Lokanath Maharaj on unity in diversity


We are reading from the Bhagavatam, canto 3, chapter 9 and text no 37. Translation and purport by Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada ki jay!
“When you were contemplating whether there was a source to stem of the lotus of your birth and you even entered into that stem. You could not trace out anything. But at that time I manifested my form from within.” This is Sri Bhagavan Uvaca. Lord speaking unto Brahma.
Purport: Personality of Godhead can be experienced only by his causeless mercy, not by mental speculation or with help of material senses. Krishna Balarama ki jay! Material senses cannot approach the transcendental understanding of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He can be appreciated only by submissive devotional service. When he reveals Himself before the devotee, only by love of Godhead can one know God and not otherwise.
The personality of Godhead cannot be seen with material eyes but he can be seen from within; by spiritual eyes opened by ointment of love of Godhead. As long as one’s spiritual eyes are closed due to dirty covering of matter, one can not see the Lord. But when the dirt is removed by the process of devotional service one can see the Lord without a doubt. Brahma’s personal endeavor to see the root of the lotus pipe failed. But when the Lord was satisfied by his penance and devotion, he revealed Himself from within with no external endeavor.
tubhyam mad-vicikits?y?m
?tm? me dar?ito ‘bahih
n?lena salile m?lam
pu?karasya vicinvatah

“When you are contemplating whether there was a source to the stem of your lotus of your birth and when you even entered into that stem. You could not trace out anything. But at that time I manifested my form from within.”
Very wonderful. Wonderful statement by the Lord. Krishna is wonderful and of course his statement has to be wonderful. I don’t have to say it separately and he is stating this to Brahma, he has just now taken his birth. And he doesn’t even know the source of his birth or who has given him birth. Ok! There is some lotus there and the stem there. Does this also have same source? Does this, the lotus, which is this world, this is universe. Whether this universe has same source? Whether I myself also have some source? Vicinvatah, as you were searching, as you were looking. Trying to understand by yourself. You were breaking your brain this way and that way, which is called speculation. You were speculating. N?lena salile m?lam. You even entered that naal, the stem. Nalena salile mulam and you kept going down, deeper into that stem but still mulam. You could not find out the source of yourself. Puskarsya mulam, Puska, the lotus. Puskarsya mulam vicinvatah. You were searching for the source of that stem of the lotus.
Tubhyam mad vicikitsayam. You were trying to know this way. You were searching and you were trying to know. But as all your attempts fail, this is what happens? All attempts. As attempts of Brahma failed, who was the first person to take birth. Anyone who follows in his footsteps before Lord had revealed knowledge unto him. There is a Brahma before he became realized. Brahma, before the knowledge was revealed unto him by causeless mercy of the Lord or the primeval, not only the source of the existence but is also the source of all knowledge that exists. Tene brahmhriday adikawaye. Brahma is described as adikawi, the original poet. But he was just totally blank until the time Lord reveals all knowledge unto him. So Brahma before and Brahma after. The people are following to this day. This happened long, long time ago. They don’t even have a clue. How long, long time ago, the world was created. Hari! Hari! The universe was created. And they have their own big bang theories.
So Brahma, Brahma’s all attempts to know his own source. Who he was kim yami. And what is this world? What is the source of this world? All his attempts, all his endeavors totally were failure.
And then Atma me darsitorbahi, abahi. Abahi. There is a very wonderful word. Abahi, from within. Word sounds like outside bahi is outside. But abahi, when you attach aa, from somewhere, beginning from somewhere to bahi, outside. That is within. From within to outside. Abahi. Abrahma bhuvananu lopa. Aa, when there is aa means from this place to that place. Aa, abahi, aa, abrahma, avrindavan, Durbon. We go to Vrindavan to Durbon. Now, time has come to go so. AVrindavan. Ya! Vrindavan, from Vrindavan. Whatever. So abahi. It’s from within. Darshito. I showed you. I revealed unto you. Aatma me, unto you. Tubhyam, to you I revealed things or knowledge from within. And, the point is being made in the purport naturally. This is the only way, this is the only way to know the Lord and of course something that has also happened in between.
Brahma was looking, looking, trying to understand and then he had heard, before Lord revealed himself unto Brahma. Prior to that there was instruction to this Brahma. He was very jigyasu. Brahmajigyasa. He was very jigyasu. He was very curious. Curious as he was running in a total darkness, not knowing the source, nothing. And then he had heard the words. He had heard two letters. And then he put the two letters together and that becomes the word. Two lettered word. One was ‘ta’ other one was ‘pa’. ‘tapa, tapa’. And then he got into business. Oh! This is what I have to do. I have to do tapasya. So as he heard this word, with that he understands. Oh! This is what I should be doing. So he did tapasya and that was devotional service that he had performed. He had followed the instructions of the Krishnam vande jagadguru. The original spiritual master.
Krsna personally became the spiritual master of Brahma. He had become the spiritual master of Arjuna, like that he is the original spiritual master. So, Brahma received. He performed the tapasya i.e. the devotional service. And the dirty things, when the dirt is removed by the process of devotional service. Tapa, also is connected with taapa, the flame. That is also correct. Taaptrayi. So tapa, the austerities create fire taapa. The tapasya is fiery, creates fire. Oh! He is fired up. That he performed tapasya. The three kinds. Krsna describes in Bhagavata Gita. At the physical level, at the vocal level, and at the mental level and it is purifying. The fire of tapa, the purifying. You put gold into fire, all the impurities are removed and then gold begins to shine. Molten gold. Taptakancan gaurangi. Taptakancan. In that prayer, tapta, not only kancan gaurangi Radhe, taptakancan. Why taptakancan? Tapta is not only pure but is more brilliant than the other kind of gold. So as tapa is performed.
Tapo divyam putrak? yena sattvam
?uddhyed yasm?d brahma-saukhyam tv anantam.

Very famous statement! And Prabhupada has here this verse from Bhagavatam, this instruction of Vrishabhdev to his sons. So Prabhupada, we were his sons and daughters. Americans, “You, American boys and girls.” He said that. Sometimes he also said Europians. He never said that Indian boys and girls. (Laughs). Sometimes it feels envious. Alright you boys, American boys. Whenever you read those letters, what about me? (Laughs) So we are his children. So what was that point? Tapo divyam. Ya! Pure. So it’s gold.Tapo divyam putraka yena. Ya! So this instruction of Vrishabhdev and he is addressing this to his sons and Prabhupada to his sons and daughters, repeated this verse.
So this verse was repeated more frequently. Most, most quoted verse. Someone has done the research on Prabhupada. So, Tapo divyam. He performed tapa and again divya. Divya tapa. There is no one in the world who doesn’t performed tapasya. Even rikshawwala, chay! chay! At the train station all day is lots of endeavor, lots of inconvenience. Tapasya. Money! Money! Money! Money! Lots of tapasya. Every endeavor is tapasya. Austerities are there, inconvenience is there. But what kind of tapasya? Tapodivyam immediately. You want to perform tapa? Make sure it is divyam. It is transcendental tapascarya. Being in Vrindavan, during month of Kartik. That has come to kind of an end last night. Devotees going on Vrajamandal Parikrama and also performing lots of tapascarya. And that for us that may be some kind of end. But today is also the beginning of the Gopi’s performance. Gopi’s tapa started from today. After Kartik, Margashirha. Kartik, Margashirha, Pausha, Magha, Phalgun. So in this month, Hemante. Next ritu, Sharad ritu has come to an end yesterday. Sharad has two months, Aswin and Kartik. And now the next ritu, the season called Hemant, which has Margashirsha and Pausha. And in the first month of this Margashirsha, month after Kartik, Gopis, they kept going every morning to Chirghat. That time that ghat was not known as Chirghat. But at the end of that month that became known as Chirghat. Because after one month’s endeavors and austerities, going in cold winter early morning hour, singing glories of the Lord, they would go there, and they would do japa. Oh! Katyayani devi nandasutam patim me kurute namah. Son of Nanda Maharaja, may He be our husband. Patim me kurute namah, patim me kurute namah, patim me kurute namah. They were chanting these japa. And so lots of austerities.
Lord was pleased and that pleasure was expressed by the Lord by stealing the garments. Patim me kurute. Ok! Here I am. So, so another festival is beginning which lasts for one month. Gopi’s festival. So tapasya is yasm?d ?uddhyed. So when tapasya is transcendental then that brings about the purification. The dirt is removed by process of devotional service. We become clean. Not only clean shaven. Some devotees have shaved today. Shaved up. Month is over and the forest was growing and they shaved up. So, clean from outside. Clean from inside. Inside cleaning is more important. Heart cleaning, soul’s cleansing. So the tapasya. So the first instruction that Brahma received, do tapa! Tapasya, tapo divyam. Vrshabhadev repeated. Srila Prabhupada is repeating. One of the tapasya. It’s just a thought going. So many thoughts right, like a window, so many thoughts are floating but we have to keep a check. One thought has just crossed my mind.
One tapasya, austerity is to stay together. To stay together as a family or bigger family, small family, big family. Staying together is a big tapasya, big thing in this age of Kali. But if we could stay together and cooperate together, cooperate with each other to spread Krishna Consciousness. This is one of the major tapasyas of this age of Kali. Get lost is a mantra in the west and America. Get lost as soon as you have different idea, the other person has a different idea. Each one is an individual so having different ideas is natural, Prabhupada says. Having little different ideas. And then something else has to be applied. Unity in diversity. “You GBC men should come every year to Mayapur and one topic you should discuss every year!” Prabhupada said. Unity in diversity should be like an ongoing agenda. Amongst other agendas, unity in diversity. Some natures diverse. Diverse endeavors. The devotional service is of diverse varieties. Unity! See the Krishna connection. See Prabhupada connection and stay united. So this is a big challenge and takes lots of tapasya to stay together, to share, share Krishna.
People don’t like to even share God. If your God is Krishna. Oh! My God is Allah. OK! You get lost! Immediately the world is divided. People don’t even like to share God in this age of Kali. What to speak of sharing other things! So this is tapasya. Yes! This is a challenge also. So undergoing all kinds of tapasya, divya tapasya, transcendental tapasya. And of course tapasya is not just sitting down. As soon as we talk of tapasya. This is run around and tapasya. We are reminded of Hiranyakasyapu performing tapasya in one place. Others performing tapasya in one place. The Gopi’s are always, they don’t sit down. So they are performing tapasya for Krsna’s pleasure, undergoing so many inconveniences. So this tapasya is purifying. The dirty matter is removed and one comes out clean. Mr. Clean. Some politicians sometimes are Mr. Clean. According to their standards some kinds of Mr. clean.
The devotees are all Mr, Mrs Clean, when they went to Vrindavan and performed tapasya for one month or some days. Now we have come out clean. We are coming out of Vrindavan clean. Vrindavan is clean. Coming in contact with Vrindavan which is clean, pavitram, we become pavitra also. Vrndavan is nondifferent from Krishna. So staying here is some tapasya, but is purifying and the result is anant. Brahma-saukhyam tv anantam. Unlimited joy comes as a result. If we are connected with Krishna, not only we get joy, unlimited joy. Brahma-saukhyam tv anantam. The source of that joy, ‘Anandkunde’. Itidrk sva-lilabhir anand-kunde. Try to understand this word. You know both the words. You have to put them together. Anand and kund. ‘Kund’ you know. Radhakund, this kund, Narad kund. So many kundas are there in Vrindavan.
So for Vrajavasi, itidrk sva-lilabhir, by these kind of lilas of the Lord, stealing butter. Lila that Lord performed. Damodar Lila. Iti is thus. Itidrk, like this. Lilabhir, by these lilas. Anandkunde, he drowned the residents of Vrindavan in what? Anandkund. The kund that is filled with anand. We say ocean of bliss. Kund full of bliss. Sarovar full of anand. So Lord was drowning. Everyone was swimming in the ocean of anand. And that ocean of anand, that Vrindavana, Vrindavan or Vrndavananand. Or Harinaam or harinaamanand and Krishnakatha, Krsnakathanand. That Prasad, prasadanand, is welcoming us, inviting us, please come, please come, I am here. Eternally it is available. So the process is. Yes! Srila Prabhupada is talking of some siddhant here.
One word follows is upsiddhant. Upsiddhant dhwantharine. And Bhaktisiddhant was known for someone who opposed upsiddhant. Upsiddhant? Against siddhant. Against the process, scientific process of God’s realization. Prabhupada is talking the siddhant, the process of devotional service. Always stressing devotional service. But Prabhupada didn’t stress devotion only, he stressed devotional service. He didn’t describe or translate bhakti as devotion, but he translated bhakti as devotional service.
The devotion could be just sitting around, just sitting around. That’s what yogi’s do. Yogis also sit around. But time to get up. As soon as you get up and then you run around for Krishna. Kayena manasa buddhya kevalair indriyair api yogina karma kurvanti. Yogina karma kurvanti, Krishna has clarified. Yogis perform activities with their body, with their senses, with their intelligence, with their mind. Kayena manasa buddhya, so they are busy. So they don’t sit around. When there is time for chanting, they sit and chant. That’s the best way to do, sit and chant. There is time for sitting also. Best you get out of chanting is when you sit down and chant. But of course if you are sleepy, little bit sleepy, get around. Get some passion going. Arouse some passion. Transcendental passion. So devotional service is what Prabhupada always stressed. I also attend and sit some kind of devotion. When I joined I was into devotion. I would like to sit down and do my devotion. Not always enthusiastic to take my briefcase and go down town, Mumbai, Bombay making life members. I would spend little extra time in temple with my devotion, doing devotion. So my President didn’t like this and soon I, he gave me the name, before Prabhupada gave me the name, he gave me the name, Samadhidasa! Samadhidasa! Samadhidasa! (Laughs). But then he got me out of Samadhi. He disturbed my Samadhi. Got me into transcendental samadhi. So devotional service, not only devotion. And by that devotional service, then Krsna reveals more unto that candidate who is performing devotional service and the glaring example is the starting with the very first person at the beginning of creation.
What applied? What was applicable to Brahma is also applicable to each one of us. From the day one to day two, there was no different application. OK! This is day three now! No! Same application and day four, the next kalpa, or next yuga. This is eternal process. Way, way! `Atma me darsito bahih. Lord reveals himself unto that devotee, now Brahma. The same process, caksudan dila jei, janme janme prabhu sei, divyagyan hrdye prakasit. Divyagyan hrdye prakasit, divyagyan hradye prakasit. Caksudan, so on behalf of that original spiritual master, Sri Krishna, his representatives, they give caksudan. Dan means donation. Eye donation camp, ISKCON is like an eye donation camp. The doctors, eye doctors, this donation camp. So caksudan dila jei. Caksu, caksu! Ya! Eyes. Daan, donation. Janme janme prabhu sei. Because he gave me eyes, I would like to serve him. Janme janme prabhu sei. I would like to serve him life after life after life. And if I did so then what is the result? Divyagyan hrdye prakasit. So we get the process of this devotional service and that is the cleansing.
Visay chadiya kabe shuddha habe man
Kabe hama heribo sri Vrndavan

Talking about Vrindavan, here in Vrindavan. Here Narottamdas Thakur says, “Oh! When would that day come that I will be able to stay in Vrindavan. Oh! I will be able to see Vrindavan.” Yet another transcendental Vrindavan. He thought he was not seeing and he wanted vision to see Vrindavan. Kabe hama heribo sri Vrndavan. But then he had, he knew I could see Vrndavan when I, I am clean. Visay chadiya kabe shuddha habe man. When my mind is clean, shuddha habe man, then I will be able to see Vrindavan. It is right here. Again cleansing, tapasya, devotional service. We are purified and then we are able to see Vrindavan. The famous statement of same Brahma.
Santah sadaiva hrdayesu vilokayanti
Yam syamsundaram acintya-guna-svarupam
Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami

Brahma is not only the creator, chief architect, engineer of this world but is also the first acarya. So he is teaching us, premanjana-cchurita-bhakti-vilocanena. By devotional service, by devotion, when eyes tears slide down. Then seeing, santah sadaiva hrdayesu vilokayanti. Devotees always see the Lord within their hearts. Yam syamsundaram acintya, take the note, acintya-guna-svarupam. Otherwise, if you are not performing devotional service, not understanding and following devotional service, in that pure line of spiritual masters and disciples, then, then Krsna will be acintya, will be inconceivable, as it was inconceivable for Brahma. Outside the authority or authoritative arrangement of the Lord. He was trying to understand Lord from outside or he wanted to understand this world outside that process.
First time I read this verse, immediately, when I was reading in between the lines that Brahma was trying to understand the stem, which is practically the whole universe inside that stem. And, the scientists are also trying. Cosmologist, astronomers going with the Sputniks. This is the same endeavor as Brahma’s first endeavor. Brahma was going the way he goes looking, finding and the scientists are also doing the exact same thing. So as Brahma was total failure on the part of Brahma, understanding the universe length and breadth and source of the universe. All such attempts would be also total failure. Then I was thinking. My thoughts should be OK. I hope I am not speculating here. We are here. If we want to say something wrong, say in the presence of some learned devotees then they will correct it. I think, I don’t think, I am not saying that much wrong. Ok! Let’s see! Yes the creation is also Lila. You should describe like that.
The Avatara’s of various kinds and there is Purusavatara. And Maha-Visnu, Garbhodaksayi Visnu, Ksirodaksayi Visnu and they are creating this world. From Maha-Visnu comes the whole universe and then further the detailed creation is done by Garbhodaksayi Visnu and some more details are added by Ksirodaksayi Visnu. Like some time, lots of times, there is RCC structure of building first. And some interior decoration and the plumbing and the electrification and this and then that. So these three Lords, three Visnus. This is there Lila and they are creating. First universe is created and some more things are added and some more things are added. So this is the Lila of Visnu, of the Lord. So to understand this Lila and part of that knowledge will be understanding this world, understand the universe, understand the source of the universe.
How it was created by the Lord? And whether there are other universes also. All this could be revealed unto you as soon as you surrender unto that creator. As soon as you surrender unto Visnu, unto Krishna, then only it is possible to understand the universe, or how it was created, how many universes are there and lots of more things to be known are made known. This knowledge has been, the world was created and the knowledge was created at the same time. And the knowledge always existed. And when world was created knowledge was just made available. So all that we need to know, we could know through process of devotional service not through so called scientific endeavors. There endeavors according to, this is how the class expands, because we go this way or that way. There are the four defects of the mundane authorities. They are what? Bhrama, pramada, vipralipsa and karnapathav. These are the four defects of mundane authorities including the scientists.
The bhrama, making mistakes. Pramada, that is, what is that? Madness, illusion. Vipralipsa, that is making mistakes and then karnapathava that is being, senses being imperfect. And I have the second line is there aarsavigye vakye nahi hosh yei saba, according to Krsnadas Kaviraaja. This is from Caitanya Caritamrta. These four defects you do not find in the vakya, the statements of aryas. Those who are knowledgable. The devotees, vaisnava acaryas coming in the disciplic succession, in them, in there statements, these four flows are not found. But they are found in all other authorities, so called authorities. So all that we need to know, human beings need to know that knowledge is made available.
Yanneh asti na kutrcit. I came across another statement. This is Vyasadev speaking, Vyasa ukti, Vyasokti, Vyasa uvaca. He says if there is anything, or he is trying to claim, it’s an indirect statement. Everything that we need to know, vedai? ca sarvair aham eva vedyo ved?nta-k?d veda-vid. ‘Everything I am to be known by studies of the veda, I am compiler of the Vedas, that is Krsna, that is Vyasadev compiler. So he has included all the knowledge, complete knowledge is there. And then he says ‘na eha asti’. Something that is not here. Na, na, na kutsacit, then it is nowhere else. Something that is not in here. Something that is not in Vedas, Puranas, all the vedic texts compiled by Srila Vyasadev, Bhagavata Gita, Mahabarata, Srimad Bhagavatam, if it is not there, it is not to be found anywhere else. Don’t even look the other way or look beyond these sources. Everything you need to know is right in here. Na yat eha astit means nastit. Something that is not in here not to be found anywhere else. Not in scientific journals, not in Bible, not in Korana, not here, not there. Everything you need to know is right here.
Just chant Hare Krsna, sit down Ok! Sit down, sit down, chant Hare Krsna and study the scriptures or hear from the scriptures and you will be knowledgeable. You will be the best scientist in the world. One who knows this science is a scentist. Prabhupada was that scientist, Bhaktisiddhanta was that scientist and Baladeva Vidyabhusan was that scientist. Sastra! Ok! Sastra is called science and sastragya, one who knows sastras is a scientist. Sastragya, the knower of the sastras, the knower of the science is a scientist. All our acaryas are the genuine scientists.
And as soon as you begin chanting, you will know all about cosmology, all about astronomy. You, not only you know about this one universe, you will know about all other universes which are all around this universe. There is no other way. Even if you have a telescope, then you will see lot of things but everything from this universe. There is no way you could see something that the other universe exists. There is no way you could see. So those, so this is because it is karnapathava. The senses, the sense perception is defective. So the knowledge acquired by, the impuric knowledge acquired by with the help of same senses or they try to make the senses powerful. Microscope, increases the power of the eyes, and increase the power of ears to hear. But there is a limit. Ok! 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times, but there is a limit. There is much more, still more! Only microscope you could use is sastracaksusa. See through the eyes of the sastras. See through the eyes of the Srila Prabhupada’s books, And then you, you will see this is the telescope. This is the telescope.
You see through and you don’t have to endeavor much. Just chant Hare Krsna, dance little, take prasada and better to hear Bhagavatam before prasada otherwise. Chant, dance, philosophy and you will become most knowledgeable human being. The members of the International Society for Krsna Consciousness are most knowledgeable members on this planet. (Devotees – Srila Prabhupada ki jay).
Even our new bhaktas know more than big-big scientists. The truth exists. You just have to accept. Sarvametad rtam manye, yan mam vadasi kesava. That is the process. Arjuna said to Krsna,’Oh! Krsna’, He had been hearing now ninth and this is tenth chapter. The tenth chaper’s statement. The ten chapters he has heard and now Arjuna says, “Oh, Kesava, whatever you are saying is nothing but the truth and I accept it. Sarvametad rtam manye. I accept this as a truth. Not like the Yogis make the experiment with the truth.” There is a big saint amongst the politicians in India and he wrote a book. The title of the book was ’My experiments with the truth’. And Prabhupada commented,” You don’t make experiments with the truth”. (Some devotees take the name). Hey! Not supposed to be! It’s being recorded. It’s ok. It’s ok. All right! So you, Prabhupada said you don’t make experiment with the truth. You accept the truth and you will become knowledgeable. So, so what has been given by Krsna to us, given to Brahma first and then that line coming down through the disciplic succession.
Five thousands years ago there was a need to put this in writing. Because our memories are going to be, not good memories. So then Vyasadev compiled these sastras. They were in Sanskrit or Bengali and we don’t know these languages. So Prabhupada was instructed in English language, in English language. So Prabhupada did that in English language. Then to us, his Guru Maharaja said in English language. Then our Guru Maharaja, Prabhupada said in as many languages as possible, including Chinese and Russian and Dutch and French and Swahili and Czechoslovakian and Hebrew and almost in 100 languages.
Now this truth is being translated and spoken and being remembered. Now this truth in Bhagavata Gita, Bhagavatam, Caitanya Caritamrtam, Isopanisad, Bhaktirasamrtasindhu, this knowledge was not there. Just some, how are you? And what is the rate of this? And some health businesses and how far is that planet? And what kind of climate? These kinds of nonsense and some relative knowledge here, there, weather climate. These books are all about politics, lots of politics. And some kind of modern art and a lot of gossip. But these truths being translated for first time in known history, history that we know in all possible languages. Now you could hear Krsna in your own language. Krsna is speaking to you in your own language. Otherwise knowledge was kind of sealed or stored in Sanskrta.
So ahead of us is a book marathon of Srila Prabhupada. So some of you will be leaving or even if you are here. Let’s distribute this knowledge. Let’s distribute the truth. Let’s share the truth. Satyameva jayate. And of course only truth prevails. All others, after 100 years, after 150 years, then world comes to know oh! That scientist what he said was just a bogus thing or half truth. The Darwin, few year scientists, some people are getting fired up. In few years times, the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s, whatever he proposed, whatever papers he wrote, Darwin’s theory of evolution was first presented 150 years ago and in few years,150th year, the world is getting, You would be amazed. I am always amazed. Even in India, land of Bhagavatam, some people, they smart in these kind of Saktyavesa Avatara or Darwin, really fooled. People around the world including Indians are studying this, Darwin’s theory of evolution. That in the beginning there was amoeba. What about Brahma? First person created in the world was Brahma. Full fledged! He had four heads and just one celled animal! Full fledged! Four headed, brainy Brahma! The first creation, first person. Of course! Vaisnavas never believed, knowledgeable people, students of Bhagavatam. But others are imitating the west. According to that and the Britishers they were in charge of this country and they have got that kind of education going. We also agreed. We don’t understand. Whenever you have agreed, like a Nandibail. But then scientists are coming to realized. No!No! They are talking about now intelligent design.
Someone behind this creation, and the, and this intelligent design not just happened by just by chance and big bang. So they are coming with another theory called Intelligent Design Theory and that will last for sometime which makes little sense to us because intelligence implies the personality, if they could keep going, intelligent, intelligent design. Prabhupada says, “Oh! Such a beautiful flower! Who has made this? What an intelligent person has made these plastic flowers. When you go to the garden, you see so many beautiful flowers. Then you should be asking the same question. What a beautiful flower! Which intelligent designer has made this? Krsna has made this. Krsna’s nature, Krsna has made this, so from the intelligent theory, if they could go forward and come to conclusion that, that intelligence. Krsna is the supreme scientist is most intelligent, original intelligent person. So that will be progress. Also some heading in that direction is going on. But then in the mean time, 150 years were lost. People were thought that Darwin threw the light on the darkness, so that makes senses. Will you throw some light, prabhu? Could you throw some light on this? Meaning I am not able to see or understand this particular point or whatever. Please throw some light on this, means please explain or reveal truth. Throw some light! So instead of throwing some light this Darwin threw some darkness on the truth or covered the truth. But in the process billions of people were misguided. All the universities are teaching this nonsense, speculation.
Speculation is a topic. Speculation. That’s not the way. The only way is Ya! Perform tapasya ,devotional service. Get connected with the knowledgeable people on this planet and they are devotees of Krsna and acaryas and the book of. Devotees always see the Lord within their hearts. em knowlestrongItidrk sva-lilabhir anand-kunde.Prabhupadadge is Bhagvatam. The whole world isstrongstrong engulfed in the darkness of this age of kali. Lord created Bhagvatam and it is described as brilliant as sun.
Bhagvatam is brilliant, more brilliant. This is more brilliant than sun. In the brilliance of sun, the sun would be just like a candle. So that, so we have reached , we have as now, we have reached Bhagavatam, we have reached Bhagavan, we have reached is above. We are very close just around the corner from Lord, matter just sticking to this and pushing on and spreading this truth. Each one of us, we owe this obligation, “you do as I did,” Prabhupad said. So this makes these big endeavors of spreading this truth and making people knowledgeable and happy. This is the only way. There is no other way. There is no other way. There is no other way. Haribol! Only way is way to the prasadam hall. Only way! Ok! It’s a little late, so we will stop here, you take prasad. So see you there or see you here, if you are leaving down this day. Please come back. Keep coming, keep coming, keep coming and finally when you give up your body, finally come and stay here eternally. Is that ok? This is the way. Krsna Balaram ki Jay! Srila Prabhupad ki Jay!

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