Lokanath Maharaj on concentrating on chanting


Suprabhat’ you understand, Good. That’s how it is translated. There’s a big difference between the two. Prabha, prabhat, here ‘bha’ means ‘light’. From bha comes bhaskar, there is bhaskar sabhagruha. ‘Bha’. We are also, the country that we stay in is called ‘Bharat’. This country, that is absorbed in ‘bha’, meaning absorbed in ‘light’. Then, from the light comes the delight. So in the morning, we get good sun. Lot of countries do not even see light of the day, like England and several countries. They just have to be satisfied saying ‘suprabhatam’, they just say good morning for other purposes.

Its a very good morning, good afternoon or good night, if we are on the brighter side, on the side of the light and also in a place where Bhagavat Gita was spoken, ‘Kurukshetra’, doesn’t use ‘bha’, ‘jyotisar’ sar is ‘shrot’, source of light. So the Bhagavat Gita is also source of light ‘tamso ma jyotirgamaya’ don’t stay in the darkness, go to the light and ofcourse the source of the light is not just the sun. Sun, it acts like a mirror. It just borrows and then reflects the light, light that comes from the Lord. Lord’s form is brilliant, He is brilliant. ‘Koti surya samaprabha’, again prabha is here ‘Koti surya samaprabha’, when the lord appears anywhere, on some planets, some universe. And this sun that we have, would be like a candle, in front of the effulgence, emanating from the Lord’s body. So originally light comes, anywhere there’s light that comes from the Lord. And you cannot see anything without that light.

At the night, when there it is a pitch dark, you open your eyes, find, go ahead open your eyes but do you see, unless Lord shows you with the light. Ok OK here here is a light. So how much dependent we are on the lord. For everything, we are dependent. Even stalk of seeing we depend upon him, unless there’s light, we cannot see and light you may say coming from the sun but Sun is also one of the eyes of the Lord, he has two, one is ‘shashisuryayo’ one is sun and one is moon. Only when the Lord opens his eyes in the form of sun or moon, the world is able to see. First person to see is Lord and then we are the next one. We kind of get the remnants. After Lord has seen, then we are the secondary seers of anything, This is knowledge. To know this, is knowledge, this is vidya. Contrary to all this is avidya. Vidya – avidya. So you are vidyarthi, ‘arthi’ vidyarthi, you are accumulating vidya, accumulators of vidya. So we could go on talking like this, however, I am also asked to focus on the topic of chanting. I don’t know whether you were told, as per schedule, this topic was for tomorrow morning, Radheshyam prabhu decided to shift that to this morning. So now we wish to begin our day. Infact, your day did begin at 4.30 in the morning and you already had been chanting

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare”.

So something that you had been doing for past several years, on and off, or regularly, some chanting. You are all chanting, you are all chanters of the holy name and this morning, you have chanted. So there is no need of the talk really, like after, someone had taken his meal and he is satisfied and he knows, right? No one else has to tell you. Oh! Now you are satisfied. You must be contented or happy now as you had big meal or big feast. Does someone else need to tell this to the person who has just finished nice ten course meal? Yes, does anyone else to tell? Likewise, I’m confident that also in the atmosphere like this, almost, like the forest of ‘Naimisharanya’ here. And only difference is there were 80,000 sages had assembled. Now the numbers are little smaller, right. There were 80 or 88 and there were 88,000 and we are 80 or few extras accept one dog barking (laughs).There is nothing else, you could hear because for chanting, you need peaceful surroundings. Physically, your aasan before you go for chanting, the goal is Samadhi ‘ashtanga yoga’ and in between, there is a aasan, your situation and pratyyahar, dharna, dhyan, dharna, samadhi , these things are also applicable to chanting. So aasan which doesn’t refer to the physical seat that you are sitting on, but even the place that building or the hall that you are sitting in and where the hall is situated and again that whole hall and other things where are they stationed. Aasan is not limited to two feet by two feet patch. Aasan refers to what is around you; your surroundings is also the part of the aasan. So this is conducive atmoshere for chanting the holy names of the Lord, but everything is just the favourable, aasan is proper. And again there are timings they are favourable and not so favourable timings for chanting the holy name.

For chanting, concentration is required. With the concentration, with attention we chant. So in order to have that attention, we need some external help; we need some help surrounding us, proper aasan, even the company, the good company or the best thing is that others are also chanting around you, people around you, they are also chanting. That helps you, that inspires you to be absorbed in what you are doing, you are chanting and others are, whatever fighting, others are running hither and thither. What would happen? Naturally, you would get distracted by their physical run around and specially this kind of sounds that they are chanting, that shouting, they would reach your ears and what would be the next thing? You would be compelled to think about what they are talking, and that’s distraction. If they are not talking about the Lord or talking about the chanting or not chanting then that sound vibration by them will cause distraction so these are the favourable and then favourable timings we were talking, the day is divided into three parts.

Early morning hours are dominated by goodness ‘Satvagun’. The day times are, is of passion, the run around, the rat-race and night times are the darker side ‘Tamogun’. Of the three, which one is the best time you think for chanting? Goodness! My goodness, my goodness, everything is good. You have just woken up, your mind is fresh, the world is fast asleep, that’s nice! Let them sleep because as soon as they get up, they are going to make lot of noise or your phones are going to be ringing, tring, tring, tring, tring, tring. So while others are, of course good if everyone would be up. And this would happen in good old days. People used to get up early in the morning hours called ‘brahmamuhurta’ and chant the holy name. If you want to realise ‘parabrahma paramdham’ that is Supreme Lord. So the best time brahmamuhurta, muhurta you would know that. Before doing any activity, usually the reference, they refer to jyotish, jyotishi. He knows good times, bad times that’s ‘muhurt’. So for doing spiritual activities is already once and for all, muhurta is declared. What muhurt? Which time? Brahmamuhurt. It is one hour and 48 minutes or something before sunrise. That time is Brahmamuhurt and is most favourable time. If you wish to have a link with the Lord, so when we chant Hare Krishna, this is also yoga. Which yoga is this? This is bhakti yoga, in which bhakti is involved and this is the top most thing. So while we are chanting.

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare”.

We chant with bhakti , with the prayerful mood, mood full of prayers. Even Srila Prabhupada goes to the extent saying,”crying like a baby.” Chanting, crying like a baby for help. Oh! Lord, please help, please pick me up, I am your child. Please engage me in your service. So we need to keep our mind praying like that, crying like that. So then it is ‘bhakti yoga’. Bhakti and yoga, what is yoga part? Yoga means to link. Yoga is linking, so what are we linking with here with Krishna. Which Krishna are we linking with, as we chant the holy name of the lord Krishna? Which form of the Lord Krishna? Krishna has many forms. Namrupa, one of the rupa, one of the form of Lord is his name. One of his avatar, Lord takes avatar, he descends.

He talks in Bhagavat Gita, ‘sambhavami yuge yuge’. Once in one age, one yuga, Lord appears. And what about now, we need Lord now. So Lord is willing to appear everyday but not only again once a day. But any part of the day and night. When does Lord appear? Whenever his devotees are calling him, Lord appears. Draupadi was in trouble, in difficulty, you know that. Dhusshasan on one side and Draupadi on other side, she struggles so that she would not be disrobed by this ‘roag’ Dhusshasan. Not sushyasan, not nice. Shasan means administrator, he was a bad, worst administrator. So she was trying, holding with both hands, the saree. She was protesting, protecting herself. That was not working out. Then saree with one hand, crying and praying with one hand. Did that work? It also didn’t work, finally she realised, “I have no strength, I am ‘abala’ means stree. Abala not much strength. So she decided to depend upon the Lord. She had both of her hands up and she cried out, “Hey Krishna, Hey Govinda.”

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare”.

You may say, “Oh! no Dhusshasan is troubling me. Why I should pray, cry unnecessarily? Everything is so nice here”. But infact that is not so nice also or things are just waiting, sufferings of all sorts are waiting. Janma, mrityu, jara, vyadhi is all waiting and this could be described. If you hear the description how we are always in difficulty and always in a place described by the Lord as he is describing this world as ‘dukhalayam’ ‘dukhalayam’ which we are trying to make it into a sukhalay and this attempt is going on for past billions of years. Since the beginning of creation and we have not succeeded. But this generation thinks,”just give us as few more years by 2020, we’ll have this as sukhalaya” (laughter). But no, we cannot change the nature of this world. It is programmed to be dukhalaya and it will remain so forever. So we are in difficulty, in very awkward position, situation we are in, this is part of the knowledge also. Just ignoring that there’s no suffering or finding just little relief is not the way out, we want the solution to the problem. Again in Krishna’s words this ‘Janma, mrityu, jara, vyadhi dukhadoshanudarshanam’. Even the most intelligent, one of the most intelligent person Shankaracharya is praying. Last night also we were repeating:
“punarapi jananam punarapi maranam punarapi janani jathare shayanam, yah samsare khalu dustare very difficult this is to overcome these difficulties, so kripaya pahi pahe Murari”. “Oh! Murari! Please protect me.”

These are wise men. Madhvacharya, Ramanujacharya all these are wise men, all these aacharyas, Tukaram Maharaj and the list is huge, big and the list of the scientists, Madhavacharya was a scientist. Did you know that? Ramanujacharya leading scientist of this world, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, there are hundreds and thousands of names of the scientists in this world. Lets define it in simple definition. One who knows the science is scientist. These personalities they knew the science. The science of the soul, science of the Supreme soul or even science of how this world is created. How many species are there? They knew everything, the reality as it exists. Not some mental concoctions and mental speculations. They knew the shastras, the Bhagavat Gita, the Vedas, puranas, Vedanta sutra and Upanishads, and Mahabharata and Srimad Bhagavatam. These are the shastras, this is shastra and one who knows shastra is shastradnya. These are shastras. Everything infact, you need to know is in there.

Let’s go back to the chanting. It’s related. So we want to link with the holy name of the Lord while chanting the holy name and this is called bhakti yoga. Chanting with devotion, chanting attentively the names and then the Lord appears. This is the point we were making. So Draupadi called out in all helplessness and Lord appeared. So when the mood like Draupadi is there, mood of the chanter, then Lord appears. When those circumstances, similar circumstances, that kind of state of mind and intense prayer then Lord appears and the chanter of the holy name, he feels the presence. And in advanced stage, one could see the form of the Lord right in front of your eyes as a result of this chanting. And once you have the Lord, then you have everything, why only something. Actually, we are the proprietors, you know what are we proprietors of? We are the proprietors of this whole universe. Because that is our father’s property. Do you think that it’s your father’s property. You are making such claims. Yes, yes this whole universe is our father’s property.

Sab bhumi Gopal ki.

“Esha vashyam edam sarvam, yad kinchit jagtam jagat teen tyakteen bhunjita, mam kasya kris dhanam”

As good sons, we take only a small portion, that’s enough for me and I remain satisfied. So we are rich man’s sons. He’s not just a man, he is Supreme Personality, Supreme Father of all of us. This is his property. This is his planet. This is his universe and we are his sons. Why should we be satisfied with something little? Why not own the universe? Ya we become owners of the universe and as good sons, we remain satisfied with “teen tyak teen bhunjita” He has given you your quota and be happy with it. This would be possible, only possible if we are chanters of the holy name of the Lord and knowers of what we are talking here. We know, knowledgeable we are. The chanting of the holy names of the Lord will satisfy us. We will be happy, we will be happy to realise the Lord. We will be happy. This whole experience of joy and happiness, this is a blissful experience of chanting the holy name and then some basic necessity and we are done with it. Simple living and high thinking, high thinking, high thinking. So those who are high thinkers, high thinkers they will be happy with simple living. Keep it simple stupid(laughter). Keep it simple. But you won’t keep it simple unless you are a wise man, knowledgeable person or unless you chant the holy names of the lord and be happy.

Infact happiness doesn’t depend on anything outside. Even if you are given the whole world, you won’t be happy. You know the attempt is being made to reduce the number of people on this planet with the scheme called? What is that scheme? What is the strategy of the government called family planning? Big name under that comes number of things there, abortion. Family planning in good old days, the women they used to get ashtaputra saubhagyavati (laughter). I bless you to have how many? (Devotees: Eight) minimum. Now there’s a different formula. So 40 years ago they were saying,”Hum do humare do.” “We 2 and we have 2. Gradually they have changed. “We 2 and we have 1.” So systematic attempt is being made to decrease the population so that each one of us will have more to enjoy. More spacing facility, more clothing, more this, more that. Less people will share all that exists. Each one of us will have something more, best idea and then we’ll be happy. This is how the fools are thinking. But imagine by cutting down the population, cutting and cutting and cutting and reducing, finally, there are two people on the planet. You have successed in doing this family planning and now the success is there are only two people on this planet. Are they going to be happy? What each person is going to think? What? What will you think? Two is too many, two is too many. There should be only one. This is the conditioning, this is the disease which Krishna has spoken 5000 years ago in Bhagavat Gita. The conditioned soul thinks ‘Eshvaro Aham’ I am Eshvar. So he won’t be satisfied unless everything is his. But that dream would never be realised. So just decreasing the population so that each one of us will have more to enjoy. More, whatever more, that’s not how it works, no way.

We already said that our happiness does not depend on anything outside. What we really need to satisfy is ourselves, by satisfying your senses your bodies and the bodies of your
family members or bodies, ok extend this ego. You may want to include more people of your community and satisfy their bodies or further expand, include whole countries population, the country men and you may want to finally include all the humanity at large and try to satisfy their senses and the minds and the bodies . They would never be satisfied till when? Till what is satisfied? Last night also, we talked whole hierarchy is there. The material world is out there which is full of sense objects and above the senses is what? Mind above the mind. Some people are intellectual being and they try to satisfy their intellect, intelligence. They don’t so much care for their body and mind. They only try to nourish their intellect. That is satisfied.

You would not be satisfied unless and until so ‘he’ ‘you’, the real ‘you’ in’ you’ is satisfied, then you are satisfied. So what is that real you in you? Who are you? This the first thing first when we would know this, when we would learn this ABC. Happy happy we shall be when we learn our ABC. This is ABC. Who am I? This ABC or otherwise you may be PHD and all that. Not happy, not possible. No one is ever become happy just by these degrees so that so that again you could have a good job and you can make money and enjoy, no you suffer, Lord doesn’t want us to suffer, Lord wants us to be happy. Chant Hare Krishna and be happy. And when the soul is happy, when you are happy, then few basic needs and everything is taken care of. Even Mahatma Gandhi used to talk this, you should be happy in what you need. Need is ok, but if you are bothered by the greed then that greed will drive you mad all life long. This is what the rat-race is all about which is in motion. We are little behind in India but we are catching up with that race. Do you think this would make us happy? But we don’t realise that the greed is giving us dictation. We could become happy with some basic needs. But once you have enemy, this greed is one of the six enemies of humanity at large starting with kam, krodh, lobh, maad, moh, matsarya. These are the six enemies.

Greed, being greedy is you are attacked by your enemy. But these days you are encouraged to become greedy and how you could grab and for that purpose you become intelligent so that you could learn grabbing. There if you go with the ‘kaichi’ , scissors into the pick pocketting, then you will be behind the bars. Now if you want to transfer the money from others pocket to your pocket. But there are other smart people . They learn the art and science, how to grab the money? How to transfer the money from others account to your account in a legal way, in an authorised way, grab more, exploit more, and more or accumulate more and more and be happy this doesn’t work like that, so this chanting of Hare Krishna, infact, this is all you need and by chanting of Hare Krishna.

You have the Lord with you and he satisfies you. He pleases you. You are pleased with your Lord. He is also Lord of your heart, he is also Lord of your family member. He is also Lord of your neighbours and friends and countrymen and humanity at large. Let them chant the holy names of the Lord and we see so many. Even Guru Nanak. What do we see him doing? What is he doing?Chanting, even chanting, lot of people. Even Buddhist, you go to the. What are the places called? Montesary (laughs), monestry you go and they have rosary and they are chanting, Christianity, they also have rosary and they are chanting. This chanting is a universal thing and not only Hare Krishna’s are chanting. But in fact, all the religions they stress this chanting thing. What we call japa meditation which could also be called japa yoga. Yoga means linking with the Lord. So you are all the chanters of this holy name. You already have taken to this chanting. Chant. Keep chanting. Chant little more and you will experience for yourself, we have seen people. They are ‘Nisckinchan’, they are pennyless but they are chanting the Lord and they are the happiest people on the Earth while others, they have big big beds. You could buy bed but not sleep. You cannot buy sleep in the market. You could buy food but not the hunger like that.

People’s peace of mind is disturbed and they are greedy and lusty and angry and what not as they are, they will never be satisfied. Unless they turn to Krishna to Sri Rama and we turn to the Lord with chanting the holy names of the Lord. Lord has made His access very easy by chanting the holy names of the Lord. This vibration of chanting, this is nondifferent from the Lord. This chanting is a very big topic. It’s a big big science. It could be approached, it’s a science. It’s a science. It’s very scientific, results are also there. You do this and you go there and then, this happens and then this happens. Ofcourse, While you are chanting you have to keep your mind focused while chanting, while chanting your mind is bothering, your mind must be dragging you here there and so it’s not just sitting idle there. But you have to be very active . You should be sitting motionless you are not moving. But your mind is going to be bothering you at the time of chanting. More botherations of the mind comes during chanting. Other times mind is relaxed, absorbed. But when you are trying to bring your mind closer to the Lord, the conditioned mind ” No, No, No don’t bring me closer to the Lord” no I want to be there’s a big tug of war during chanting. Chanting is not a peaceful time. It is a war time. This is the time to fight. In the war, you have to fight and you would require help of what?

To tame the mind, to subdue the mind. To keep mind peaceful what would you need? Here help of, help of association. What else? Last night we were talking. Intelligence you need intelligence. With intelligence you will have to control this mind while chanting. Keep focused on chanting the holy names of the lord. So in our ISKCON several leaders also have written several books and seminars and volumes have been written on the science of japa and chanting. How much could we say in one sitting. There’s so much to talk about, this is a science. We are spending 20 years, 30 years to learn, a branch of knowledge, some science. But this is no small science. This is science first of all, results are there. So listeners think this chanting is only for some people only for religious people. Are you a soul? Is anyone here not a soul. You would not be here? If you had no soul or you are soulless then what would happen? When there is no soul but the body is there then what happens? Ramnam satya hai, immediately the body is useless. What’s the difference between the living body and dead body?

Difference is of the soul. We are all souls everybody here is a soul . If you are a soul then this chanting is for you. We want to make humanity happy. Lord knows we are children of god, why would he wanting us to suffer. He already knows that we are suffering i.e. why he is giving us the way out. Don’t suffer, be happy. This was Prabhupad’s mantra,”Chant Hare Krishna and be happy”. So we want you all to be happy. This is what Prabhupada wants, I want, Radheshyam prabhu wants and so many other personalities, mahatmas. They are well wishers. Mahatma is a well wisher of the society. ‘Paradukha dukhi’ why did Prabhupada leave that peaceful atmosphere of Vrindavan? Why did he go to America? Why did he go 14 times around the world? He knew that people are suffering ‘Paradukha dukhi’, he was dukhi in Vrindavan to see people suffering. So he wanted to do something on behalf of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and this is what he did. And as a result of chanting, he saw even hippies became happies. With the pride Prabhupad would we heard him saying this, “Even hippies have become happies.” If hippies could become happy then we are not that big of a hippy. We are not some traits may be there in us. So they were in intense care unit those hippies. Gone cases, dropouts and what not, they were cured by chanting the holy names of the lord. We are not that bad we have just little fever, little headache, routine disease This sickness, we could be cured instantly by chanting holy name of the Lord. So please keep chanting and share this chanting with others.

Encourage others to chant this holy name. You don’t have to be first, first I will follow all regulative pronciples “Oh still I’m doing this thing or that thing. I am still drinking tea or I’m still doing” this that, I want to first stop this and then take to the chanting, no keep chanting and if you really wish to give up some bad habits, some sinful activity, you will be able to give it up, kick it out of your life. Kick that bad thing with the help of chanting take to the chanting, your job will be a lot easier, so you don’t have to work so hard as the world is working so hard to accumulate more and more and more and try to enjoy their senses and body and they’ll never become happy. So learn this technique, science of becoming happy and you are already on the path of becoming engineers and doctors and professionals. Yes, we wish you all success. But at the same time, everyone has to be a devotee of Krishna whether you are doctor or professor or javan or kisan or doesn’t matter who you are, we want Krishna Consciousness, God consiousness is for everyone. Only some people would be doctors some would be engineers, some people lawyers, some people farmer, some may be soldiers but everyone has to be a devotee of Krishna devotee of lord. This is common for everybody.

Arjun was a devotee. He was a big fighter. And do not think people of this India. They knew this technology. You go to South India, see what kind of temple they have built, the masterpieces. They are 5000 years old, they are thousands and thousands of years old. Marvelous architect, the beauty and heights! You think they did not know technology, they did not know architect, they did not know engineering. Everything that you need to know is there, it is there in sastras. This is what we are talking, Sthapatya sastras and so many. Even subtle sciences and we knew this.

There was a time when people came from all over the world came to India to learn and their learning was not considered complete. “Oh! You had been to India? Did you go to that Nalanda University? Or did you go to that Takshashila University? Are you a student of that University?” They were teaching everything from A to Z. Not just chanting or puja, all practical things. The health, you name it, the hygiene, what, administration and what else you name it and it was being taught by the rishis and munis and people came from all over the world. Jesus Christ was in India. He became learned in India. Big big scholars used to come in India to Bharatvarsha to learn. And then they would go and teach there, this is how the knowledge was spreading. I just recently read one article. One big Chinese scholar, he visited India and he was astonished by the learning that was going on in India, he was captivated. He was a big leading scholar, What is his name? Ya difficult Chinese name (laughter). So finally he toured India and he was so much impressed and he wanted to share this with his countrymen. He took lots of scriptures with him, big big loads and he also took some men, who would interpret, explain those scriptures back in their China after some journey on their land. They had to travel by boat to get back to China. So during their journey in the ocean, there was winds and some turbulence. So they thought, ”we need to download some of these extra luggage, some baggage, some weight here.” Otherwise the boat is going to drowned here in the middle of the ocean. So they were thinking of downloading, of throwing some of those manuscripts, some books into the ocean. Some, but those Indians ‘Bharat pandits, scholars’, they told ”no no hands off”. If you wish to minimise some burden, some weight. Why dont you throw us into the ocean? Or we are ready to jump off and give up our lives. The scriptures are more important, more valuable than our lives. They were ready to sacrifice.

Knowing the value, the knowledge in depth complete knowledge in those scriptures. So we are leaders and India had been leader and we will remain so forever. This is a false propaganda. As we remained slaves for 1000 years, for 1000 years India remain slaves of Muslims and then Britishers came and they had done such a good brain washing. Everything Indian, low class and everything west is high class and like that. And unfortunately, leaders of this country, not realising this value of what India stands for? But amongst those leaders were Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada ki jai…………. He pointed out the value of India’s culture and knowledge and the wealth of the holy name again

We want to make India wealthy. Wealth is meant to buy something which will satisfy you. But your rupees and dollars are not what you buy is not satisfying you. But the chanting of the holy name which is real wealth. ‘Goloker premdhan’ harinam sankirtan. This will satisfy you. Take this wealth of this holy name and become wealthy. If someone asks you,”Oh! Where did you go
, we had to gone become wealthy, we have come here. Three days seminar we had, we wanted to be enriched”. “Where did you go?” we went to become enrich, become richer. Rich in culture, rich in knowledge, rich in spirituality, rich or souls becoming rich. So go on becoming richer and richer, rich person is happy right this is the notion. Everyone we have to become rich to be happy but not the kind of rich the world is talking about. Your soul has to be rich enrich then you’ll be happy. So chant:

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare”.

We guarantee you that you will be happy. If you don’t become, take us to the court, complain. Like last year also I could meet you, after one year, you could fine me. So it’s guaranteed. This is the guarantee given by the Lord. Ok I took few extra minutes of you and again your breakfast is going to be late, dinner was late last night. I come to spoil your schedule and your routine program. But again I was very happy to be associated with youths of India we feel also young in asand it will remain so forever. So we are in difficulty, in very awkward position, situation we are in, this is part of the knowledge also. Just ignoring that there’s no suffering or finding just little relief is not the way out, we want the solution to the problem. Again in Krishna’s wor/emem/emd/strongs this sociation, old as we are becoming in association. You are boiling with enthusiasm and energy. So it’s nice again I want to express my joy to see youths of this great nation India are stepping forwards to know the treasures, the hidden treasures, our forefathers have left behind them. We need’ means to find this and you are searching looking and, you will find Hare Krishna movement will keep guiding you with the help of sastras and sadhus and acharayas. They are wise men, they were not drunkard, they were not gamblers, they were not women hunters, they were not meat eaters. You could be knowledgeable but you could be women hunter, you may be scientist but you could be a drunkard, you could be so called leaders but you could be meat eater. That is not civilized, when we are talking of civilization, civilized so you are going for that treasure, that wealth, that knowledge. So as you pursue your paths you are simultaneously investing your time and energy in, then life would be complete. This mundane pursuit is not the way because we are not only body, we are souls we have to take care of body and soul, you have now both, and this is complete.

Thank you.
H.H. Lokanath Swami Maharaj ki jai!!

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