Krishna goes to Mathura


Welcoming each other and one of them also saying I surrender
“sarnagatam” please give me shelter or I take shelter of you  OH ! Krishna.

“varnyatam tata”

“saumy?gatah? kaccit, sv?gatam? bhadram” ( S.B 10.39.4)

You are such a gentle  personality, we welcome you, how’s uncle
Kamsa? Enquires are being made here but we would like to know, what’s anything
we could do? Is there any definite purpose of your visit this time, we would
like to know? And then

Sri Suka uvacha like Akrura uvacah ,Akrura is speaking

?r??uka uv?ca

“pr?s?t?o bhagavat? sarvam?, varn?ay?m ?sa m?dhavah?” ( S.B 10.39.8)

So as Bhagvata Krishna , krishnena  Krishna enquired and Akrura  discloses all the plans and  all the intentions of Kamsa or even how Kamsa
attempted to kill Vasudev and it was also only Narada who intervened and saved
the life, but he has been shackled he has been arrested,  Vasudev has been arrested and many people he
is thinking of arresting, killing, driving them away, so like that this is Akrura
disclosing all these facts, confidential news he was not suppose to do this.

“?rutv?kr?ra-vacah? kr?s?n?o, bala? ca parav?rah? (
S.B 10.39.10)

When Krishna and Balarama heard all this they only smiled
ha..ha….OH! He wants to die so his days are numbered now for sure. Lords made
up their minds on who tried to kill their father Vasudev and he is thinking of
killing others and of course he is thinking of killing Krishna and Balarama . So
they smiled and of course Nanda Maharaj is not aware of all this confidential
reasons and the news, what developments are taking place in Mathura?, what the purpose  is?

So not only Krishna and Balaram were invited by Kamsa, but
he had invited Nanda Maharaj all other cowherd men, and boys . So Nanda Maharaj
is spreading the news, he is making announcement

gop?n sam?di?at so ‘pi, gr?hyat?m? sarva-go-rasah? ( S.B 10.39.11)

“go-rasah? all the milk products take
them as a gifts  yujyant?m? ?akat??ni (
S.B 10.39.11)

Get all the bullock carts ready load all the milk products
and we will live for Mathura announce this. So party has gone to towns and
villages this is their duty, there are announcers they go to squares in
villages, they may sometime climb up some roof top of tree, beat the drum.
Ahe……….in my village I know they beat drum people gather, then announcement is
made, then the person walks to the next square (laughs). And he gets everyone’s
attention, people know that person, he has some announcement all gather round
him and the announcement is repeated and the whole village comes to know. So
Nanda Maharaj has made that arrangement.

y?sy?mah? ?vo madhupur?m?, d?sy?mo nr?pate ras?n

Part of the announcement is yes we will live for Mathupuri
tomorrow draks?y?mah? we will offer nr?pate
ras?n ( S.B 10.39.12)

All these milk products for the pleasure of are king Kamsa
we will offer this

draks?y?mah? sumahat parva, y?nti j?napad?h? kila ( S.B 10.39.12)

We will also experience a wonderful festival, our king has
organized a grand festival in Mathura, wrestling match, fire sacrifice and what
not, food for life (devotees laughing) because they were taking all these milk
products. And we will be able to see the big town, we have never seen Mathura,
we only stay in village, sometimes we go to the forest. We will see the big
city today or tomorrow as we go, so get ready.

“gopya” so this was a good
news for most of the residents of Nanadagokul except there is one section
of the society and that’s Gopis  everyone
else, everyone was informed and many were able to go, men, boys and ladies
specially young girls they don’t get to go. So for them this news was not a
very good news.

r?makr?s?n?au pur?m? netum, akr?ram? vrajam ?gatam ( S.B 10.39.13)

So they were not very happy OH! This Akrura he is the one
who has come to bring are Krishna and Balarama to Mathura, he is so cruel his
name is Akrura he is not Akrura but he is such a Krura person (devotees laugh).
He is going to break our hearts he is going to take are life away, he is our
“prananatha” Krishna is our prana our life and he has come to take our life away;
we are going to be lifeless. So they had hard time all night long they had
sleepless nights and when they got up next morning everyone got up,  somewhere exited that they would get to go to
Mathura , many were getting ready , oxcarts and all the milk products loading
was on,  Akrura was getting the chariot
ready, decorating also that was meant for Krishna and Balaram. So many of them
were very very happy, excited  looking
forward to that day’s trip.

Gopis  there was a
different thing  noon time they would be
meeting everyday going to Kusum Sarovar picking up flowers, making Vaijayanti
mala then running , rushing to Radhakund, offering garland doing all water
sports and so many pastimes. What would happen to them today and what about
tonight and who knows for how long this is going to last. So when everyone got
ready all Gopis also got ready only to attempt to stop Akrura from taking their
Krishna  and Balarama they were doing
everything possible to check the progress of the chariot not let it go, holding
the wheels and even catching hold of Akrura, mad handling him some Gopis were
what do you think you are? You know get down and some were with the horses all
the way in front all surrounding 100s and 1000s of them. Krishna and Balarama
were seated already in the chariot, they are begging, praying, pleading please don’t
go, please don’t go. But finally the Lord He did not say directly to the Gopis
but He asked one   of the devotee  vrajavasi
name is not mentioned  to pass on
the news to the Gopis let them know he just said 1-2  words “aayase”

I will be coming just
inform them, I will be back very soon just now coming just let them know this.
So that was the only communication Lord made and Akrura was signaled, to
proceed against all the protest, obstacles and Gopis chariot moves forward and
other carts also gradually follow, raising lots of dust Gopis stood there like
pillars motionless, speechless only looking even praying may there be thunderstorm
let there be some kind of blockage on the road, flood, let the trees collapse
and some thing let something happen. So that he would not end up going let him
return to us, no one took their side and so Krishna went to Mathura.

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