Krishna enters forest with His cows and cow herd boy friends


Venue: Braja mandala parikrama, Surbhi kunda
In Srimad Bhagvatam there is description of Vrindavan all over, as we seeing here at the banks of Surbhi kunda crystal clear water. Our obeisance’s to the Kunda here, Krishna comes here all the time with His cows and His cowherd boys. We should understand that where ever we see a kunda Krishna has come there with His cows. He comes to water His cows and as cows are drinking the water He also drinks the water, while drinking cows are not using hands they are drinking with their mouth, Krishna also drinks water like the cows with His mouth (laughter) Haribol……………Haribol
So Krishna has done this lila at surbhi kunda and other kundas “ittham sarat svaccha jalam padmakara sugandhina nyavisad vayuna vatam sa gogopalako acyutah” (S.B 10.21.1) Sri Krishna enters the forest He enters Kamavana also where there is svaccha jalam in the kundas like this- crystal clear water. Padmakar they are full of lotuses. In the past we had come and this kunda was also filled with lotuses. Devotees who came to this kunda came back with bunches of lotuses. As Krishna enters the forest “vayuna” from there is a cold breeze ventilation throughout the forest.
Vayu is blowing in one direction not like a whorl wind as during rainy season, the wind is blowing over the kundas which are full of lotuses. As air touches the cooling water the air also becomes cool, the fragrance of the lotuses is also carried by the air. So as this air moves on whole forest becomes like a air conditioned –cool and fragrant. Krishna comes with “sa gogopalako” with cows and cowherd boy friends,
“kusumita vanaraji” (S.B 10.21.2) and on the banks of the lake there are flowering trees, like this (maharaj showing a famous kadam tree at the bank of surbhi kunda) this is most famous kadam tree ki…………….jai. Rupa goswami says “oh! when I would be able to see Krishna” Krishna wearing the garland of kadam flowers, this kind of matches with His golden rope yellow clothing so they also have yellow round flowers “kusumita vanaraji susmi bhrnga” (S.B 10.21.2) there are lot of bumble bees. And as they drink the nectar from the flowers they become maddened intoxicated and they begin singing “hmmm……………hmmmmmm………” whole atmosphere is filled with humming sound. “dvija kula” and there are lots of birds of various kinds ( maharaj asking the devotees do you hear? The sound of the birds?) You cannot hear such sound in Bombay. Birds sing songs (Dinabandhu prabhu tells- its king fisher) Dinabandhu prabhu knows the name of the birds. Maharaj says king fisher airlines (laughter) and the sounds they kind of echo they resound, birds sing and there is echoing the sounds goes to wherever there are other lakes and other ponds.
So Vrindavan is full of lakes kundas like this “ sarah sarin” there are rivers flowing and “mahidram” there many mountains like Govardhana you also have seen Badrikashram mountains , Kedarnath mountains and more mountains are ahead of us. So all these sounds are all over echoing back and forth and whole atmosphere is surcharged. “madhupatir avagahya carayan gah” so then Madhupati enters the forest.
He is master of madhu He is also master of madhu mass which is spring, madhu and madhav are two months of spring and madhu is one of them. As the master of spring season enters the forest everything gets transferred just like spring. Wherever He goes there is spring like season lots of flowers lots of birds chirping, birds singing “carayan gah” and He herds His cows and He does this with “saha pala balas” cowherd boyfriends and Balarama. “cukuja venum” He places His flute on His lower lip and playes His flute.
We have to imagine in this context Krishna playing flute, He is forest and He is playing flute, everything is quite so krishnas flute playing reaches far and wide. “tad vraja striya asrutya venu-gitam smarodayam” (S.B 10 .21.3) the first party to hear venu gitam are the vraja striya – the young ladies of vraja. Krishna is in the forest and gopis are in their respective villages and homes and they are hearing this venu geet. “smarodayam” and the feeling are aroused as they are hearing the venu geet “smara” is also cupid of love- spiritual love- madhurya bhava, the conjugal bhava is aroused in the gopis . ‘kasit paroksam krsnasya sva sakhibhyo anavarnayan” (S.B 10 .21.3) and as gopis hear flute playing of Krishna some of them begin talking about Krishna leaders of different group they begin talking about krishna. Elderly gopis motherly gopis also hear flute of Krishna they have different feeling vatsalya
“tad varnayitum arabdhah smarantyah krsna cestitam” (S.B 10 .21.4) and they are reminded of Krishna oh! Krishna is playing flute first of all they remember the form of Krishna and then what follows is remembering lilas His pastimes then Krishna’s dealing with the gopis when He meet them previously.
“tad varnayitum arabdhah smarantyah krsna cestitam nasakan” Sukhdev Goswami says they become disturbed because they are very much excited as they have heard Krishna’s flute. They feel shy they do not kind of want to reveal their intimate relation with Krishna so they hide all this “nasakan’ they would like to talk although stopping they are only talking to their most confidential associates. As they are also talking they also wouldn’t like to show the connection what they are hearing no …no I am just talking I am not hearing anything. “smara vegena” and this is because of influence of the madhurya bhava within them. You are familiar with “ vaco vegam jiva vegam udaropasta vegam” in case of gopis its smara vegan which is pushing gopis.
“viksipta manaso nrpa” they are kind of disturbed as they hear, they are kind of trying to hide their connection, their conjugal thoughts their voice is also getting choked up, they are trembling, their body trembling as they hear the flute and their eyes are full of tears. As Sukhdev Goswami is describing state of gopis like this he is also having very similar feeling these, he could not hide that so in the middle of his presentation He is addressing “nrpa” oh! king Parikshit. Sukhdev goswami is describinfg all these state of affairs of gopis king Parikshit is also exhibiting some of these symptoms. So Sukhdev goswami “Hye! King what are you doing” don’t exhibit those symptoms. So our acharyas have given deeper meaning why in the middle of the presentation sukhdev goswami is addressing king Parikshit as “nrpa”.
Sukhdev Goswami describes some kind of talks, what kind of talks the gopis are doing.
“barhapidam nata vara vapuh karnayoh karnikaram bibhrad vasah kanaka kapisam vaijayantim ca malam” (S.B 10.21.5)
They have heard the flute of Krishna and immediately Krishna’s form is in front of them like television. ‘barhapidam” first is the peacock feather on His head and this is the most special feature of krishna’s form or beauty. And He is “natavara vapu” and His form is like that of an actor, Krishna dresses himself meticulously as if come press crue is awaiting, some television crue is awaiting for interview.
“karnayoh karnikaram” and gopis are reminded sukhdev goswami is also remembering that Krishna places a flower in His ear karni is a special flower compact yellow color. Sukhdev goswami He has 2 ears but only one flower so He is placing the same flower on each of the ears, so same flower sometimes He keeps it on one ear and then on another. “kanaka kapsam vasah” and He has golden rope “vaijayantim ca malam” and He wear very special mala and there are multiple descriptions of this vaijayanti mala. More commonly known description is that vaijayanti mala is made up of 5 different flowers of different colors. So now He is dressed like that and Krishna is already in the forest and then
“randhran venor adhara sudhayapurayan” He places His flute on His lower lip the flute becomes excited and ecstatic and begins singing and there are more descriptions that whether Krishna playing the flute or venu is playing herself. “gopa-vrndair” and He is surrounded by His friends “vrndaranyam sva pada ramanam” and He is entering Vrindavan, vrndaranyam – vrinda devis aranyam – vrindadevis vana Vrindadevi ki…………………….jai, forest is named after Vrindadevi. As he enters vrindavan He lives His foot prints of the ground Vrindadevi is pleased vrindavan is very very happy to have that touch of Lords lotus feet, those foot prints are like decorations on the body of Vrindavan. “savpada –ramanam” and as Krishna places, vrindadevi makes arrangement that Krishna has as soft feeling when He touches the ground so she places leaves so Krishna has a nice experience of walking on the soft ground. “pravisad gita kirtih” and krishna enters He is surrounded by His cowherd boyfriends and they all talking about Him.
“iti venu raman rajan sarva bhuta manoharam“ so this sound, sound of the flute is sarva bhuta manoharam- attracting minds of all the living entities. “srutva vraja striyahbnsarva” and again the real party audience for the flute playing are those gopis, they are hearing, they are talking, they are stoping they are embracing , they are talking and like that……Krishna is spreading the sound of the flute all this goes on. Then each gopi talks, every gopi is talking and what do they talk is the subject matter of this chapter of the 10th canto 21 chapter of Srimad Bhagvatam, venu geet this is the background the context and then gopis begin talking, you may like to see hear this sometime in future.
Jai Krishna Kanaiya lal ki…………………jai
Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari ki………………….Jai
Gaur premanande …………………….Hari Haribol

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