna was listening to all this conversation and He knew, He knew that although he is motionless, he is doing real good act, making his friends think that this is just the statue or this is the part of Vrindavan scene. Krishna knew he is real, real demon, came to disturb my friends and our pastimes. And “niroddhum bhagvan mano dadhe” (S.B 10.12.25) Krishna wanted to forbid his friends. “Aye! Boys, friends, friends, stop, stop, stop”, and He was trying to stop them, but they were so many of them and it was too late. Most of the boys, friends have already inside the mouth and the body of Aghasura. OH! My God! Now who is the God? My God! My God! God says, My God! What is now going to happen! You know He is taking that role. So Krishna, now He is thinking; now He has two things to do. He has to kill the demon keeping in the mind that his friends and all the cows are protected. But they are inside the body of the demon.  He could chop them; chop the body of the Aghasura. But then that would be the end of his friends also. So He has this dilemma now, I want to protect my friends, same time I have to kill this demon. Now, there are two other parties now. One party is behind the cloud, the Demigods had assembled and they are all exclaiming, Alas! Because they were thinking, ok Krishna also entered, Krishna also entered.

So far Krishna was out there. They thought He could do something, but He also, Krishna also entered the mouth of the Aghasura. And the Demigods were thinking, Oh! He also did not realize this was real demon, not having seen Krishna also entered the body, mouth of the Aghasura. Then the demigods were in total anxiety and they are screaming and they are crying and now what was going to happen? So that’s one party but another party, the demon party. They had good time. The news also reached them. How it works we don’t know. I don’t know, the way to, how they come to know Kamsa and others they come to know. They are having celebrations, fire crackers and they are distributing laddus and they have great time! Singing, dancing and ‘finally! Finally! Finally! We got him, caught him. It’s going to be end of him. So while this whole scene is there in Vrindavan, on the land in Vrajamandal, Aghasura, cowherd boys, Krishna also is there, demigods are there and demons, so there are different reactions.

So, of course Krishna had a plan, with the purpose He entered the body of Aghasura. He had his strategy all worked out, doesn’t take much time. He doesn’t have to telephone anyone, No consultation. He knows what to do, He is a boss and the boss is always right, the boss is always right. He knows what to do. He has entered and “tarasa vavrdhe gale” (S.B 10.12.30). So as everyone is inside now the demon is trying to, one thing that has happened immediately Aghasura closes the mouth. Everyone has been trapped now. And he has the mountains range like teeth. He is trying to get them, crush them, eat them, gobble them up. Different things are happening inside and by this time, you could imagine that cowherd boys, they all have lost their lives. Each one of them, not only cowherd boys, of course the cows, same thing, Very very serious, very emergency, worst time ever. Then Krishna, He begins growing in size. Grows and grows and grows and grows and the demon, he had his lips all tight as soon as everyone was in. That upper lip which was touching the skies had closed. Krishna is trying to open that again and He grows in size, compelling, forcing that demon to open the mouth. And with that the demon has lost his, Sukadev Goswami is describing this. His eyes bulges, the bulging eyes and murdhan lost his life. Haribol!! Are you happy? Depends which party you belong to.

So then Krishna’s task was done the demon was killed but his friends were unconscious, gone. Pranesu then Krishna drstya with his glance only, merciful glance, He is looking at everyone there. All his friends, all the cows, calves and they all get up, wake up and they didn’t even know what had happened. They have brought back to life by the Lord. When they got up as if nothing had happened. They all ran out [laughs], they all ran out of the Aghasura’s body. “mukundo bhagvan viniryayau” (S.B 10.12.32) Mukunda, the great Mukunda, Krishna liberated them , tatotihrstah Everyone was happy now. What are the different parties, now happy parties are the Suras. Asuras and suras, suras are mentioned here, Surdas Prabhu here? So,  Suras. What are they doing? They are showering flowers on Krishna and company. Flowers are being showered flowers. The apsaras, what are they doing?  nartanaih, apsaras begin dancing. Some apsaras they begin dancing. So they are jubilant now. Now Kamsa and party, they all shut up (laughs). They all become morose they had finally good time, but did not last very long (laughs). Now all those were in the sky. They have now good times, celebration, showering of flowers, apsaras are dancing and gandharvas are singing. Many gandharva, (bhajan)

“Govind jaya jaya Gopal jaya Govind jaya jaya Gopal jaya Govind jaya jaya Gopal jaya Govind jaya jaya Gopal jaya Govind jaya jaya Gopal jaya Govind jaya jaya Gopal jaya Govind jaya jaya Gopal jaya”

“Radha raman hari Govinda jaya Radha raman hari Govinda jaya Radha raman hari Govinda jaya Radha raman hari Govinda jaya Radha raman hari Govinda jaya Radha raman hari Govinda jaya Radha raman hari Govinda jaya”

And we are having described this Aghasura demon killing pastime by Sukadev Goswami. And he was concluding one of the final statements in that chapter, this is very important what Sukadev Goswami has to say is very important. He said that Krishna killed this demon when He was 5 years old. He was kumar. And of course cowherd boys were there. They had witnessed this pastime. But only paugandake when He entered his pauganda age. That is after He was 6 years old, about 1 year later. After 1 year the cowherd boys talked about this pastime to their parents. The practice is, whatever they see, something wonderful, something extraordinary, the highlights of that day, the cowherd boys, they return, they make their parents sit down, ”daddy, daddy come here, come here, I say come here, sit down, mummy where are you?” Evening news time, evening news. In each home the cowherd boys, they are making their parents, relatives, friends and those who did not go out there so many things happened; now they have to be shared. The cowherd boys they shared this with their parents. It becomes talk of the town. So, whatever pastimes of that day taken place by the evening time, whole Vrindavan comes to know, everyone comes to know. They don’t have to wait till next morning daily newspaper. So already found. So this is a daily practice. But this particular pastime of Aghasura killing, Sukadev Goswami mentioned, after 1 year the cowherd boys shared this pastime with the parents and others.

And King Pariksit, Raja Pariksit was thinking that, he had this feeling and he was going to change the topic and go on to say something more and King Pariksit wanted to know, OH! What what what what did you say? We’ll get back to that something very wonderful is going to come up before we get to that I just wanted to mention, introduce that idea briefly. And so this is just one final philosophical statement here. Sukadev Goswami has said that, so what happened to this Aghasura is; of course Krishna kills demons that’s Krishna’s mercy upon this demon he is liberated. Because Krishna, Krishna entered the body of the Aghasura demon, Krishna entered. The yogis are struggling so that Krishna would enter their heart and sit there. Here Krishna entered, Sukadev Goswami says if one remembers the Lord, brings Him into his heart and remembers Him even once “manomayi bhagvatm dadau gatim” (S.B 10.12.39), he will attain the salvation just bring Him into the heart once, manomayi thinking by force. Srila Prabhupad translates that word bringing Lord into the heart; you may even do it forcefully, little struggles you are bringing him in, that’s enough for attaining salvation.

So this is how by bringing Krishna in, Krishna personally enters his body and he was seeing and thinking of the Lord, this Aghasura was and he attained perfection. And of course if that is the case then what to speak of someone who is “nityatma-sukhanubhuty-abhi” one who is always in great pleasure is thinking of Krishna, meditating upon Krishna, is savai manah krsnapadarvindayo” mind is fixed on the lotus feet of Krishna. Then what to speak of that person’s great fortune. So we want to make sure, if we had not thought of Krishna, brought him in before, brought him in our hearts before, we want to do that now, right now. Next 30 seconds, then try to, its done just once, then it is guaranteed all those who are here, it is easy because Lord is standing right in front of you, Bhagavatam is here. So you are getting 30 seconds now, you have to be alert, if you are sleepy then, your istadeva, bring him in and think of him. Think of His lotus feet; pray to Him so that He stays in. Like Caitanya Mahaprabhu did, Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Those who pull the chariot of Jagannatha Rathayatra, in Los Angeles is coming up, you will be pulling the chariot and trying to bring Krishna to Vrindavan, Caitanya Mahaprabhu says,’ my mind is Vrindavan  “more mana Vrindavan” so I want Krishna to reach Vrindavan and he could do that because my mind is Vrindavan. He enters my mind, heart that is Vrindavan. So keep Krishna in “Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”.

Another form, Naam Prabhu, Another form of the Lord, the Name form, Lila form, Ok. So thank you for your endeavor, successful endeavor, trying to bring Krishna in. Raja uvaca, so the end of this chapter. Now we would lead to the next chapter, this is still end of 12th chapter. So Raja, the King, I already said earlier his question now is how come this pastime took place when Krsna, cowherd boys were about 5 years old, before 1 year no one knew nothing about this and then suddenly after 1 year everyone found out. “tad bruhime maha-yogin param kautuhalam guro” (S.B 10.12.42) I am becoming very very anxious to know more about this. This sounds very serious to me.

“nunam etad dharer eva maya bhavti nanyatha” Certainly I see some Krishna’s hand here, some  Krishna’s maya, Hari’s maya. Otherwise how come for 1 year no one heard this pastime.

“vayam dhanyatama loke guropi ksatra-bandhavah vayam pibamo muhus tvattah punyam krsna-kathamrtam” (S.B 10.12.43) Oh! We are very fortunate and we are also very fortunate this is what he is talking about that, we are fortunate because we are able to hear, vayam pibamo we are all drinking. What are we drinking? punyam krsna-kathamrtam, amrit, amrit is normally liquid, right? “srimad bhagvatam rasmalayam pibat bhagvat rasmalayam” Of eating and drinking, which is easier? Drinking is easier. In the beginning it doesn’t say eat Bhagavatam, it says drink Bhagavatam pibat bhagvat rasmalayam. It is juicy, drink. “muhuraho rasika bhuvibhavukah” Oh rasika we are all rasik. We all like rasa. One who likes rasa is called rasika, rasa, kathamrtam, rasa, juice, nectar.

So, he says, we are very fortunate that you are sharing this kathamrtam. Although and he says he is using one word here, says ksatrabandhavah, although unqualified Ksatriya, I am just so called ksatriya. You know, you know why he is thinking like this? Because, the way he treated that Samika rishi, remember? When he was thirsty, he asked, “Aye! Water, could someone get water? I am very thirsty.” And he saw, he had seen that Samika rishi sitting in trans. For the first time King Pariksit,” Look! Look the hospitality of this sage. I am asking for water and immediately he is posing and sitting. Because he is trying to avoid receiving guest and giving him water. He is just making a show of being in Trans. He is not in trans. So this was his thought and he picks up a snake, dead snake with his arrow and puts that around the neck of that, genuinely he was in trans, in his Samadhi. He had not even notice, King Pariksit arrived and snake around his neck and went away. Only when his son had come, Sringi had come and he had cursed, “Aye, person who had done this he will have to die only 7 days”. And then he sits down to listen to Bhagavatam because he has only 7 days. We also listen Bhagavatam for 7 days. Sometimes, sometimes we do this because we also have to die within 7 days. Each one of us will be dying within 7 days sorry [laughs]. Someone will die on Monday, Someone will die on Thursday, Someone on Friday, Someone on Tuesday.

Like that within 7 days, one of those days within 7 days (laughs). That’s another good reasoning, why 7 days? Some connection is there. So, King Pariksit was thinking you know,’ trust me. This is how I treated, I offended that great sage. I am just ksatra-bandhavah but it is guropi, you are great spiritual master and you are sharing this krsna-kathamrtam. You had been doing this for past 4-5 days now. This is the 10th canto. Of, course 4-5 days. The Krsna janma is usually on the 4th day. This was the beginning of the 10th canto.

Sukadev Goswami describing on the 4th day, Krishna appearance so this is 4th afternoon, or 5th day beginning. This is actually beginning, so 4th day. We have been talking continuously for 4 days and vayam dhanyatama, we are very very fortunate. Dhanya also meaning wealthy, we are wealthy, we are getting enriched, we are dhanyatama we are very rich. How are we becoming rich? We are getting this wealth of holy name and of holy pastimes. This is all wealth dhanam. It is wealth. This is how one become wealthy and these riches will satisfy one, satisfy the soul. That’s what we are. Other riches, worldly riches may entertain the body and the senses but deep within will be always disatisfaction. Real self will only be satisfied by feeding this krsna-kathamrtam, punyam krsna-kathamrtam vayam pibamo muhus tvattah.

Again and again and again and again you are feeding us with tvattah from your lotus mouth. This is emanating, so he is expressing the gratitude towards the King and it’s very amazing, now Suta Goswami has to, only Suta Goswami could say this. Not Pariksit, not Sukadev Goswami. What is he saying? He says listen to this, as Sukadev Goswami heard about this enquiry, ’oh, could you please tell me that why, how come, how come immediately but only after 1 year, only after when children grow up 6 years old’. So when Badarayani, “itham sma prstah sa tu badarayanis” (S.B 10.12.44) when badarayani Sukadev Goswami heard this, something changed for Sukadev Goswami. For a while there is complete silence. The speaker is in trans. He looses his all external consciousness because he is reminded of the exciting pastimes which took place during that 1 year.

He was thinking that this is very very confidential thing; he is trying to skip over. But because of this enquiry immediately he was turned inward and he starts looking within and observing those pastimes, loosing total external consciousness. And because Suta Goswami was there when this happened. Sukadev Goswami was talking to King Pariksit, Sut Goswami was in the audience so he is sharing “krcchrat punar labdha-bahir-drsih” (S.B 10.12.44) He says, it took lot of efforts to bring Sukadev Goswami, to bring his external consciousness so that he could continue to talk again and respond to the enquiry that has been made by King Pariksit. Sanaih only gradually and after great efforts, pratyaha some questions was raised. Prati means counter statement. In other words reply was given by King Pariksit. Now additional information or inside story to call it will provided by our acaryas. They say that this is not the first time he went in trans. This use to happen from time to time to get him out. Specially Janamejaya was mentioned who was the son of King Pariksit. He had all the instruments ready. Drums, counch shell all the sankirtan samagri. If this happened, they would be beating drums, singing out loud blowing up counch shells, trumpets, kettledrums. Then after lot of that effort then he would be again with them. Oh! What happened? Ok! By the way he would continue. So this is one time this is happened, especially because of the nature of very wonderful confidential pastime, that enquiry was made about. And then as soon as enquiry was there, he started thinking and he was not with them. Ok, he is back with King Pariksit and others and he says “sanaih pratyaha tama bhagavatottamottama” (S.B 10.12.44). You are bhagavatottamottama you are “uttama” amongst all the Bhagavatas. Bhagvata means Grantha Bhagvata, book Bhagvata and also person Bhagvata. You are person Bhagvata but you are the top most. Sukadev Goswami is addressing King Pariksit like that and he says “yan nutanayasisasya srnvann api katham muhuh” (S.B 10.13.1). You know, you make the katha very lively. You make it a kind of, you renovate, you make it a fresh. The way you enquire, the way you take interest. You never says I have heard this many times, so many times, I know, I know. And that person never asks questions because he knows if questions has been raised the katha will begin longer since he wants to make sure katha will finish on time or before time. But King Pariksit, Sukadev Goswami says, ` you, you are, you know enlivening me and making this topic is ever fresh but you are even making it fresher. He is complimenting sadhu, “sadhu prstam” nice question, nice question.

And he says, it is like “striya vitam iva” like the debauches, the sex mongers the way  they take keen interest in the sex related, woman related, man woman relationship related topic. They relish, they contemplate, enquire, keep it lively. The Hollywood that’s how they stay in business. So just like that, comparing. But as, ‘so you are also keeping this topic alive and of course one your topic is about prema, love and the other topics are about the lust, that’s the difference. “srnusvavahito rajann” (S.B 10.13.3) please, listen with attention, “guhyam vadami te” I am going to share something confidential’. Not that, King was not listening from time to time, Sukadev Goswami does say, ` please, listen’. That does not mean he is sleepy. No, King Pariksit is not sleeping, just to get his attention even more. If you want to say something ok , “are you with me?’ not you, he is asking King Pariksit, so please listen “ bruyauh snigdhasya sisyasya guravo guhyam apy uta” (S.B 10.13.3).When submissive enquiry is made by the disciple then the Guru is compelled to share even  something that is very confidential. From submissive disciple nothing is hidden. Spiritual master conceals nothing. He reveals unto such disciple. So again complementing, ’Oh! Nice question! I am going to tell you’. And he begins now the narration, after killing of Aghasura was done in next 2 chapters. He talks of the pastime that last for 1 year.



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