Lord Vishnu Praises Lord Siva


Lord Vishnu Praises Lord Siva
Venue: Mayapur
Dated: April 5, 2018

Sri Suka Uvaca
evam bhagavata rajan
srivatsankena sat-krtah
amantrya tam parikramya
saganah svalayam yayau (SB 8.12.41)

Sukadeva Gosvami said: O King, having thus been praised by the Supreme Personality, who bears the mark of Srivatsa on His chest, Lord Siva circumambulated Him. Then, after taking permission from Him, Lord Siva returned to his abode, Kailasa, along with his associates.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravart?  Thakura remarks that when Lord Siva was offering obeisance’s unto Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu arose and embraced him. Therefore, word srivatsankena is used here. The mark of Srivats adorns the chest of lord Vishnu, and therefore when lord Vishnu embraced lord Siva while being circumambulated, the Srivats mark touched lord Siva’s bosom.

Have you seen a photograph, a picture of Vishnu and Siva embracing? Then someone should paint the picture. I am sure it exists somewhere. Lord Shri Ram embracing Hanuman is there. You have seen? When Shri Ram appreciated and was very grateful for what Hanuman had done for him, for Shri Ram. And Ram had given a deep embrace to Hanuman. Well done, well done Hanuman. And lord praised Hanuman. Hari Hari. Hanuman was held in a deep embrace by Shri Ram and here Lord Siva has been held in a deep embrace by Vishnu. This is giving an idea may be Oh! When that day could be mine? It is a very high idea or but that’s possible and that happens. Lord does embrace his devotees. He praises them, appreciates them and is grateful also for what they always keep doing for Him. And then occasionally He embraces them. And when that happens, Oh! That’s it. Could anyone ask for anything more than that?

tuka mane aadi, na urechi vegadi

Tukaram Maharaj, Saint Tukaram from Maharashtra, he said this. Tuka mane aadi Lord embraces His devotees. na urechi vegadi, then there is nothing remaining to be asked for, to be achieved, to be attained. King Prataprudra also, received such benediction of embrace of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Has Chaitanya Mahaprabhu praised him what for he was?

tava kathamrtam tapta jivanam kavibhiriditam kalmasapaham 

He was reciting. He was asked to recite ‘Gopi geet’ and as Shri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu kept hearing and hearing, are you hearing? Some of you or one of you was not hearing. Gopis had said then King Prataprudra had recited, repeated,

bhuvi grnanti ye bhuri-da janah

Those who recite this Gopi geet, recite Krishna katha, recite, propagate, and make it available everywhere, bhuri dajanah. They are magnanimous people, most magnanimous. So said King Prataprudra which was said by gopis, when Caitanya Mahaprabhu heard this, oh you are that Bhurida. You are the one giving charity of this kathamrit, gopi geetamrit to me. You are magnanimous. And lord was feeling very grateful for having received this gift, charity of Gopi geet recitation. As he said and Mahaprabhu was lying down and King Prataprudra was also massaging the lotus feet of the Lord. Lord gradually started getting up. While getting up He said to Prataprudra I could have given you a big reward, big gift in return for what you have given to me but you know I am just sannyasi, renounced. I don’t have anything, I am empty pocket. I don’t have even pocket. I don’t have even kurta with a pocket, what could I give you? But if you don’t mind, could you please accept my embrace instead of all other kinds of possible rewards? And saying so Mahaprabhu took lead in approaching King Prataprudra and He grabbed him and held him in a deep embrace. That could be the best reward for all that devotee does for Krishna, finally, he could be held in deep embrace of the Lord. So that has happened here, I mean these are rare occurrences.

sa mahatma su-durlabhah (BG 7.19)

He is mahatma, such a vaishnava is very rare. And Lord is happy with, oh he passed the test. Sat-krtah, Lord applauded him, Lord applauded, praised Siva. So what kind of Lord applauded Siva?

bhagavata srivatsankena

That kind of Lord, first of all He is mentioned as a bhagavata, Bhagavan is going to be, He is appreciating. He is praising and He is going to be embracing. Bhagavata, what kind of Bhagavan? Srivatsankena, Srivatsa-one of the opulences mentioned here is vatsanka. On His breast, on His chest, He is eternally holding onto Laxmi. He is Laxmidhar. He is Giridhar, He is Murlidhar. So many kinds of dhar, holders. And He is holding Laxmi on His chest. And He is not a holder of just one Laxmi, laxmi sahasra sata sambhrama sevyamanam Of serving, the millions of, I mean this is Krishna. Here is Visnu dealing with Siva here. But He is also originally Krishna. In Vrindavan, He is Krishna. In Vaikunth, He is Narayan or Visnu. And in Kailash, He is Siva. In Mahesh dhama, He is Sadashiv. Siva is also somebody, not like one amongst us here. We are just tiny living entities, but Siva is not a jiva. Siva is Hari har. He is Hari and also he is har. And he is dealing with Visnu, here Hari har. So bhagavata srivatsankena, Lord has been glorified or described or introduced as Bhagavan with opulence’s and one opulence mentioned aisvaryasya samagrasya, this is first one.

aisvaryasya samagrasya viryasya yasasah sriyah (Visnu Purana 6.5.47) 

Like that goes on. So, the wealth, how wealthy He is? Samagra, samagra means everything that exists is His. You cannot compare. Could Lord’s wealth be compared with yours or with Tata’s or Rockefeller, could be compare? No. You cannot compare. Nothing belongs to Tata, Ambani or Rockefeller or George. He was also wealthy. Nothing, they own nothing. So it can’t compare. Oh this much is my wealth and. Lord has more, you can’t say that. You are zero, you are nothing. And that’s the beginning, that’s the realization. Lord is to be realized like that.

bhoktaram yajna-tapasam sarva-loka- mahesvaram

Srivatsankena that Lord, sat krtah- is praising. He has praised Siva and Vishwanath Chakravarty Thakur is a one who is reading in between lines and inside story, is revealed onto him. Sukhdev Goswami is not specifying but Vishwanath Chakravarty Thakur is concluding Srivatsankena, reason hy Srivats is mentioned this is they must have embraced and that Srivats touched Lord Siva as they embraced each other. There is a touch. It’s kind of complete praise, right? From a distance, oh you are there and one who is praising is here and he is saying something on the microphone. That’s nice, that’s nice praise but finally shake hand and then finally embrace that praise is complete praise. The whole hearted praise. Samagra-complete praise with no reservation or not holding back. Lord is praising and to the extent of embracing Siva.

amantrya tam parikramya

And then Lord Siva has, lila has come to an end. Pastime is getting over here. He had come all the way, all the way. svalayam yayau- so where he has come from his aalay, from his abode, with some purpose in mind. He wanted to take darshan of, such darshan he never had. Lord as a woman, Lord looking like a woman. And there are womanly forms. Radha, gopis and women are there. Those are shaktis.

In shakti and shaktiman, Lord is shaktiman but here shaktiman has assumed the woman form. There are not shakti’s, shaktiman has become woman. And He had bewildered those asuras. He had to deal with asuras. Hari Hari.

So Lord’s purpose of becoming woman, taking a form of woman also over once the nectar was handed over to the Demigods. Lord had wound up His pastime and the form. He was a regular Bhagavan again. But then comes the Siva, he was curious. Oh! I missed it. I missed it. My dear Lord, please just once, just once. And okay have it. And then get darshan, Lord has become woman.

So, tam parikramya. So Siva is taking permission to go. Okay permission given, you may go. So he is before going he is doing parikrama of the Lord.

parikramya saganah svalayam yayau

And along with as a whole entourage they had come with Siva. He is never alone. Uma Parvati is also had come and the bhuta’s, the pishacha’s and they were all around. They never leave him alone. So saganah-with all of them. Svalayam yayau- He is alay. Siva’s alay is mentioned Kailash here.

devi mahesh hari dham suteshu suteshu

This is devi dhama. And above this devi dham, above the brahmanda is Mahesh dhama. And then Hari dhama. Then Sri Ram or Ayodhya dhama. Then Dwarkadhish dhama. Then Mathuradhish dhama. Then Krishna dhama, Golok dhama. Of course, Dwarka and Mathura are the part of Golok.

So, Mahesh dhama is also abode of Siva and half of Mahesh dhama is Vaikuntha. It is like Vaikuntha. It is part of Vaikuntha. The lower half of Mahesh dhama is part of this devi dham. And Lord Siva is Sadashiv in that Vaikuntha part of Mahesh dham and he is Kalbhairav, and he is Rudra and there is a time for destruction. Siva takes his Rudra form and begins

playing dim dim dim dim dim damroo he plays holding his trishul in other hand and begins his tandav nritya. Agitating, activating the modes of nature. Especially ignorance and this is all doing with empowerment of Lord Anantshesh whom he always worships and then destruction is on. So Siva is Harihar, he is Hari in that half of the Mahesh dham which is part of Vaikuntha. He is Hari and down there is Har. Siva is quiet a mysterious personality of godhead.

ksiram yatha dadhi vikara-visesa- yogat (Brahma-samhita 5.45)
What is ksiram? Ksira-chor Gopinath, milk. Dadhi is dahi, mishti dahi.

So milk becomes dahi, yogurt, and that yogurt is Siva. Ksiram is Hari and dahi, the yogurt is Siva. sanjayate na hi tatah prthag asti hetoh Brahma is giving us this understanding. Siva tattva he is described in Brahma samhita.

sanjayate na hi tatah prthag asti hetoh

So Visnu is the cause and Siva is effect. Now the milk is cause and yogurt is effect. The effect or the yogurt is not different but also not the same. Yogurt is not different from the source or the cause and it is also not similar. So Siva is not different but not same. So that Harihar, Harihar ki jai. So even he was bewildered when Lord is becoming woman, very powerful effect. Most powerful woman and he has not become some living entity woman. Some living entity has accepted woman form. Lord has his Visnu tattva and he has assumed the form of a woman. So I was going to say you could imagine. We can’t even imagine the power, how much power of that womanly form.

balam me pasya mayayah
stri-mayya jayino disam (SB 3.31.38)

Kapil Muni is talking to His mother.Just see just see, balam me pasya mayaya, just look at the balam, the power of the maya. In what form? stri mayya. In the stri form. In the woman form, just see the balam. The power of Me or the Lord’s power has been invested in that form bewildering power. Power to bewilder.

So what to speak about Lord, living entity woman could not exhibit so much power. Jayino disam, some emperor he has just now returned conquering the three worlds. And now he is back home, back in the palace. The Kapil Muni is describing talking to his mother that he is back home.

bhruvi-jrmbhena kevalam

As a woman, what does She do? Moves Her eyebrows. Oh that’s it. What happens next? Immediately he falls, the emperor, the conqueror of all directions. Haribol, king aa rahe hai. Now the king is here, emperor is here. But as soon as he is back in the palace in association of the woman, she moves her eyebrows and he falls at her feet. Begins licking her feet. Just see the power of My maya, but it is My maya that has to be powerful. If it was of your maya, my maya might not be so powerful but it is My maya. Lord’s maya has the way powerful.

balam me pasya mayayah

Just see, so, what Kapil Dev said about the power of my maya in the form of a woman? This is the exhibition or illustration. Okay prove it, you just said balam me pasya mayaya, my maya is very powerful in the form of a
woman. Is there any example, any illustration? Okay. Here is,

mam maya, duratyaya

My maya is very very difficult, insurmountable to transcend, to get out of the clutches of this maya.

So the demonstration of that power of maya in form of a woman is here. Mohini murti, Lord who is Mohan, Manmohan or Madanmohan. Mohan means the attractor. That Madan has become personified in the form of the Lord as a woman here. Mohini, that Mohan has become Mohini Himself. Mohini murti, that Mohan, the bewildering energy and the power has
become murti. Taken a form personified in the form of this Mohini murti. And Lord is trying out; I mean He did not picked one of us to exhibit the extent of His power. He has picked up Siva, yet another powerful personality. For us, not much power you could be just brushed aside and you are gone, finished, lost. But, lord Siva has been picked up. You are going to try My maya, show My maya to you. Lord Siva has, he has some desires. Lord is behind all these. In heart of Siva, there is a desire Oh, I would like to see, I would like to take darshan, some inspiration.

divya jnana hride prakashito
divya jnanaof course there was other kind of jnana.
aham sarvasya prabhavo mattah sarvam pravartate
iti matva bhajante mam budha bhava-samanvitah (BG 10.8)

I am seated in the heart of everybody and from Me comes knowledge or ignorance also. So Siva has been inspired like that. He comes down. And there is a whole lila, pastime. Like one Lord is dealing with other Lord. There are two Lords. They both are Lords. Well one Lord is incomplete Lord or he is half Lord and half not Lord. He is a Harihar. One is full-fledged Hari, other one is Harihar. And Lord full on exhibition of his power as a woman that bewildering energy and that energy has done its job. And Siva has gone, is bewildered and has lost his intelligence. He could not discriminate any more. And this is what happened. This is a beginning.

dhyayato visayanpumsah sangastesupajayate
sangat samjayate kamah kamatkrodho bhijayate.
krodhadbhavati sammohah sammohatsmritivibhramah
smritibhramsad buddhinaso buddhi nasat pranasyati (BG 2.62-63)

So this is one after the other, one after the other, one after the other. If we don’t check dhyayato, contemplation. If we don’t check their contemplation on the sense objects then sangah, the association to attachment. From attachment comes lust and if lust is not fulfilled then what happens? kamat krodhobhijayate. One becomes angry,krodhadbhavati sammohah. And when person is taken over by anger which comes from passion.

Kama esa krodha esa rajo-guna- samudbhavah (BG 3.37)

From the passion comes kama and krodha. Lust and anger are Prabhupada says as Mr.Anger and Mr. Lust. They are brothers or the followers of each other. kamat krodhobhijayate. So passion, person in full of passion,

kamat krodhobhijayate krodhad bhavati sammohah

When person is krodha, full of anger cannot think straight, is bewildered buddhinaso then one completely loses his intelligence. And when intelligence is lost which is also compared to the driver.

yantra rudhani mayaya

All these connections are there. We are sitting in yantra. The body is yantra and who is a driver in this yantra in this machine? Intelligence. And the horses of the senses the mind is he rein and the soul is a passenger and who is a driver? Intelligence is a driver. And the driver is a drunkard and then what happens? It is going to be off the cliff into the ditch of the bridge, into the gutter. Buddhi nasat, cannot think anymore. Lost the control, when one loses the control over his machine, over his wanderings? When intelligence is lost. Anyway, so that did happen. Siva lost his intelligence. He was bewildered and started running after, after that woman. And Lord is running earlier on. Lord is taking a tour He is going by brahmachari ashrams. Remembered? These ashrams, the sage ashram, the brahmin ashram. Now bringing to their attention, just see, just see, and just see. Just see the power of My maya to begin with and even Siva like personalities could be bewildered then what to speak of you? And
to the extent that Siva passes semen and that he has come to kind of senses pacified.

Prabhupada is commenting in one of the purports when that happens, person begins thinking. And Oh! What happened? Just now what happened? What was happened? So Siva by God’s grace, Krishna’s grace has quickly come to conclusion. And I was wondering if this pastime had not taken place and Siva had not passed semen then what about the gold and silver? From the semen that Siva passed that created all gold mines everywhere and silver mines. They are caused by the semen of Siva. So who knows so many different things that Lord is accomplishing by performance of this pastime. Also the production of gold and silver which is caused by this pastime. If that pastime had not taken place, oh! No gold no silver, no valuable elements. But that also bewildering also.

Hiranyakashipu, right? They like Hiranya they like gold and they like kashipu means soft bed. This gold produced from this act, which was a lusty act. Full of lust, gold produced and that gold continuous to bewilder that glitter of that gold. Its origin in this sinful act, sinful thought, ending up passing semen. So as he has come to senses.

api cet su-duracaro
bhajate mam ananya-bhak
sadhur eva sa mantavyah
samyag vyavasito hi sah

That also things comes into the picture here. Although the act was abominable, he immediately came to the senses and has situated himself.

swarupen na vyavasthithi,

His swarupa as Siva, sadhur eva sa mantavyah, that person should be accepted as sadhu. And Lord has accepted him as sadhu.

vaishnavanam yatha shambhu,

That leader of vaishnavas is involved with this pastime. Lord has used him. But immediately he has reinstated himself into his position. And he has come to his senses, so Lord is appreciating this. Okay some kind of fall he had or about to happen but he got his act together. Quickly, he got his act together. He was not fallen forever or for a longer time. Also proving that Lord Visnu or Krishna are Achyuta and everyone else is chyuta. Including Siva could be, he could fall. Lord Krishna and all His different incarnations well some of them gunavatar ae there they are not infallible. They are fallible. They could fall. And he is an example.

Now Brahma running after his daughter that’s a fall. This never happens to the Lord. Lord never falls down. Maintains His position but others could fall down and here,

yashantam na sura asura saganah, devaya tasmayi namah

I offer my obeisance’s unto the Supreme Lord whose end is not understood by sura, suraganaha. Suras, the demigods and asuras, demons they do not understand. So that also we could understand here. How Siva doesn’t sometimes understand or he misunderstands or Brahma misunderstands. Indra misunderstands Lord or doesn’t completely understand the Lord. Now what does speak about asuras. Asuras, they don’t understand extent of the Lord.

And then Lord has, Lord Visnu has praised Siva and also given benediction. Okay, enough is enough. You tried, right? You wanted to see, yes? You wanted to see my woman form. Did you see? How was it? Did you learn some lessons? I think you did. Good boy, now I bless you, Lord has just now said I bless you.

seyam guna-mayi maya na tvam abhibhavisyati (SB 8.12.40)

From hence forward, this will not happen to you again. I bless you. You have learnt your lesson. So, Lord has blessed, empowered Siva, praised and embraced him. Siva is taking permission, does circumambulation and mounts his nandi. I am sure; he is not walking back to his abode. He is riding on the back of nandi, the bull. It was slow, slow but steady. And he has taken everyone along with him. Returned to his abode, leaving his pastime behind as a history. As a major event, universal and important. And lessons to be learned hence it has been included in the Bhagavatam for us to study. Study this case. Different cases to study, this case should be studied by vaishnavas or aspiring vaishnavas, sadhakas and learned something. Come to conclusions, the power of maya never be curious to know about maya. Oh! I would like to see. Could I see? Could I see? Could I see? And insisting and insisting. Okay, go ahead. Don’t touch, don’t touch, and don’t touch the fire. But child is insisting. Okay,
go ahead and he is burnt. Now,
okay now you know.
Hari haribol.

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