Let us uphold the principles given by Sri Rama and Ramayan


Venue: New Jersey Ram katha (Third session) Jai Shri Rama, now you are getting into the mood, spirit is getting higher; Rama is entering you, entering your hearts. You are having good time or you are suffering or Rama is? He never suffers. This is His lila, His pastimes. Rama has lost peace of His mind, Rama has lost His Sita. They could never be separated, “He is shaktiman and she is shakti”. Shakti and shaktiman they are always together but here some attempt has been made to separate them and someone else who has no right over that shakti alhadini shakti the pleasure potency of Shri Rama, someone else is trying to he is trying to, thinking to enjoy her exploit her.

Anyone who attempts this he meets his death. A death penalty is one of the lessons to be learned. Lords energy in Lord’s service that’s natural. Wealth is also Laxmi, Laxami also in the service of Narayan. Sita is Laxami, Ravan like personality they try to separate them and Hanuman like personalities they try to unite two of them. Those who put Laxmi and Narayan together they are like Hanuman they are devotees. Those who try to separate come in the middle intervene and try to exploit they are the Ravanas, and there are only two kinds of “daiva asura eva ca” the devatas the devotees and the demons. Lord is not impersonal, Sita is lost, it doesn’t make any difference to Him it’s not like that this is what He is showing He is very personal , He has feelings, He has emotions, He cares. So Shri Rama and Sita they have shringar rasa, shringar bhava madhurya lila not of the kind of Radha and Krishna not at that height that level because He has assumed the position of maryada Purushottam and Krishna is Purna Purushottam. But the quality is the same of that madhurya rasa conjugal loving dealings or the quantity maybe different. So to understand this lila this Sita has been separated from Rama and see what is going on with Rama.

Yesterday someone was even wondering, is that how exactly he transpired or it is just the Valmiki’s imagination or exaggeration. What if Valmiki was also of that type? Then Ramayan would not have lasted for 900,000 years, if it was just fictitious mundane or just exaggeration or imagination or speculation of Valmiki. No he is not that kind of cheater poet, free from those four defects. The authority should be free from those four defects. No committing mistakes, not in illusion, imperfect senses, no cheating propensity. So he is free from these four defects so his presentation of Ramayan is perfect. Lords lila as presented in Ramayana is also perfect. If we don’t understand that’s our misfortune certainly no one should not doubt or question. Having questions is sign of intelligence but one should also quickly deal with it with proper enquiry “Pariprasnena sevaya upadeksyanti ti jnanam” (BG 4.34) doubts are like our enemies they haunt us. “Samsayatma vinasyati” (BG 4.40) samsaya could cause vinash destruction. “sraddhavan labhate jnanam” (BG 4.39) on the contrary if you have sraddha faith you achieve the gyan the right information knowledge. So it’s our duty to understand the pastimes of Krishna or Rama, Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu tattva taha we made that statement very first day “janma karma ca me divyam evam yo vetti tattvatah tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti so arjuna” (B.G 4.9) Tattva has to be understood. We have been kind of dealing with lilas throwing some light maybe on how to understand this or that some tatva, some siddhanta. We have not been doing much on that but this particular episode which is main theme of this Ramayan. Rama Sita’s kidnapping and Sita and then Rama’s searching looking and they also many kandas divisions, major portion of Ramayan has been devoted for that purpose towards the end He is losing and then we go through whole Ramayan and Aranya kanda and kishkindha kanda and sundar kanda and then also yuddha kanda and towards that end of that day is dashera day. Dashera he lost his ten –das- 10 heads. That day Ravana lost his 10 heads. They were snatched hara means taken away that day was Rama vijaya dasmi day it is so exact can you mentions which day which event not only which day He appeared but so many other events is dated material this event happened. Rama was so many years old and this season and that season and that day and night time or morning hours, very very accurate. As it was complied during Rama’s time Rama was still on the planet infact He just completed His fourteen of exile and He has 11,000 years rule ahead of him at that juncture Ramayan was compiled.

So the story the pastimes were quit fresh to this day of course they have been kept alive and ever fresh by the devotees by reciting and preserving and relishing and propagating and sharing them to this day Ramayan has been kept very much intact. Also through this language it’s kind of internal language called Sanskrit. Same language same words 900000 (9hundred thousand) years the words every syllable is as it is. When other languages are just babies just have taken birth and they are growing evolving and ever changing also and off course this Sanskrit being the mother language the mother language. These babies are infant stage they are growing or Marathi same thing applies to the other languages. Marathi that was complied some 700 year ago by
Dnyaneshwar and then 350 years ago by Tukaram we have hard time its Marathi very much its different Marathi I am sure Gujarati and Punjabi and English language is ever changing. You look at some old text and you will have hard time reading and our BBT publishers are infact in great anxiety that Prabhupad’s books in English and how to preserve them. Preserve of course the philosophy as it is. Because the language is going to be changed in few hundred down the road English is going to be much different from what it is now.

So there is whole discussion about this in our Governing Body Commission meetings in Mayapur couple of years ago. Worried what to do is one of the issues concerned. So all the languages are changing and here is a language Sanskrit. Word hasn’t changed letters intact as it is, 900000 years. So the subject matter of Rama and Sita and their separation and what Rama is going through. To some of us may sound a mundane thing. However we should check ourselves. There is no change of trace of matter nothing material everything is spiritual about the dealing are all pure. Hence as we read them we hear them we are purified. If these dealing were mundane ordinary and this Rama’s cries ordinary kind then we would also be doomed by hearing this also not gain much so we should just keep this in mind this is Lords lila, His sringar rasa, His heart His feelings for Sita and that’s Him. We also heard when Jatayu which human being would undertake cremation of all the rights were performed of this bird Jatayu and the loss of that bird was over whelming. And he suffered even more than the suffering due to the loss of Sita. So His feeling is not only for Sita but also for Jatayu and also for me and you as Supreme Personality of Godhead. When His feelings they cannot be measured oh! He becomes a husband of somebody and He is unlimited and maybe beyond our comprehension.

We should not doubt or misunderstand His pastimes in some ways He is also kind of reminding this kind of trouble dealing with matajis dealing with women we could get in trouble and in one as Prabhupada was questioned by a reporter in Hyderabad and Prabhupada said even Lord becomes husband Rama became husband of Sita even He was no exception even He got into trouble. And in a way He is also reminding, aren’t you going through all this also? If you say this is not nice, why you would be crying and why all this trouble? But this is our daily affair we are going through all this. So wake up and do something. Women should be kept protected. If women are left unprotected then trouble is around the corner. So another lesson to be learned. That is why in our Vedic culture daughters are protected before marriage by the parents, once married the husband takes charge husband is protecting, and if husband later on goes for vanaprastha or sannyasa the elderly sons would then take charge of their mother. So in 3 stages Kaumaram Yauvanam jara there is someone to protect mataji or women. As soon as they are left unprotected there is some vulture there is some rakshasa some Ravan. He doesn’t have to be that Ramayan Ravanas size but Ravana for sure. Ravana is that person by definition who makes others cry. He become the cause of others distress and tears. That person is Ravana. So in good old day there use to be one Ravana or one Kumbhakarna or one Hiranyakashipu or Hiranyaksha. The numbers use to be smaller, giant size small numbers. Now the size is gone smaller but the numbers have increased. Hiranyakashipu and Ravanas are everywhere. Because this is not a Vedic culture, because this is not a Rama Raj or it is unofficially Ravana raj. No one is protected specially women is not protected. Very easily Rama could have found out another He was very beautiful, young and all His qualities. You say the quality and that was in Rama. He had that quality. So there was no need for Him to run after Sita or no need in searching for some time, He could have turned to someone and proposed or maybe called that Shurpanakha. She was pretty proposing. Hey! What is your phone number give me your phone number (Laughter) He wasn’t that type. And the civilized society also shouldn’t be that type. So He is endeavoring to meet with her, Catch-up with her, protect her, get her back.

So many things to be learned from Ramayan. From Rama’s pastime but we should make sure we should not misunderstand. Lords pastimes not doubt them as we become more pure we will understand. We could wait till our time comes for the understanding. On the day one don’t expect. We should expect to understand Rama as He is or Ramayan as it is. As one evolves in his consciousness in his purified, in his dealings or in his speech, purified mind and also chanting ‘Raghu pati raghava raja Rama patita pavan sita Rama sri Rama jai Rama jai jai Rama’ or our the best thing is the mantra for this age of kali for deliverance by chanting ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.’ That one should chant before reading Ramayan chant Hare Krishna then chant again Hare Krishna after reading, before reading, in the middle of reading. This will help to understand Ramayan and others shastras also or if you have really understood Ramayan or Bhagvatam you should be chanting. The reason you are not chanting is because you have not heard enough Ramayan. The perfection of hearing about Rama is Ramayan. Perfection is in chanting, your tongue will begin uttering the names of Rama this is the result of your study. You understood Rama now your tongue wants to chant.

And as we chant we’ll understand Ramayan more as we understand Ramayan more we’ll chant more and like that go back and forth. Ramayan is Rama and His name is also Rama, non-different. Rama’s name is Rama, Rama’s pastimes Ramalila, Ramayan is Rama, Rama’s Prasad is Rama non different. His dhama Ayodhya dham cannot be separated from Sri Rama. Or like this.. Jai Hanuman. So on the banks of Pampa sarovar the meeting the great meeting took place between Rama Laxman and Hanuman. And again Hanuman is the most misunderstood personality. It’s not easy all the way he is presented so Rama is Bhagavan, laxman is also Bhagavan, Shatrughna is also Bhagavan, Bharata is also Bhagavan. I am not kidding, (Maharaj laughs) these all the four personalities are Vishnu tattva. Normally we take oh! Rama is Bhagavan maybe some others may think ok Laxman also, throw him in that Bhagvan list. But very rarely they think Bharat also being a Vishnu tattva and Shatrughna. And this is not our concoction. But this is understanding from Bhagvatam and Ramayan. So those who are Bhagvan they are not understood as Bhagavan but on who is not Bhagavan, that is Hanuman he is promoted to the status of Bhagavan. So Hanuman is Rama bhakta Hanuman. He is Rama Das. Who is Rama das? Hanuman. Not just that Rama das swami of Maharashtra. Rama das swami. Rama das is Hanuman. From 9 processes of devotional service one of them is dasyam. “Sravanam Kirtanam Vishnuh smaranam pada sevanam archanam vandanam dasyam sakhyam atma nivedanam”. So for each this devotional service nava vidha bhakti one devotee is remembered, one big name for that bhakti. So when we talk of dasya bhava, dasya bhava in bhakti then the first person remembered is Hanuman. Because he is powerful, he has mystics he is mystical. He has siddhies. As soon as there is some chamatkar people do some namaskar. Chamatkar namaskar. I can’t do this! He is producing some ash-ashes Sai then oh! He is bhagavan. So it’s not that just Hanuman is considered Bhagavan and oh! Kind of mysterious personality mystical power siddhi if he has amazing.

So the present day you will find not even one percent of siddhis which Hanuman possessed if someone has 1 % immediately he becomes Bhagvan. In India so many bhagvans are loitering on the streets here there. Bhagvan this aaj ka swami kal ka narayan (laughter) He goes by name swami swami for some time and then Narayan. Oh!your guru is only swami my guru is narayan (laughter) Swami narayan. So “bhukti mukti siddhi kami sakale ashant Krishna bhakta nishkam ata eva shanta” So there are so many kamis kamanas and desires and aspirations bhukti kami bhukti bhu-kami or mukti liberation kami or bhukti mukti sidhi-kami, siddha siddha purusha there are still kamana. They are all ashant they are not peaceful. “Krishna bhakta nishkam ata eva shant” Krishna bhakta has no desire so he is peaceful.

So Hanuman what he is going to do now as he meets he is going to, because he has to bring Rama and Laxman at the top of the mountain Rishyamukha parvat. He asked them to just have a ride here. So Rama sitting one side Laxman sitting other side he takes off. And he lands on the top of the mountain. His mystic siddhis are beginning like that. But he is using; Hanuman is using his siddhis in service of Rama. And he is fully aware this is by the grace of Sri Rama. Not that independently I am powerful. Gaura Nitai, Sita Rama Laxman hanuman ji ki jai. It was time for him to go to Lanka. Hanuman Flies did he go by some Air Lanka flights? When is the next flight going to, no he just flew and he also managed return flight. Some others were thinking I could go but I can’t come back some estimations were going on. Someone said I could go half way through and then jala Samadhi; I will be just dropped in the middle of Indian Ocean. Those who are searching for Sita. When it was time for Hanuman to go he flew. When it was time for Rama to go to Lanka He walked. So does that make Hanuman superior and Rama just ordinary mortal? Now all that power of Hanuman is due to Rama. And Hanuman is fully aware of this. So he never popularize himself as bhagvan. And bhagvan hanuman ki, say everybody bhagvan hanuman ki, (devotees said jai) bhagvan hanuman ki (devotees said jai) he (Hanuman) would have slapped you for addressing him as bhagvan. It’s not me you know I don’t call myself bhagvan others call me bhagvan. But why don’t you shut them up. So Hanuman he was just a humble humble servant of Shri Rama always chanting His glories also. Always chanting names of Rama. Hath me Kaam Mukh me naam. Hands are full with the service of Rama and his mouth was full with names of Rama and always thinking of Rama.
Very intelligent also not just powerful but very intelligent personality and son of vayu. So in Ramayan some misunderstandings are there. So Hanuman is not always understood. We should beg for the mercy of Hanuman so that we get devotion and devotional service at the lotus feet of his master Sri Rama. So nothing wrong in worshiping Hanuman but should understand who is who? So as Sugriva had noticed that these two persons looked quite strange never seen them before and they are also equipped with weapons bow and arrow who they possibly could be? They are sent by Vali or they are spies? So he was scared so he sent Hanuman to find out and they both had introduced each other I am Laxman and Rama mentioned who they were and why they were there and Hanuman explained he was minister of Sugriva and Sugriva is also in similar difficulty he is also in exile his wife is also has been kidnapped Snatched by Vali and he is by himself here on this mountain on top of this mountain. You are in the similar boat and we just were informed by kabanda we just liberated him he was in very awkward situation. So he directed us infact we are on the way to Sugriva’s place and hoping to find assistance in searching Sita and rescuing Sita. So Hanuman says this seems very much promising and do able proposal. Yes yes I can also, so then Rama and Laxman were taken at the top of the mountain and meeting with the Sugriva. And quickly quickly they became friends. Rama Laxman and Sugriva they became friends. And Sugriva taking vow and yes from today onwards your happiness is my happiness your sorrow is my sorrow. And the vice versa. Meaning if I am happy you will be happy if I am distressed you also share my sorrow. We are friends now shaking hands and embracing took place. They kind of signed treaty and photographs taken (laughter) headlines in the monkey community. Yes yes we are looking for Sita Oh! That must be that lady who was screaming. Oh! We saw her going airways. And she was screaming Rama Rama Rama and not only that by seeing us here on the top of the mountain she threw her part of her upper garment and seen some of her ornaments in there. We are confident that must be Sita you are looking for. So from all the way that Godavari so getting more clues which way Ravan had travelled so he had come that far also Kishkinda Pradesh mountains.

So then the cloth and some ornaments tied in there. As they were presented to Rama or just by hearing this could be Sita’s garment and her ornaments Rama was further moved and over whelmed and He was in tears just remembering Sita. He managed to untie, He was trying to look at those ornaments and recognise but how could He it was not possible for Him because His eyes are full of tears. Was no clear His eyes were full of tears well up. So He couldn’t even Oh! They are ornaments that I can say but they are Sita’s, Laxman Laxman he called Laxman over. Please see these earrings aren’t they of Sitas and what about these armlets? “Naham janami kundale” Laxman says no I could not recognise her earrings, I never looked at her ears and earrings. No I can’t recognise these armlets also ha ha Oh! This ankle bells this “painjan nupure abhi janami nityam padami vandane” yes I could these are Sita’s ankle bells. Because whenever I offered my obeisance’s nityam the first thing I saw every day was her ankle bells or for sure these are Sita’s ankle bells. Don’t ask me about earrings and armlet and her necklace and no I never looked. I only looked at those feet so I could recognise. So it was confirmed that Ravan went that way and so Sita had to be searched.

So now it was not only Rama and Laxman but Sugriva and his some ministers had joined the mission and there could be many more thousands to joining but there was Vali was obstacle the brother of Sugreev so he had to be removed. So the battle between two brothers the fears battle begins. And Rama had to help out in this battle. They are battling and battling and hiding behind a tree Rama had shot an arrow making Vali the target and ‘how could you do this to me? This is injustice, Injustice so Rama steps forward and He was ready to pull the arrow out ‘Oh I can take it out’ and Vali had a second thought no no let me die I have such a rare opportunity my death is everybody’s death is certain but here I get to die by your hand by your arrow in your presence. No no no no please don’t take this arrow out don’t take it back let me die in your presence. Such a rare good fortune I have. So that was the end of Vali and now I am still here I am still here Vali is finished (Laughter).

So as Vali no more than the whole kingdom they were brothers so the whole kingdom capital and army mostly of monkeys. They were in the forest so lots of monkeys. Monkey like beings and then they search the serious battle plans were worked out whole strategy. But first thing is identifying the enemy than evaluating his strength then preparing corresponding strength of army and. So Hanuman and Jambavan and others were dispatched. Go go everywhere and infact so many others also were searching for Sita. So searching rest of the south Indian continent they couldn’t find so they come all the way to the tip of the kanya kumari and the brother of Jatayu, Sampatti he was there and he heard the news of Jatayu’s death from these messengers these people looking for Sita. He was full of sorrow to hear that news so he gave some clues. Yes yes Ravan this way Lanka, he is found in Lanka so he is not in Bharat varsha not in India. You have to go to Lanka to find him and then different team members were kind of estimating their strength who could go all the way and come back and so no one was competent to go and come also flying there and back.

Only Hanuman so he flew it’s a wonderful description the way he flew and different encounters on the way to Lanka. The intelligent Hanuman, powerful Hanuman, determined Hanuman, the mystical Hanuman. When he Lands there is one house he is surprised there is tulasi in the house and Rama Rama Rama Rama… the names of Rama being uttered and he goes (knocking at the door) come on in he was welcomed. That was Bibhishan, Bibhishan was a devotee of Rama. He gives some clues where about Sita, Sita is in Ashok Van Hanuman taking different forms and becoming invisible and small he gets there and he found Sita. Jai Sita Maharani ki Jai, She is there. So he was carrying the ring and first She thought oh! Another demon and he is come in a monkey form, I had seen other form he has taken the other form. No am messenger of Shri Rama any proof, so Sita was delighted as if she came in contact with Rama just by touching that ring of Sri Rama. And this whole news of what Rama and Laxman are going through and where they are stationed at and Hanuman even proposes ‘You know Sita lets go. Sit here lets go back, Sita besides some other arguments she gives wise why she should not go with Hanuman. The main point also ‘no no I am only Rama’s Sita I cannot touch another man. It will be more honourable if Rama personally comes kills that Ravana and rescues me and takes me back.
Not this hiding way and going with another man, no no I can’t do this. You come back with my Rama. Thank you for your proposal but it cannot be that way. So as Hanuman was ready to go back, (Hanuman asks) is there anything that you would like to share with me a present or a proof that we actually met? So before she gave a jewel. A very special jewel she was carrying. She tells Hanuman that ‘You share this event with Rama. If He hears that you heard this from me He will be convinced that we had met.’ Then she mentioned that episode from Chitrakoot where they both were sitting on one sphatik shila there’s one special shila in the middle of Mandakini river one time they were sitting and I just finished taking bath and my clothes were just wet and Rama He came He sat on my lap. Then there was a crow. He was trying to reach me touch me and eat flesh. We were trying to drive him away then after a while he was sitting and I sat next to Him and I even dozed off in His lap. And so did He after a while we don’t know how much time we spent. Dozy sleepy state but that bird had come again and he had made my breast the target. And I was sleepy I did not notice when we woke up there’s a blood and Rama noticed he looked around there was a crow some blood still dripping from his beaks. Rama became furious He took some kusha grass from His mated lock of hair and powered it with bramha-astra and send it to that crow. Crow was flying and travelling all over the universe as the bramhastra was chasing after him. Even that bird’s father Indra, Indra’s son Jayant he had taken the form of crow and he was kind of lusty after Sita. So he couldn’t come in front in that Jayant human form but he had become a crow.

So finally yes he could find shelter nowhere else. That crow returned and surrendered to Rama and beg for forgiveness. Rama forgive him but he said as my astra has been released it has to do something, something at least if not killing. So finally that astra wounded the right eye of that crow just a eye. So just share this pastime with Sri Rama and He will be convinced that we met. Because no one else knows it’s just between me and my Rama. But also tell Him what happened Rama who could not tolerate this crow’s action just touching me or scratching me and He had become furious and sent His bramhastra to kill that crow. Why is He waiting now? Isn’t Ravan’s act bad enough worse enough to take action? Why is He waiting? How is He tolerating this? So some kind of challenge, throwing challenge at Sri Rama also. So that He will take this matter seriously. Not only that we met but why is He taking so long and lightly.

So then Hanuman was hungry and there are more pastimes of Hanuman. Damaging all the best gardens of Lanka, off routed all the trees and the monkey doesn’t you know take few fruits and cut it into pieces and eat them only rest of the fruits to be eaten next time, no not monkey they just throws away and he is playing shaking the tree and having fun. Trying to get attention of some other rakshasas. And then rakshasas come to see him and he was arrested. Hanuman and Ravana sent 80,000 rakshsas to capture Hanuman so was the strength of Hanuman. It took 80,000 rakshsas to take. And then as he was brought before and then his attempt to insult and even possibly kill burn Hanuman his tail was tied with so many clothes and pore oil and lit that and Hanuman really had fun. Jumping from building to building, palace to palace putting his tail into windows and some place and then next one, soon whole Lanka was on fire. And it was of golden so whole thing was melting down. And so finally the sampling of Ravana to understand little sample of Rama’s power this is only Hanuman what to speak of when Rama comes. How much display of power that is going to be. So Hanuman goes back and the jeweled has been presented and whole good news ‘Aaj ki taji khabar’ and everyone was so delighted that good morning news.

And then they were prepared now they knew, prior to that they did not knew where to go. They were just going everywhere they were just looking. Now they knew exactly which way to go and strength of enemy camp . So Rama and Laxman Sugriva and Jambavan and Angadh and thousands. Mostly they were monkeys and some bear bhalu, two kinds of army. So they come all the way to Rameshwar and then they want to cross Lord Rama was waiting samudra devata to come forward offer some assistance in crossing he was taking some extra time so Rama was, it was intolerable for him but as He took His bow and arrow then samudra devata really rushed forward . Then the building of the bridge setu begins there’s a longest bridge in the world that this Hanuman and company was going to build. And they were throwing whatever came in their way the trees and the mountains and big big boulders have been thrown. There were personality is like nal and neel right? nal and neel. They were just writing the names before the object touch the water they make sure the Rama’s name is stamped. As soon as the name Rama the mountains were floating at the top. That way they could go fast otherwise if they have to start from the depth that would take ages. So that law of gravitation wasn’t working here. The controller of the maker creator of the law of gravitation was there Sri Rama so He ruled out ’No this cannot be applied here ok.’ He is law maker Law breaker. He is one in all. So everything was floating and then they are building walking building walking building walking. Some 800 miles bridge even those so called dead objects could float by name of Rama. And we are not even dead we are living we are alive if we could chant the names of ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare’ also free from the law of something that seeks us. No falling down and sinking down. Floating in this ocean and going forwards if this name of Rama and Krishna we chanted. And then we hear of that little squirrel (gilahari) she thought I will also contribute my share and that’s not strong but whatever “patram pushpam”. So that squirrel was going on the beach sandy beaches and squirrel has hairy body so she was rolling in the sand and picking up some particle of sand and gently walking making sure all the sand picked up stays intact. Then she would climb and then she would shake the body taking all the sand particle off. Acting like a little cement between two rocks. Hey! Get out of here, you want to die? Hanuman was thinking what is this we are bringing big big mountains and she is bringing 50 gram sand what good is this get lost go take rest, see you later.

So Rama was overseeing over hearing this comments statements of Hanuman yes come here come here I said come here. Then Hanuman begins looking back (laughter) giving others impression that he doesn’t mean me, someone behind me. That when we wake someone up who is sleeping in the Bhagvatam (Laughter) and that person looks behind so that others would think that the speaker is pointing out infact someone not him but someone (laughter). No no you I say You then Rama had to give little bhashan little lessons, some chastisement, he was rebuked what do you think, who do you think, give up this pride, whatever strength I have given you, you are utilizing it cent percent in my service. And whatever energy I have invested in a squirrels body she is also not sparing anything for herself she is giving 100%. So in my eyes service of both of you is same. Why do you think your services, you are big servant and she is small servant? Something in our daily life this thing also come handy useful.

So then finally they were there in Lanka. Jai Sri Rama Jai Sri Rama.. armies roaring scaring the enemies and they are also getting together and sharpening their weapons. So there is big big battle one whole kanda. One division has been devoted to that special like a Mahabharat Battle. World has seen so many battles but why is Mahabharat and this Ramayan Lanka battle important because the presence of Rama and Krishna they are personally present. In those battle and while participating in those battles they wish to establish, they will establish the dharma principles of dharma ‘paritranay sadhunam vinasayacha dushkritam dharma samsthapnarthaya sambhavani yugeyuge’ Lord was there to wipe out He had taken that vow in Ramtek do you remember ? When He had seen those skulls and skeletons of the sages’ bodies and He had taken that ‘I will wipe out finish all the demons from this planet’. So this was His opportunity. All the big demons at one place so He was at the right place at the right time. And He had a right strategy the best vision. So there was not only Ravana but also Kumbhakarna they are two brothers. Previously there were Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu and they were going to appear again at time of Rama, the form of Shishupal and Dantavakra not kamsa he is another one. He has his own category. These two Jaya Vijay they are going through these three ages. Each time Lord had to appear but then we hear that they heard in dwapar yuga that soon Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu will appear and He will exhibit the most wonder pastimes. So they decided to extend their visa (laughter). They should be going after three births they were told. You could be demons 3 births or devotees for 7 births take a pick. They thought oh! No no.. 7 birth is long time being away from you Lord and the services as gate keepers. We don’t mind even as a demon but we’ll quickly finish our terms and be back. But they couldn’t resist the temptation of being with Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and He was about to appear near some 5000 year near from Lord Krishna’s appearance time. So they stayed on they appeared Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s time they appeared in the form of Jagai and Madhai. And their demoniac quality this time was killed by the holy name.

In previous ages some weapon had to be used some special weapon was used. And this time also as Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna Himself sudarshan… He was invoking His weapon. Sudarshan was had appeared was ready making circles and blazing like a fire and it had 1000 what you called spokes? Spokes are inside, spikes. And then Nityananda Prabhu this is the age of kali. If you would want to kill the demons then well, nobody would be left in NewYork (Laughter) maybe few in Jersy ok (laughter). So Caitanya Mahaprabhu had to be reminded by Nityananda Prabhu who is playing a role of a spiritual master. He is Balaram, He is Laxman, He is Shankarshan, and He is Adi-guru. And then they had taken vows. Wonderful pastime of Jagai Madhai in Caitanya lila. So by seeing kindness of Nityananda Prabhu and Caitanya Mahaprabhu the both brothers Jagai and Madhai their demoniac nature were subdued. And they were ready for surrender full surrender. And they promised to break no more principles we’ll follow we’ll be strictly vegetarian. No more intoxication. No more illicit connections with women. No gambling and we’ll always chant ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare’ and they were liberated but liberation is nothing they are just a beginning they developed all love for the Lord that’s more important than the liberation part. They became great lovers of the Lord and especially great lovers of the holy name.

“dina hina yata chila hari name uddharila tara sakshi jagai madhai” Someone said what is the proof? That holy name liberates someone, give love of Godhead to somebody? can you prove any example yes “tara sakshi jagai madhai”. The life of Jagai and Madhai is a witness is a poof. So like this they completed infact 3+1= 4 life cycles and then they go back. So at time of in treta yuga they had appeared as Ravana and Kumbhakarna. Kubhakarna was a very special personality. He would mostly sleep whenever he was hungry he would get up. Oh! you know some of such people around? (Laughter) Once their belly is full then again (snoring).. So this was not his hunger time this is battle field. So he had to be woken up by beating up drums, big endeavour to get him up. And there was a Meghanada, Indrajeet Indrajeet he had even conquered Indra in battle. Son of Ravana was very powerful. One time he even conquered Indra. And as a reward he was one of the rewards, that he received this name Indrajeet. Conquer of Indra I have to become known as concur of Indra. Let the world know I have conquered Indra, Indrajeet.
So he was also mystical and had some special arrows as a result one time Laxman goes unconscious and nothing worked out and was recommended oh! Some jadibutti or sanjivani. Oh! Where could it be found Himalayas. As if Himalaya was just around the corner. So who would go? You know there is no courier service or anything. So Hanuman again was dispatched he went again flying. But once he was there he couldn’t recognize which one is sanjivani. They are looking alike so he just picked up the mountain whole mountain (Maharaj laugh). I’ll just bring the mountain let them help themselves I’ll do my part. So he brought the whole mountain so they were waiting when is he coming when is he coming? In Lanka they were waiting because without Laxman everything would stand still situation and Rama was in anxiety and everyone else was. So finally they see Hanuman coming this whole mountain he is carrying and places that mountain and sanjivani and. This is again lila there is no nothing could influence the transcendental form body of Laxman. So some setbacks are shown like that in that battle and that appropriate time had come. Kumbhakarna was already killed and then finally the great good fortune descended upon Ravana he was waiting for that opportunity for darshan of Rama, not much more to be done in Lanka so Sita has been rescued. And Sita well there is a agni pariksha? Agni pariksha is there. The Sita has to prove she has maintained her purity her chastity and just to clarify others doubt, her entering fire coming out untouched by the fire was a full proof.
Well here everything is not always made obvious other references are there to know more that the Sita that was kidnapped by Ravana is not the original Sita. She is just a chaya Sita – shadow Sita. The Ravana doesn’t even have right to touch or he couldn’t even go near to Sita. So right there original Sita is invisible. So when at the time of this agni pariksha again the original Sita walks out of fire and joins Rama. Then that shadow Sita was playing roll of Sita and remembering Rama and thinking of Rama. She also wants to marry Sri Rama and that marriage has taken place in Tirupati Balaji lila. With Balaji you see two consorts so one of them is one was Sita in Lanka, so that she also gets the hand of Lord for rendering that service. She becomes Lords consort wife so now as Sita has been rescued Lanka has no king so Bibhishan has been installed. He’s enthrone as a king, Lord doesn’t, He could’ve become a king himself very easily. He could have done the same thing with Kamsa in Mathura. But did He become the king? No He made Kamsa’s father Ugrasen the king. And Jarasndh was killed He could also have become king there. But He makes Sahadev who was son of Jarasandh. Another Sahadev not five pandava. His son is also Jarasandh. He is made the king. So here also in Lanka brother is no more so Bibhishan who was a devotee of Rama and he had already kind of fled. When they entered Lanka with Rama’s army so Bibhishan was with them. They were not getting along and Ravana was not following the good advice given by Bibhishan. He was happy to join Sri Rama. So having that ceremony is completed of enthroning coronation of Bibhishan then oh! what’s the time? Not that it’s five minutes after 9 but very close to completion of 14 years of exile. I better hurry up not me Rama has to hurry up (laughter). Promise is promise and if I delay no more Bharat darshan.

So Rama had come walking all the way. He is kind of going south if you look at the map of India from Ayodhya going to Pragayraj then Triveni sangam current Allahabad Chitracut and coming to Nagpur near Nagpur is that Ramtek then going kind of south west towards Godavari and from there going towards Kishkindha which is present day Maharashtra and Karnataka border. And from there He goes to Rameshwar side and from there He goes to Lanka. So He is going all the way keeps going so He has come quite a long distance away walking and searching for Sita.
So He could have gone back also walking. But that would not have worked out the time factor wise. To reach there faster the pushpak viman some flower aircraft has been arranged and Rama, Sita, Laxman, Hanuman and Sugreev and Bibhishan also and many others and then we did not mention. Sri Rama he revived all, many monkeys had also left their bodies in the battle so Lord woke them up or gave them life back. They are happy to rejoin the part of Bibhishan and Rama’s kingdom. If you go to Ayodhya there are lots of monkeys there. Last month we were there and they are very bold monkeys. We were carrying some bag in your hand they will come stop you they will take bag from your hand they’ll open you could do nothing they will check whatever they like and then you may go (Maharaj laughs) so many monkeys there.

So as they were in the plane there is a description it was going just above the bridge that was built and Rama was showing Sita look look she looked down. We built this just to reach Lanka is all our task and He was giving some running commentaries as they were proceeding. So kind of Kishkindha was going over and comes to Bharadwaj muni’s asharm. He was going to stop over there. This is at Allahabad- Prayagraj better to call it Prayagraj its original name otherwise its allah allaaahu akbar that allaha allaha baad is there. Whenever there is a name ends with baad this baad that baad Faridabad murdabad and many baads are there sikandrabad that means it’s like that Hyderabad. In Marathi baad means bekar, baad ho gaya -out. So Prayagraj so there from there Rama send Hanuman ahead of them ‘hey Hanuman you better rush you just inform Bharat that we are just now coming we are just on our way. Because Hanuman goes faster than Rama’s aircraft. So he was hanumans was dispatched and there he was at Nandigram outskirts of Ayodhya, Bharat was keeping an eye.

So many so many hours to go and 30 minutes to go. He’s counting countdown was going on. Good that Hanuman is coming in the air flying and so news quickly spread over all Ayodhya and they were preparing to receive Rama new clothes they are distributing sweets and just embracing each other and streets were being cleaned and all arches all mangal vadhya all auspicious sound instruments and mantras and everybody is heading towards the direction that he is coming from. Which was basically Nandigram where Bharat had stationed himself from past fourteen years. And finally got the life back as they saw a plane coming effulgent Rama seated on that plane Sita Laxman.

Everyone is fixed focused no one spaced out. Only Rama was on their mind, so wherever Rama was their eyes were fixed on that Rama. As if He was coming towards them. Yes He was coming towards them. And finally He was with them and kind of jubilation expression on joy they were dancing and the pranam mudras and embracing each other and reading up by bramhanas and swastivachan blowing up conch shells. Rama was greeting elders and Brahmans and the mothers were there Kaushalya, KaiKai, Sumitra. So there whole procession back to the palace. Whole city had a new look new face bright delighted. That was diwali time whole town was lit with lamps. Deep-avali rows of lamps deepawali availi – rows of lamp everywhere was lit. So from dashera from Lanka to diwali in Ayodhya and now the promise was kept 14 years of exile vanavas. Rama is back so Bharat was more than willing he never had considered himself a king or prince he was only keeping shoes of Rama on the throne he was ruling. And now he was ready to hand everything over to Sri Rama. So all the preparations grander than ever before 14 years ago there were some preparations were on and Kaikai had heard about it and everything had changed.

So one more time and now Rama Sita they take their throne and whole Rama darbar is there and Hanuman holding different symbols and somebody is fanning and Hanuman is also there and the whole assembly praja is there Vashishth ji. So all the proper vidhi purvak following all the process chanting of the mantras and fire yagya and auspicious invocations or prayers, mantras the coronation ceremony took place. Jai Sri Rama and then Rama raj begins which lasted for 11,000 years. And rajya like that kingdom that world has not seen not seen. So even after 900000 years, some 60 years ago it was time for India to become independent nation. Getting released from the clutches of the British raj. Atleast there were some talk of making India Rama raj. Wishful thinking as soon as we had the first prime minister ‘kissa kursi ka’. One he had a throne that Rama raj concept was dumped in the dustbin and he had a dream of making India the modern country, modern nation. Declaring oh these dams and these factories these are our temples. So he declared although born in a Brahmin family he was but he had western upbringing. So he used to iron his cloths in Paris and fly them to New Delhi and then he would put them on. So what could have been expected from such a personality and soon one who had a dream of Rama raj he ended up, with ‘Hey Rama’. But atleast he was remembered Rama, Ram was remembered. Mahatma gets credit for even thinking of making the country into Rama Raj just for thinking also. But during Rama raj it was wonderful raj. People living long long life thousands of years. That was the time for living long life also. 100000 year was a life span in sati yuga. It is reduced gets reduced as kaliyug is expected 100 years. When I was there in South Africa their life span has been reduced to 33 years. Because half of the population is suffering from aids so some are dying in teen age and some 20s and some in 60s so middle 33.

So Rama’s time no disease no old age. And if you don’t want to die that’s fine you could live long. It would never happened that father is alive and son is dead or father is doing the cremation of son this is not possible in Rama’s time. When Rama like raja is a ruler then everything is auspicious. So you are welcome to study Ramayan more thoroughly we had to only run only touching touch and go we were doing. All the pastime some skipping, some mentioning only. So this is just appetizer for you. Main meal oh! You could take main meal at home it’s a home work for you. You could study Ramayan or Bhakti vikas Maharaj has also translated summary study of Valmiki Ramayan. He has English and also published in hindi so another devotee also what’s his name? another English dharma in Iskcon? – Krishna dharma ok like that. Or if you want to study original Sanskrit than Valmiki Sanskrit Ramayan. You may also undertake such serious studies. So may these life and pastimes and teachings of Rama be source of all inspiration and infact life without shri Rama we’re just dead prananti. These pastime of Rama, Sri Krishna give us life otherwise we are dead and always keep chanting ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare’ and do your best, uphold the principles given by Rama and Ramayan in your day to day life and try to spread that sense that ways Rama raj to start with your home you have little kingdom there you are king see whether you could charity begins at home start there expand. One family could take it to other compound from other side they could expand it. Ok Jai Sri Rama.

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