Krishna is cause of all causes and source of all knowledge


yena sva-rocisa visvam rocitam rocayamy aham
yatharko agnir yatha somo yatharksa-graha-tarakah” (S.B 2.5.11)

I create after the Lord’s creation by His personal effulgence [known as the brahmajyoti], just as when the sun manifests its fire, the moon, the firmament, the influential planets and the twinkling stars also manifest their brightness.
Lord Brahmaji said to Narada that his impression that Brahma was not the supreme authority in the creation was correct. Sometimes less intelligent men have the foolish impression that Brahma is the cause of all causes. But Narada wanted to clear the matter by the statements of Brahmaji, the supreme authority in the universe. As the decision of the supreme court of a state is final, similarly the judgment of Brahmaji, the supreme authority in the universe, is final in the Vedic process of acquiring knowledge. As we have already affirmed in the previous verse, Naradaji was a liberated soul; therefore, he was not one of the less intelligent men who accept a false god or gods in their own ways. He represented himself as less intelligent and yet intelligently presented a doubt to be cleared by the supreme authority so that the uninformed might take note of it and be rightly informed about the intricacies of the creation and the creator.
In this verse Brahmaji clears up the wrong impression held by the less intelligent and affirms that he creates the universal variegatedness after the creation by the glaring effulgence of Lord Sri Krsna. Brahmaji has also separately given this statement in the samhita known as the Brahma-samhita (5.40), where he says:
yasya prabha prabhavato jagad-a??a-ko?i- ko?i?v ase?a-vasudhadi-vibhuti-bhinnam
tad brahma ni?kalam anantam ase?a-bhutam govindam adi-puru?am tam aham bhajami’

“I serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead Govinda, the primeval Lord, whose transcendental bodily effulgence, known as the brahmajyoti, which is unlimited, unfathomed and all-pervasive, is the cause of the creation of unlimited numbers of planets, etc., with varieties of climates and specific conditions of life.”
The same statement is in the Bhagavad-gita (14.27). Lord Krsna is the background of the brahmajyoti (brahmano hi pratis?haham). In the Nirukti, or Vedic dictionary, the import of pratistha is mentioned as “that which establishes.” So the brahmajyoti is not independent or self-sufficient. Lord ?r? K???a is ultimately the creator of the brahmajyoti, mentioned in this verse as sva-rocisa, or the effulgence of the transcendental body of the Lord. This brahmajyoti is all-pervading, and all creation is made possible by its power; therefore the Vedic hymns declare that everything that exists is being sustained by the brahmajyoti (sarvam khalv idam brahma). Therefore the potent seed of all creation is the brahmajyoti, and the same brahmajyoti, unlimited and unfathomed, is established by the Lord. Therefore the Lord (Sri Krsna) is ultimately the supreme cause of all creation (aham sarvasya prabhava).
One should not expect the Lord to create like a blacksmith with a hammer and other instruments. The Lord creates by His potencies. He has His multifarious potencies (parasya saktir vividhaiva sruate). Just as the small seed of a banyan fruit has the potency to create a big banyan tree, the Lord disseminates all varieties of seeds by His potent brahmajyoti (sva-roci?a), and the seeds are made to develop by the watering process of persons like Brahma. Brahma cannot create the seeds, but he can manifest the seed into a tree, just as a gardener helps plants and orchards to grow by the watering process. The example cited here of the sun is very appropriate. In the material world the sun is the cause of all illumination: fire, electricity, the rays of the moon, etc. All luminaries in the sky are creations of the sun, the sun is the creation of the brahmajyoti, and the brahmajyoti is the effulgence of the Lord. Thus the ultimate cause of creation is the Lord.
Is that clear? cause of all causes is Krishna this we are understanding from another source that si Brahma, not only Krishna said that in Bhagvat gita Prabhupada has quoted that “aham sarvasya prabhava?” – I am the source of “sarvasya” – everything and Brahma says the same thing “yasya prabha prabhavato jagad-danda koti”. Krishna only says sarvasya, ‘aham’- I am, ‘sarvasya’ – of everything, what is that everything? Braham say – ‘jagad anda koti’ all those millions of universes are created ‘yasya prabha’ yasya means of Him or of whom ‘prabha’ means the effulgence, the light. “yasya prabha prabhavato jagad-danda koti” just by the effulgence so many unlimited number of universes come unto existence, unto that Personality “govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami”.I would like to surrender unto that person. Why do I like to surrender unto Krishna? Because look at Him, what does He do? “yasya prabha prabhavato jagad-a??a-ko?i”He is not ordinary person, very big person very powerful person. How powerful? How much powerful? ‘yasya prabha’ not even Himself but just His prabha His effulgence coming from Him, He doesn’t have to do anything with His hands and leg Prabhupada is pointing out. He doesn’t have to pick up hammer another instruments like black smith does. ‘yasya prabha prabhavato’ just the effulgence He is dancing with the Gopis all His pastimes are going on and just ‘yasya prabha’ His effulgence is ‘prabhavato’ is creating ‘jaga anda koti’ – unlimited universes are created. so I offer my obeisance’s I bow down to such person ‘govindam adi-puru?am tam aham bhajami’.
So both the statements, Krishna’s statement and Lord Brahma’s statement they coincide they make the same point no conflict. Brahma, he is acharya very honest person giving all credit due credit to the original creator. He could have said….actually He just did little I do most of the thing, he could have said that but he is not saying that. He says He (Lord) does it I just do little he is giving all the credit that is the fact also, he is speaking the truth. He is acharya and he is teaching that by his own example. He is authority and we are closely connected to Brahma, we are Brahma Madhva Gaudiya vaisnavas. Our first acharya is Lord Brahma and not only he is known for his creation but he has so much knowledge, why he has so much knowledge? He heard it directly from original soul “tene brahma hrda ya adi-kavaye” (S.B 1.1.1) he was the first person to hear the knowledge so he knows everything and not only in matters of creation in spiritual matters also he is authority. When once he was approached by Saint Narada Muni, Narada Muni is a disciple and son of Brahma and he is always approaching the right authority whenever he is confused he is right there. Then Srila Vyasdev is also confused and then he goes to Narada Muni, Narada Muni goes to Brahma and Brahma goes to Krishna, they are all connected closely connected there is no reason for any confusion. If you are connected to right source of knowledge then there is no reason to be confused.
We are fortunate people to have that connection through Srila Prabhupada we have connection with Krishna and Brahma and Narada and Srila Vyasa Dev through Srila Prabhuapada there is no reason for any more confusion for us. Everything that we want to know all that is to be known we could know if we remain connected with this source of knowledge not only Krishna is cause of all causes but He is also source of all knowledge and that comes down in unbroken chain of spiritual masters and disciples.
So Brahma he also expert in everything spiritual matters also, so Narada Muni ones approached in the beginning of this Age of kali and said now the new age is about to come on the scene so what is the process? The reply was that “Hare Kishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”.
“iti sodasakam namnam kali-kalmasa-nasanam natah parataropayah sarva-vedesu drsyate” (Kali-santarana Upanisad) I don’t see anything other process other than “iti sodasakam namnam” these 16 words “kali – kalmasa nasanam” they are meant to destroy kali kalmas all the defects of this age of kali will be smashed by these 16 words “ natah parataropayah” I don’t see anything better and I know all the Vedas, I am the first one to hear about the Vedas . So don’t go to anyone else I am the first person and just listen from me in this age of kali “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” that’s it full stop don’t talk beyond this, this is it ready to go take it away, so that Brahma made this statement about the process for this age of kali. He also appeared 500 years ago and took part in the past time of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu not only he has again but he applied that jnana- knowledge to his own life “jnana vijnana samitam brahma karma svabhavajam” Brahma knew the process and Brahma personally applied that process to his own life, he set example. Who was that personality 500 years ago Brahma appeared as? Yes Haridas Thakur, Namachrya Haridas Thakur is none other than Brahma. And he just sat down; very tired by his activity of creation he sat down day and night he would sit and chant “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”.
He had no time not even for prostitute he was busy chanting, stay on little more chanting, until the sun rise he kept chanting and prostitute disappeared then she comes back. So that is our acharya Brahma he not only talks but he acts all qualified all the qualities of vaisnavas are found in him, very humble does not want to take credit , all talented so his talents he is admitting it’s all Krishna, Krishna is doing.
Lord personally said to Arjuna “nimitaa matram bhava savya-sacin” (B.G 11.33) “ – “Do not think that you will be doing everything I have fought the battle” you want to see it? Ok here we go. The universal form Krishna showed how the enemies were entering into the mouth of the universal form of the Lord they are all getting burned and fire emanating from the mouth. So similarly the Lord is the actual doer, 5 factors are required for completion of many activities and principle factor major factor is Super soul without His sanction things do not happen act is not completed . So Brahma knows that and even he wants to create the ingredients – earth, water , fire , ether, air that is not his creation they already exist he is just mixing up putting some water putting this thing that thing. So we should be also admitting like that whenever we accomplish something we should see the hand of the Lord involved, independently we could never accomplish anything. If something thinks he is doing that then he is mudha “prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvasah ahankara vimudhatam kartaham iti manyati” (B.G 3.27) mudha means fool and vimudha means better fool, first class fool there are so many fool people so many mudhas but vimudha special fool high ranking up there such a fool ‘ahankar’ ‘karta aham manyate’ – he only thinks he only considers what does he consider? karta – doer who? aham I am the doer who thinks like this? vimudha atma- first class fool totally bewildered person thinks that he is the doer but Brahma is not vimudhatma,he is mahatma Brahma is mahatma he is not duratma, he is not vimudhatma. So he is giving all credit and it’s a fact. So talents are there in different persons experts are there but that expertise that talent is Krishna we see so many expert devotees, talented, weather its cooking, (Maharaj says about a devotee- Kurma is expert in cooking or Jamuna is expert cooking, Yamaraj is expert in photography, Mukunda Maharaj is expert in public and media relation) we have so many experts so many talented devotees in our movement.
So Krishna says “paurusam nasu” in 10th chapter “the ability in man is me” we should see that way we should see Krishna in others. Whenever someone is doing something very expertly not just average but above average, he is expert, talented person and if he is using that talent to serve Krishna we should see Krishna there, Krishna says that is me “purusam nasu”. Different things the opulence’s, Krishna is talking about His own opulence’s. Krishna manifests as different ability in different persons. So we should see Krishna there Sri Krishna, so when we some special ability in some if we do not like that, we do not worship that, appreciate that that’ s like not likening Krishna, that’s like disliking Krishna, it’s like hatred towards Krishna. Thus we are here in this material world because of our enviousness only, so whenever we some good quality we do not see Krishna there. When we do not give credit to Krishna specially we become envious of that person because Krishna has manifested in Him but this is all lack of Krishna consciousness we have no vision to see Krishna. Krishna in the form of ability in our God brothers and God sisters .We should see Krishna has manifested that will make us Krishna conscious. Just by taking note, acknowledging good qualities, abilities in others that will make us Krishna conscious, so you need to be Krishna conscious just appreciate others talents, results, services, achievements you need to be Krishna conscious. If you do not appreciate there will false competition, there will fighting, it will infiltrate if we do not see we do not we do not have the right vision, here Brahma is admitting Lord is cause of all causes, narada muni said same thing and Brahma and admitted yes that’s a fact. May be Narada muni was trying to test Brahma let me see what does he have to say and he said that’s a fact. Cause of all causes is Krishna “sarva karana karanam” is Krishna. It’s His kindness that He is using me- Brahma is saying.

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