Krsna exists and He is the one behind this Base program


Krsna exists, God exists and He is the one behind this Base program that we have here, the get together with some of His devotees, some of the devotees of God. Those who do not know much more about God, they just say God God, but we call Him Krsna, because we know that God has name, many names. The principle name is Krsna. And that Krsna is cause of all causes.


Including this morning’s program, this happening here, the event certainly. How could God not be the cause of this program, this get together also?

Krsna exists thenyou also exist. Again He is the cause of your, our existence. He must be, who else? And then you exist in the form, in the shape which is kind of mysterious. Your form is very mystical, confidential, the secret that even you don’t know your own IDs, identities. And that ID is you are spirit souls. You are atma.

mamaivamsojivalokejivabhutahsanatanah[BG 15.7]

That is your real identification and that ID has a form. If you had a spiritual camera, you could take photographs of atma and that ID that personality, that form is very closely connected with Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are very dear to Him, Krsna. That is Krsna, you are very dear to Him or to Him all the living entities are very dear. All the living entities are very dear to Him. And because He is very kind, He has arranged this program, series of programs. This is one of those series of get togethers and encounters with some other devotees of Krsna, ‘Hare Krsna’s, Krsna devotees.

Lord is kind and He knows that you are not and cannot be happy. You are not happy and you cannot be happy in this existence. Krsna knows that, because He is the creator of this existence. Then He is the cause of this existence and He has already declared that this existence is dukhalayamasasvatam. This existence is dukhalaya and very much temporary. God knows everything, including the nature of His creation. And He knows that we all are not happy. We cannot be happy in this existence which is full of sufferings. So He comes, He also comes here, in this material world. And He doesn’t become material. He doesn’t become mundane. He remains what He is. He remains transcendental to this world. In this world but not of this world! Lord comes and He comes in this world, but He is not of this world, you understand this? He belongs to another world. He comes in here, but He always belongs to another world. Although this world belongs to Him, but He doesn’t take much interest in matter of making His residence here in this world. He always remains eternally in His own abode.

And then He sends Nidradevi [Laughter] forget Him, ignore Him. When we ignore. He is such an ignorant person. Ultimately ignorant of what? Ignorant of Krsna, ignorant of God! He is ignoring. Sometimes we say ‘I was right there but he just ignored me. He just ignores me everytime I am around. I was in that party. I was right there but he just ignored me’. Trying to make you understand the meaning of ignorance, he is ignorant. He ignores me. So what are we ignorant of in this world is, ignorance of the Lord. And we are ignoring Him all the time. All the times He is around, He visits, He is around. Although His own abode is eternally in the spiritual kingdom, He also stations Himself in this world. But the purpose was basically to reclaim, reclamation the souls His parts and parcels, His devotees. The sole purpose of God’s coming into this world, God’s residing in this world, or God’s residing in our hearts or God’s residing in different forms in this world, the sole purpose is to rectify our mentality. The sole purpose is to, He like to expose Himself to those who are ignoring Him. Or He is around here to remind us, ‘Oh! I exist, I exist do you remember Me? I am your very dear friend. Don’t you remember Me?’ So to remind us that He exists, to remind us that we all belong to Him, to remind us that we are spirit souls, parts and parcels of Him, to remind that you cannot be happy here.

He comes to give lessons. Happy happy we shall be when we learn our ABC! So sometimes the teachings of Krsna in the form of Bhagavad-gita, this is like a foundational knowledge. This ABC’s of the spiritual subject matters. So ABC doesn’t mean not very important. ABC is always important, whether it is a student doing just his KG. Before there was no KG.Now there is KG and this and that, all this going on. During our days, at least, I was part of village, there was not KG and LKG and this and that and so many things. In my village the parents would bring their children to the school and the teacher would ask, ‘how old is he?’‘He is six years old’. ‘No, too early![Laughter] Come next year’. At the age of seven they would admit children into the school. But now they are starting this education, so called education that teaches you the ways and means to ignore God, forget God. We don’t care for Him. You are God. Not exactly in those terms, we are the controllers of the environment. They don’t say we are God, but we are controller, that’s God. We are the enjoyers, that’s God. We are the exploiters, we are God. We are knowledgeable, we are God. This is God, controller, knowledgeable this and that. So this education, forget the God, compete with God. So this is ignorance.

So in this way on the name of knowledge what is taught is ignorance. Ignorance is cultivated. Everyday, we go to school, higher school and then overseas education also and layer upon layer upon layer, you are being distant from God, away from God. Closer to Maya that is away from God. Every step taken closer to Maya, that is another step away from God. Going in the midst of Maya so that Krsna cannot even access you. You are so absorbed and captured and bound by Maya that you don’t remember Krsna. You think you don’t need Krsna. ‘Oh who has seen Krsna, God?’
So this is education which is described in the Upanisada as ‘atmah’, the killer of the soul. The present education is killer of the soul. It kills soul, the spirit soul. The soul cannot be cut and killed, that is also our understanding. But atleast they try to cover, put cover on the soul, another layer, another package, another package with all the glitter of this existence, all the dazzling nature of the creation, and they want to be get attracted to that, like a moth, moth you know? Little creature called moth, he is attracted by the fire. And what happens? Svaha! He kills himself, commits suicide that way, his existence, the end of his existence as he is attracted by that glitter, dazzling. ‘The kingdom of God, without God’, this is Prabhupada’s statement, very famous statement. Everybody is busy creating kingdom of God without God. Why do we need God, what for? I am God. So kingdom of God without God!

So Krsna is kind. And He comes and He returns. He also stays here in the form of the Deities. Radha Govindadevaki Jai! Comes in the form of Radha Govindadeva, takes avatar, comes to stay in Noida. Lord makes His residence in Noida. Resident of Noida! He comes to Vrindavan, He is always there. That is another something to understand that in Vrindavan Lord resides eternally, even now. And that Vrindavan is not different from GolokaVrindavan. So He is residing and He comes and speaks, opens His heart, confidentially He speaks to Arjuna. But that speech was meant for everyone in this material world. He is addressing one person, but infactLord is thinking, every single, at least He is thinking of human, the souls in the human bodies, embodied. The soul is embodied by 8 million and four hundred thousandvarieties of bodies, embodied. Then the human body, embodied. Lord is thinking, at least, the humans are only party that is capable of understanding Krsna, understanding His message. So He spoke to Arjuna, but He meant to speak to each one of us. So then that speech is also made available to read everyday by newer and newer generation after generation after generation, they could read and hear and understand the message of the Lord.
So that kind Lord makes all these arrangements. Kind Lord also appears in the form of His Holy name. This is incarnation of the Lord.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna KrsnaKrsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama RamaRama Hare Hare!

This is Lord’s incarnation, avatar. He descends in this existence especially in this age of Kali in the form of Holy Name. What for? To communicate with us, to contact with us, to touch us, Lord wants to touch us. We could touch Him through the medium of this Holy name of the Lord. The soul could touch the Supreme soul. Supreme soul is Holy name. Supreme Soul, Supreme Personality of Godhead is- the Holy Name is Supreme Personality of Godhead. This Holy name is Bhagavan and the living entity isbhakta. Living entity, the spirit soul within this body is a bhakta and then bhakta and Bhagavan are connected. There is communication through bhakti, through devotion. As one chant with attention and with devotion, chants and hears, that is communication. That is yoga that is link, established.
So we are not behind the cause of this program. Don’t blame us. The parents were blaming, this Hare Krsna’s are the cause of distracting our children. No, this is Gods, Krsna’s. This is His arrangement amongst all those different arrangements we mentioned. He is advent to this world, and He is speaking Bhagavad Gita or He is appearing in the form of Deities, in the form of Holy Name. He also sends His devotes or He revives Krsna consciousness of spirit souls and they become devotees. When they become devotees, they understand, they further empowered by the Lord to convert others also to take this path, to others also become Krsna Conscious. Lord gives this inspiration. This is Lord’s arrangement. This is Lord’s mission. Not accident, but arrangement! This get together here is not accident. This is whole arrangement. Krsna is behind this. So Krsna is making the arrangements. He has also founded this Hare Krsna movement, International Society for Krsna Consciousness. It’s foundation, it’sexistence, it’s propagation which is taking place all over the world, this is all Krsna’s, Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s kind arrangement. Hare Krsna!
So we should not be held responsible. It is Krsna who is responsible. It is His arrangement.


He is the founding father of the Hare Krsna movement, inspiring empowering, directing the devotees, the leaders of Hare Krsna movement to contact or directing them to other souls. For especially to those souls whose time has come. This Hare Krsna idea’s time has come. The Hare Krsna movement in this from or other form always existent and it is existing now. Not that everybody could come this way or towards Hare Krsna way. Only some are going to come.

manusyanamsahasresukascidyatatisiddhaye[BG 7.3]

Out of thousands and thousands only handful are going to come in the direction of this Hare Krsna’s or Radha Krsna’s.

The reason being why only those, because their time has come or they have gone through.

bahunamjanmanam ante gyanavan mam prapadyate
vasudevamsarvamitisa mahatma sudurlabhah [BG 7.19]

Krsna says. So those who are coming to Krsna now, they had been coming from previous many lives, they had been coming and coming closer closercloser and now closest, right there. So there are the paths. This is revolution of consciousness. This is revolution, elevation in Krsna Consciousness also. So those who are elevated their time has come and they are going to take this Krsna Consciousness.

So Srila Prabhupada, Srila Prabhupadaki jai! He started this, Founder Acarya of International Society for Krsna Consciousness, does preaching in India also. And he was appealing to the parents, ‘Oh how many children you have?’‘I have five children’. ‘Give me one’ [Laughter]. Those days five or even dozens they were allowed. Having dozens children, normal thing! Now ‘ham do hamareeak (one)’, Oh!Not even do(two)! They used to write behind the scooter ‘ham do hamare do’. But there was time ‘astaputrasaubhagyavati’, may you have eight children. So during Prabhupada time, there 100 or 150 years ago, there was no limit and there was no need of limit. There was lot of supply. Krsna or Krsna’s earth, Bhumi was providing, Vasundhara, means the holder or bearer of the wealth, vasu means wealth, Vasundhara. Earth is still holding but not releasing that wealth in different forms. She is not happy with her offspring’s. We are children of earth, Dharati Mata, mother earth is not happy with us, so she is not releasing or hiding the wealth, holding on.

Like cow, sometimes there is milk in the udder of the cow, but specially there is no calf. Calf is taken away. They don’t let calf to drink the milk, enjoy the milk. The human beings instead of feeding the calf, the calf not getting the due share, quota, they banned the calf from drinking. They want to drink, they want to exploit. Cow is not very happy with this strategy, so that time although there is milk, she doesn’t let it go. She holds on to the milk. This is example. Likewise the earth has all the riches, all the wealth, but not happy with the quality of her children or their consciousness, their attitude is not very good. They are trying to exploit her. Anyways that is another topic, I don’t want to open up.

Cutting the forest, as like making the earth naked.This forests are like, sometimes poet describes, it is like a sari, mother earth is wearing sari. Look at the embroidery, nice beautiful, varieties of flowers, and this that. This cutting trees, deforestation, this is very similar to attempt of Dushasan to disrobe Draupadi. And the outcome off course was Dushasan lost his life for that attempt trying to disrobeDraupadi, intention of enjoying, exploiting. So that is also happening with mother earth, because our attitude towards mother earth is not right. Trying to exploit, enjoy, spoil, and as a result earth is developing some temperature, global warming. 4 degrees increased. So she has developed fever and not happy with her children, that’s why she is not supplying. Otherwise there is no shortage. She has all the riches in the stock.

So Srila Prabhupada, the founder of this Hare Krsna movement, he was approaching parents, oh! you have five children. Give me one! But no one even gave one son in India. He approached so many ladies and gentlemen. No one responded. Then He was also advertising when he was in Jhansi, the advertisement in newspapers, ‘Students wanted! Young man wanted! I will train them. I will make them brahmanas, the men of better qualities.’

[Coughing sound] You cannot do anything about what I am going through. Just bare with me.So he wanted some youngsters to step forward, join him and he also wanted them to send all over the world to propagate the truth, preach the culture of Bharat varsa and Krsna consciousness, Bhagavat dharma, you could give different names. He wanted to propagate this Holy name, but there was no response. And then of course he was asked or ordered by his spiritual master, go to the west and preach Krsna consciousness in English language there. That is what he ultimately did. He was preparing, lifetime in preparation. Almost 80%of his life he prepared and then he went to the west and he propagated Krsna consciousness there. And there was very good response there. There was no need to approach the parents, please give me your son or give me your daughter. Because so many sons and daughters of American soil, they had abandoned their parents. They had left their parents [laughter]. They were wandering aimlessly, looking for alternative. They had everything at their disposal to enjoy. They had the kingdom of God, residential palaces. They were residing in palaces, gardens, cars and what not. You could dream and that was there. But none of it satisfied them. Matter cannot satisfy the soul, the spirit. Spirit cannot be satisfied with the matter. You cannot feed the matter to the soul. The souls were starving. Souls are souls, whether the souls are in Indian body or American body or whoever body. Souls are souls. You could only feed spirit to the spirit. You cannot feed matter to the spirit.

So they were looking out. ‘Is there any way out? Is this the way life is?’ And they were all frustrated,looking beyond that kingdom of God. ‘Is there any other kingdom? Is this the only kingdom? Is there something beyond, something better, some alternative?’ and then around the time, when they were looking, the time had come for so many souls. Souls in American bodies, their time had come to find the Supreme Spirit, to find the God, meet God, to get connected with the God. Their time had come. Nothing mundane was making them happy. Srila Prabhupada presented Krsna consciousness. And then as a result they all became happy. Even hippies became happies. Some of you don’t know what is hippy. Which I will not explain, but the other day, on morning walk, one of you, I don’t know who, when I mentioned,‘These hippies became happies’. The bhakta said, ‘what is hippy? What do you mean by hippy?’ Travelling, that is from another generation. Good that you don’t know. You don’t have to know. Not of good thing to know, what is hippy. But hippies became happies, and that much you could know.

Then so many American boys and girls were joining Srila Prabhupada, thentheir parents were not happy with what was happening to their children. And there was a court case in New York, big case against Hare Krsna movement, against this Swami, Indian Swami. He has brainwashed our children. Brain washing charges against Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada! He has brain washed. Anyway Prabhupada’s one response was, ‘well you made their brains dirty, and I did the washing. What is a charge? Why are you penalizing me? You should be rewarding me for this brain washing that I did. I did cleansing job.’

Of course those parents were not the first ones to accuse Mahatma or a devotee. Daksha had done the same thing, long long time ago. When Narada Muni had done the preaching, NaradA Muni preached to ten thousand sons of Daksha. Daksha means expert and he was expert in producing children. He was Prajapati. That was his duty to produce lots of children. So when Narada Muni did the talking preaching program and Narada Muni also was accused by Daksha. He was calling all ill names, bad names. This is in Bhagavatam, description you can read. And ultimately Daksha also cursed Narada Muni, ‘I curse you.’ And what is the curse? Daksha said, ‘I curse you, so that you cannot stay at one place more than three days.’ And when Narada Muni heard this, he said, ‘this is not a curse. This is blessing. I am very happy. Thank you! Thank You! Now I could go to more places. From place to place to place I could go chanting the glories of the Lord. I thank you for such a curse.’

So Srila Prabhupada also used to say that, everytime Srila Prabhupada went to stay in temples, there were nice arrangement for Prabhupada’s stay, nice quarters for Prabhupada. And then he used to say, ‘because your parents have cursed me I also cannot stay in one place more than few days, although nice arrangements. I could have stayed longer but your parents have cursed me like Daksha had cursed, ‘only three days’’. And then Srila Prabhupada wanted to stay in one place and write his books but he used to say to his disciples or senior disciples, ‘now I want to transfer that curse unto you. That curse you may also travel more and more so that I could stay. I transfer the curse so that I could stay at one place and can write books’. This was his vision.

Anyway this, I was rememberinganother gentleman, one time Prabhupada was travelling on a train and one gentleman he was traveling with his son and he was approaching Srila Prabhupada, ‘Swamiji, please bless my son?’ Every now and then he would come with the son, ‘please bless my son, please bless my son’. And Prabhupada decided to bless his son. He said ‘give your son to me’. Then this gentleman took his son away, to some other compartment or at the end of train, in the last coach. And he never again approached Srila Prabhupada, otherwise he was just bothering, please bless my son. Please bless my son.

So parents also don’t know what is a blessing? Anyway it is good to know that the alternative is there. The whole world is busy, the government is busy, the education system is busy just presenting one alternative, mundane, materialistic approach, mundane kind of kingdom of God. So one should know that there are some other alternative? Something else also exists. Does another kingdom exist? This is only life style or there is alternative? Are there only cinema songs or there other kind of, Hare Krsna songs, some other kind songs also exists? Does only illusion exists or does truth also exists? So good to know preferably at the beginning of our life to know this. Then there is alternative, this alternative. Then you take a pick. Then you have a choice. Right now, the material world is not offering you any, materialistic leaders or parents and educational ministers, they are not offering any alternative. ‘This is it. This is it’.

But then Krsna very kindly is making offer of this other alternative. ‘Hey I exist. Not only Maya exists, I exist. I am here. Haribol! Look at me’. Not at me, look at Krsna! Sleeping souls wake up. Is sleeping only is alternative? Waking up! Alternative is there. So on the behalf of Krsna, there are some other parties also, but Hare Krsna party, Hare Krsna movement is adding this dimension, making this other alternative available. You should be very much exposed to this. You are made aware of this alternative, the reality, the truth, spiritual life, the Supreme spirit or the connection with Him. So that is what basically this Hare Krsna movement is doing with all the age groups. Especially our ISKCON youth forum is catering to the young generation. So the other party, the government or parents all of them together are making one presentation, one offer, one alternative. And here is another alternative on behalf of Krsna, God, devotees, acaryas, Bhagavad-gita is also there. Vrindavanis also there. There is also Krsna Prasad, not just muttonamchickenam. You try this out. Try this food, food for soul. Here is a food for soul. Your soul is starving. Your soul is thirsty. Your soul is hungry and then angry also when frustration comes. And then Hare Krsna’s come, Krsna Prasad, try this out. This satisfies the soul. Person becomes satisfied, person becomes peaceful by Krsna Prasad and chanting Hare Krsna. You should also feel Krsna Consciousness.
So once you have both alternatives, both options then you could choose. Take a pick, as they say. Then you could make decision. You are well informed. Not kept in darkness about other alternative. And you could take decision. Chose and it is not again about joining full time. That’s if they are willing, welcome. Krsna welcomes them. But the others could live whole life, but Krsna conscious life, which is good for them, good for their wife, good for their children, good for the family, the society, the country, humanity at large, that kind of life style. You continue your job. Get married, become family man. So that is also there. You know what is what. Keeping Krsna in the center, Krsna in or on the mind, you live life. Brahmachariasram is there, also there is Grihasthaasram.

Brahmacariasram is in the temple. We also have grihasthas in temple. They are full time, married men, but they are full time, or they continue their jobs, continue their family life near the temple, but lead a Krsna conscious family life and support or participate Krsna consciousness or propagate Krsna consciousness with their own capacity.

So is there any question or comment, otherwise we are happy. So far we had only one Base. Someone was calling it student hostel, ‘Hare Krsna student hostel’. We had one of them for all these years and expansion is signed of progress. So we are multiplying from one to two student hostels, bases or voices. There are different names. We had NityanandaKutir and now we have Caitanya Kutir, Haribol! So more the merry! We are happy that things are expanding, progressing. Numbers are multiplying. So we welcome this Base, called Caitanya kutir. Who is going to stay here? Only four, or they are busy else where? One has gone to office already. Okay, so you have enough numbers, eight! So you have lot of space here. Anything upstairs? Just this floor! Lot of space here and no one around [laughter]But they are not very far. They are behind you, in front of you. Don’t create kind of agitation or disturbance to neighbors. Bible says, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Don’t hate them.

Any question, comment, any reporting, anything else?

Question:-Is the number of souls constant?
Answer: Number of souls, should be. Parts and parcels of the Lord are sanatan means eternal. They existed in the past. They are existing now and they will continue to exist. From this word meaning we could assume that number is constant. They come from spiritual sky, from spiritual world to material world some come, they get lost. They get illusioned, they come here. And some of the souls from here, they are going back to Krsna, Krsnaloka. So that two way traffic is there. Then from one universe they could also go to the next universe, near by neighboring universe. There are innumerable universes. There suppose to be 4,00,000 varieties of human species. Where are they? Some we are. They could also be in higher planets in same universe, some Yakshas and gandharvas, different devatas and vanaras. Vanara, is this nara, is he human, that is vanara meaning. Kimpurusa, there is kimpurusa, are they purusas? So other universes, so it seems the numbers are fluctuating, changing.

Question – How can we enter in Vrindavan as we know that we cannot enter in GolokaVrindavan in spiritual body?
Answer:- Krsna is kind. Krsna appears in the form of Deity. Otherwise we could not see, with our eyes we do not see the form of the Lord. What to do? Lord appears in the form of archavigraha that we could see. So likewise Krsna allows us to enter in this Vrindavan. But again just physically bringing your body to Vrindavan,is not the way to enter in Vrindavan. May be you not enter in Vrindavan, you think you have entered in Vrindavan. But there is a big question, whether you have reached Vrindavan, entered in Vrindavan. Prabhupada used to say, ‘we cannot travel to or enter into Vrindavan by car or by train or by plane. You should enter Vrindavan in the way, who was it?- the way Akrura entered Vrindavan’. Of course he was in Mathura. From Mathura he went to Vrindavan. The kind of consciousness he had, the way he was thinking of Krsna, of Vrindavan, his devotion, he was very very eager to meet Krsna. This is whole attitude, this whole consciousness, so that’s the way to enter in Vrindavan.

There are ten offenses against Holy Dham, as there are ten offenses against Holy Name, ‘dasanamaaparadha, dasadhamaaparadha’. So there is a list. So if you are offending dhama then you cannot enter, so avoid dhamaaparadha then you can enter. The first dhamaaparadha- those who reveal dhama unto you, those who introduce dhamaunto you, if you offend them then you have offended dhama also. Like that, although you may be thinking that you are in there, but you are out of there. You are not in there. So like that, different things to do and not to do, to become adhikari to become eligible, eligibility to enter Vrindavan.

Question:-Earlier you were saying that Krsna is the cause of all causes. Means that everything is done by Krsna only. Should we blame Krsna for the thing happened in our life? Should we blame Krsna as Krsna is the cause of all causes?

Answer: – Those things that happened, those things are reminder that Krsna exists, but this is not the place for us to be. This is not the place to be enjoyed. To get those reminders, when some people say why do the bad things happen to good person like me? Why bad things happen? But sometimes, or lot of time, those bad things are good. If bad things would not happen, if everything good would happen to you in this world, you will never think of going, leaving this world.

KuntiMaharani she prays, Kunti, mother of Pandavas

bhavatodarsanamyatsyadapunarbhava-darsanam [SB 1.8.25]

Please send me calamities, send me bad things. As if they had not enough, Pandavas were already, so many happenings to them, so many troubles. Send more, send more! Send more difficulties, more troubles, because then we will remember You. We will come to You, please help, help, protect, protect, Krsna protect. And the result of this is apunarbhavadarsanam, then we do not have to take darsana of this world again, we don’t have to enter in this world again. Send difficulties; send difficulties and when there are difficulties, we run to You. We will come to You. We will have Your darsana, then we will not have to take darsana of this world again. This is the strategy of Kunti Maharani. Krsna is all good. He never does anything bad to us. He is our well wisher. He is loving father and friend.

One king while he was doing hunting, he lost his finger and he was blaming, why God did this to me? He was blaming God for losing the forest. And then in the same forest, the Kali temple, and they were looking for human to be sacrificed, slaughtered for the pleasure of this Durga. So they were going around, searching and they found this king. And they dragged him to this Kali temple, and the priests before making offering to Kali, they were checking up the body of this person. Is he wholesome or some defects, something missing? And while searching, they found one finger is missing. He said, ‘No,this is not fit offering, send him away’. You get the point? So first time when he lost the finger, he did not understand, why did the God did this to me? But then he realized, ‘Thank you God, thank you. I just lost my finger. They would have cut my throat. Thank you’. So like that also those connections are there.

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