Krsna’s Madhur lila in Vrndavan


Krsna’s Madhur lila in Vrndavan

Date: 19 Jan 2017
Venue: Pandharpur

“pasya pasya vayasyams te matr-mrstan svalankrtan
tvam ca snatah krtaharo viharasva svalankrtah” (S.B. 10.11.19)

pasya pasya- just see, just see; vayasyan-boys of Your age; te- Your; matr-mrstan-cleansed by their mothers; su-alankrtan-decorated with nice ornaments; tvam ca – You also; snatah- after taking a bath; krta-aharah- and eating Your lunch; viharasva- enjoy with them; su-alankrtah- fully decorated like them.

Translation and short purport by Srila Prabhupada ki jai!!


Just see how all Your playmates of Your own age have been cleansed and decorated with beautiful ornaments by their mothers. You should come here, and after You have taken your bath, eaten Your lunch and been decorated with ornaments, You may play with Your friends again.


Generally young boys are competitive. If one friend has done something, another friend also wants to do something. Therefore mother Yashoda pointed out how Krsna’s playmates were decorated, so that Krsna might be induced to decorate Himself like them.

“pasya pasya vayasyams te matr-mrstan svalankrtan
tvam ca snatah krtaharo viharasva svalankrtah”

There is no objection for your playing but not now. Now is the time for eating. Nanda baba is waiting for You. Look! Look!’, this is mother Yashoda addressing her child. She is bringing to her child’s attention. He is not God for her, He is just a child for her.

The way other mothers also would deal with their children, Yashoda also deals with her two sons. Two Lords, they have become two sons. One is of course her own son, Sri Krsna. And son of Rohini, Rohinandana Balaram. It is something that we, I also experienced this, going through this (laughs). My mother also coming with a stick. And as the rule goes, children must play.

‘bala avasta krida sakta’

All children all over the world wherever they are, children must play. And here, God, the Lord who has become a child, what is He most interested in? Playing! And they would like to play and play and go on with their play. If they are not stopped, interrupted, they would go on. If demon would not come, they would just keep playing even forget the lunch. That is why demon has to come and interrupt His play. And then, time for lunch, we have to take our lunch.

So that is in the forest. When Krsna grows up here, He is still in Gokula. He is not cowherd boy yet. He is spending time playing with His friends.

So we also did the same thing. We used to play and play and play. Then our mothers would come. My mother would also come and call, ‘Hey Raghu! Or Ragya! (Laughter), Ramya, this goes on in Maharashtra. Nice name, Rama becomes Ramya, Raghu becomes Ragya. And if we did not respond to that call, mothers would come closer, hold our ears and, ‘You had been playing!’ and exact same thing what Yashoda is saying here. The way she is dealing, our mothers also dealt like that. I don’t know the West? Your mothers also? You used to play? How come? You are not Hindu. You would play football?! (Laughter) We were playing chini dandu (sport played in the rural areas).

When I went to America, Europe first time, I used to think that American children must not be playing. They must be scientist from the childhood days, serious and looking through their microscopes and telescopes. But that was not the case. I landed at JFK and driving to the temple in New York. On the way, there was a school and school ground. And I saw children. What were they doing? They were playing! I was surprised. American children and playing!! This is the arrangement. This also proves that there is but one creator. And there is but one governing rule. If you are a child, you play. Sankaracharya, in fact, he made these observations.

‘bala avasta krida sakta yuva avasta taruni raktah vrudha avasta chinta magnah’

‘avasta’ means your age or stage in your life. If you are ‘bala avasta’, if you are child, you play. Yuva avasta, you are grown up then ‘taruni raktah’, you are attracted by opposite sex. Man looking at woman. Woman looking at man. This also happens in America? All the time!! So same rule, the same Lord.

‘mayadhyaksena prakriti suyate sa-caracaram’ (B.G 9.10)

This is, I am the superintendent and I make all the rules. And when you are old, you are full of anxiety, ‘chinta magnah’. And that must also be happening in Japan or China or Canada or Brazil. The age of Kali is in your country also? They may say, ‘No, no, no! We are not Hindus. Kali is for you not us. But Kali is everywhere. The age of kali is for the whole world. One who takes birth, he must die, Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita. So Westerners may think, ‘This is your God’s statement. This is from Bhagavad Gita. But we are not Hindus. We don’t have to follow this. We don’t agree with this.’ But they are forced to agree. They all must die and they all do die. So this is universal principle, it is not India limited or Hindus only.

‘catur varnyam maya srstam’ (B.G 4.13)

The four varnas, there is observation. It doesn’t take much to come to this conclusion. In every country, every nation, you’ll find the brahminical. They may not be studying Bhagavatam but studying Bible. Every country has some kings and administrators, that is ksatriya. And the whole world is busy with the businesses. So that’s vaisya or they are dealing with the cows. Unfortunately, they are dealing with the cows, instead of drinking cow’s milk, they drink cow’s blood, in a negative way. And the sudras are everywhere. Russia is full of sudras. So is of course India and the whole world.

‘kalau sudra sambhava’

Kalau means the age of kali. ‘Sudra sambhava’ means there would be sudras everywhere in the age of Kali. So, Kali is everywhere. Kali was asked, ‘you stay, you reside where there is meat eating.’ So they may not know this Kali, name term. But kali is doing its business. He is in business everywhere. So where there is meat eating that means kali is there. Intoxication, kali is there. Illicit sex, that’s kali’s residence, domain. And then gambling. Right there in the church they play bingo. ‘Thou shall not kill’, Bible says. But they are all killing that’s kali. Kali gets you to kill. And then they do not follow bible as it is. There is interpretation. ‘Oh killing, Thou shall not murder. Now the New Testament, the interpretation, ‘Thou shall not kill’ is to be replaced with “Thou shall not murder.”

‘Thou shall not murder’ means you should not kill human beings but you could kill everyone else, animals included. But ‘Thou shall not kill’ is replaced by ‘Thou shall not murder’ getting their license to kill animals. Human beings are human beings everywhere. All the laws made by the Lord are also everywhere.

When I was just a child I knew, it’s not only India exist but there are other countries which also have human beings. But I did not know what they look like. What they do or are they similar to us or they are very much different. Then for the first time, I saw some documentary, some Western countries and Western people. And I was surprised! They look just like me! Two hands and they had head also (Laughter). In that documentary, I saw and I heard a lady crying. I knew ladies cry. But I was thinking only Indian ladies must be crying. Why women overseas, rich countries, modern people, educated, they must not be crying. In the documentary I saw and heard women crying. And everything was confirmed. We all people wherever we are, we are very much alike.

So talking of children, when Krsna has become child, He is also acting as a child. Children they love to play. That’s what Krsna is doing here. The mothers are always concern about their children. They must eat. Look at your cloths, all dirty.

‘dhuli-dhusaritangas tvam putra majjanam avaha’

That was yesterday, look your cloths are all dirty and my mother used to slap. ‘Look! I just washed these cloths yesterday. You were given these clean and washed cloths but just look!’ She would dragged me to home and dumped me in well, washed me. Or get some bucket, pull water from the well and pour on my head.

So when great God, God is great- we hear; proprietor of everything and full of six opulences. When He plays these human like pastimes, they become very very interesting. So childhood pastimes of all the pastimes, they are very very attractive, very appealing. As we hear, the greatness of God becomes even greater as that ‘mahan’ Bhagavan becomes ‘lahan’. The great becomes small and begins playing. Lord cannot enjoy these kinds of pastimes in Vaikuntha. He does not even take birth in Vaikuntha. There is no mother for Him in Vaikuntha. You will find only Lakshmi Narayana. Visnus and the Lakshmis are massaging the feet of the Lord. So Lord is missing this. He likes to have some mother, ‘me too, me too, I want, mother I want, I want father, I want friends, I want some lovers.’ And to experience all this, for His experience becomes complete, wholesome, Lord descends. ‘sambhavami yuge yuge’

He descends and He takes birth, Lord takes birth and He has father and mother. Then He has friends, children in the neighbourhood become His friends. And as He grows up, there are gopis, yet another relationships, another kind of life.

So all these dimensions are added in Krsna’s pastimes in Vrndavana. In Vaikuntha only dasya bhava- only servants. There are no friends, no parents. And He is there only with Lakshmi, that’s all, He is married. But Lord is great and unlimited also. How could He just have only one wife?

So in Vrndavan,


In Vaikuntha, there is only one Lakshmi. One Lord, one Lakshmi, one Narsimha, one Lakshmi. And one Varaha, one Lakshmi. One Narayana, one Lakshmi. One Sri Rama, one Sita. Sita is also like Lakshmi. But in Vrndavana, how many Lakshmis?


Hundred multiplied by thousands multiplied by like that, those many Lakshmis. There is one Lakshmi in Vaikuntha, so much opulence. But then Vrndavana has thousands of Lakshmis.

And then He also has thousands of parents. Officially just one father, one mother. There are two sets. One father and mother in Mathura, Vasudev and Devaki. Father and mother Vrndavana side. But in Vrndavana, all the ladies, elderly ladies, there are two kinds of ladies. Young ladies, young girls, cowherd girls and then elderly already married elderly ladies. So young girls are His beloved gopis. They are Lakshmis. And all elderly ladies are mothers. They would like to have Krsna as their son. They were always praying,’ I wished I had son like Krsna.’ And He has so many friends also, so many parents, so many beloved gopis, lakshmis. God is great. Right there! He must be God. He has so many many many friends. Unlimited number of friends Lord has. He comes down and He has experienced of so many friends. ‘So many friends I have. So many parents I have.’

Because all those ladies were wishing, ‘I wish I had Krsna like son.’ And Lord reads their mind. ‘I know I know you mother, I know what are you thinking. You like to have son like me. I know I know.’ And then Krsna arranges that also. ‘Okay you could have Me.’ He gets Brahma to come down. All the friends are stolen. And Krsna becomes all the friends. All the friends as many friends there were and they were stolen. Those many friends Krsna becomes. And when they return to their respective homes and everyone loves Krsna including cows. Whole Vraja loves and serves Krsna. The water is also Krsna conscious. The milk is Krsna conscious as you know. And that milk which was being boiled on the oven and Krsna was drinking the breast milk of Yashoda.

‘yasoda ca maha-bhaga papau yasyah stanam harih’ (S.B 10.8.46)

What a great good fortune of Yashoda this is. And as that was going on, Krsna was drinking breast milk of Yashoda, then that milk which was being boiled in the kitchen, that milk was thinking, “Oh! He is going to fill up His belly with the breast milk. And He is not going to drink us today. What good is life? What good is our existence, my existence?! Milk is thinking, ‘If Krsna doesn’t drink me, I don’t get opportunity to serve Krsna so I better give up my life. I’ll commit suicide.’ And how I would do that? Fire is right there. So I’ll jump out of the pot and burn myself in the fire. And milk was about to do that, all flooding and some suicide was beginning. And Yashoda had taken note, she just threw Krsna on the floor and ran into the kitchen to save the life of that milk. So the milk is Krsna conscious. The clouds are Krsna conscious.

Yashoda would like Krsna to take umbrella. Krsna says, “no no, umbrella for me? No! Cows don’t have umbrella. How could I carry umbrella?” “No, no, no they are cows. You take one.” But Krsna insist, ‘First you get umbrella for cows. Every cow must have an umbrella. Then I’ll take one Myself also. But the difficulty is, the cows have only legs, no hands to hold an umbrella.” Then Krsna says, ‘ you also need one person next to the cows holding an umbrella over the cows.’ So where would Yashoda get so many umbrellas and so many men to hold that umbrellas. So she gave up that idea. But as Krsna goes into the forest, the clouds are in the sky. And they wanted to serve Krsna. How does cloud serve? He spreads. The cloud becomes an umbrella. Wherever Krsna is going herding His cows or playing, he is up there in the sky also watching the pastimes of Krsna and serving also at the same time. So whole Vraja is serving.

So here when Brahma had stolen friends of Krsna. Krsna becomes all those friends. And they are all returning to respective homes. Brahma not only stole Krsna’s friends but Brahma also had stolen all the calves. Krsna also becomes all those calves. So Krsna has become friends. Krsna also becomes calves. So they all returned. The friends go to their homes. The calves go into the goshalas. And now those calves are drinking their mother cow’s milk. Now who is drinking the milk? These cows are also thinking, ‘would Krsna ever come to milk us’. Normally the milk is in the buckets, pots and then it’s boiled, later on He drinks. But it would be best if Krsna would personally come to goshala and drink our milk directly like our calves drink. Would He ever do that? Oh! when would that day be mine? When would that day come? The cows are also thinking. Cows are like mothers. Cows have affection for the calves. That is called vatsalya bhava. ‘vatsa’ means calf and the cows affection for or towards the calf, that whole dealing, reciprocation, that bhava, cow’s bhava, cows’ thoughts and feelings, that is called vatsalya. Vatsalya bhava, cow’s feelings for the calf.

That is how the mothers, ladies thought for their children. This is also termed as vatsalya bhava. But the original vatslya is cow’s feelings for the calf. So here for entire one year, everyday the calf of each cow was drinking milk. And that was none other than Krsna. For whole year He was drinking. And cows were enjoying. They were happy, more happy than ever before. This was very special time. And the mothers in each home, they had Krsna as their son. And their affection for those sons during that one year was on rise, was increasing day by day, everyday more.

They had more affection for their own children. They were thinking their own children but we know. They didn’t know. We know more than they did (Laughter) that was Krsna. Our acharyas explain this in the commentaries that this one year was special. Before the commencement of that one year, the ladies of course made distinction, ‘This is my son. This is that gopi’s son. And that one is the other lady’s son. And this is Yashoda’s son, Krsna.’ They were making these distinctions, my son, their son. But during that one year period as days and months were passing by, there was a time in their life, they were not able to make any more distinction. This is my son, this is that lady’s son. This is Yashoda’s son. They were experiencing, this is the same person. My son is equal to that lady’s son is equal to that other lady’s son is equal to even including Yashoda’s son. There is no difference. So indirectly they were given that understanding, this is Krsna. So they were aspiring to have Krsna as their son or Krsna like son. But who is Krsna like? Only Krsna is Krsna like. There is one like Krsna. So Krsna had to become their son. So Krsna fulfilled the desire of the cows, fulfilled the desire of all those elderly ladies.

Also, we hear ladies and gentlemen with their young daughters now of their marriageable age, they were also thinking, ‘We wish we would get Krsna like husband for our daughters.’ All the parents were thinking, ‘Oh! I wish I wish my daughter would get married to Krsna. So during this one year, they were making announcements, “ If you have daughters who should be married by now, go ahead marry them. Shubh muhurta, it is very auspicious time, auspicious moments. Go for it, marry your daughters. This is marriage season. Marry your daughters. So they are getting married to who? All those young boys in Vrndavana, They were Krsnas. So all the girls also got Krsna as their husband. Cows had Krsna as their calves. And the ladies had Krsna as their sons. Everyone had a good time during that one year. Krsna fulfilled everyone’s desire.

The Yamala-Arjuna trees had just now being uprooted. And as they collapsed, there was a big bang, big sound, dust storm causing darkness everywhere. Everyone was scared, ‘Where is Krsna? Is He still alive?’ They were worried about everybody in general but especially Krsna. Vraja vasis, Gokula vasis, they are all Krsna conscious.

So Sukadeva Goswami had not even completed, he was in the middle of that pastime. And they would be finding out that Krsna is safe and they are going to call emergency meeting, all the vraja vasis. That was going to happen next, one after the other. Yamala Arjuna trees fall and dust storm and then, ‘We have to find some solution to these terrorist attacks.’ Putana came, there was Trnavarta and Shaktavarta. And this happened. There is no end to this, we have to do something. So with that aim in mind, they are going to get together. But before that get together, Sukadava Goswami just in the middle squeezed in some childhood pastimes. They are quiet irrelevant here. They should not be fitting here. He should just have continued. There is emergency and then ishtagoshti. Nanda baba, Upananda and Abhinanda and Nandananda. They are five bothers. Nanda Maharaj had four brothers including Nanda. That is five children of Parjanya Maharaj. Parjanya Maharaj is the father of Nanda and others.

So in between Sukadeva Goswami has some nectarean childhood pastimes. Just little sampling of dealings with Krsna and Balaram. How would Gopis deal and tease Krsna. ‘You want butter?’’ They are tall ladies. They are holding butter. If you jump reach the butter, then you could have it.’ Then Krsna has to jump. They make their hands go higher and higher and He has to jump higher and higher and His mouth is watering.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, this is what He has to go through. He is supposed to be controller of anything and everything. Not even a blade of grass moves without His sanction. But in order to get some butter in some gopi’s hand, He has to jump and cry. So that makes the relationships so sweet, sweet dealings. So that supremacy of Vaikuntha, isvara bhava, aishvarya of Vaikuntha is not there in Vrndavana. There is Madhurya in Vrndavana and audarya in Mayapur, Aishvarya in Vaikuntha.

So all the pastimes in Vrndavana are madhur lila,

‘adharam madhuram madhura dipati akhilam maduram’

All the things are so sweet in Vrndavana. So those sweet things, the lilas of Krsna are madhur in Vrndavana- lila madhurya. Lord Sri Krsna in Vrndavana is known for four kinds of madhurya which is not found anywhere else outside Vrndavana, not even in Mathura, not even in Dwarka, forget in Vaikuntha. It is found only in Vrndavana. And lila madhurya is one of them. Then venu madhurya is whole venu geet. What is the third one? Rupa madhurya-His beauty. And then prema madhurya- His loving dealings.

Shiva has 55 qualities, add five more and that becomes Visnu. Visnu has 60 qualities. But Krsna has 64. So additional 4 qualities not found in any Personality of Godhead, not even in Sri Rama.

‘nanavataram akarod bhuvanesu kintu’

So many avataras, expansions, plenary portions, portions of the plenary portions.

‘advaitam acyutam anadim ananta rupam’

Ananta forms are there but only Sri Krsna amongst all of them has these 4 additional features, full of madhurya, full of sweetness. As the result, because Sri Krsna resides in Vrndavana,

‘goloka namni nija dhamni tale ca tasya’

In Gokula, Vrndavana Krsna resides so this dham becomes very special dham. So no Personality of Godhead is equal to.

‘mattah parataram nanyat kincid asti dhananjaya’ (B.G 7.7)

He already said that. So as no one is equal to Sri Krsna, no dham is equal to Vrndavana dham.

The greatness of dham depends of dhami- the Lord of that dham. As great is the Lord of that dham, that great is dham. So Krsna is the greatest, so dham is also the greatest means madhurya dham. That sweetness of Vrndavana is shared and distributed in Mayapur by same Krsna. He becomes Sri Krsna Caitanya and then,

“ krsna prema pradayate, krsnaya krsna caitanya namne gaura tvise namah”

Lord becomes magnanimous. Audarya means the magnanimity. Lord becomes most magnanimous and shares the most nectarean pastimes. And He shares Radha Krsna also. He shares Vrndavana. All that is revealed, something that is most confidential in Vrndavana and it is concealed in Vrndavana, it is revealed in Mayapur by Mahaprabhu, by Krsna Himself.

So dham becomes audarya dham, the magnanimous dham. And Pancha Tattvas, they are sharing, plundering and taking, giving out Krsna prema. Do not fear, take this.

I had gone to Bankura to get the deities of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. One hand up and one hand in the front. And I asked the carver what’s the meaning of one hand up and one hand in the front? He explained and his explanation made sense to me. He said, Lord says, ‘ Do not fear and come here, come near, oh dear and take this.’ One hand in front, take this Krsna prema pradayate. Come here and take this nectar.’ He is giving and handing out Krsna. Krsna is giving Krsna in the form of the holy name also.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Krsna is transformed into holy name and making Lord into holy name and He is distributed, take this. There is no difference between the form and the name.

So the form is transformed into the name, mantra murti- murti means form, mantra form. In the form of Hare Krsna, Lord is shared by Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

There is so much to say, thinking of something else and that never happens. We got distracted-transcendental distraction. And we took another path. We are governed like that. We just surrender and flow wherever it takes us, we just follow.

Any question,

Question (1) : It is also described some of the devotees, they take the form of demons in the spiritual sky. They are not demons but they take the form.

Answer: Yes. Some devotees, they become demons in spiritual sky. Then there is something like killing, like a drama. Here also Jaya and Vijaya. Because Lord also likes wrestling, battling. So He wants to enjoy, relish that spirit, that rasa. So who He will be battled with? So He makes His Jaya Vijaya, His doorkeepers become demons. They play the role of powerful demons. Lord would not battle with small tiny demon. They have to be very very powerful. So He transforms His own devotees, the gate keeper devotees into demon and then He is battling, fighting with them. He appears three times. Varaha Narsingha that is one, to battle one time. Then He appears as Sri Rama and Lakshman. Kumbhakaran and Ravan are killed. Then He appears as Sri Krsna and He killed Sishupal and Dhantavakra. They should have gone by that time. They had to appear only three times. But as they got the news that Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Lord is going to appear as Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and exhibit very sweet pastimes, so those Jaya Vijaya, they extended their visa (Laughter). And they stayed on till the beginning of the age of Kali. Let the Lord appear. We don’t want to miss this nectar. Just being at the gate with the stick and gun, that’s boring. Let us enjoy. So they stayed on. So Jagai and Madhai. Lord Nityananda, they also battled with Him. Kali yuga style battle. Of course Lord had come with the sudarshana but then Nityananda, ‘No, no. this is the age of Kali.’ Then the sudarshana was made to disappear. And then he used the Holy Name weapon, the humility weapon, the kindness weapon. Killing with love as they say. Sometimes you kill somebody with love.

Question (2): When the real boys came back after one year from the cave, the gopis were married. So how do they explain that?

Answer: They were not married, Krsna was married. Boys in the cave, they remain brahmacari. Only those who were in the field and those boys were Krsna. The marriage has taken place with Krsna. In each home there is Krsna. So all these young daughters were married with Krsna. You could ask so many related questions.

When Krsna had to return from Dwarka because He had promise to Nanda Maharaj. Then the parents were thinking, ‘We wished we had married our daughters with Krsna. He was in Mathura for long time. Instead of returning from Mathura. He went to Dwarka for long long time. We were compelled to marry our daughters. And we have married our daughters not with Krsna but with some other gopas, some other young men. But we wished we had married our daughters with Krsna. If He had come back and stayed on in Vrndavana or returned to Vrndavana earlier, we could have married. But He took long long time and then we were forced to get our daughters married. And thinking this way, all the residents and the elderly ladies and gentlemen, they were full of lamentation.

And this time Paurnamasi, Yoga maya, she gathered all the residence of Vrndavana together. And there is a special demonstration. She wants to prove that, ‘No, no your daughters are not married. There is confusion. They think they are married. Yoga maya said, ‘No, no. They are not married.’ So she invites Durvasa Muni and she asks durvasa Muni to undergo severe austerity quickly, very intense fast one. Crash course kind of austerity. That would create an intense fire, fiery tapasya, austerity. That happens and then Yoga maya also says, ‘Look look at your daughters.’ As they all look at their daughters, they see two daughters looking alike. One real one, one shadow one. One real daughter gopi and one shadow. This is something similar with Sita.

Sita stolen by Ravana was chaya –shadow Sita. Real Sita was protected by fire God, rescued and preserved.

So like that. Now Yoga maya says, ‘You’ll see if your original daughters are pure, untouched, chaste, not married. I want them to prove that they are eternal pure, spiritual chaste. So, they were asked to pass through that fire caused by the austerity of Durvasa Muni. And that is what happens. All these gopis walked through the fire. And fire didn’t touch them, not even one hair.

What is the first thing that is burned? The hair. All these beautiful hairs are gone. When there is cremation, first thing that is burned is the beautiful hair, finished in fraction of second. But here, nothing of that sort happened. They walked on, they walked through and they walked out clean. Sari is intact, hair everything. And then Paurnamasi says, ‘See! They are not married. Krsna is here. Go ahead.

Radha also is not married with Abhimanyu. This marriage business is not there in Goloka. It is happening here. Some false husbands are created. Who could marry Radharani? Who could claim Radharani as his wife? Only claim over Radha and only claim over the gopis, is that of Krsna. But the situation was created and gopis are married.

‘parakiya bhave jaha vrajete pracara’

Not His own wives but wives of others. That kind of relationships which is even more sweeter.
And then Krsna goes away to Dwarka. He had already gone. Then He is married there with 16,108 queens. Who are they? Like in Vrndavana there are eight sakhis, asthasakhis and Dwarka has eight principle queens; so when Krsna goes Dwarka side, all these gopis are feeling separation from the Lord. They cannot survive without the Lord. So they are the ones. They expand and have become queens of Krsna in Dwarka. They are princesses of different kings and they are imprisoned by Bhaumasura.

Bhaumasura had kidnapped them and they are in his custody. 16,100 of them and they had sent the message,’ Krsna! Krsna! Protect us please. Help! Help!’ Then Krsna had gone and battled with Mura demon. Mura was the assistant of this Bhaumasura. So Mura was killed. The enemy of Mura is Murari. Bhaumasura is son of Bhumi, earth. So Bhaumasura is also killed. And all these queens, no one would accept them. So what would happen to us? So Krsna accepts them. They were sent to Dwarka and then they were married. And eight principle queens were married. Each one, there is a pastime how He managed to get them and married them.

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