Lord Reciprocates with Affection to His Devotees


Venue: Vrindavan

Dated: 28.7.11

“sa vai bhavan atma-vinirmitam jagad bhutendriyantah-karanatmakam vibho

samsthapayisayann aja mam rasatalad abhyujjaharambhasa adi-sukarah” (S.B: 4.17.34)

Translation: My dear Lord, You are always unborn. Once, in the form of the original boar, you rescued me from the waters in the bottom of the universe. Through Your own energy You created all the physical elements, the senses and the heart, for the maintenance of the world.

Purport: This refers to the time when Lord Krishna appeared as the supreme boar, Varaha, and rescued the earth, which had been merged in water. The asura Hiranayaksa had dislocated the earth from its orbit and thrown it beneath the waters of the Garbhodaka Ocean. Then the Lord, in the shape of the original boar, rescued the earth.

“sa vai bhavan atma-vinirmitam jagad bhutendriyantah-karanatmakam vibho

samsthapayisayann aja mam rasatalad abhyujjaharambhasa adi-sukarah”

She must have chanted it properly right? Who is speaking? Dharni uvaca- Dhara -Dharo uvaca. Earthly planet spoke they also know Sanskrit and these are the prayers offered by Dhara-Dharni-Dharti so many names khsiti. Beginning with “namah parasmai purusaya mayaya” (S.B 4.17.29) it starts prayers are being offered to Prithu Maharaj, Maharaj Prthu. He is very angry (bell rings of the temple Maharaj says) confirmed Jayapataka Maharaj says. So earth is responding to Maharaj Prthu in his angry mood. So many prayers we have been hearing those prayers “nityam bhagvat sevaya” day after day after day and after many days today we are hearing this prayer, also from mother earth. And she says my dear Lord “you are always unborn once in the form of original Boar you rescued me from the water in the bottom of the universe. Through your own energy you have created all the physical elements the senses and the heart for the maintenance of the world”.

Lord has been addressed here as, ‘vibhu’ Oh! Lord, vibhu means He is very powerful from that comes vibhutis, opulence’s you are full of opulence’s vibhu. Another address is also, ‘aja’ –oh! Unborn, Lords birth is ‘aja’- ‘ja’- means to take birth and ‘a’- means no, He does not take birth, you are ‘aja’ – you are never born. There was no time when You did not exist; in the battle field of Kuruksetra Lord was talking we exist now and we never cease to be. The Lord’s birth is not birth of this world, birth of this world ends with death “jatasya hi dhruvo mrutyur” (B.G 2.27) both are there if you are born you must die. But that is not applicable to the Lord only demons of course think that the Lord dies or He could be killed. One who thinks like this is a demon, one definition of demon is one who thinks that Lord could be killed he is, who is he? He is a demon. Demons went to Vrindavan also attempting to kill the Lord but He was not born He is ‘aja’ could He be killed? No not possible cause He is not born. And He is ‘adi-sukarah’ original Boar He is ‘adi-purusa’ He is Adidev He is ‘adi’- He is the first one ‘adyam puran purusam navyavanam cha’ (B.S) He is like that. So this is realization of mother earth mother earth is speaking to Prithu Maharaj and because she has glorified the Lord she has spoken the truth. What she had to say had been recorded noted down, when she spoke it was relevant then it is relevant today and it would be relevant for all the time to come.

So Srila Vyasdev has taken note of this prayer and today we are hearing and we are, is there some benefit of hearing this? Yes? You don’t have to eat any more ‘peta bharega’. So I was in trouble (Maharaj says not me mother earth) and that Hiranyaksha that demon tried to exploit me and he became the cause I was dislocated, Srila Prabhupada is translating – was dislocated from the orbit and I fell all the way down rasatala I went up to rasatala. And O! Lord you are the one you rescued me in another form, what was that form? In Varaha form. So she is talking to Prithu Maharaj and saying you rescued me, you in the form of ‘adi-sukarah’ you rescued me, you helped me on your tusk you had two tusk and I was sitting there like a tiny mustard seed. You were huge like a mountain you were also like a moon and you helped me and I was like a black spot, the Dasavatara stotra (Maharaj sings) “vasati dasana-sikhare dharani tava lagna sasini kalanka-kaleva nimagna kesava dhrita-sukara-rupa jaya jagadisa hare”.

So that is one darshan, darshan of the Lord Varaha holding earth on His tusk and becoming known as Dharnidhara, one of the names of the Lord is? Dharnidhara you heard that name. You know Giridhar because you stay in Vrindavan, Murlidhara, Gadadhara but He is also Dharnidhara, He held Dharni on His tusk. “sasani ka…” sasi – that is moon, ‘kalanka’- that is black spot and as He held this earth on His tusk this Varaha rupa. He was sitting in Mathura, Lord went all the way down He lifted earth rescued earth by holding on the tusk He comes up and He sat on the bank of Jamuna at place called Vishram Ghat in Mathura. Lot of endeavors so time for little break rest, so Lord did His vishram little rest. Where did He took His rest at Vishram Ghat, because He took rest there the name of that Ghat has become Vishram Ghat its resting place, whose resting place? Lord Varaha’s resting place is at Mathura Vishranm Ghat, where is earth? Earth is on the tusk. Where is He sitting Mathura this is the proof of what? Dhama is not part of any country or any planet. Mathura Vrindavan did not fell down; Mathura Vrindavan is ‘achuta’ like Lord – infallible, earth could fall we are reading here but not Mathura Vrindavan, earth may come to end one day but not Mathura Vrindavan,

Mathura Vrindavan dham ki…………jai.

So lot of people say why is He always appearing in India? Why Lord is appearing in India all the time? But those who think that He appears in India are in ignorance. He appears in Mathura which is not India; India will come to an end but not Mathura Vrindavan. Thus Lord comes down He comes with His own abode or He even doesn’t have to come down He is here He just has to appears from ‘aprakat lila to prakat lila’ and then so many pastimes in Vrindavan Krishna is performing His pastimes. And then His pastimes with the Gopis and rasa dance was about to begin and then Krishna decides to disappear He took Radha with Him and He took off and the Gopis were searching looking for Krishna where are you? Where are you? And they are asking everybody. So of course the Gopis thought look at these bushes, look at this grass some small tress they thought these are the hair on the body of this earthly planet, the hair are standing on their ends. Why? Because earth must be in ecstasy which is one of the symptoms, but when you see tiger (laughter) the hair also stand on that’s for the mundane people. But the devotees their hair stand on their ends when Lord touches them, when the soul and Supreme soul comes in contact there is union there is a yoga, there is a link through that pure devotional service and body becomes trembling and other symptoms are there the hair ‘romanca -kampasru-taranga-bhajo vande guroh sri-caranaravindam”.

The Gopis were thinking because Lord has touched you O! Earth that’s why the hair on the body of the earth in form of these bushes and trees and grass is standing erect. And because they were looking for Krishna for sure for sure why are these hairs standing one end on the body of mother earth, because Lord has just now touched, He must have touched this region with His feet He must have gone this way. Is it that or they were also wondering is it because just now He touched and He went this way or they also have another idea. They say ‘aho varaha vapurah parirambhanena’ (S.B 10.30.10) or because long long time ago this Varaha vapusha with His body of Lord Varaha Boar He had touched earth lifted earth held earth on His tusk. And is it because of that touch it was long long time ago even now because of that touch, that touch is still causing some ecstasy –hair standing on end so is it because of that Varaha’s touch long long time ago or He has just now touched you and He has gone He has disappeared into the forest which one, they (Gopis) are thinking like this. So that time Gopis had remembered Varaha lifting earth touching earth and earth feeling very excited and ecstatic and possibly this ecstasy is from that time. And they also added or because Lord also touched earth with His lotus feet when He was Vaman Dev and He was to take three steps of land. So with His first step He covered entire earth and another step and for third step there is no space. So with the first step He had touched the earth, so is it because of that touch? Vaman Dev’s touch or Varaha’s touch? That even today you are in ecstasy your hair are standing on end. The Gopis were remembering Varaha and Gopis were remembering pastimes of Vaman Dev as they were looking for Krishna.

Lord Varaha Dev ki…………jai

Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu one time, was that Murari Gupta? He exhibited Sukar, “kesava dita sukar rupa jai jagadhish hare”. Suddenly Caitanya Mahaprabhu wasn’t there and in front of Murari Gupta there was Lord Varaha, and on His tusk He was holding something, a lota water pot, on His tusk He held little pot and He considered this pot is what? This is earth pot is round so He picked up a pot round object and put it on His tusk and Oh! I am Lord Varaha I am lifting earth. Murari Gupta was amazed to see Caitanya Mahaprabhu exhibiting Varaha rupa, well they are the same. “Nato natya dharo yatha” Kunti Maharani says “My Lord you are like a actor” actor he plays different roles every time every time new same person but he looks different, he has different name he has different town, different country, different language everything different. The good actor it takes long time is this Amita.. (Laughter) it takes long time to realize, hye! Is this the same one he acts so perfectly that you can’t even make the connection who they really are? So it’s very appropriate that Kunti Maharani says “Nato natya dharo yatha” “My Lord you are natya dhar nata natya dhar” the actor acting in different ways same person,so Varaha, Prthu Maharaj, Sri Ram.

We are talking of Varaha Dev in Navadvipa one of the nine islands is called Koladvipa, Kola means Varaha and Varaha was worshiped there in Satyuga by one Brahmin called Vasudev. His mode of worship was simple ganga jala and some flowers but he had lots of devotion, he was rich in devotion with all his heart with all his strength he was worshipping deity of Varaha in Koladvipa Navadvipa on the banks of Ganga. So although he was worshipping the vigraha of Varaha but He was interested in seeing “varaha adi sukaraha” the moving talking dancing whatever Lord does moving His tail the deity form was not moving His tail and He was just motionless. But he wanted Lord to reveal himself, so he was crying and praying without you O! My Lord My life is worthless, O! Please reveal unto me. So finally Lord takes little extra time “little dera but no andher” devotees from India they say little ‘dera’ little delay but there is never disappointment there is no darkness there is no end of the tunnel. You go on “utsahan niscayad dhairyat tat-tat karma pravartanat karma pravartanat” all that (Nectar of instruction 2) Lord wants you to go that extra mile to make that extra endeavor.

So this Vasudev Brahmin he was unstoppable he had his goal to see the Lord Varaha and Lord had no choice how long could He hide Himself. When the time had come his devotion complete, full surrender and Lord revealed so that revealing whatever form of deity that he was worshipping that form became so gigantic like a he was looking up to the Lord, if he had a hat it would fall off (laughter). So big like a mountain huge tall mountain and He had all ornaments the deity had no ornaments but the original form of the Lord had ornaments and the effulgence and He was moving the tail now. His body was fragrant He is a boar He is a sukar, what the boars are like no one likes to go near, if it comes your way you try to run away or you close your nose. But adi- sukarah is not like that He is transcendental fragrant as Krishna’s form is very very fragrant infact the fragrance in the world Lord is the cause. Whenever you smell something “gandhah prthvyam ca” (B.G 7.9) Lord says in Bhagvat Gita in prthvi in the earth there is fragrance right? “Lord says that fragrance is myself”. So where ever there is fragrance that is due to the Lord.

So this Vasudev he had darshan of huge mountain like Varaha Dev then he was offering prayers thanking for darshan. And this Varaha now appeared in Koladvipa as original Varaha He revealed unto this Vasudev and said “O! Brahmin” this was Satyuga he was worshipping in satyuga, Lord said in Kaliyuga I will be appearing as Guaranga and you also appear and there is going to be lots of kirtan and chanting and dancing. And this Brahmin was in ecstasy to get the news, he had darshan of Varaha in Satyuga and again Lord invited him, that when I appear as Guaranga you will also appear and take part in my Sankirtan movement. (Maharaj says) it’s not mentioned in what name form this Vasudev Brahmin appeared in Caitanya Mahaprabhus pastimes but one point is here Caitanya Mahaprabhu is showing to Himself as Varaha to Murari Gupta. And then Satyuga He appears as Varaha and declares “I will appear as Caitanya Mahaprabhu in the same abode of Navadvipa” and you will be part of my sankirtan movement.

Varaha…., Krishna’s appearance, Rams appearance, Caitanya Mahaprabhus appearance it’s a quite a elaborate description as the circumstances in which Lord appears what about Varaha how did He appear? From the nostril of Brahma Lord appears. He is “aja”- He is unborn He doesn’t have to take birth from womb, O! He may choose to take birth from womb; He may take birth without womb He could take birth from womb that means He is “purna” but not that He has to take birth from a womb. So Lord took birth from womb also I was born from womb of my mother —they try to make the connections. “atma vat manyate jagat” O! Me too if your Lord appeared form the womb I also appeared form the womb. Worldly people try to bring Lord to their level, misunderstand Him all together. So Varaha proved that He could just appear from the, Brahma did that what you call? Sneezing ok Brahma was sneezing when we sneeze something else comes out (laughter) something nasty comes out. When Brahma he did sneezing (Maharaj laughs) Varaha appeared and He was small size in beginning soon He had assumed the gigantic form of Varaha. And this Varaha He battled with Hiranyaksha, Hiranyaksha had another brother called Hiranyakasapu Lord appeared as Lord Narsimha all variety of forms Varaha Narsimha. (Maharaj says) we were in Simhachalam last time we went to see Narsimha temple there but deity there is not only Narsimha its Narsimha and Varaha combined, what is the name? “Varaha – Narsimha” the deity has two Lords in one form reason being that Prahlad Maharaj was interested Oh! Lord I am seeing you as Narsimha and you killed my father but I would also like see your form that killed my uncle (Laughter). Lord fulfilled the desire of Prahlad and showed Varaha, he was very much interested please please show me the form with which you killed my uncle-chacha, Hiranyaksha chacha (Laughter) was killed by you please show me. And Lord showed both the forms at Simhachalam.

So Varaha He appears He has two complexions or colors one is known as Sveta Varaha other one is known as Rakta Varaha, whitish and reddish. It was Gargacharya when he had gone to Gokula and the name giving ceremony was taking place in Goshala of Nanda Maharaj he was doing it hidingly. And that time Gargacharya said Lord appears “Krishnatam gatah” now He has assumed the form “Krishnatam gatah” blackish fresh monsoon clouds they are fresh now loaded with water and hence you know what kind of complexion. All clouds are not, Krishna is not of the color of the cloud because clouds change their colors, so it has to be fresh monsoon cloud means lots of water drops and as a result dense dark. This is rainy season – this is varsha ritu then comes Sharad season the clouds are of different complexion, how do they look like? They are white, in Krishna book Srila Prabhupada says these clouds have stolen water but then these clouds do the charity today they are very charitable this morning they were whole heartedly giving charities to Vrindavan Dhama in other places. So by giving charity, sometimes people make money black money, corruption then they have not very good image but then they became charitable they give food for life they give donations. By giving and giving and giving and giving they get image what image? Bright image white image they are not black any more. So Srila Prabhupada writes in Krishna book like this, these clouds are holding water but they share by the autumn season time –sharad season time the clouds are all Balaram color. They are now Krishna color then they become Balaram color. So Gargacharya said Lord has now appeared “Krishnatam gatah” bluish black but He appears in other three Ages in three different colors “sukla rakta pita”. He appears sukla in Satyuga, rakta- rakta Varaha in Treta Yuga and pita yellow complexion in which Age? Golden yellow in Kaliyuga, “Krishnatam gatah” Dwapar Yuga He appears.

So Gragacharya has also remembered Varaha when he mentions Lord appears in reddish complexion, he is remembering Varaha Lord is on his mind and he talking of Varaha. So four Ages four complexions in Treta yuga He appears as reddish complexion. Time for Krishna’s appearance (Maharaj is asking the devotees) are you getting ready? Are you thinking, planning? so banners outside opportunities this abhishek that abhishek perhaps we are not going to do fund raising here don’t worry (Laughter). So as Lord was getting ready to appear in Vrindavan “Golokam cha parityajya” giving up Golok come here to Gokul that time the other forms of the Lord “nanavataram akarod bhuvanesu kintu” there are so many other form of the Lord “ramadi murtisu kala niyamena tisthan” (Brahma samita). They have their own abodes in the spiritual sky each Lord has His own planet His own abode. So when Krishna is about to appear from each of these planets of different incarnation of the Lord that incarnation goes in the direction of Golok and merges in Krishna. From every planet they are all coming and they merge in Krishna and when finally Lord Sri Krishna appears all the residents of other planets of different incarnations they kind of identify- our Lord has appeared. They see their Lord they see Varaha in Sri Krishna, they see Narsimha in Sri Krishna, they see Ram in Sri Krishna and see their -our Lord has appeared.

So they cannot be separated “aham sarvasya prabhavo mattah sarvam pravartate” (B.G 10.8). Pastime of Caitanya Mahaprabhu Mahaprakash Lila of the Lord it lasted for seven kalas- 21 hours Lord was showing His all forms all possible forms devotees were seeing this was in the house of Srivas Pandit Srivas angan. They would always say “You are Lord you are Lord” Lord would never admit He would plug His ears-don’t talk shut up but one day because everyone was realizing news was licking out. He was trying to conceal the fact that He is Supreme Personality of Godhead but then He was not able to hide it. One day He said ok ok Lord ran into the house of Srivas Pandit He went all the way to the altar of the Deities, He sat there and told Srivas call all the devotees of Navadvipa then Srivas with the help of so many devotees they called all the devotees. Everyone from Navadvipa had come and there was enough space by the Lord’s Yoga Maya, in the beginning there was small hall. But as more and more people poured in automatically by Lords will the hall was getting bigger and bigger and bigger in size. Initially there was only Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu in front of all of them but soon there all the forms as per relationships of each of devotee in the assembly. As per their worshipable deities their eternal relationship different mellows- sakhya bhava, vatsalya bhava, madhuraya bhava, according to different bhavas each one was seeing their Lord. And amongst them was Murari Gupta and Murari Gupta saw there was no Caitanya Mahaprabhu he was seeing Sri Rama like that everyone assembled there was seeing their worshipable Lords forms.

They were chanting “Sri Rama jai Rama jai jai Rama” someone was chanting Govind Govinda – Tirupati Balaji devotees. Somebody from maharastra “vitthal vitthal vitthala panduranga vitthala”. They were all chanting different glories different prayers and although everyone was singing- (Maharaj says) just understand this – each one was realizing that there is no one else here just me and Lord. If someone next door somebody chanting “Sri Rama jai Rama jai jai Rama” other one chanting “govinda govinda” someone chanting “sri rama”, hye! You shut up you know (laughter) quite quite I am chanting let me chant first then you. There was no need there was no complaint there was no shutting up or no silence please. Simultaneously all those devotees in assembly they were glorifying the Lord with different prayers and obeisance’s and this and that. And they completely oblivious to the surroundings and who else was there what else they are chanting they did not care, they did not care and for 21 hours not one two hours how many hours? For 21 hours straight without interruption the darshan went on. All those devotees were in complete Samadhi they did not remember- no eating, no sleeping, no natures call nothing. They were just there they were in the spiritual sky with the Lord and they have nothing to do with body and bodily deeds.

So Varaha also was there, Narsimha they were all there seeing Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu, so when Lord Sri Krishna Caitanya is appearing all are becoming part of Him they are always part of Him “nato natya dharo yatha”. So very soon Lord although described as ‘aja’ He will be taking His birth for the pleasure of His devotees He takes birth. To give pleasure to Devaki, Vasudev, Nanda, Yasoda and that is one of His relationship vatsalya He becomes child and He gives role of His parents to His devotees. ‘you become my parents now I have played role of father for a change I like to experience becoming child myself you become father you become mother’. And He becomes perfect child and then He takes birth in Mathura- night of astami the black fortnight ok.

Varaha Dev ki……….jai.

Krishna Kanyalal ki…..jai

Prithu Maharaj ki…jai

Grantha Raj Srimad Bhagvatam ki..jai

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