Lokanath Maharaj on Vraj Mandal Parikrama


Venue: Mathura

And when my mind would become shudha pure, and whenever that would happen then I would be qualified to be in Vrindavan or then I would see Vrindavan “Rupa Raghunath pade hoibe akruti kabe habe bhujabo se yugala piriti”

And we would like to develop attachment to the lotus feet of Rupa and Raghunath so that “kabe habe bhujabo
se yugala piriti”

So that I could understand by developing love and attachment to the lotus feet of Rupa and Raghunath I will be able to develop devotion to the divine couple Sri Radha Shyamasundar.

“Rupa Raghunath pate, kabhi mora asha prarthana koro ye sada Narottam Das”

By the mercy of Rupa and Raghunath  always   residing at their feet, thinking of their lotus feet Narottam Das Thakur prarthana koro ye sada. Always praying like that and that person praying is Narottam Dasa. So everything is relevant to what we are doing here. What he says what Narottam Das Thakur sings is relevant to our present devotional service, the Vraj mandal parikrama service and we would be successful in this mission by giving up the visayas or endeavoring to give up ideas of trying to enjoy this material existence. And then we will be free to concentrate on the business that we have undertaken, our transcendental business. Trying to enter Vraj mandal, trying to
enter Mathura mandal we need to enter dham, go deeper then we could experience dham as it is. Some of you are wondering Where is OH! I read that beautiful description of Vrindavan in Krishna book and OH! That Mathura city where are those crystal clear lakes and those palaces and the lotuses, the swans there is only smell of some tire burning. So everything is very much here and it never goes away, it is eternally here. So we need the vision to see how, if we don’t have one, we could see through the eyes of the scriptures, we could also see through the eyes of the acaryas.

So here we are in Mathura, Mathura dham ki jai……………

So I think what we would do with Mathura is, do a little overview of different pastimes or in different orders which they took place. Or Krishna’s movements He comes into Mathura or in and out of Mathura. We are in Mathura so its most natural topic right we should talk about Mathura, Cannot talk about London or Delhi. Yes Mathura is on everybody’s mind, first of all as we did mention few minutes ago that this dham is here for all the time. There was no time when Mathura and Vrindavan did not exist, it exists now and it’s here for all time to come in the future. You went to Vishram ghat today? Yes Vishram ghat Vishram is a place of rest, resting is called vishram. So at Vishram ghat Lord Varaha took rest, when Varaha he had lifted the earth, from the Garbadhak ocean, you know the pastime from Bhagavatam. It was not in the same orbit same situation so the earth fell down

Varaha rupa kesava dhrita, Varaha rupa jaya jagadish hare.

He lifted and while He was still holding the earth, Varaha rupa is holding earth. Varaha has two tusks like a jungalee Varaha (Maharaj laughs) not like the pigs you see around  Mathura they have tusk like a elephant. So the earth is sitting right there on the tusks and Lord is known as Dharnidhar. You’ve heard one of the names of the Lord is Dharanidhar, Dharnidhar is the holder of the earth planet.
So while he was holding the earth one time he sat down, where was he sitting? At Vishram ghat he was sitting. That means Mathura Vrindavan was there it always exists, this Mathura Vrindavan did not fell down along with the earth, earth fell down or earth is also destroyed or dissolved, burned  at the time of Mahapralaya. But this Mathura Vrindavan remains intact, So in other words you could imagine that earth was on the tusk of Varaha means rest of the planet Where was Delhi on the tusk? Where was Agra on the tusk?  Everything was part of that earth while Lord was sitting in Mathura on the banks of Jamuna.
This should give us some realization; one of the ten offenses against the holy dham is to consider dham Vrindavan, Mathura to be part of some country part of some state. But that’s not true, lot of times people wonder OH! Why God every time He has to appear in India? That also is  not true. God does not appear in India He appears in Vrindavan, to think that Vrindavan is part of some state or some country some continent this is an offense, ignorance in fact.

We have an acarya, Vraja acarya Narayan Bhatta Goswami. We will visit his Samadhi when we visit Barsana. He is authority on Vraja, Vraj mandal parikrama path and pastimes and what you do while on praikrama, the mood that you maintain on parikrama and different rituals also you perform on parikrama. Vraj Bhakti Vilas is the name of that scripture, he compiled many many scriptures and one that deals with parikrama is Vraj Bhakti Vilas. In there he explains that you know we understand, we know that Sankarasana, Balarama’s expansion holds different planets on his different hoods. So he says that while earth is on one of the hoods of Ananta Sesa, Vrindavan, Mathura is held by yet another hood of Ananta they are not on the same hood. And he gives the name of that hood called “Kumuda”.

Kumuda is the name of the hood that holds Vrindavan Mathura realm, while Earth is on another hood. So Srila Prabhupada
explains that like when governor goes to Kanpur or Nagpur or someplace he has his headquarters he has quarters, Governors Koti or his apartment, he doesn’t stay somewhere in a hotel or under a tree as we stay in parikrama, he has his
fixed place. Whenever he goes to that particular town he has his fixed place.
So likewise whenever Lord comes to this universe, when Krishna comes to this universe He doesn’t go to any of those stars in nighttime we see billions or trillions of stars of course we don’t see all the stars if we have a telescope device but we see quite a few stars . He doesn’t go and appear on any other planet, He comes here, He comes to his Vrindavan, He comes to Mathura, He comes to Dwarka, He comes to Mayapur as Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Everytime He visits this universe this is it. This is the place, There is only one Vrindavan in the entire Brahamand that’s why even the demigods they aspire to come down to this Vrindavan or some kind of  some sort of connection earthly planet and Mathura Vrindavan. But when you put a drop of oil on the top of water does it ever mix? Oil drop on water it always floats, it seems to be together in same pot, you see water, you see oil but they never mix. So likewise Vrindavan Mathura are suppose to be on the same planet earthly planet but  one day at the time of  destruction  final destruction the earth will go back to
Mahavisnu’s body leaving Mathura Vrindavan here and Krishna is performing his pastimes eternally in this place.

So Lord Krishna appeared in Mathura that place also you visited yesterday. Last night you were there? Yes so He was
8th son of Vasudeva and Devaki and Vasudeva and Devaki had little time with Krishna, and ofcourse with Balarama they did not even see the face of Balarama. Only when Krishna and Balarama had come Akrura had brought them after killing of Kamsa they had first time seen Balarama and only second time seen Krishna, but first darshan was very very brief one. So like that this is the birth place of Krishna Mathura but it took ten-eleven years to return to Mathura. So today you had opportunity to kind of walk on the same path that Krishna and Balarama followed, today right you finally
went to Kamsa tila that tila where Kamsa was killed. The tila on the top of which Kamsa was killed and there is a Ranga,  Rangeswara Mahadeva. So that way Krishna had come. And before that Kubja’s place Krishna was coming that way, going to the wrestling match was His destination He was following that path,  I don’t know whether  you were shown chariot of Krishna and Balarama and Akrura little darshan before Kubja’s place. Of course the chariot did not come all the way there. So you were following kind of Krishna Balaram’s footsteps today. So that day Akrura he drove the chariot all day from Nandagram to first of all to Akrura ghat. And there he thought did I loose Krishna and Balarama, (Maharaj saying) “ remember yesterday we were..” ,but luckily that was not the case, they were still sitting there. Then they continued his
journey after Akrura had finished his bath and chanting of the gayatri mantra. And Akrura offered so many beautiful prayers at Akrura ghat and also later as they were about to enter Mathura. Akrura is known for one of the processes of devotional service called Vandanam.

One process , one devotee, right  for hearing Parikshit Maharaj and speaking Sukhadeva Goswami and remembering Prahlada Maharaj, Prithu offering worship and like that. Nine processes and nine devotees. So when it comes to vandanam Akrura is number one he is at the top of the list of those who offer prayers to the Lord, so Akrura had offered prayers at Akrura ghat. And of course on the way to Vrindavan he was also offering prayers, he is always offering prayers. His mood is that of offering prayers, always offering prayers prayerful mood. So as the chariot of Akrura carrying Krishna and Balarama was about to enter Mathura, Krishna and Balarama they  proposed “we want to get down here could please let us get down here” but Akrura said “but you have to visit my home”, and Krishna and Balarama  said “we are on a very important mission here”, (Maharaj saying) “ what is that mission, killing Kamsa” and that  will give relieve to our whole dynasty and then peacefully later on we will visit, for sure we will visit your home dear uncle Akrura. So that time Krishna and Balarama they noticed that Nanda Maharaj and so many other hundreds and thousands of cowherd men had already arrived in Mathura and they were in fact waiting. Srimad Bhagavatam says that Nanda Maharaj and other cowherd men they were waiting to receive Krishna and Balarama. So Akrura he had brought Krishna and Balarama on chariot and others were riding on ox carts, riding on the back of the bulls carrying big big loads of milk products. They say Akrura took Krishna and Balarama on little longer path. He was not going on the traditional path. Hidingly he was bringing Krishna and Balarama he was worried someone may stop, something may come up I may not be able to bring Krishna and Balarama. So he was tactfully in a tricky way bringing Krishna and Balarama  and that took little  longer time for them to arrive and that is how, others had already come in a short cut way and they were waiting for Krishna and Balarama.

So around this time Bhagavatam says it was almost end of the day when Krishna and Balarama arrived in Mathura. So they spent time with everyone else in a special garden, udyan, Upavana where they were staying camping out. So next day in the afternoon which is“aparana”in the afternoon, before noon and then afternoon they wanted to see the town. So they go around and lots of cowherd boys are accompanying Krishna and Balarama. They are received the beauty of this Vrindavan Sukadev Goswami describes in fact Mathura is one of the sapt puris the seven celebrated cities of Bharat varsha, this great land of India. And Ayodhya is one of them, strong>Varanasi is another. Haridwar,  Mathura,  Avantipur, Ujjain,  Dwarka and Kanchipuram. These are the seven cities. Well planned and beautiful wide roads and squares and beautiful architect and lakes, cities excellent the best cities in existence. So Mathura is one of those seven sapta puris. So Krishna and Balarama they were enjoying the sightseeing touring around. Then they came across the washer men. He was meeting different parties on the way to the wrestling match. Washerman carrying big load of clothes Krishna and Balarama were thinking now we are in the city, we are not in the forest anymore and we should be wearing clothes just like the city folks with a tie (Maharaj laughing). So He asked for the clothes. But the washer man he was not in the mood so Krishna used his “karagrahas” end of his hands and suu………he was beheaded separated from the rest of his body. The washerman was accompanied by others, the rest of his colleagues. When they saw what happened to the head they all ran, leaving the rest of the clothes there. Then Krishna put on the best clothes for themselves. And gave some to their friends and still they were lots of clothes left behind. But they were not their own clothes so they were not fitting properly. So they go to a tailor shop nearby. And then he fixed up so they were nicely fitting. Once they had nice clothes, nice colors. Then as they proceeded they came across a gardener, a florist. And he welcomes Krishna and Balarama saying “OH! How fortunate I am to have you the VVIP’s as my guests and then he worshipped with chandan and garlands and no not enough chandan. And as they proceeded then they came across Kubja trivakra because she was bent in three places. Although very very beautiful lady but bent. So she had chandan for Mathura naresh, king of Mathura. But then she saw Krishna and Balarama and said that this chandan would be just appropriate for you and there is whole dialog takes place. So she offers chandan for Krishna and Balarama. And Krishna was very pleased and He wanted to reward that lady. So Krishna puts his foot on her feet and hold here and lifts, she was bend in three places Krishna put his feet on her foot and held her here and lifted, and what happened do you think to kubja? She became straight. So this was the only thing she was lacking everything else was perfect except that she was bent in few places. And she was very thankful for such service and she had also invited Krishna “Please why don’t you visit me” not now we will see you later. And Krishna and Balarama carry on and they go “Swaha Swaha” wasn’t that chaturdashi the fourteenth day? Shiva chaturdashi something like that, one day before purnima. And there was a dhanush, bow a special bow of Shiva he used to worship and whole festival infact was centered around this Dhanush puja. And people were coming thinking this is a special festival. Kamsa was trying to do a little coverup it’s a religious affair. So that no one would doubt that he had any bad intention and he had some evil plan of bringing   Krishna and Balarama and killing them during the wrestling match. So Krishna and Balarama they were standing there for some time and then they noticed that there was a bow. So Krishna moves forward he picks up the bow and breaks it into two pieces. Krishna kept one and one he handed over to Balarama. And the party, the priests, the chowkidaar noticed that the boys broke the special bow that was being worshipped and yes yes and when that bow broke that made a big sound. And the sound was heard by who do you think heard?   Kamsa heard the sound of breaking of the bow. At that time he realized yes the Lord’s are here. My killer is not very far from here now, because he was told when he
was given this  bow by Parashuram , he said that anyone who breaks this bow is not ordinary only the Supreme personality of Godhead could do such thing. Its not any Tom, Dick and Harrys  job. So when Kamsa heard the breaking of the bow, immediately he knew I am in trouble now.

So those who were guarding the bow they tried to attack Krishna and Balarama. But Krishna and Balarama had two pieces of the bow and they started fighting back, hitting in their heads and breaking their bones. All those who were trying to fight Krishna and Balarama they were all put to rest falling flat on the ground. As that path was cleared now they were not very far from the hill where the wrestling match was planned. There was only one more obstacle the Kovalayapida, the elephant. A very powerful elephant, not an ordinary kind from some circus. This elephant was the property of Jarasandh to begin with. Jarasandh had given this as a dowry when he married his two daughters Asti and Prapti, married them to Kamsa, Jarasandh was the father-in-law. So when he handed over his two daughters he also gave this Kuvalayapida elephant as a gift. This elephant was captured in central India and to capture this elephant they had taken one hundred thousand elephants and one hundred thousand those who sit on top of elephant, what do they call them?  “maouth” we call them “mouuth”. They tried to surround and capture this elephant that was very very powerful. And it took a lot of effort and endeavor and battling with this elephant in order to finally capture. This was the property of Jarasandh. One time Jarasandh was camping on the other side of Yamuna and somehow the elephant came over to this side. And Kamsa noticed this elephant and said “Whose elephant is this?” he was not happy to see this elephant. So he pushed that elephant, Kamsa did and the elephant was back in the camp of Jarasandh. Like a little toy, like little children push their cars backwards and it moves back. So he pushed the elephant and he went many miles like a reverse gear. And when Jarasandha “Who is this, who could do such a thing to my elephant?, later on he came to know it was Kamsa and he was pleased and later on he married his daughters to this Kamsa. So you could see that Kamsa also was very very powerful. So this Kuvalayapida was the last stumbling block in the path of Krishna and Balarama. There is a nice description by Sukhdev Goswami, Sukhdev Goswami describes how Krishna and Balarama how they were teasing the elephant. They were teasing the maouth and pulling the tail of the elephant; elephant was going round and round, they were hiding between the four legs of the elephant. They were going round and round. Then they run and elephant runs, the children are running and stopping and elephant is also running and stopping. Like this he was losing his energy and finally he collapses. And then Krishna and Balarama they climb on the top of the elephant and kick, and finally they pull the two tusks of the elephant. Now Krishna and Balarama they were carrying the tusks, the tow teethes of the elephant. Now they are entering the arena. First of all Kamsa had heard the breaking of the bow but he still was thinking I have Kuvalayapida, there is no way these children can defeat with battle with my Kuvalayapida. But when Krishna and Balarama entered the wrestling arena what they were carrying? They were carrying the teeth.

“Kamsa Mama, uncle here here, your Kovalayapida is here we are carrying”. And there were Shala and Toshala there were five wrestlers who were ready to battle with Krishna and Balarama and they were killed. Finally Kamsa also was killed Hari Bol, Gaur Hari Bol.

And when Kamsa was killed eight brothers of Kamsa they came running and Balarama killed the brothers of Kamsa. And like this lot of killing took place and everything was over the ladies were crying. Then Krishna and Balarama also joined those ladies. They were family members and their uncle had died so they had to participate in the service. What do they call, Uncle memorial service. Krishna goes and others are crying so Krishna also cries saying (Maharaj make a crying sound ha…ha…) “such a nice mama, He was here just now and now no more” (devotees laughing).

He would say some nice things about mama. They also say that Krishna pulled, dragged the dead body of Kamsa through the streets of Mathura, giving the confidence and declaring here he is. So when devotees were seeing dead Kamsa they were joyful. Krishna also took rest at Vishram Ghat after killing Kamsa, so that’s another reason why Vishram ghat is  called Vishram ghat or place of rest. So like this one mission was accomplished.

You could read further details in Krishna book or Srimad Bhagavatam, if you are carrying Krishna book, we just ran through it quickly. And then the meeting with Vasudev and Devaki is described. Krishna and Balarama are meeting. But their mood was not the same as Nanda Baba and Yasoda. Immediately could see notice the difference. Nanda and Yasoda they are in one kind of mood, spontaneous Vatsalya bhava, full of Vatsalya. But Vasudeva and Devaki they call Jagadishwara OH!  They are Supreme personality of Godhead so they are full of awe and reverence. They try to pay obeisances to their children (Maharaj laugh). But Yasoda comes with a stick. That’s how she worships Krishna, threatens him and Krishna is in tears and trembling body. And he cant even face Yasoda, can’t even look at the eyes of Yasoda. So that’s Yasoda, that’s Nanda baba. Nanda baba says “bring my shoes, he asks Krishna I have to go hurry up bring my shoes I say”./strong>

So Krishna runs to get the shoes, but shoes are very heavy. He cannot even lift the shoes of his father. He is just a little boy. Then after few years he is lifting the Govardhan hill (devotees laughing). He wasn’t able to lift the one kilo, maybe fifty gram each shoe. He was struggling, he was struggling. When you have to carry heavy object where do you keep?  on the head. If it was something light you carry a bag, few bananas in it or little gamcha then its light weight or sometime a shoulder bag little heavier thing . A little heavier thing you keep it on the shoulders. But it was the heaviest thing that you have to carry then it goes on the head. So Krishna was carrying those shoes on the head, for him he had never lifted anything like that before.  So Nanda baba is ordering, Yasoda is threatening, but in Mathura, Vasudev and Devaki they are ready to offer puja and obeisances. So Krishna and Balarama had to remind them “no no we are your children, don’t hesitate”.

Then gradually they were taken in their laps and tears, but that took some time, Krishna had to preach to them, please accept us as your children we are your children not God. And then it was time to  go back to Vrindavan, everyone was ready. But then Krishna and Balarama were not ready. This came as a big surprise to Nanda Maharaj. He thought they were all coming here together and they would all go back together back to Vrindavan. So they were ready but Krishna wasn’t saying I need to stay here for some more time”.

Mission was coming up as Kamsa was killed so he was expecting some more attacks more threats so this place had to be protected. So this news was not easy for Nanda maharaj to digest. But finally there was a discussion of the feelings of Nanda maharaj, his emotions. Also Krishna and Balarama they are very very expert and genuine, not just talkers. They expressed their feelings and gratitude towards Nanda maharaj. They were very polite and humble and they excused themselves saying “Please excuse us father that we cannot accompany you. Please say this to Yasoda, please say this to our cows and please say this to this to gopis and like that..…”

So it was a heart breaking experience for Nanda Maharaj to go back, “What am I going to say to Yasoda and what am I going to say to gopis, what to do”.

So many others were there but not Krishna so going empty hearted. After this Krishna and Balarama go to Avantipur which is modern Ujjain in Madhaya pradesh on the banks of Shipra River, Sandipani muni’s ashram. They had not undergone any formal studies so far so they go and join Sandipani muni’s school, must have been some famous school.
Students had come from Gujarat , Sudama had come and also other students. They were all studying there in central India. And Krishna was learning sixty four lessons in sixty four days. And then there are beautiful pastimes there are also so many other pastimes and then they come back to Mathura, and by the time they came back they were greeted in Mathura  by the residents Mathura. This was the time Jarasandh was ready to attack Mathura. As we mentioned the connection the two daughters of Jarasandh were the wives of Kamsa. So his son in law was killed by Krishna so he was ready to  kill Krishna. So he had come with a big army and then Krishna and Balarama had to fight with Jarasandh and his army. Krishna and Balarama took a small army on the other side of the Yamuna Lohaban. Between Manasarovar and Lohaban as you would be walking on Ekadashi day I think it is eleventh or twelvth of November. So you would be walking through the battlefield. So Krishna and Balarama saw that he had come with a big army, bigger army than that was killed in the Mahabharat war. And that size army he was bringing every year. And Krishna and Balarama would kill everyone else sparing only Jarasandh. And he would look around saying “I am the only one”.

But Krishna would not kill Jarasandh. Jarasandh would go back to his capital in Bihar then gather all his friends and come second time, third time, how many times he had come? Seventeen times. Seventeen times he had come. And seventeen times Krishna had killed big big army and all these army men were must be demons. If Jarasandh was a demon then his friends must be also demons, yes or no? Yes so what was the purpose? Why did Krishna appear on this planet?

Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge – (B.G 4.8)

To kill the demons,   so who was helping Krishna to kill the demons? Wasn’t Jarasandh doing some rendering some service (devotees laughing).  He was gathering he was bringing all the demons and offering “Here they are Krishna swaha.. . (Devotees laughing) .We offer them to your feet now you do as you feel. Deal with them as you like”.

They were being killed. So Krishna did not have to go door to door killing each demon. It would have taken long time. There is retail business and then there is a wholesale. So Krishna did wholesale killing. This happened seventeen times and in the meantime Krishna had promised Kubja that he would visit, so he visited Kubja’s home, description you could read, Krishna visiting Kubja’s home. Before that in fact he wasn’t alone Krishna had taken Uddhava with him. And before that visit Krishna had sent Uddhava to Vrindavan to visit all the residents of Vrindavan.

Visit Nanda baba, Yasoda, visit the gopis. Krishna had letters for different parties. For gopis he had letter. So Uddhava had gone and returned and now Krishna and Uddhava were visiting Kubja’s place. So you can read more. So it was eighteenth time now, it was the time for Jarasandh to come for eighteenth battle. He had some kind of a fixed month, he had season like a battling season. So every year he would come. So he was expected. Another person comes who also wanted to fight with Krishna, Kaliyavana. He was a big shudra king and he had a big army and he wanted to get a big name, so he was wondering who should I fight with. Who is a big , big fighter or a famous king. So Narada muni said, “ I know, I know”, and Narada muni said I know and  Narada muni  gave address of Krishna. Narada muni said “you go” and he gave the whole description of Krishna. So he was looking for travelling and finally he came to Mathura. And Krishna was by himself, Krishna was walking out of the gate, at that time this Kaliyavana saw Krishna and he had heard the whole description of Krishnas form and qualities. So because this was a shudra king and Krishna did not want this shudra to touch him, Krishna was trying to run away from him and this demon was running right after him. And Krishna would leave only like less than one meter distance between him and the demon. The demon used to think “this time I am going to catch him”, he was about to catch Krishna and Krishna would be a little ahead but not too ahead so that he would not be discouraged and go away or something. So Krishna was doing balancing act, and Krishna ran and this person was running, running and running. Then Krishna entered big cave and this person followed, this demon king followed Krishna into the cave. And Krishna very tactfully as he entered the cave He let his upper garment fall onto the ground on to the body of another person who was sleeping there.

So as this Kaliyavana entered the cave he thought “Oh! He was running all this time and now he is tired and he is lying down here’’. And he gave a big kick to that person who was underneath that garment of Krishna. And that person was not Krishna but Muchukunda. And Muchukunda had a blessing a benediction, He had done lot of service to the demigods, fighting with the demons and he had been fighting and fighting for months for long time. So when the battle was over and the demigods became victorious and credit went to Muchukunda. He had a big role to play and they asked “Please ask for a benediction’’. He said “Only benediction I would like to have is rest, good rest. I want to rest for long time, and you please benedict me so anyone interrupts my sleep that person I am going to burning him into to ashes”.

So this demon Muchukunda disturbed his sleep and he opened his eyes Muchukunda and with that this demon was burned
to ashes. Haribol…Haribol

And Muchukunda was benedict by Lords presence and he offered prayers. They have little encounter between Lord Sri Krishna and Muchukunda, but then Krishna had to rush back he didn’t have much time because he was expecting (Maharaj asks) “Who was he expecting. Jarasandh? ’’. So he rushed back to Mathura and Jarasandh comes for the eighteenth time but before the eighteenth time some time earlier all the residents of Mathura were transferred to Dwarka. Krishna had borrowed some land from the ocean and he had built very strong sturdy fort there. Everyone was deposited there, he did that overnight and next morning Krishna was back in Mathura. In the evening everything was built the palace, so everything was well placed and Krishna returned to Mathura to have a good fight with Jarasandh. But infact this time Jarasandh was ready to fight but Krishna and Balarama they did not show any interest in fighting with Jarasandh and they started going away.

Jarasandh was following and addressing Krishna as Ranchor Ranchor Ranchor coward, see he is afraid of me (Maharaj laughs). He doesn’t remember what happened seventeen times before. Now he calls Krishna as a coward . So Krishna thought I have some more this is routine now, this is boring seventeen time I did this, I cant do this forever, I need to do something more important more pleasing and his Rukmini was waiting and he had to go kidnap Rukmini and do so many other things. So Krishna and Balarama, Jarasandh followed with army, Krishna had no chariot no horses, he was just walking and Jarasandh was riding behind, riding on a chariot. Then Krishna and Balarama climbed up a big hill and Jarasandh tried to find, his whole army was searching looking for Krishna. They couldn’t find Krishna and Balarama; they had climbed on top of a hill which was eighty eight miles tall. Eighty eight miles tall, they were up there. So as they couldn’t find Krishna and Balarama, they put the whole forest on fire “Aheyou will be burned, we couldn’t find that’s ok but you’ll be burned to ashes’’.

Thinking like this and of course Krishna cannot be burned, cannot be cut. He is Supreme Personality of Godhead saccidananda vigraha. He jumped down and then walked to Dwarka. Few more things about Mathura after Krishna had killed Sisupala in Hastinapur, Dantavakra who was residing in this area near Mathura he became furious very very angry. He had family connections; they were members of the same family.   He had news that Krishna killed Sisupala. So Dantavakra wanted to kill that Krishna. But he had become so angry that he lost the sense of direction. He knew that Krishna was in Dwarka but there was no way he could have gone in the direction of Dwarka. So Narada muni had come and
asked what’s the matter. Dantavakra said I want to kill Krishna. But difficulty with me is I do not know where he is, could you please arrange so that he comes to me. And Narada muni says no problem. He goes to Dwarka and he gives the news,
you know that Dantavakra wants to kill you my dear Lord. Could you please help him out (devotees laughing). Then Krishna was ready and Krishna comes He is near the gates of Mathura. Krishna landed He came in his chariot in a matter of seconds He arrived and they battled Dantavakra was killed. Then Vidurat his brother also wanted to fight Krishna and he was killed. And this killing took place in a place called Datiha near Shantanu kund. You’ll be there in few days’ time not far from there. We do not visit this place but you could just remember while you are near Shantanu kund , Datiha the place where Dantavakra was killed.

And then that time after killing these last two demons Krishna comes to Vishram ghat again. He is taking little rest there.  And He throws all his weapons into Jamuna, I have nothing to do with these weapons any more I don’t need them anymore. Of course He had never forgotten the promise that He had given to the residents of Vrindavan, especially Gopis so it was time for him to go back to Vrindavan so that is what He does Krishna goes back to Vrindavan and residents of Vrindavan they had gone to Kurukshetra also at the time of sun eclipse. Krishna had arranged for the residents of Vrindavan to come and meet him there in Kurukshetra. This is not at the time of battle of Kurukshetra but another time. So that time also the residents of Vrindavan had idea when we meet Krishna who is now coming from Dwaraka we will bring him to Vrindavan. And as they were sitting in the chariot trying to pull the chariot Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra were sitting in the chariot. That time again Krishna said I will come, aayase, but not now few more demons to
kill. Little more mission outside Vrindavan. So finally he had killed these last couple of demons and then He goes to Vrindavan side. He noticed that residents of Vrindavan those who had come to Kurukshetra to meet him there and finally
with great reluctance they had come back to Vrindavan without Krishna but as they arrived Vrindavan they did not enter their homes but they were just kind of waiting at the entrance of Vrindavan. They were all together waiting thinking He
has promised us for sure he will come, for sure he is going to come today or tomorrow he is going to be coming. So they were waiting so finally as they heard Krishna blowing of the conch shell they all became delighted and they jumped, they screamed, they danced and rolled on the ground. They all shouted “ayo re, ayo re’’ he’s come, Krishna has come, Krishna is here, Hari bol, Hari bol, Hari bol .

They were just joyful, simply wonderful and happy.

So these are some of the pastimes of Krishna in and out of Mathura and different things related to Krishna and Balarama. These are some little food for thought as we are here and a lot of filling of blanks have to be done as you read Krishna book, as you read Bhagavatam. So ok any question or comments.

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