Lokanath Swami on true relationship with Krishna


Lecture by: Lokanath Swami Srimad Bhagavatam 3.28.36
so ‘py etaya caramaya manaso nivrittya
tasmin mahimny avasitah sukha-dukha-bahye
hetutvam apy asati kartari duhkhayor yat
svatman vidhatta upalabdha-paratma-kasthah

sah — the yogi; api — moreover; etaya — by this; caramaya — ultimate; manasah — of the mind; nivrittya — by cessation of material reaction; tasmin — in his;mahimni — ultimate glory; avasitah — situated; sukha-duhkha-bahye — outside of happiness and distress; hetutvam — the cause; api — indeed; asati — aproduct of ignorance; kartari — in the false ego; duhkhayoh — of pleasure and pain; yat — which; svatman — to his own self; vidhatte — he attributes;upalabdha — realized; paratma — of the Personality of Godhead; kasthah — the highest truth.
Thus situated in the highest transcendental stage, the mind ceases from all material reaction and becomes situated in its own glory, transcendental to all material conceptions of happiness and distress.At that time the yogi realizes the truth of his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He discovers that pleasure and pain as well as their interactions, which he attributed to his own self, are actually due to the false ego, which is a product of ignorance.
Forgetfulness of one’s relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead is a product of ignorance. By yoga practice one can eradicate this ignorance of thinking oneself independent of the Supreme Lord. One’s actual relationship is eternally that of love. The living entity is meant to render transcendental loving service to the Lord. Forgetfulness of that sweet relationship is called ignorance, and in ignorance one is impelled by the three material modes of nature to think himself the enjoyer. When the devotee’s mind is purified and he understands that his mind has to be dovetailed with the desires of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he has attained the perfectional, transcendental stage, which is beyond the perception of material distress and happiness.
As long as one acts on his own account, he is subject to all the material perceptions of so-called happiness and distress. Actually there is no happiness. Just as there is no happiness in any of the activities of a madman, so in material activities the mental concoctions of happiness and distress are false. Actually everything is distress.
When the mind is dovetailed to act according to the desire of the Lord, one has attained the transcendental stage. The desire to lord it over material nature is the cause of ignorance, and when that desire is completely extinguished and the desires are dovetailed with those of the Supreme Lord, one has reached the perfectional stage.Upalabdha-paratma-kasthah. Upalabdha means “realization.” Realization necessarily indicates individuality. In the perfectional, liberated stage, there is actual realization. Nivrittya means that the living entity keeps his individuality; oneness means that he realizes happiness in the happiness of the Supreme Lord. In the Supreme Lord there is nothing but happiness. Anandamayo bhyasat: the Lord is by nature full of transcendental happiness. In the liberated stage, oneness with the Supreme Lord means that one has no realization other than happiness. But the individual still exists, otherwise this word upalabdha, indicating individual realization of transcendental happiness, would not have been used.

Shloka Recited Again:
so ‘py etaya caramaya manaso nivrittya
tasmin mahimny avasitah sukha-duhkha-bahye
hetutvam apy asati kartari duhkhayor yat
svatman vidhatta upalabdha-paratma-kasthah

Translation Recited Again: Thus situated in the highest transcendental stage, the mind ceases from all material reaction and becomes situated in its own glory, transcendental to all material conceptions of happiness and distress. At that time the yogi realizes the truth of his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He discovers that pleasure and pain as well as their interactions, which he attributed to his own self, are actually due to the false ego, which is a product of ignorance.
Again wonderful statement and very wonderful purport. Statement of Srimad Bhagavatam is from Kapil Dev. This is one of the instructions of Kapil Dev on devotional service and Srila Prabhupada has explained that statement, that verse in the purport. This is so clear, crystal clear. We wish… the whole world was there to read this or listen to this…..They don’t have to listen to my talk, but someone giving talk and the whole world listening to this. In one stroke, in one goal, so much ignorance could have been destroyed and as a result, Bahaye Sukh dukha bahye, then you are outside of the realm of the happiness and distress has its realm, it has its world and then one who realizes the truth spoken here, then he is not accessible, the happiness of this world has no access as well as of course the distress has no access to that person…that person cannot be accessed, so that yogi that soul goes beyond happiness and distress of this material world. There was a time when this was a common knowledge, statements of Bhagavatam was kind of common knowledge, it was spoken everywhere, all the time and what was spoken and heard was further spoken and it was spread all around, as a result people were prosperous & happy, friendly and united & good people.
Kalo Sattva Haram Pumsam
Kalo: In the age of kali, Sattva Haram: That Satvikta, that goodness, that transcendence beyond goodness has been stolen.
Sattva Haram Pumsam: Of all…most of the people, as a result they have been demoted to the status of Sudras, Kalo Sudra Sambhava, the result of Kalo Sattva Haram Pumsam, take away Sattva, what remains is ignorance….You take away goodness…my goodness, then all that is left behind is just ignorance, which is the cause of all the suffering in this world….Days are ahead of us…such days are ahead of us.
Caitanya Mahaprabhu has predicted…
prithvi te ache nagaradi gra|
sarvatra prachar hoibe mor naam

One thing is mor naam…not mine….MOR NAAM ….MOR NAAM…Lords name will spread in every town every village.

Will spread all over the world. In the beginning there was a word, W…O….R….D, and that word was with the God….In the beginning, there was shabda, word, then we could also say, 40 years ago in the beginning there was the Prabhupada, the founder acharya and that word was with him. In the beginning that word was with Prabhupada and that word has now spread, the sound shabda has spread all over, also kindly when there was a total ignorance all over, as kali-yuga appeared, Kaloh Nasht Drasham aisham…there are so many kaloh…
Kaloh Nastaiv Nastaiv Nastaiv…
Kaloh Sudra Sambhava…
Kaloh Satva Haram Pumsam….
Kaloh Nasht Drasham aisham…

Kaloh Nasht Drasham aisham…Kalyug advented, Tad-dinaat kalirayat aha…from that day, shyam tyakva svapadam gatah….the day Lord left this planet and he took everything with him, dhramayana adibhisaha, with everything..he went returned and all that left behind was total ignorance and darkness, in that situation Lord arranged: Puran Arkav Uditha
The Puran, this Srimad Bhagavatam Puran, Uditha, the horizon of this world, Srimad Bhagavatam appeared brilliant as sun. Prabhupadatranslates this Bhagavatam is brilliant as sun, well it is there in Bhagavatam. Bhagavatam…Bhagavatam has been described in Bhagavatam as puran, Arkav means SUN, brilliant as SUN, so that Bhagavatam. Prabhuapada took that Bhagavatam with him, he took the holy name with him, he took Bhagavatam with him and then it was spread, distributed books… distribute books… distribute books.. distribute books… distribute books…, hence distributed books all over…chanting of Hare Krsna took place everywhere and in 40 years, now Hare Krsna maha-mantra is being chanted as well as the books of Srila Prabhupada…Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-Gita is being studied and is being distributed in 160 countries….HARI BOL…Srila Prabupada Ki Jaya…and this is just the beginning, in 40 years 160 countries and millions of books & millions of readers, number million fold, in 40 years, this gives us confidence…yes…in 40 years this much is possible…the of course in 80 years, then in 160 years and then 260 and 2600 years, we have few thousand years to go, like that and its going to spread & spread and Caitanya Mahaprabhu wants to see this happen, so as Bhagavatam was being studied and was, we said common knowledge, as a result people were happy, united with the Lord, oneness, there is oneness…Prabhupada says oneness, Lord is Anandmayo Abhyasa, Lord full of happiness and oneness between the Lord and the living entity, that both are happy when they are linked, when there is a link, then the happiness from the reservoir of pleasure, RAS-RAJ SRI KRSNA, what kind of Krsna, RAS-RAJ SRI KRSNA, then that RAS, the happiness flows in the direction of the soul, if there is no resistance…electricity also flows only when there is no resistance to the flow. There are different bad conductors, they don’t allow electricity to pass through, because of the resistance. In our body also there is something that could resist, the flow coming from the Lord, flow of happiness, Rasa or flow of shanti coming from the Lord….
shantakaram bhujagashayanam
Lords akaar is shantakaram, his akar is shant, lord is peaceful, shantakaram & bhujagashayanam, is lying down on bhujaga, the transcendental ANANTA-SHESH, snake and that anyone who is linked with that Lord, then he is full of peace, he is full of happiness. Shanti Ananda, we have a birth right, all the living entities have birth right to be happy, to be peaceful, but then the mind could cause the resistance, mind doesn’t allow that flow coming from the Lord, reaching him, the soul and different minds of different person, offer different amount, different degree of resistance as a result they get different degree of happiness or peace coming from the lord.
Like in the fan, anyone want to talk on this verse more directly, but we are, we will get back to this quickly… So like in the fan with regulator, how many positions are there…1, 2, 3, 4, 5. When it is on 1, what happens, when the fan is on 1, put it on 5, on 3, on 4, sometimes there is fighting, so on 1, when it is on 1, what happens, fan moves slow, because more resistance, that regulator creates resistance to the electricity coming from the power house and the middle, there is a regulator an on the other side there is fan, in between fan and the power house is regulator, so when it is on 1, then very little electricity is allowed to reach the fan, when it is on 2, same fan, what could fan do, but you remind of electricity it gets, it moves faster-slower, when it is on 2, more electricity more speed, less resistance, on the 3, means less resistance, on 4 still lesser. The least resistance is when it is on 5, lots of electricity flows to the fan, then it moves, so in our body.
Karnam Bundha Moksha Yo… Karnam Bundha Moksha Yo
What is the other part…
Manaev Manushanam, manaev, certainly, manaev, oh it is mind, Manaev ManushanamKarnam cause Hetotutovam, the word here is Hetotutova, the cause is, the mind is the cause of happiness and distress of this world and this mind becomes the stumbling block, the mind causes the resistance and allows little or no flow of that happiness and peace and other qualities of the Lord, doesn’t allow to reach the soul. So, and that yogi, so the whole process here, in fact whole chapter, we are towards the end of the chapter, text no. 36. This whole chapter has been dedicated by Kapil Dev. To begin with He says:
Yagashya Lakshanam Vakshe
Now I will describe lakshan, the symptoms of yoga, the process of yoga.
Manoeneva Vidhina prasanam yati satvatham
And I will talk of the purification of the mind.
Yen eva vidhina manaha
So, the mind is purified. I will explain the process with which, with the help of that process, the mind will be purified, VIDHINA, and the result will be PRASANNAM YATI, the person will become happy, BRAHMA-BHUTAPRASANA ATMA, PRASANAM YATI SAT PATHAM…
She will be on the right path pantha en gantah sapantha, they will be on the right path, person will be on the right path and he will become prasann. Now I am going to explain you the process, and prior to this, Sa api et ya, means by this, by what we don’t know, those have been studying this Nityam Bhagavat Sevya, everyday, they know, but we are just the visitor, we are just draft in, then we don’t know, what has been talked about…
Etayah Charamyah Manasah Nivirtayah
By this whole process, all that has been described here, verse by verse by verse and this is one of the conclusion. Where as…Where as…where as…where as…, then what happens towards the end, it is resolved that, the temple should be opened on 14th of January, where as …where as, I am sure there are many where as in favor of opening the temple, so there are where as’es, all this where as, where as, this that, and the result of all this is Etatyah, by all this, Charamayah, in an ultimate possible way, manasaha, the mind, nivirtayah, mind is sesations, freed from its actions and reactions, it becomes free from all that, tasmin maheim ni avsitah…and not just the mind, of course what has to be situated when mind is not acting, not going between happiness and distress…
Samaya Sukha-Dukhe kritwa labha labho jaya jayo
The mind is always oscillating between like a pendulum between going from sukhe-dukhe, labha-labho, jaya-jayo, always identifying with. So, get mind out of this thought, so minds function is what, mind function is sankalpa and vikalpa. Sankalpa-Vikalpa, wants to do, does not want, gets involved, withdraws, this goes on. Should I do, should not I do, sankalpa-vikalpa. Tasmin, by this, tasmin maheim ni avsitah, the mind & of course intelligence & the soul, and as a result the whole yogi, bhakti yogi, avsitah is situated in this glorious position, in his constitutional position, as Prabhupada uses that word, or Arjuna says
Sthito Asmi Nashtomoha smritir labdha, tvat prashadad maya
Hey Achutya, by your prasada, what is that Prasad, is Bhagavad-Gita, all this dialogue that we are having here, this is whole Prasad, this is your mercy and a result, what has happened, Sthito Asmi, and I am now properly situated, Gata sandeha, beyond the doubt, I have no doubt. So that Avasitah, the situation, I am now situated, Sthito Asmi, so not only Sthito Asmi, Ok I am that’s not the goal, just be situated, just be, just being is not the goal, that me the goal of the yogi, in person they want to be, just want to be, but Arjun being a bhakti yogi, he has gone, just being beyond, just Sthito Asmi, so what he has done, what he is willing to do, what he wants to do, Karishey Vachnam Tavah, I am ready to act, Karishey Vachnam Tavah, that’s perfection, devotional service, bhakti is, not just a devotion, or a silent meditation, Prabhupada has translated bhakti as devotional service not only devotion, others, impersionalists, they like devotion, Om Shantih… Shantih Shantih Shantih Shantih Shantih, peace. OK that’s the beginning, but once you are peaceful, then what you will act, nivrityah, you are free from all this tussle, you are being pushed, don’t push me around, you always say don’t push me around, but are we always being pushed….
vaco vegam manasah krodha-vegam?
jihva-vegam udaropastha-vegam
etan vegan yo visaheta dhirah
sarvam apimam prithivim sa sisyat

Day & night being pushed and tossed. So nivirityah is becoming free from all this being tossed, action – reaction, chain of actions and reactions, so now because this person, this yogi, bhakti yogi, Prabuapada is describing devotional service, by following this the mind has become charamaya, completely, thoroughly, purified and situated. Tasmin Mahim Ni avsitah, that situation, that glorious situation, constitutional position of a yogi and with that the mind, intelligence is all co-operating, not causing any resistance, fully they are fully with the lord. Lord’s interest is my interest, this is what happened. Arjuna was not realizing this, he was thinking no I don’t want to fight, but Krishna I want the fight, you don’t want the fight but I want the fight. I have appeared, Paritaranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya Ca Dushkritam and lots of dushkritinas and they have to be, I have appeared, this is the purpose of my…my, you may not have any purpose Arjun, but I have purpose, I have appeared with purpose Sabhavami Yuge Yuge…and what is my purpose, I want to protect pandavas & devotees and I want to crush them, kill them, vipe them out of this planet, eradicate all these Dushkritinas. Dharma Samsthapana-thayar, Sambhavami yuge yuge.
So just to help Arjun realize this, Krsna has spoken whole Bhagavad-Gita and then towards the end, there is no difference, Krsna’s purpose, Krsna’s will, Arjun’s will, they are like one, I am with you, I am with you, just fight, Karishey Vacanam Tav, there is no difference, you can see my son, sometimes father say, there is no difference, you speak to me, speak to my son, we are together, we are same policy, we are in agreement with whatever , see my son, same thing, same thing, no difference, one, we are together, the lord and his devotees together, that kind of oneness, so avasitah, situation, situated in a constitutional position and that position is …
Sukha-Dukha bahaye, outside, so beyond happiness & distress of this world, Upalabdha paramat kashthah, so this is the kind of realization of paratma kashtah, there is parmatma, the supreme personality of Godhead and I am connected, I am his, this realization so that is one thing. First two lines and half of the fourth line, they are together, and the rest of 3rd line and half of fourth line, first part, they are another thought and that is:
Hetutva api asti kartari dukha yoryat…svatman vidhata
So when living entity is in the illusion, kartari, he is thinking, I am the doer, Karta-Aham iti manyate, this is kartari, karta-aham iti manyate, and who thinks I am the doer, moodha-atma, what’s the beginning…
Prakarate kriyamanani gune karmani sarvasha, Ahankara vimudh-atma karta-aham iti manyate
Actually everything is, the nature is doing, Prakarate kriyamanani…activities of prakriti, you are part of prakriti or prakriti is handling you, your hand is handled by prakriti, even your eye lids are handled by prakriti, everything is handled by prakriti, you get wounded, then the prakriti is, don’t think I heel the wounds, I don’t know how to heal the wounds, I was just watching and it has been heeled, I have no clue where to start the healing process and what next, ok little blood, little skin, ok lets change the texture and ok its full now, bring some skin on the top, who is doing this, its not me, all that I know is, I eat the food and the next thing is, go to toilet, so what happened in between, I have no control. I don’t know, how thing, whole thing is digested and bring this rasa, bring that rasa, juices and mixing, what kind of food, how to digest milk, how to digest yogurt, how to digest chutney, how this whole things goes on. I have no control, so Prakarate kriyamanani, every single movement in the body is governed by some agency in the world, in the universe, universal affairs, part of the universal affairs, not only the planets are being moved, rotated, there are so many things are going on in the body, the blood circulation, is it with my supervision, the blood is going this way, that way, if that was the case, I could have stopped the blockage of arteries and I have no control, so prakarti kriyamanan gune karmani sarvasah, so how the prakriti acting through the guna, by the gunas, by the 3 modes of material nature.
The prakrati is acting, and this is knowledge, this is knowledge, and then what is ignorance, ignorance is Ahankar vimudha-atma kartaham iti manyate, the word manyate is significant, manyate means considers, the vimudhaatma only thinks that way, that is not the fact, but he thinks I am the doer, which is not the fact, to realize this is not the fact, I am not the doer, I am not the controller, let it go, be happy, there is already someone controlling who is controller karta-aham iti manyate, he thinks he is the doer, kartari asati, sati means also chastity, when the mind is chaste then of course chaste mind accepts the swami, chaste wife accepts the swami, when chastity is not there, looking the other way, looking beyond your husband, beyond him, this way or that way, that is asati, that is illicit, that is prostitution, so mind becomes prostitute and does not accept lord as the swami, my swami, Swami Jagannath Swami, Jagannath Swami NayanPath Gami Bhava Tumha….where ever I look oh my lord you will be there… swami, so asati, when the mind becomes unchaste, then my begins thinking I am the doer, Svatman vidhata, and he attributes… oh this is, I am the doer, this kind of thought, I am svatman, I am doing this and as a result, dukhyo, sukha-dukhyo, he get caught in the middle of sukha-dukha, Hetutva, the cause of sukha-dukha, happiness and distress is caused by this, false ego, and Srila Prabhupada is describing this as ignorance, forgetfulness of one’s relationship with supreme personality of godhead is a product of ignorance, by yoga practice, one can eradicate this ignorance of thinking one self, independent of the supreme lord, so whole process is there, nothing is left to anybody’s imagination, all that we need to know is right here. Kapil Dev has so nicely described, part of that is meditation, astanga-yoga, he is talking about manoachirat virajam, stress is about on how to make mind, virajam, making mind virajam, vi means freedom, free, raja means passion or durt, contamination, virajam or amal, amal purana, like that sarvo-upadhi vinirmuktam tat paratvena nirmalam. Nirmalam, virajam, same thing, virajam how to make mind nirmal, pure, free from contamination and there is whole process, is describing astang yoga and that is non-diiferent from bhakti yoga, there is relationship between two or bhakti includes, bhakti yoga includes all other yoga, karma yoga may be just incomplete, because it does not include Gyan & Bhakti or gyan is still incomplete, because it excludes bhakti but when you come to bhakti yoga, in there are all the yoga’s, karma yoga, gyan yoga, astang yoga. You name the yoga, it is inclusive, it is there.
Complete yoga, bhakti yoga, so astang yoga, as described, the goal of it is Samadhi. Pratyahar can be, without pratyahar is not possible, dhayn, dharna, Samadhi, we cannot do without Samadhi. Samadhi is there, not only when we are put into Samadhi, then we are in Samadhi, know, while, we are still walking and talking, and still in Samadhi, so that kind of Samadhi, so he is talking of Yadaha manaha sva virajam yogen su samahitam. Manaha, yadah manah virajam, when the mind is yogen, by the process of yoga, bhakti yoga, is becoming free from contamination, then su-samahitam, then its properly situated, thats beneficial situation for the living entity, prasana vadanam bhojam, is describing the lord, and asking is dhyan, now time for dhyan, time for dhyan, dhyan of what, not just you light the candle and you do dhyan, no it is very clear, dhyan of, as soon as you talk of dhyan, dhyan of what, meditation, what is the object of meditation, immediately, what is the object of meditation, prasana vadanam bhojam, you remember, the lotus feet of the lord, lotus face of the lord, Nilotapad dal shamam shankha chakra gadadharam lasat pankaj kinjal ka pitakayo vasasam, some of the words you can make out what has been said here, srivatsa kaustubha mukta kandharma, the shoulders of the lord, matah virah kalye paritam vanmalaya and there are always , the bumble bees are around the lord, why, because lord is always wearing the garlands, vanmalaya, and they are always fresh, so the bees are always running, rushing, mmmmmmmmm, always around lord, wherever he goes, the bees follow him because he is wearing the fresh garland, kirit angad nupuram, darshaniyatamam shantam mano nayan vardhanam, mano nayan vardhanam, dharsanam, what kind of darshan, darshaniayatamam, the best darshan, the lord, Shantam, he is peaceful, mano nayan vardhanam, the mind has eyes, if you could see the lord with your mind’s eye or soul’s eye, soul has eye, mano nayan vardhanam, gladden, gladdening, the happiness is experienced as one is visualizing that lord, Apica darshanam sashwat sarvalok namaskritam, that lord, whole world is offering obeisances unto that lord, that lord. kirtan kirtanya tirtha yashasham punya shlokya yashash karam dhyayet..dhyaye, one should meditate upon this lord, samagrangam, samrga, angam, beginning with the feet, and go gradually, go, this has been described in the second canto, first canto, beginning chapters, meditation, and then go over the face, then as pujari’s also does the same, start with the feet, then on navel, then the face and then the whole body, samgra angam yavan chavte manaha and how long you should go on meditating, this is yavan chavte manaha, till your mind is fixed, then of course, from that time onwards, you can continue, you endeavor, endeavor, endeavor, this meditation, till the flickering of the mind, deviation, distraction, stops and you are able to fix your mind and like that he goes on sthitam vas vajamantama aseenam shyanam va guhashyam chitamm
So all this has been described evam haro bhagvati, pratilabhda bhao bhaktya
You are performing all this devotional service unto the lord and then what is happening authkanyta bashkalpya, you are very eager, curious and different symptoms are visible in your personality, that tears sliding down your cheeks, and tremble in the body when the soul is in contact with the supreme soul, soul begins trembling in the association, in presence of lord, it becomes existed and then all the symptoms, when the soul is experiencing different emotions, feelings and ecstasy, that manifests in the body and that has been described as of 8 different kinds. So after going through all this, then Kapil Dev comes to this statement, So apyah etatayah, by doing all this, this is so sweet, wonderful, mansah, mind becomes nivretyah, sensation from happiness, distress contamination is finished, situated in the glorious position, free from happiness distress, realizing his relationship with the supreme personality of Godhead and at the same time, he becomes free from ignorance of thinking himself as the doer, this was because of the unchaste mind, he was thinking that ways and simultaneously he is free from ignorance and immediately, there is a darkness in the room, then you go with light as soon as you, immediately, how long does it take, between ignorance, darkness and light, how much difference is there, as soon as ignorance is removed, immediately light is there, darkness is removed, light is there so gyan deepen bhasvatah, same thing in Bhagavad-Gita, Krsna says, lord is very very kind to his parts & parcels and gyan depen, lord lights the lamp in the heart, so that ignorance caused by Anukampa..
Tesham eva anukampaartham aham agyan jam tamah nashyami atma bhavastoh gyan deepen bhasvatah because I care, I look after my part & parcels, my devotees, so what do I do, and they are covered by the ignorance caused by Tamo-Guna or darkness caused by Tama and then I light a lamp gyan deepen, I light a lamp in their hearts and then everything is clear. So that provision has been made by giving us this Gita-Bhagavad, this whole process of krsna consciousness, is also time of distribution of Srila Prabhupada books. Right, marathon started or starting?, I saw one bus departing yesterday and so, time for distribution of books, in hundreds and thousands of books, Bombay, is one of the leading temple, not one of the leading or the temple, the leader in book distribution, so I don’t have to give any talk, I think you all are already converted & convinced and you are on the job, we have come here to get just the inspiration of how you do it, your spirit of book distribution and today lots of leaders are coming also here for meeting and the book distribution is always a topic of discussion, I was just hearing from Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj, he said GBC has resolved or Executive Committee of GBC, they are proposing, that every GBC meeting should begin with book distribution as a topic, like a standing topic. Every GBC meeting the book distribution so I am sure, today we also talked about book distribution, but while others are talking, you are acting like, talk less, work more, so time to work, time to distribute books, so distribute books, distribute books.. distribute books is a message. This is the time, the day Krsna spoke Bhagavad-Gita, just around the corner.
So Thank you for your attention.
Audience: Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!


Kaloh Nasht Drasham aisham…Kalyug advented, Tad-dinaat kalirayat aha…from that day, shyam tyakva svapadam gatah….the day Lord left this planet and he took everything with him, dhramayana adibhisaha, with everything..he went returned and all that left behind was total ignorance and darkness, in that situation Lord arranged: Puran Arkav Uditha
The /strongstrong is describing devotional service, by following this the mind has become charamaya, completely, thoroughly, purified and situated. samgra angam yavan chavte manahastrong/strong

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