Lokanath Maharaj on Brahma’s prayer…


So from thousands of thousands of cowherd boys and the cows that was the first scene, next scene was only Krishna and He in his left hand had sweet rice, yogurt rice, butter, so before Krishna made all his cowherd boys disappear, Brahma also noticed that the whole creation was worshiping each one of those forms and each one of those forms had become four handed forms (laughter) and then so he realized that all those forms were Krishna, all those thousands of forms were Krishna, then they all disappeared and only one form remained and at that time Brahma, he realized that this was his blunder, he wanted to bewilder Krishna but instead he ended up getting  bewildered himself and he immediately jumps down from his carrier swan and he falls flat on the ground and touched lotus feet of the Lord.(laugh…………applause…… and laughter……)  

He keeps his head, he touches not with the hand but the crown (laughter) not with one crown but all four crowns (laughter) as he has four head and “nattva” he is bowing down and again he gets up. He pays obeisances again many times, this is happening and so there are many tears gliding down his checks, he is crying and the tears are doing abhishek. With his tears he is doing abhishek of the lotus feet of the Lord.

He has not gone to Jamuna to fetch water to bath the feet of the Lord. The tears are coming out profusely and they are washing the lotus feet of the Lord.

Then after abhishek and lots of the obeisance Brahma is trying to control himself. He wipes the tears from his eyes “vimraja lochane,” he gets up, he is still in very humble mood although his head is decorated with crowns, he is full of humility, his hands are folded, his body is trembling, his voice is faltering, chocked up, Govindam Govindam and he offers prayers. (Kirtan starts).

“Govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami, Govindam adi purusham tam aham  Govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami, Govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami…………”

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