Krishna saves Vrindavan


Krishna lifted Govardhan hill for seven days and seven nights, this is very very pleasing pastime to the residents of Vrindavan because this is one time, that they had opportunity to be with Krishna day and night, for seven days and seven nights. This is very rare. Normally, only for few hours, you get to be with Krishna and Krishna gets up and He is with his parents, Nanda, Yashoda and Rohini, only for few hours. He gets up, bathing, dressing and breakfast and He goes and then He is with the cowherd boys and the cows for few hours, then He kind of takes off. He goes to Radhakund to be with the Gopis.

Is Radhakund here? Probably you noticed. No, Radhakund can’t be in the middle, that’s not Radhakund, there should be Mansi Ganga in the middle. Radhakund and Shyamkund are like eyes of the peacock, Govardhan hill is in the shape of a peacock and this Shyamkund and Radhakund are eyes of the peacock and there is also tongue, Goswamis (continuous sounds of peacocks in the background, Maharaj says ok, bas-bas). (laughter) Too many peacocks.

They did not want to use, the Goswamis residing on the banks of Radhakund, Shyamkund they didn’t want to use the water of these kunds for washing their bodies or specially they had to go, they would go to take care of their bodies in the morning, so they didn’t want to carry that, so they had idea of digging well near Shyamkund and Radhakund and as they started digging, there was bleeding and then they realized that was the tongue of Giriraj, so the tongue and then eyes and as we start parikrama from Radhakund, Shyamkund, you begin to wonder where is Giriraj, you didn’t se him because the neck of the peacock, you know how it is goes than comes up again, it goes down and comes up again, so for miles you don’t see Giriraj, so he is underneath. Then after Kusum Sarovar, you begin to see Govardhan hill, goes higher and higher, the highest point is 88 feet tall and then there is the tail of Giriraj and there is one Baba there which is one of the cowherd boys, a friend of Krishna called Lotta Baba, so those who do parikrama, so those who do parikrama, this Lotta Baba takes note and then informs Krishna, ok, he also was here, give him some benefits, benedictions.

So Govardhan also received curse from one Muni Pulasya, Pulasya Muni if I am remembering correctly, Pulasya Muni. So that’s another story, so because of that curse he is sinking and sinking, so you better hurry up before he sinks, you should go take darshan and do parikrama before he goes all the away underneath into the ground. It is said of course it will take some more time that the Govardhan hill is keeping check on the progress of age of Kali. So when Giriraj will be fully into the ground, fully sunk, then the kaliyuga which seems like after nine and a half thousand years’ period then Kali would really be in full blown action, already its bad, right!

Then its going to be worse, of course, next 10,000 yrs is the golden period, the holy name of the Lord will spread in every town, every village during this period and devotees will go and do parikrama of Giriraj during these next 9-10,000 yrs, ok. One point I was about to mention, I got distracted was that this lifting Govardhan hill pastime is very pleasing to residents because each party gets only some time to be with Krishna. So I was mentioning Nanda Maharaj, Yashoda in the morning, then cowherd boys, midday reserved for Gopis, some more time for the cowherd boys and the cows need also Krishna’s attention, time, and association. Then they return and again Lord is with the parents up until he goes to the bed. Everyone goes to bed and Krishna also kind of goes to bed but as everyone is fast sleep, he gets up and goes into the forest playing a flute and inviting Gopis to that particular forest to come and again the midnight is allocated for Gopis, vanvihar and jalavihar, rasakrida, these are the pastimes, every night these pastimes, then again Krishna has to rush to return to, Radharani also returns, Gopis also return, so like that, only few hours each party gets, however each parties preference is to be with Krishna 24 hours if that was possible but it doesn’t become possible because everyone wants Krishna , so this was very special time this Govardhan time, lifting of Govardhan.

All the residents, all the cowherd boys, cowherd girls, Gopis, elderly parents, Nanda, Yashoda, cows and peacocks and other animals, monkeys, everyone is there with Krishna 24 hours a day and they are all, as Krishna has lifted Govardhan hill, as the description, He lifted that with his left hand you could see left hand and not he hasn’t used the whole hand, he hasn’t used both hands, he is only using the left hand, which is suppose to be weaker than the right “baye hat ka khel,” we say “baye hat ka khel,” if you want to do something easily, then you just use your left hand but Krishna is not even using the whole hand.

Govardhan hill is not resting on the palm like that or he is not holding it on all the fingers. He has chosen the weakest of all the five fingers and that is this little finger and if you take close look at that scene, you will see that the Govardhan is only resting on the top of the nail, not even resting fully on the finger, so that is power and strength of the Lord, just on the top of the nail, not little finger, he kept holding and of course, some cowherd boys were doubting, you know, may be He is tired and we better help him out (laughter), so they held their sticks, they are also, who knows, just in case (laughter), Govardhan could be Samadhi for all of us right here, we will take (laughter). He was the one and nothing to worry and they were all just drinking the beauty of His lotus moon like face and again, although they had 7 days and 7 nights, they were not tired, they were not bored, they were even ready for another 7 days or even 21 days if possible.

But then unfortunately that time had come, the rains had stopped and so there are many pastimes, some pastimes while Krishna had kept Govardhan hill in lifted position. One brief thing that comes to my mind is Krishna was looking at Radharani while holding, at one point, he was looking at Radharani and Balaram caught him red handed (laughter) and Krishna felt embarrassed. Oh! My brother. So they are all not just standing, of course looking and enjoying the beauty but also, they were all singing and dancing and talking about the Lord. So they had a great time for 7 days and 7 nights. I hope you also had a great time tonight. Haribol. Followed by applause.

So then you could only imagine, how much greater, may be hundred thousand times greater, better time those residents of Vrindavan had with Krishna. But then again we also we also have right, we could also make a claim and Krishna is inviting us to come and join, what are you doing there in Los Angeles? Come join Me. He is awaiting our arrival and there in no, our spot is vacant infact, no one else could take that place. So Krishna is more anxious to have us than we are anxious to go there or have him. So He is doing His best. So this ISKCON, he has founded using Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupad, making him nimittamataram and then Krishna is the one who is behind this Bhagvat festival and He is behind this Govardhan lila. Pastimes that we were experiencing. So he is making all the time endevour, to get us, win us over. So I am confident Krishna has dragged us little more closer, dragged us closer to Him.

So let us take those steps, doesn’t matter may be baby steps, but soon we will keep walking and running and as we take one step, Krishna takes how many steps? Ya, he is ready for 100 steps and His steps are bigger, if he wishes, he could be there, in two steps he had covered the entire universe, big steps he could take. So like that we have few more evenings with Krishna, with His pastimes means being with Him. So on behalf of Krishna we welcome you, invite you to continue to be with us and all of us together will be with Krishna.

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