Lokanath Maharaj on Great wisdom of India and knowing our real self


Venue: Pune Destinations, places all over India, what brings us together here is Krishna,
we never think of that, what is bringing us together is, who is he?  What is that?
You may say that Radheshyam has brought us together, or you IYF leader
made such arrangement. But that person is just a secondary cause or
intermediate cause, the cause of all
cause is Shri Krishna
“sarva karana
I do not see any other reason for us being here today, but Krishna. This is the spirit of Bharat
Varsha, now a day’s known as India, What
binds people together is only Krishna consciousness culture
. Even the
Britishers they had this realization, while they were trying to defeat, the
Indians are weaken their forces so divide them and then they realized. OH! All these Indian people are bound with
bonds of Krishna consciousness;
God consciousness is binding them together.
If we wish to divide them we need to weaken these bonds, break these bonds, we
have to minimize their faith in their Krishna consciousness, in their God
consciousness, in their Bhagvat Gita like that in their culture. Once we
successes doing so, then  we will capture
India and well they did it, kind of successed
ruling this country for over 200 years. And you probably are thinking
ours is independent nation now, India attained independence in 1947.

Now question is have
we really become independent? Or have we become even more dependent than ever
before. May be there was just only one country ruling India prior to 1947 and
who knows how many countries are now ruling this India. Political freedom is
just one thing. We have become the rulers Indians have become Prime minister,
President and Chief Minister but what are we ruling? What are they ruling? The
same stuff same old wine in new bottle
this is not a wine (laughs). Have we become Indians, have we became Bhartiyas.
In true sense we do hear or read the advertisement saying what “Be Indian by Indian” did you hear this?
“Be Indian by Indian” but dhoti is Indian, patlun is “meri patlun enlishstan  ki , mera
juta hai Japan ka”
not  Kolhapur ka, Kolhapuri
jutas, shoes are very famous
atleast  in Maharastra . But we are proud
of wearing jeans, boots from Japan and coats from Middle East and Cigars from
who knows from where. Important things are all that we care for and for that we
have all fast transportation means of transportation like air cargoes, ships in
the ocean are going back and forth speedily and fast means of communication and
with that lot of export , may be some export more import goes on.   But these are some goods but with that also
lot of foreign thinking, foreign life style. There was English lifestyle one
time now we wish to learn lifestyle and practice, imitate lifestyle from all
over the world. Globalization is a buzz
you heard Globalization, the pizza huts are here and MacDonald they
are part of our culture. School children they get their lunch packets from
MacDonald’s who knows what they are eating and we very proud of this
nonsense.  Has educational system changed
in last 60 years? Have we renounced the Darwin’s theory of evolution, although
it has no room in our culture, in our religion, in our shastras. The Education
talking of or explaining that our origin is Amoeba, we come from amoeba. Amoeba
“Ba” means “BAAP”. Our “BAAP” our
great great great great great great grandfather is Amoeba. HARIBOL…………

Isn’t that a big joke in Maharashtra we call “VITHOBA” as our “BAAP”Panduranga who resides in Pandharpur
is our Supreme father. Or as we read Bhagvat gita

“aham sarvasya prabhavo  mattah sarvam pravartate” (B.G 10.8 )

Krishna says I am the origin of everything that exists “aham bija- pradah pita” I am the father , I am the seed  giving father of all the living the entities
Krishna says, is this not holding truth, is this not truth anymore or since the
introduction of the theory of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Srimad Bhagvatam
explains how when the world was created first and for there was a creator and
then comes the creation. There is no question of if you accept the creation,
then you have to think of there has to be creator. This microphone system has
been created by creator. Everything around us here fan, pole this sheets here,
cloth there, there is a creator. So why not creator for whole entire creation
of the universe. So Lord Krishna says I
am that creator
and that creator Created Brahma and empowered him to
create. So the first creature in this creation is Lord Brahma. And if you want
to again say who is your “ba” “baap”
then you could also say Brahma is the first creator he is the original not the
original but he is the further creator of this universe.

Now Brahma is not
made up of just one cell. Brahma is a full fledged personality, highly
intelligent with four heads that shows how much evolved he was. How much
thinking and planning he had to do that one head was not enough God gave him
four heads “catur mukhi Brahma” and
He is the first one to come into existence; from the lotus that sprouts from Garbhodakshayi Vishnu and Brahma is
born. Then he further creates he creates all entities, all the species
simultaneously. 8 million 400 thousand varieties of species how accurate, how
exact this is science if you are talking of science you have to be very
precise. Can any scientist born or dead, living dead any scientist could say
that there are “x” number of species in creation. Yes have you heard your
scientist belong to that what community (laughs) for your connection you have
some relationship with the scientific world and the scientist. So do they say
how many species are there? No they don’t say, they can’t say, they don’t know.
But one who knows who is Supreme Personality of Godhead “ Abhigya and Svarat”. Abhigya means he is knower of everything
and Svarat means He is also independent.
Independently powerful and knower
of everything.  And not only this number
8 million 400 thousand varieties of species then we hear further break

nava-laksani” (Padma Purana) “jala-ja”
those who take birth and reside in jala, in water there are 900 thousand
varieties of species in the water, “krmaya  rudra-sankhyakah” krimi the germs, worms are 11 lakhs
varieties of germs and worms “paksinam
the birds how many birds one million (10 lakh) varieties of
birds  and 20 lakhs (200 thousand)
varieties of plants and  30 lakhs
varieties  of 4 legged animals. 400
thousand varieties of 4 lakhs varieties of human beings when you add this grand
total is someone writing down, you write you will get all the 9+……………. 9 lakhs
varieties of aquatics, 11 lakhs germs and worms, 10 lakhs birds, 20 lakhs
plants and 30 lakhs animals, 4 lakhs human species grand total is 84 lakhs “caurasi lakh yoni” species 8
million 400 thousand varieties of species were created in the very beginning of
creation billions of years ago. We human beings have existed Brahma is the
first he is even super human he is not only human, super human was created in
the beginning of the creation. So we could say “we are Brahma ki aulaad not Bandar ki aulaad”. As Darwin is
proposing evolution from amoeba this happened that happened. Ok finally there
was a monkey, apes they were mostly evolved species some 6-7-8 thousand years
ago and from monkeys comes the present day batch of human beings. Monkeys they
were walking on 4 legs then for some convenience what did Darwin say?  Why does one species go into another into
another, natural selection. So from apes they selected, they choose, they made
different attempts. So monkeys gradually started standing up on their hind
legs, and their 4 legs transformed gradually into the hands the tail
disappeared. This is how human being came into existence so we are Bandar ki
aulaad. Bhagvatam says “we are Brahma ki
we are coming from Brahma he is the first living being. So if this
was really independent country then immediately in1947 we could have dumped,
thrown into garbage that Darwin’s theory of evolution. Which  was never approved, never recognized  by Bhagvat Gita or Bhagvatam, by
Madhavacharya  or Ramanujacharya or
Shankaracharya or Tulsi das or Narsigh Mehta or it’s a big list no one neither
did Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada approved of this. Life comes from life
only not from the matter and original life is Krishna everything comes from
Krishna, Krishna is the Supreme scientist. Prabhupad was  talking all along all the time based on
Bhagvat  Gita and Bhagvatam which is
nothing but what? Only truth is spoken in Gita and Bhagvatam. So some kind of
dream of so called father of nation Mahatma Gandhi that once India is
independent, what we would do? We will establish Ramrajya was the dream.
Instead of Ramrajya what is getting established? Rakshas raj,  Ravaan Rajya. Ravaan is that person, who
becomes the cause of tears, cries, agonies, sufferings of others that person is

At the time of Ram some almost one million years into
the past, one Ravaan existed, now how many? ghar ghar mein. Every town and
village has Ravaan, if not every home you will find some kind of big or small
size of Ravaan who is making life miserable of people around him, People under
him. So many people OH! That British raj was much better. Why did we get into
this? So there was a big question have we become independent? All over ideas,
thoughts, goods everything is being imported
and everything that is original, spiritual, eternal, beneficial is being
neglected like anything. There was a time the students travelled from all over
the world to India, Nalanda, Takshashila
these are some of the big big names of universities students would come and
study there and return to their respective countries with the certificate. Yes!
Yes! I am degree holder from Nalanda, I am from Takshasila. They would be
recognized unless they have this degree they were not considered knowledgeable

Now a day you have to have Howard or Cambridge degree. Travelers
came so many persons came to India to learn even Jesus Christ was here 2000 yrs
ago travelling into India going to Jaggaanath puri there is a understanding
that he took part in Rath yatra. Jai
The Chinese came from all countries from all over the world.
Chinese traveler came what was his name? You know the name little difficult
name so he travelled he was impressed, he was amazed by the quality of life,
education and culture everything the knowledge, the body of knowledge. So on
back home, back to China, not back to Godhead (laughs) he made copies of so
many scriptures. All that you need to know is there in Shastras  not only about soul, supreme soul, but
everything about the management, about ruling the country, about the cooking ,
about the architect, about chemistry, physics everything that you need to know
is right there in Shastras. Even paka shastras, Stapatya shastra, all the
shastras right there, dealing with all aspects of knowledge complete body of
knowledge. So he made copies of many many scriptures and he had a boat loaded
with these scriptures. Now he was sailing back home, back to China travelling
and he also he had some Indian scholars they were also travelling. Once the
scriptures are there the scholars would explain, interpret the shastras, give
the purport, the text of those shastras. So they had to travel through
different oceans, the seas before reaching China. So on the way they had a
troublesome time, there was a storm, big waves. The boat was rocking and only
way to survive through that rocky travels in the ocean was to download or off
load some of those bundles of scriptures. So they were considering seriously
considering almost came to conclusion that we have to dump some of these boxes
of books into the ocean so that boat becomes lighter hence they will survive,
so bigger chance of survival. So While they were about to do it, these scholars
traveling from India accompanying said no! Hands off stop, what’s the matter
they explained, the load is too heavy we have to minimize the load. They said
you better dump us into the ocean, these scriptures are very very valuable even
more valuable than our lives, you take our life throw us into the oceans but
take these scriptures with you.  And by
the grace of God they passed the test things were back to normal and they
managed bringing everything to China along with the scholars. The point is not
very difficult to understand the whole world realized the value of the body of
knowledge that existed in India spoken even spoken by God, spoken by Krishna
and that body of knowledge spoken by Krishna is what is it called? (Devotees
answered) Bhagvat Gita as it is.

The body of knowledge, information that speaks about Krishna
is Bhagvatam and other shastras and
other scriptures, other books and knowledge. People around the world they were
recognizing how valuable how important were these scriptures and culture,
religion and life style, the values based on these shastras. Books are the basis, which book is the
basis, Bhagvat Gita is the basis, Bhagvat Gita is the basic book, Bhagvatam is
the basic book like that, scriptures are the basis, books are the basis, the
foundation and then everything could be based on that knowledge. So if we wish
to bind India together, this country together then as we as we pointed out
which was even realized by Britishers we said what is binding us is Krishna ,
God , the shastras, Krishna consciousness, the culture that binds us together
otherwise there will be total disintegration we will be all into fractions like
atoms, be it individual atom  with no
bond in between them this is the elements two parts of hydrogen (H 2)  one part of oxygen (O) is there but they are
not H2O , only H2 is there O is separate . What binds them together are the
bonds even they are created by the Lord, so Krishna is that catalyst, Krishna
is that doer, creator He is all in all and by is grace only our spirits are
being revived, and our attention is being drawn to the origin of all of us and
that’s Krishna, our attention is being attracted to ourselves are real self
what is that real self? What is it? What is our real self?. The soul which is the goal of our life, the
supreme soul
. What if you gain the whole world Bible says “what is you gain the whole but you lose your soul what did
you gain?
questions being raised by Bible. So whole world is busy
collecting some matter, but what matters more is the soul than the matter. It
doesn’t matter really what really matters is the soul that is what we are. This
human form of life is meant for knowing ourselves, our soul and then take care
of that soul, take care of our self. We hear this mantra all the time take care
of yourself. The parents say the same thing , your friends say, your neighbors’
say,  the president of India must also be
saying the same thing take care of ourselves , take care of ourselves but have
you ever thought who is that self? Who is that soul? Is the body our self? No can’t
be. We are in the body we are not this body we are in the body, this is the
lesson number 1 taught by Bhagvat Gita. “dehino
smin yatha dehe kaumaram yauvanam jara, tatha dehantara-praptir dhiras tatra na
muhyati” (B.G 2.13)

So we are “dehi”
not “deha” deha  is one thing
and dehi is yet another thing, deha
is matter
and dehi is anti matter, even Russian scientist are coming to such
conclusion. Did you hear, read about this? Easy journey to other planets
Prabhupad wrote this book some 30-40 yrs ago. He said those Russian scientists
are coming to conclusion that if there is a matter there must be antimatter then
it could be complete. They were thinking, they were only thinking but this was
concluded long time ago at the beginning of creation this was made known to the
human beings that matter and antimatter exist both exist. But scientist only 40
yrs ago they only started thinking OH! There must be antimatter also. So matter is the body, antimatter is the
spirit soul
and we are the soul.
This is ABC, ABC of the spiritual knowledge so “happy happy we shall be when we learn our A and B and C and D” also. So ABC is we are sprit souls, you
have to know ABC before you become PhD, do you know any PhD person he doesn’t
know even ABC but he is PhD. We have to know the soul and then you will know
all, make progress and become PhD learned. So we are meeting about the time
that Krishna and Arjuna had met in, we are meeting here in Pune, around the
time Krishna and Arjuna had met were? In  Kuruksetra some 5000 yrs ago.

In few days from today to be precise just on Sunday, this
coming Sunday you have seen already you are aware Gita Jayanti festival whole world is going to be celebrating Gita
Jayanti. Jayanti  menas appearance, Gita appeared or even
technically Gita took birth, Jayanti, Hanuman Jayanti and this Jayanti, Krishna
Jayanti then Gita Jayanti means Gita’s birthday. Gita was born who gave birth to Gita? In which womb
did Bhagvat Gita take birth from?  Which
womb? Instead of being the womb it was mouth of “ya svayam padmanabashya mukha padmat vinisrita” from the Lord,
what kind, what kind of Lord? Padmanabh Lord with lotus navel, with his lotus
mouth, from the lotus mouth Gita appeared on Mokshada Ekadashi day on the day Ekadashi,  GIta appeared and immediately liberated
someone “Mokshada” means giver of
liberation. Bhagvat Gita liberated who was the first one to be liberated Arjuan
was liberated and so Gita was born in Kuruksetra
on Mokshada Ekadahsi
day what time? What time did Bhagvat Gita appeared,
took birth? I was born in early morning hours 40 minutes after 3 in the morning
we always say like that. So Gita was born there must be sometime what time did
Bhagvat Gita take birth? Some guesses. The beginning of the day, beginning of the
battle you said beginning of Ekadashi. What time sun rises? These days, 6 in
Pune what time in Kuruksetra? There are different time right, in Bengal and
here there is 1 hour difference. You know what time sun is rising these days so
around that time there was blowing of conch shells. Krishna and Arjuna’s
chariot had come on the scene “svetair
haier  yuktair mahiti sandane stito”  hari hari ………..

“mahiti sandane”
great chariot, beautiful chariot,  beautifully carved and decorated chariot drawn
by the horses “svetair haier  yuktair” the horses the color of the
horses what color? Sveta (maharaj pointing at devotees and saying) you are
wearing the dhoti; kurtas color white horses were drawing the chariot. And in
the back sat  Madhav and Pandav were
sitting in that chariot. Madhav is Krishna and Pandav here one son was sitting
Arjuna was sitting and Madhav he had became the chariot driver. Arjuna was “rathi” Arjuna was “rathi”
as the soul is “dehi” in the deha,
so Arjuna was rathi in the ratha he was the main person it was meant for him,
chariot was meant for him, meant for rathi, meant for Arjuna, it was Arjuna’s
chariot but along with rathi there was “sarthi”
Important person is “rathi” and along with him there was “sarthi”
just to drive the chariot, driver and who was the driver? Parthasarthi who was sarathi? He was Parthasarthi, son of Prtha who
is prtha? Kunti her  another name is
Prtha, Prtha’s son partha and his sarathi, he is Parthasarthi, he was driving
the chariot and then some developments are taking place. Arjuna such a great
warrior, the archer, the disciple of Dronacharya only one person was better
archer compared to Arjuna and that was Ekalavya and as soon as Dronacharya
found that out. OH! I am your guru give me daksina, yes sir yes Guru Maharaja Order,
give me your right thumb here it is. So not Ekalavya who became the number 1
archer? Arjuna . So he was there, but by seeing all those family and friends
there he was melted, he stepped down he got into bodily concept of life, he
forgot he was a sprit soul, forgot the Supreme soul, forgot that he had to execute
the order of the supreme soul, instead of understanding following what he wants
and just do it, just do it he started thinking independently. He cut of himself
from the Lord or Lord’s wish, Lord’s vision, Lord’s desire or Lord’s plans,
Lord’s strategy. Because he was in illusion full body concept, bodily conscious
and then he made connection with all those present there. NO!  NO! NO!
NOT possible no can’t do. Then Krishna had to speak up and what Krishna
spoke has became known as what is it known as? What? What did you say? Say it
(devotees saying) Bhagvat Gita as it is
(maharaj saying) Bhagvat Gita as it is.

So then Arjuna heard Bhagvat Gita and what did he say at the
end “nasto moha” “ nasto moha” (B.G 18.73)
finished he was in full illusion in the beginning’ so Krishna has a
demonstration OH! Here here is a person with full illusion now see what happened
watch him watch him Krishna took one sample person in total illusion,
bewildered he doesn’t know what to do, what not to do , he is lost, gone, so many
questions had crossed road. Then Krishna spoke Bhagvat Gita and the same person
at the end dialogue, what was his conclusion? What was that hearer’s  resolution I am free from illusion, illusion
is gone finished “nasto moha smurti”
my memory has been revived “gata
no more doubts I am free from doubts and ok then what, are you
going to do something? Yes yes I am ready “karisya
vachnam tava”
you just order me your
wish is my command; your wish is my command you just order me I am ready to go
So as this one person one sample person who was in full of illusion etc. What
became the cause of freedom from illusion?
Bhagvat Gita, same Bhagvat Gita is available today does that Bhagvat
Gita have same potency 5000 yrs ago? Or by using and using and using some say
this that potency is minimized or lost. This is only foolish conclusion “ purnam adah purnam idam” (Sri
Isopanishad) purnam adah this is purnam, adah that is purnam and edam purnam
this is also purnam “purnat purnam
. Anything that comes from purna becomes also purna. When you
take purna out of purna what is the balance? Also purna, do you any experience
like this? This is another world it’s out of this world 1-1=1 not zero. So many
people could take that potency from this and be benefited and original potency remains
complete never minimized. So many have been benefited by this potent scripture,
words of God, to this day it’s intact all potency all knowledge. So what is our
position? We are in position of Arjuna before the dialogue the beginning of the
battle of Kuruksetra 1st day as he arrived he was in illusion, that’s our
position in this world. And if you want to come to conclusion yes you have to
say “nasto moha” no more illusion, no more doubts “gato smi” I am properly situated in my constitutional position. We
could also come to that conclusion, realization by doing what? What? It’s
obvious by hearing what? Bhagvat Gita ki
please study Bhagavt Gita and be happy and  “HARE
Any question if someone has (devotees asking questions to maharaj

Question 1:  While explaining the descendants of creation
you said that Brahma ji created all of us but actually we have heard every soul
will be given the post of Brahma and we will be falling from that course right
now we are in a fallen condition. So initially we are in Brahma’s stage and so
could you explain this?

Answer:  We all become Brahmas 1st there are lots of
Brahmas, so I suppose lot scope for all of you to go through that stage Brahma
and then come down. But more easy understanding is that may an exception of
them. Something more to say about that the Lord picks up the most pious
person  and he is given the post of
Brahma in each universe the most pious person occupies the post of Brahma. So
we also become grain and someone eats the grain many things happen.

Question2: Why
did Jesus come to India?

Answer: Well
everybody used to come to India to learn yoga he came to India. India was a big
seat of learning so Aquarian gospel, one kind of Christian scripture explains
about his travels over sea or his absence from Middle East. For learning matter
or so called scientific things people look forward to go to West and to learn
about the spirit, spiritual matters, Bharatvarsha is the one, India is the one.
All the countries all the scholars, all the persons aspiring to acquire
knowledge they always travel to India. So this traffic has only kind of stopped
few centuries’ or otherwise in the past they always travelled. Jesus is a pure
vaishanav so hence there is a greater reason for him to come to India. India is
full of vaishanavs one vaishanva is attracted by other vaishanav or there is
lot of assemblies of vaishanavs all over India that’s why they used to come to
met Vishnu and met vaishnavas “sadhu
sanga sadhu sanga sarva satre koi lava matra sadhu sange sarva siddhi hoi”
If you want to become wrestler what do you do? You go where wrestles get
together right? You want to become actor what do you do? You go to Bombay. So
like that you want to be yogi, you want to be devotee you want to be vaishanav,
lover of God, love thy Lord with all thy heart where do you go? You go to the
country, go to the people where ever they are. So India was known like that but
some different kind of propaganda has been made and now that kind of traffic
but even some people to this day they come looking for yoga or Guru, come to
India lot of these travelers, tourists coming to India they go to Rishikesh and
many go to Goa also (laughs)but we are not promoting. India is not promoting we
are ashamed, we want to hide our culture and God we want to show them something
else. All the tourist coming to India they are all encouraged to go to Taj Mahal
on the way there is Mathura, Indian government does not talk so much about
Mathura while they want to make sure all the travelers go to Taj Mahal to see I
don’t know what they go to see there the tomb, a dead place. There is a life in
Mathura, Vrindavan they won’t like to show the life of India, we would like to
show some dead place like a Taj mahal. We have lost the spirit and we are
trying to become matter, materialist our self. So many people are coming to
India now to do business with India so many countries are coming and signing
contracts with India. India is booming, Bill Gates is going to be investing
some billion, so many billions of dollars in to India   and India is delighted. But all holy places,
Holmen, Holy Scriptures all being neglected,  so different values. So West is doing there
Dharma of promoting this amoeba culture or 5 star hotel culture or Bhogavada,
gratification of senses and luxuries life ok they are flourishing, West is
doing their job what they knew what their Dharma is, but if India also giving
up their own Dharma also does the same stuff that West is expected to do or had
been doing then who would look after Dharma? Who would protect Dharma? Srila Prabhupad was the one who really
cared for India’s culture and religion and he did everything possible within
his might to protect and to revive and propagate the culture of India
consciousness had been always available in India. So this western culture is
becoming all there is globalization of it. But where is globalization of
Bhagvat Gita, there was Atal Bihariwajpe I know I heard  directly as he was invited to temple opening
of our Radha Parthsarthi mandir in New Delhi some 4-5 yrs ago. He gave such a
fiery speech and he said yes India has to globalize Bhagvat Gita. If India is to take any kind of
globalization that is Bhagvat Gita
(round of applause). He had just become
Prime Minister and we are proud of such Prime Minister “pradhan mantri ho to aisa”. But then that was 1st and the last
time we heard from him (devotees laughing) about globalization.  Our leaders’ have different sets of values
not proud of Bhagvat Gita or Gomata or Ganga .

Question 3:   Jesus Christ was a great personality even
though his audiences were not so elevated he did not give them clear idea about
God, he had knowledge of God he could have done that why he couldn’t do that?
Because that there is much turmoil between Hinduism and Christianity?

Answer: Jesus was expert preacher and preaching to the faithless is
offence, preaching to the faithless is
an offence.
So when Krishna was specking Bhagvat Gita he was talking to a
vaishanav  “bhakto se me” you are my devotee, you are my friend. So he
revealed everything unto him. But Jesus had to preach      “thou shall not kill” Krishna didn’t
have to say to Arjuna, Arjuna “thou shall not kill” but while Jesus had to deal
with his audience he had to say “thou shall not kill” you are all killers. So
according to their faith and their depth of understand etc, Jesus only preached
only so much but not that he did not know why more than that why we understand
from his life. He said I have more to tell you but not now, I will come back
and I will tell you more, may be by that time you would be ready for more. So
like that he knew the level of his audience, degree of faith of his audience
and accordingly he preached ok let’s stop here.

Thank you very much for coming from all over the
country  and hearing, keen interest in
Krishna consciousness Nitai Guar
Premanande Hari Haribol………



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