Mechanical Chanting


So, what is mechanical chanting? The body is also like a machine- yantrarudhani mayaya and mechanical chanting, the body is chanting or the mouth is chanting but something is missing. Something is not there. What is not there? That is why it is called mechanical chanting. Feelings are not there or we could say heart is not there. Emotions, sincerity is not there. It is so mechanical.

Prabhupada said, the chanting; what kind of chanting? Chanting like a baby. That is not mechanical. Crying is not mechanical. It’s emotional, feelings are involved, he is fully into it. Not that the mind is elsewhere and he is just crying. No, baby is in fact thinking of mother; thinking of “Where is, where is she, why is she not coming?”
The mechanical chanting will not work. When Draupadi chanted “Hye Krishna! Hye Govinda!” What was that? A cry was originating from deep within the heart, cry of the soul and how did Lord respond to that call?

Krishna was right there! Because we are not calling out the way Draupadi called out for Krishna! That’s why He is not coming. So, anytime, every time, anybody, anywhere, everywhere, if their call is like that of Draupadi, Lord must reciprocate the similar manner as He reciprocated to Draupadi’s call. Lord is not partial. He doesn’t come only when Draupadi calls out. When Draupadi-like call, that quality call, the Lord makes His appearance. The mechanical chanting will not work.

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