Lord Krsna’s birth and His transfer to Gokul


Lord Krsna’s birth and His transfer to Gokul

June 8 2010

Who is Vasudev? Is there anyone Vasudev in Washington I mean Boston. Vaasudev is son of Vasudev.Just the meaning of Vaasudev is son of Vasudev.There may be somebody who is Vasudev then his son is Vaasudev. Since sometimes people do have names Vaasudev.

But this Vaasudev is
Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.

Bhagavan Vaasudev Bhagavate into Bhagvan. Not only the son of Vasudev hence He is Vaasudev. But He is also Bhagavate the Supreme Personality of Godhead who has now become the son of Vasudev and Lord got this title as He took birth in the prison house of Kamsa then He can be celebrated as Vaasudev.

Jai Vaasudev
Then there was darsana and dialogue between Vasudev and Vaasudev. Vasudev and Vaasudev had dialogue and prayers and with Devaki. Devaki also offered prayers. In conclusion Devaki also asked is it possible to have only two hands. God appears as four handed then we can hide You. Then it has nothing to do with God He is just a child with only two hands but four hands is difficult idea of hiding this Personality.

The Lord obliged and He became two handed baby. He already had clothes on. First of all smiling it is another exception. When children take birth do they smile. Do they Do you remember what you did mother’s know. First thing child does is cries and there is a good news also when child cries he is alive. He does not even cry forget the smile part of the baby forget the cry part. Babies cry babies cry because they just were in big trouble packed up.

Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam,
Punarapi janani jatare sayanam
Iha samsaare khalu dusthare,
Krupayaa pare pahi murare.,

If someone walks out of the doors crying you could imagine what he was what he went through inside where ever he was. Anyway in case of Lord He was smiling. He is not even supposed to take birth.

He has nothing to do with birth. He is Ajanma Unborn. This is His first time He is appearing He likes to have His own He would to He is waiting for Vatsalya Rasa. He becomes a baby He has a mother He has father and otherwise all.
Om Jai Jagdish Hare

All prayers and reverences and all that too much. Every time someone approached Him
So, Lord wants to experience something different So He is appearing as a baby son of Vasudev and Devaki and He is smiling and He has all His clothes in. He already has clothes not that Vasudev and Devaki had to order or go to Loi Bazar. He has His clothes on and ornaments on.

Room is filled with, otherwise dimely lite prison house. Lord appeared even in prior to Lord appearance, there was brilliant light like sunlight not just one sun, koti surya sama prabha, millions of sun’slight. Then Lord had this idea that He should be taken out of there.

Get Me out of here!

Oh. Where would You like to go!
Please bring Me to Gokul!
Who will bring You to Gokul?
Ofcourse you!
But I am shackled
Now just lift Me just see what happens

Thus, Vasudev was willing to bring Lord to Gokul and he just attempted means he lifted. Immediately all bonds all shackles were into pieces. And this is what happens,anyone who accepts Lord with in his life he becomes free from all the bonds not that only Vasudev not that only he exception. Anyone who accepts Lord he will become free from all bonds all these strings attached will

Khat khatkhat
And then he begins walking towards the doors there are many doors to go through. He already has a full plate he has a whole baby he has only two hands they are busy. How is he going to open the doors, unlock the doors but not necessary he does not have to do anything.

He just he wants to bring Lord to Gokul that is that he knows and he is ordered to do so and he is on the job and moving on and as he comes to the door what happens. Automatically lock is unlocked door is opened. How automatically? So, this automatic business is not new thing it existed even 5000 years ago.

First time I went to airport with my luggage and trolley and I came to the door the door was closed on top it said entrance enter here but the door was closed. I parked I was parking my cart at the side to go forward so that I could open I did not have to open the door the door had opened automatically. But then this is old fashioned nothing new it existed we are just imitating, imitation.

So, through many doors Vasudev and Vaasudev. Vasudev is carrying Vaasudev. They are both moving together and of course there are wonderful details, for the guards were fast asleep. There was extra additional security measures were taken. One of these days child eighth child; 1, 2, 3, 6 well they were taken away and killed; what happened to the seventh one was a mystery; mysterious may be miscarriage and that was Balarama and He was transferred from womb to womb; such a technology exists; transplantation of heart to heart and womb to womb transfer the child, something to work on. This already has happened and Balarama birth place becomes Gokul.

So, as the guards were fast asleep and this was Yogamaya of the Lord on the job and the doors are opening and no one there to stop and they come out of the prison and the first person to greet the Lord was Anantsesa . Balarama has come in the form of Sesa to greet the Lord and also be of some practical assistance help service to Krishna.

There is no one else to hold an umbrella on the baby Krishna that was a day walking with Vasudev and right behind or right along goes the Anantasesa, serving His Adi Guru. He serves setting example before everybody. Anantsesa is not just any kind of snake, because of any season; sometimes people say there is a rainy season so lots of snakes come out of their holes, their residences when it is full with water then nowhere to go so they just keep crawling going here, they have no place to go and lots of snakes out so this was not one of those ones. Don’t misunderstand this. This is Lord Sesa in the form of Balarama has appeared.

Vasudev is now carrying Vaasudeva through Mathura Town. What time is it? It is midnight; not exactly midnight; after midnight; some time as dialogue and the prayers and coming to the doors and so from 1 o’clock Vasudev is walking to Mathura. What has happened to the moon? for the moon this time of the night is astami; well, what time is a moonrises on the astami of the Krishna paksha or waning moon?

What time moon rises-at midnight?

Infact two moons appeared that night, one was Krishna Chandra and then the Chandra Chandra; the regular Chandra appeared and because Krishna Chandra is appearing in Chandra vansha and moon dynasty; He wanted to appear same time or may be just few moments after moon has risen so that He could, not before so He is calculating and His appearing at midnight because that is the moon rise time.
There is something very special feature of moonrise that night, the timing is business as usual; every ashtami midnight moon rise time but that night, okay, so, ashtami is eight days after poornima, it is eight days after full moon.

Normally, on the astami night, midnight, half-moon rises but this night full moon appeared only that night because the moon became so happy, so delighted that, “In my dynasty Lord is appearing, in my dynasty, haribol!” He became so jubilant that here a big face. He became full moon that night. So, there was, as a result there was some light as that was helping, that helped Vasudev to go through the town of Mathura.

And it is quiet, complete silence. Even the dogs were sleeping, that’s why it was more quiet. All dogs were meant to sleep as the guards in the prison house and so the dogs were also meant to sleep. If the dogs would not be sleeping, what would they normally do? bark! And then what happens? One person is enough to stop Vasudev, so the dogs were meant to sleep, purposely.

The Lord not by Himself but with the help of the His father Vasudev get out of the Mathura town now on the banks of Jamuna
”Jamuna maiya ki jai”
To go to Gokul , Jamuna is to be crossed. Did some of you go or all of you go, how many of you end up going to Vrndavan, Gokul ? 30% of you. Please go.

So as the Lord was on the banks of jamuna, Vaasudev in his hands. It is as a rainy season Jamuna is all flooded how to cross . But Vasudev is wanting to carry on move on, water seemed to be rising , water level is going higher and higher as he moves forward but he’s also getting deeper into the water that’s one reason but the rivers, the water, the waves of it is going higher also for some other reason . Jamuna wanting to touch, a little touch of the transcendental form of the Lord or just touching the lotus feet or even just the toe nail of the Lord is sufficient, she is trying to touch.

Jamuna is thinking what does that mean Jamuna is thinking, does water think? In your water bottle is water in the bottle is thinking “hey I maybe this person would not drink me It is going my death is coming or be finished l.” Water does not think but this water is person personality or coming from personality.
Jamuna is a person as is Ganga also and Godavari, Kaveri, Narmada and Sindhu and like that so Jamuna is thinking she has immediately recognized who this person is the personality of Godhead as she’s thinking of her future and her is as she would be wife, one of the queens one of the eighth principle queens of this Lord. So she’s thinking I better help out cooperate otherwise at the time of marriage proposal I will be remembered for not very cooperative this is one thought of Jamuna.

Other thought also she’s remembering when this Lord appeared as Sri Rama and then He also wanted to cross Indian ocean to go to Sri Lanka and He wanted cooperation of the ocean god Samudra devta but he was taking little time he was not coming quickly and Rama had become furious He took bow and arrow and as it is a whole ocean there is a big agitation turbulence all the creatures were struggling for their life, get choked up so Jamuna was thinking I better behave if I do not quickly help out or clear the path He may take some action like that He had taken in previous age.

So thinking this she clears the path and Vasudev did not walk on water He could have, Vaasudev wanted him to do so but he is walking in the riverbed and there is water 50 meters this way 50 meters that way that way and he is walking in the middle of the water body to the riverbed gradually on the other side of Jamuna hit the path now he’s on eastern bank of Jamuna and the destination is Gokul which is some distance and Vasudev, it was 2 ‘o clock by now he wants to get there quickly not only get in there he has to also return back and back in his chamber and shackle back and everything normal so he’s trying to hurry! hurry up speed up to go to Gokul but he thinks if I go with this speed I will be there very soon then had to leave his baby there and I will be deprived of his association I better slow down and he was slow down go slow go slow motion because then I will be with this boy longer time he’s trying to buy some time or gain some time by going slower but he would think but if I go slow takes extra time and meantime Kamsa comes to know and he is catching up with me I better run, thinking like this he’s begin running, but no I will be there quickly so fast go quickly , I better slow down so that I could have more association he’s going through this.

“druta vilambita gati”

Sometimes going faster sometimes slows down going through different emotions and then finally he has reached Gokul and soon entered Nanda Bhavan and identifies that chamber those corners where Yashoda same night has given birth to another baby and this baby is to be exchanged with the baby born to Yashoda so it does all that. He takes the daughter that was born to Yashoda and of course there is another story a confidential subject matter that Yashoda has given birth not to one child but two children.

A boy and a girl also, so two boys, a boy from Mathura born boy Devakinandan merges with Yashoda Nandan and end of the day just one boy or middle of the night is one boy and he takes the daughter and with great reluctance, he returns.

Gokul Dham Ki Jaya
So, this way we have Yashodanandan in Vrindavan, in GokulHis name is Krishna.

krishn jinka naam hai,gokuljinka dham hai,
aise shri bhagwan ko,barambar pranam hai

All that we need to know about the Lord, Srila Prabhupada said, this is, all that you would like to know but the Lord is known including His name is known His name is Krishna. God has a name those who are very close to God, they know His name also other call Him God, callHim sir or Mr. Brother called me John they are very close for some know His name. Everyone does not know His address but those who are very close they know His address also.Some know His name address but not everyone knows the telephone number but those who are very close they know the name, address and telephone number. So God has telephone number, it is also available. The telephone number is

Hare Krishna Hara Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ram Hare Ram
Ram Ram Hare Hare

When you come to the temple, Gokul Dham and you call that, call becomes local call. This line is very clear. You don’t have to do hello hello. You spend five minutes just doing hello hello forget dialogue part or once you are at dham then line is clear and also a local costs are cheap right.

So that Lord yashoda jinki maiya hai, nandji bapaiya hai, aise shri gopal ko, barambar pranam hai. Maya is powerful maya is also there and that is Ghanshyam Loot-loot Dadhi Makhan Khayo and He has His activities what does God do He’s a thief. God is thief. Go next door and tell the neighbour God is a thief, who will understand. But in fact we are the thieves. Is He a thief, He is the owner sarva-loka-mahe?varam. If He owns everything He butter also so if He takes some butter so that is fault, plus He works for it loot-loot dadhi makhan khayo, gwal-bal sang dhenu charayo, all day long works very hard taking care of the cows. Mother Yashoda say please take shoes please take shoes He doesn’t even wear shoes l can’t take shoes, cow don’t have shoes But they are cows but if you insist then get shoes for all the cows and l’ll take one pair how many cows quite a few 9 lakh cows so how many shoes are required 4 per cow, which Tata company or Bata company provide so Yashoda gave up on shoe part says take umbrella take umbrella, very hot chandan yatra , smearing chandan, take umbrella but get umbrella for the cows. The trouble is the cows have legs but no hand to hold umbrella then you need another 9 lakh people walking next to each cow holding umbrella or them so this way Yashoda should gives up and Krishna continues to walk all day through the forest in the heat and He ditches thrones rocks without shoes without umbrella so for all this Labour that He does if He gets little butter is that too much to ask for so butter is for working hard all day.

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