Killing of Kesi demon


After this killing Aristasura pastime took place which is
described here as

“krsnenadbhuta-karmana” (S.B 10.36.16)

This is wonderful pastime of Lord killing this Aristasura demon.

“kamsayathaaha bhagavan narada deva-darsanah” (S.B 10.36.16)

After killing Aristasura Narada muni comes to Mathura playing his Veena

“Naradmuni bajaye veena radhikaraman namane”

Narada muni veena, veena Narada muni, so when he comes to Vrindhavan Narada muni is because veena
he plays everywhere and he sings glories of Radhikaraman in Braja, in other
places he’s chanting (bhajan)

“Narayana Narayana Narayana Laxmi Narayana Narayana Narayana

Badri Narayana Narayana Narayana,Narayana Narayana Narayana,

Narayana Narayana Narayana, Narayana Narayana Narayana

Shriman Narayana Narayana Narayana, Shriman Narayana Narayana Narayana,

Narayana Narayana Narayana, Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana
Narayana Narayana, Narayana Badri Narayana
Narayana Narayana,
Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana

So Narayana chanting names of Narayana and he gives Narayana to everybody hence his name is Narada “da”
means giver, one who gives what he is giving? he is giving Narayana,  he is giving Radhikaraman, Narada muni is such a exalted personality he is one of those personalities who could enter Rasa dance he is competent, he is qualified
but he cannot go with his veena & his hair so and he has to take bath in Kusum Sarovar, Vrindadevi said have a bath Naradaji, Naradaji throws himself into Kusum Savaror with all his clothes with his veena and everything he goes
in as with veena and all his normal outfits then he comes out Gopi and he is shown the way ok this way this way.  So
that Narada muni he is misunderstood like anything most misunderstood person is Narada muni, in India they don’t understand Narada muni lot of time they make mockery, that he is some kind of clown no that’s not the case he is topmost he
is Bhagvat, one of duadash Bhagvata’s Naradmuni is in that list they commit offences by thinking Narada muni’s, we don’t understand him, we think he is always behind oh! This fight that fight Narada muni he is arranging.  So he has come to now Kamsa to inform what?  So you will also again misunderstand him whyshould he go to Kamsa, you know?  To do
what?  What information he’s giving.

“yasodayah sutam kanyam, devakyah kr?s?n?am eva ca

ramam ca rohini-putram  vasudevena bibhyata nyastau
sva-mitre nande vai yabhyam te purusa hatah” (10.36.17)

This information this piece of information he was just puzzled; eleven years now he had heard. OH!
Your killer has been born elsewhere you fool. So then he was trying to find that person where is the eighth son of Devaki he couldn’t be a daughter he had all ready figure it out by consulting the astrologer, no! no! Son was expected
to take birth not a daughter. So Narada muni now informs you fool Kamsa you were just cheated.

“yasodayah sutam kanyam”

The kanya the daughter that you attempted to kill that was Yashoda’s daughter.

“devakyah kr?s?nam eva ca”

Devaki’s son is Krishna and “ramam ca rohini putram” Balarama is son of Rohini because “vasudevena bibhyata” Because Vasudev was Scared he took these two children and put into custody and under care of Nanda Maharaj and do you know that every associate of yours that you havebeensending,dispatching they were all killed by these two Krishna and Balarama. So he got all the clue Aaaaaa….! They are there in the Nandagram.

“nisamya tad bhoja-patih kopat pracalitendriyah” (10.36.18)

So by hearing this information, Bhojpati the swami the master of the Bhoj dynasty he “kopa” he become so angry that first
thing he did, he got sharp sword he attempted to kill Vasudev he was in town he was released by king Kamsa but now after 10-11 years now he thinks, OH! This Vasudev I thought he was such honest and straight forward person but I did not
know he was that crooked he is thinking like that and his sword is ready.

“nivarito naradena tat sutau mrtyum atmanah” (S.B 10.36.19)

But Narada muni stops checked hey! Kamsa fool not him your killers are his sons, Vasudev’s sons kill them, not poor Vasudev so he did not kill but he tied him up with iron shakals bound him tied him up.

“pratiyate tu devarsau. Kamsa abhasya kesinam” (S.B 10.36.20)

And after this Narada muni left Mathura and immediately Kamsa called for hey! “Kesi Kesi Kesi Mantri Mantri Mantri Mahodey Minister Kesi please come” he asked one of his servants to bring Kesi

“presayam asa hanyetam, bhavata rama-kesavau” (S.B 10.36.20)

And immediately gave a task ok go, Kesi had come yes sir how could I help you, hey! You go and kill this Ram and Kesava

Rama-kesavau hanyetam understand he had understood so he left.

“tato mustika-canura, sala-tosalakadikan” (S.B 10.36.21)

So he called for all his big big wrestlers not only wrestlers they are Ministers in the assembly in
the parliament of Kamsa “mustika,canura, sala, tosala” these are big big Ministers so kind of emergency parliament meeting

“hastipams caiva,samahuyaha bhoja-rathe” (S.B 10.36.21)

He called the care taker of the elephants specially thperson who took care of the Kuvalayapida he is addressing them

“bho bho nisamyatam etad, vira-can?ura-mus?tikau” (S.B 10.36.22)

Hey! Heros you Heros specially  addressing two of them canura and mustika

“nanda-vraje kilasate, sutav anakadundubheh?

rama-kr?snau tato mahyam, mr?tyuhh kila nidarsitah” (S.B10.36.22-23)

OH! I just got the news worst news of my life in one sense, I was finding trying to know but today I was informed by Narada muni you know my killers whom we were looking for Krishna & Balarama they are in Nandagram they are with Nanda Maharaj so you two,

bhavadbhyam iha sampraptau, hanyetamm malla-lilaya”(S.B 10.36.23)

Now I am assigning two of you to kill two of them you have to do this malla-lilaya we will organize wrestling match and while you wrestle with them, by the way you just kill them ok as if it’s  a Lila it was  no preplan, no premeditated he is saying it should sound like that weshould not give wrong  perception to the  public no no while just playing it’s just happened (devotees laughing) it’s just happened on the spot this was malla-lilaya its just a lila we have to play this, “mancah kriyantam”

So you setup all the stages and invite lets have big festival & invite people of whole Mathura district and there will be big
competition of wrestling match that was instructions to his wrestlers and then he turns to his mahamatra hey! You take care of the Kuvalayapida right you are the one, yes yes I am the one so for you “tvaya bhadra ranga-dvary” (S.B 10.36.25) So just outside the wrestling arena you keep your Kuvalayapida and you kill them right there with the help of the elephant then we don’t have to get even blame oh! The children they were just ooking at the elephant and the elephant did its job we had again not planneit was just an accident. So he was told & given that assignment.

“arabhyatamm” and Kamsa he is trying to package everything and we will have a fire sacrifice you know that Dhanur the bow that we have which Parshuram donated me, let’s have Dhanur yaga right there will have a big sacrifice and so people will think that it’s a festival time, the fire sacrifice, the wrestling match & we will ask everyone when the residents come they should bring lots of milk products & just distribute,  exchange that with each other and decorate the whole town it should be like a festival so no one could even think or doubt what the  whole crux  of the matter is, what’s the purpose behind all this. And so he is making plans like that so after his ministers and this elephant caretakers as well as this Kesi they were given
different tasks the next thing is calling over Akrura go get Akrura and thenAkrura arrives & immediately

“gr?hitva pan?ina pan?im” he catches hold of the hands of Akrura and

“atas tvam asritah saumya” you know I am totally depended upon you O’ gentle one I would like you to do a favor to me I would like you to go

gaccha nanda-vrajam tatra,sutav anakadundubheh?” (S.B 10.36.30)

And bring those two sons’ of Nanda Maharaj he is mentioning they are son’s of Vasudev now with Nanda Maharaj. He say’s you take this chariot, you take this chariot & they will like this chariot if you take a bullock card they may not be so much interested because every day they have their bullock rides but if you go with the chariot immediately they will jump into the chariot so take this chariot & “m? ciram” do not delay please go bring Krishna & Balarama & also invite all the residents & let them
bring all the milk products because we have festival here.

“yujyate harssa-sokabhyam,tathapy ajnam karomi te”(S.B 10.36.30)

Yes I will do as you wish but this is not fair this may give you some pleasure but be prepared for
lot of lamentation and suffering this warning is also given by Akrura to Kamsa.

“siddhy-asiddhyoh samam kuryad, daivam hi phala-sadhanam” (S.B 10.36.38)

Just depend on the Supreme authority he is not mentioning
the name of Lord, Siddhy, Asiddhi whatever comes remaining equipoised.

“sukha-du?khe same krtva, labhalabhau jayajayau” (B.G 2.38)

That kind of preaching Krishna has done in Bhagavat Gitajust little sampling of that, that’s the tone of Akrura’s presentation but he says if you insist ok I will go and so Akrura returns to his own resident this was evening time now, its next day two things are happening here Akrura gets ready to go next morning while Akrura is on way to Vrindavan the Kesi who was also
instructed, hey! you also go to Vrindavan to kill so he had  spared some most powerful very powerful demons so this Kesi in the form of horse, the horse form so the best thing that just kill them even though I have assigned Akrura to go get Krishna & Balarama but if they could be killed just there then my name will not be attach to that killing and, so Kesi demon goes & he is also big size, huge big magnitudes,the  hair on the neck, when they would shake the hair that scattered two things scatter clouds in the sky also scatter the aircrafts of the Demigods, Demigods are going doing their inter planetary travels so with the touch of the hair he would just get the clouds out of the way and the aircrafts would meet major accidents and he could see Krishna there,gigantic creature there so without going into much detail of this pastime we want to go to the crux of the matter,  so
the technique that Krishna is using here is, the horse had its mouth wide open,so Krishna put’s his hand inside the mouth of the horse and see the size of the horse you could imagine that size of mouth. so when Krishna puts his hand
inside the mouth that hand filled the entire space inside the big mouth all the hollow space from the front of the teeth all the way to the throat this all became filled up, Krishna kind of expands his hand makes it long although he is
that tall his hand is like a long long hand becomes that much hand is inside and also he makes it hot He makes it big & makes it hot. And result of that was you could see he is upside down now throwing his legs into the air & screaming (sound of horse screaming in the background some vedio being played)So what basically happens is that Krishna’s hand is inside he gets chocked up he cannot breath, no breathing all stops in out & no air & he lost his life also passing stool (laughs) special mention is there.

“papata lan?d?am”

“papata lan?d?am visr?jan ksitau vyasuh” (S.B 10.37.7)He became lifeless and this pastime Krishna was out there
herding his cows on the bank of Jamuna. You know where Kesi Ghat is?  Vrindavan Kesi Ghat “kesi ghat vamsi vat duadash kanan..” where Vrindhavan Dhama is not far from Radha Damador temple in 72 when Prabhupad held the festival first ever
Vrindavan festival & so I was in that batch of first festival & we were like 40-50 devotes from around the world we were thinking we were so many 40-50 devotees attended  the festival so  stayed at the Kesi Ghat for one month we were staying at the Kesi ghat which is right on the bank of river Jamuna it’s a palace king of Bharatpur had build the
palace at the site where Kesi demon was killed. So that happened during the day, while Akrura was on the way to Vrindavan, all that was going on, Kesi was in action trying to kill Krishna so that it didn’t work out & that afternoon another demon attempted to kill Krishna that was Vyomasura and that pastime, so Kesi demon was killed in the morning and Vyomasura in the
afternoon. Vyomasura pastime took place on the top of Govardhan hill one becoming what? One sheep, one thief, one police remember the cowherd boys played this different roles & Vyomasura came they were supposed to be so
called thieves but he became a real thief this Vyomasura he started stealing Krishna’s friends they were large number in the beginning but their numbers were diminishing & Krishna was wondering what’s going on here? his friends
those who were playing the role of thief they were so called stealing but again returning the stolen sheep but this Vyomasura he was picking up Krishna’s friends stealing them & he was taking them airways to Kamavana and hiding them in
cave, in Kamavana there is a cave which you can visit even to this day Vyomasura gufa, Vyomasura cave. So when Krishna realized  what was going on,  He identified this demon & Krishna followed him all the way up to Kamavana  in the
sky up there they battled two of them up in the sky, the whole earth was about to go out of orbit because Krishna they would come sometimes down then goes up in air so while giving pushing earth down and go on  giving a  boost, going up so that was shaking up the whole planet then Balarama he would hold his foot down just to make sure earth doesn’t go out of the orbit
doesn’t move. There are footprints of Balarama from that time you could go see during Brajmandal parikrama footprints of Balarama. So that Vyomasura killing happened in afternoon & so that would lead, so these two things happened on
the same day as Akrura is going to Vrindavan he lives for Vrindavan.

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