Lord Krishna the butter thief


Thank you for coming in this endeavor of worshipping
Bhagvatam, we took Bhagvatam on the procession today and if you want to glorify
somebody we really take him on your.
Those players they also do when someone wins the match they lift him
really give lift. So we lifted Bhagvatam it is above everything else also. It
was on the head and it was even worshipped on the way (laughs) at least one
resident ran out the lamp to worship Bhagvatam of course our chanting.


Glorifies that Bhagvatam, Bhagvatam is incarnation of Krishna,
of Rukmini Dwarakadish there are
many forms that is one form that stands before us. And if everyone identifies
with that form as the Lord and worships and does “mad-bhakto madyaji mam namskuru” etc (B.G 9.34) then we find with difficult we say OH! Holy name is also
the Lord, Bhagvatm is also the Lord, His pastime are also Lord nondifferent
from the Lord and dhama His “Bhagavat swarupa” non different “Bhagavat swarupa” Sanskrit word is Bhagvat
swarupa his own rupa this is yet another rupa, another form of Lord this
Grantharaj Srimad Bhagvatam. Everyone runs to see “Rukmini Dwrakadish” I don’t want to minimize importance of running
to “Rukmini Dwrakadish” and seeing them but Srila Prabhupad did emphasize
hearing unless you hear you will not understand or really see.  That’s why Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur
one time asked one of his follower who had left the Dharma shabha where Bhagvat
discourse was on and he went away and returned. Hye!  Where did you go? I went for darshan he
thought my spiritual master would be pleased to hear such reply and instead he
was asked few questions. So how was your eye exercise? You went you opened your
eyes closed them many times so how was the eye exercise?

I was here teaching techniques or science of how to see
Krishna with the help of Bhagvatam and Bhagvat Gita and you ran away in the
middle to see. So this way all previous acharayas certainly Srila Prabhupad
emphasized hearing process as number one yes certainly number one business. “nitya suddha Krishna prema sadhya kabhu
nahe sravana adi suddha citte  karaho
we all have love for the Lord it is not something to be purchased in
the market nearby, no it is in there it is part of you, so how to get it out?
How to manifest it? “sravana adi shuddha
citte karaho udaya”
sravan then chitta, shuddha consciousness, pure and
then Krishna prema udaya will manifest, It is but natural. So Srila Prabhupad
certainly wanted us to distribute his books; also wanted us to read them not
only read them but also to study them. Many of us read but not everyone studies
Prabhupad’s books. Any way we will make little attempt of studying Bhagvatam,
contemplating on Bhagvatam. This is very very favourable time, nice time any
time is good, any time is good “subhascha
shigram”. “subhascha shigram”
it’s a
good thing do why tomorrow, no this evening, no now “subhascha shigram”.

So this is the best thing to do then you don’t have to look
at your watch or what day this one is, no! But then there are certain time
certainly favorable more beneficial get more out of those times, this is that
time starting from today.  Today is also
“caturmasa” right, today marks the beginning of caturmasa and what is business
of caturmasa? Eat less, circular was sent round saying don’t eat salt, sweet
voice don’t eat this (laughs). So minimize, cutting down eating, sleeping etc
and maximize certainly hearing and we are we would like to do that, today also is
purnima and guru purnima. Its guru’s day also Brahaspatiwar today is Brahaspatiwar,
today is day of Brahaspatiwar he is
spiritual master of this Demigods this thursday so many favourable things,

So two yrs ago we were also here reciting Bhagvatam for 7
days well again. It is business of everyday “nityam bhagvat  sevaya” is
the recommendation and if we could encourage everyone or  some of you after 7 days,  8th day also you study 9th
day also you go to studying
Bhagvatam.  If you develop some
attraction and you end up spending more time studying Bhagvatam we will
consider our katha that’s perfection we have no real attachments to these 7
days thing. But we don’t do this as money making thing that is why Prabhupad
was against this sapta business
because this has became a business, contract has to be signed. How many lakhs
before.  Ya! They are not shy about this
so Subhas (laughs) had many contracts we have not signed any, any underhand’s,
no deals (laughter). And ya! Some other reasons why Prabhupad was against this
7 days reciting for 7 days but he is not against reciting Bhagvatam, its
popular thing few extra people do come in the name of Bhagvat Katha. So you
could take advantage of that trend that tradition don’t do this this this then
study Bhagvatam, study Bhagvatam so that is what we wish to do, so lastime we did
childhood pastime of Krishna, Krishna in Gokul little Krishna.

Circumstances before his birth and “Bhumi” crying (Maharaj makes crying sound) and goes to Demigods
and they could not help out then goes Brahma and he says…lets all go to
the Supreme Personality of Godhead and  he
heard the prayers. Prabhupad says wireless (laughs) so wireless communication.
He could not speck face to face from the beach of Svetadwipa he communicated.
He was on the beach and Lord was in the middle dwipa Svetadwipa. Sveta –white,
sveta means white, white  island because
of the milk, milk all around Lord in the middle and He said ok sir you go ahead
you take birth so they took birth and then Lord also took birth in the middle
of the night then He was taken across Yamuna to Gokul and baby girl back to
Mathura and attempts of killing and that did not work out and then more
pastime. Krishna was 6 days old then what
happened? Just testing you Putana and she was killed.

Name giving ceremony was there Garga Acharya comes Krishna
Balarama’s names were given, hidingly, privately in a goshala no big affair,
they did not want to make a big thing no otherwise news could easily reach
Kamsa and more trouble why invite trouble so they did this quietly then more
pastime Krishna as little child eating dirt. Aa…… your mouth and aaa……..there
what was inside? The whole universe was inside OH! You heard that I ate dirt
ok! You may see inside there was so much dirt (laughs). The whole universe
which is made up of dirt, earth, so yes I took few pinches no you can see
inside. Not only dirt there was water, fire, air, ether and earthly  planets were there Bharatvarsha was there, New
Delhi-Agra highway road (laughs) and Bhaktivedanta Swami Road and Jamuna. And
Hye! There is Gokul too and as Yasodha looked more closely there was Yasodha
inside chastising Krishna wonderful. But he
was a thief also nice child but stealing, stealing mentality (laughs) so he
would steal. So many complaints Yashoda and everyday complaint box would get
full everyday (Maharaj laughs audience also laughing). But she says you have to
prove, you have to prove and attempts were made to catch Krishna
red handed or white handed (Maharaj asking) red or white handed? (Devotee
answered blue blue). When butter in the hand then hand becomes white, white
handed, blue bluish hand covered by the white butter. So many attempts were
made to catch hold of Krishna, but there one lady she successed , her name was Prabhavati  you heard of her? No. She was successful, she
caught hold she thought she caught hold of him and dragged him and dragged him
and as she got closer she starts yelling hye! Yashoda please come come come I
caught hold of your son look and she enters Nanda bhavan and Yashoda comes
running to check out this lady she had her, she was covered, her face was
covered like this (laughter) you know how Brajwasi ladies are (Maharaj
demonstrating  the Brajwasi ladies cover
their face  great round of applause
followed by laughter). She was dragging Krishna, then she said look you wanted
me to catch hold here he is and Yashoda looked and she went closer and said
remove your well please and when she really looked there was no Krishna that
was husband of Prabhavati (laughter). You could imagine the embarrassment of
this Prabhavati (Maharaj and audience laughing). Finally she caught him I am
the one I am the going to get special reward
my name in front page of Mathura Newspaper (laughter) thief was caught
by this Prabhavati. But instead (laughs) husband was there so she rushed out of
Nandabhavan back to her home on the way to home the little lane there was
Krishna (laughter) waiting for her. He said ok OH! No, no actually I made
mistake actually that was the son of prabhavati . He said ok next time you try
this on me I will turn into your husband, I just became your son, so like that
and how could Krishna be a thief who is the thief? We are “ sastenu danda
manate”  everything belongs to him. So
that was just his pleasure pastime not his pleasure but everyone was highly pleased
with Krishna stealing butter, ladies getting up early morning why would they
get up early morning? Thinking if Krishna comes to steal and butter is not
ready, he may go disappointed, I have to get up early keep it all ready just in
case thief comes he could steal. So its competition for getting up early in Vrindavan
they would prepare butter. So so many pastimes just butter related stealing butter
related pastime and everyone just loves this Krishna, the butter thief.

So then 1 day
stealing one took place in Yasodha’s own home. Krishna just stole started
stealing butter because he was hungry, he was hungry and then she runs to the kitchen
to take care of the milk dumping the hungry child in the middle of the he was
just drinking the breast milk she threw him on the floor and ran to the
kitchen. Krishna was  very angry he did
not like this he became so angry that his teeth like that trembling  teeth and lips are trembling out of anger and
in lot of anger and broke the pot Yashoda was crunching butter that  morning and he was hungry . So he found
hanging from the ceiling a pot so stealing Yoshoda came. He thought he was
smart he was seeing this way that way. But Yashoda was smarter she came from
behind (laughs) Krishna soon noticed and not only she was coming she had a
stick in the hand. He jumped down and ran and attempts were made to catch hold
of him. Yahoda is little well built “prithu kati tate” heavy and Krishna is
little, he is running and she is running behind it took quite a while to catch
hold of him, even yogis can’t catch but Yashoda caught. Trying to bind him not
him but also the mortar why mortar? Because mortar had also has to be punished
what is mortars fault?  That mortar
helped Krishna had climbed up the mortar so that he could reach so one who
helped stealing he also gets punished yes. So Krishna and the mortar both are
getting so she is trying to tie and its 2 inches shorter story you know and finally
it worked out and then He wanted to do some naughtier things he crawled as
mother Yashoda was busy with some other activities, behind the backyard two
trees were waiting there for long Yamala-arjuna
trees. They were cursed and blessed at the same time, so now was the blessing
time otherwise also these trees had good time they were with Krishna seeing
Krishna in the courtyard of Nanda Maharaja, that’s not a curse (Maharaj asking
question to the audience) would you like to be tree in Nanda Maharaj’s
courtyard anyone here?  many hands are
going up, anything in Vrindavan (laughs) anybody.

Then so Krishna uprooted those two gigantic trees and they
crashed and the dust storm and everyone came running what happened? So we
described 2 yrs ago we were up to there, a kind of through little more lighter,
just summarizing  little abstract now.  The Yamala-arjuna were liberated they were 2
son of Kuber and they were trying to untie the knots may I help you these to
demigods seeing Krishna in that awkward position may I help you. Krishna’s
response was thank you for the enquiry of offer for help but the knot has been
tied by my mother, only someone with equal amount of affection could untie this
knot. This is knot of affection my mother’s affection for me, you won’t be able
to help you with this. So they had circumambulated Krishna and went away back
happily and so right in there in the middle, middle of the dust storm and
everyone has come running.  Sukhdev
Goswami he describes one pastime just in two verses he describes the fruit lady
she comes with the a big basket of fruits and “krinihi bhoh phalaniti” (S.B
please buy fruits have this fruits, have that fruit “kela lelo amrut lelo” buy guava, buy chikoo
different fruits she is saying by names. And I mean see she is going around
round and round more around Nanda Bhavan than any other place (laughs) because
these fruit vendors they come with intention of hoping to get glance of Krishna
meet Krishna, bump into him somehow, this sailing business is just a secondary
thing primary goal is how to  meet him,
see him. So for sure “srutva satvaram
acyutak phalarthi dhanyam adaya yayau sarva
phala pradah” (S.B 10.11.10)

Krishna heard take fruits, buy fruits, buy fruits, buy
fruits and Krishna He heard OH! Fruits fruits fruits call, he got excited and
hurried he ran out of the door of Nanda Bhavan.
Sukhdev Goswami describes Krishna who is “sarva phala pradah” the Personality of Godhead who gives fruits to
everybody, fruits of their labour to everybody, every time that Personality is
now he is in need of fruits, he is giving fruits to everybody but now he has
become “phalarthi” phala-arthi
likes to get a fruit for himself, otherwise he is always giving fruits
but  now he wants fruit for himself. So
he knew that it’s not going to be free and those were not the time for these dollar
or rupee, currencies, those were the times for bartering. So caught hold of few
in both hands full of grains and he is walking out of the door lady is now
comfortably seated, potential buyer is there. Then Krishna is coming he is
taking baby steps, he is taking little longer and that is fine with her. She
wants Krishna as long as possible in her sight vision so that she could keep
talking dharshan, what fun it is if Krishna had ran out and ran in with the
fruits no! She wants him to take little extra time, take your time, take your
time baby. He is coming and he is trying to hold those grains tighter as he tries
to hold they are spilling more he is losing; he is holding thegrip on the
grains. First of all such how small fist such a little child how many grains
may be 20 grains, small grains he had but by the time he reached on the way he
had hardly anything there (laughs).  She
took it and she is returning now “phala
vikrayini tasya, cyuta dhanya kara dvayam” (S.B 10.11.11)
Krishna the both
hands, kara-kara “tava kara kamal” kara dvayam-two, dvi-two, both hands were
full and “cyuta dhanya” beautiful he has been described as “acyuta” means what?
Infallible he doesn’t but the grains are falling from his hands “cyuta dhanya”
he is acyuta but dhanya is cyuta, he can’t (laughs) even hold dhanya, he is
losing that dhanya.

“phalair apurayad
ratnaih, phala bhandam apuri ca” (S.B 10.11.11).
So she accepted those few
left over grains in exchange she is giving fruits to the boy, beautiful darling
of Yashoda and she is looking at him, she is fully focused on the beauty of the
Lord, the beautiful face moon like face. The blooming lotus like face of the
Lord and while doing so, she lost the tract how many fruits she had handed out
and she also wants him to stay longer, she knows as soon as she stops He would
turn around go away and what good is that. She is trying to keep him longer so
in that process she has emptied her whole basket and you could see as many He
is trying to balance them and he is looking at more fruits right (laughs). Hye!
You have some more you know (laughs). Because we hear sometime that Krishna
what he gives he has taken note of that but what you haven’t given, Krishna is
taking note of that more than what you have given, given not given, so not
given what you have more, He tries to dig deeper into the purse and tries to
get as small coin as possible right (laughs). So Krishna knows what he has
kept, Krishna would like us to give everything “manas deho geho jo kishu more arpila tava pade nanda kishor” So
this is what this lady has done given everything you could see. Is she a loser?
Look at her basket (video is being played in the background) it is full of
jewels, diamonds and rubies. Jai shree

So Sukhdev Goswami middle of all this Lila he has talked of
this past time and then Krishna was rescued  Nanda Maharaj came to the site he picked up
baby and was delighted to know is baby safe he started praying to the Lord, praying
to the Lord (laughs) not to the baby, for the protection of the child  and following that there was a big istagosti
held in Gokul dhama, all the leading citizens they gathered together they
wanted to review the whole situation and
come to some conclusion, is there some way out  “gopa –
(S.B 10.11.21) elderly
persons “brhadvane” “brhad-vane” in
the forest which are there 12 forests of Vrindavan and Gokul is called “brhadvan” brhad meaning a big one
“brhad bhagvatam”  brhad there are many
brhad, brhadvrat , sannyas, brahmachari vrat, celibacy this is brhadvrat. So
there are many brhadvan so in brhadvan Gokul all the elderly persons after
experiencing the recent disaster, terrorist attack “nandadayah samagamya” (S.B 10.11.21) Nanda Maharaj and others are
gathered “tatropananda-namaha, gopa
jnana-vayo-dhikah” (S.B 10.11.22)
and in the assembly there is Upananda who
is eldest brother of Nanda Maharaj , there are 5 brothers, Nanda Maharaj is
number 3, Upananda-number 2, 3 more . So Upananda is there in assembly he is
very well known for first of all his “jnana-vayo-dhikah”
. He is superior he surpasses everybody in two things first of all he is “vayo” in age he is the eldest member
present and so far for “jnana” the
experience in those he is also most experienced.






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