Mediate on the Lord Giriraj, Lord holding Giriraj on His little finger


Venue: Braj Mandal Parikrama
Occasion: Govardhan puja
Dated: 2008

“hantayam adrir abala hari-dasa-varyo
yad rama-krsna-carana-sparasa-pramodah
manam tanoti saha-go-ganayos tayor yat
(S.B 10.21.18)

These are the words of Gopis of Vrindavan glorifying Giriraj, Gopis are saying – we are very unfortunate we have no association of Krishna, but look at this Giriraj ‘rama krishna carana sparasa pramodah’ see how happy, how jubilant is Giriraj, don’t you see? See Giriraj is so happy. Yes yes he is very happy we are unhappy but He is happy. Why Giriraj is so happy? ‘ram krishna carana sparasa’ this Giriraj gets the touch of the lotus feet of both Krishna and Balarama. As soon as Krishna and Balarama touches Giriraj with their lotus feet’s Giriraj feels very much excited, ecstatic and expresses all the joy. (Maharaj says) In that context as Maharaja (His Holiness Radha Raman Maharaj) mentioned Giriraj as Haridasavarya- best of the Haridasas.

So that is His devotee position, Giriraj in position of a devotee. Then during that first ever Giriraj puja, first day of this puja and they are making big big offerings- annakuta mahotsava. And that time Lord Giriraj was on the top of the mountain and Lord Giriraj manifested and said ‘sailo smi’ – I am this mountain Lord declared ‘I am this mountain’. That time our little Krishna seven years old He was in the crowd, all the Braj vasis had assembled and Krishna was also in the audience and He also was getting ready to worship Giriraj.

So one Lord Krishna was among the Braj vasis amongst them and one Krishna Giriraj was on the top of the mountain declaring ‘I am here, I am the Lord Giriraj bring more bring more bring more offerings’. Giriraj was eating He was 16 miles tall that’s Lord, 16 miles tall Lord Giriraj Govardhan, He must have big belly and he was asking for more offerings bring more- anyor anyor. Lord had so many hands and He was reaching out khir in one kunda and then He was reaching another kunda, some puris thousands of puris He had in His one hand. He was emptying kundas after kundas, piles of halva and puris and then malpuha and what else?. So He proved He was the Lord Giriraj, only Lord could eat that much, just by seeing how much He was eating you will have to simply admit, Oh! He must be the Lord, Jai Giriraj.

When He had finished they say He had to clean His teeth the brush or tooth pick, you know tooth pick? So He was using whole bamboos long, tall bamboos and He was feeling satisfied. So Jai Giriraj, we have opportunity to also its cause less mercy of the Lord that we are here in this human form we are in Vrindavan on the day of Govardhan puja and we are doing what residents of Vrindavan did more than 5000 years ago that is worshipping Giriraj. May Lord ‘ashesha klesha nashaya’ this morning we were praying – He is the destroyer of unlimited sufferings of all of us. ‘paramananda dayine’ –He gives unlimited ananda. Are you interested in having ananda, having some happiness bless? Anyone interested? Not many people are interested? Some are still thinking they are following on the footsteps of Kunti Devi ‘vipada santu tah sasvat” (S.B 1.8. 25).

You can get happiness by worshipping Krishna in the form of Giriraj. Govardhan’s position in Vrindavan is at the top, top level superior to all the forest of Vrindavan is Giriaj. And that little Lord seven years old, He did a miracle everyone was amazed as He lifted Giriraj. So may we always mediate on the Lord Giriraj, Lord holding Giriraj on His little finger. That way Lord has honored Giriraj by holding him on His finger and Giriraj became the cause of reunion between Lord and all residents of Vrindavan for seven days and seven nights. So may Giriraj also bring us closer to the Lord unite us with the Lord. So you may always worship Giriraj and surrender unto Giriraj. ‘sarva dharman parityaja mam ekam sarnam vraj’ – give up all varieties of religion worshipping Demigods this that so many varieties just surrender unto me that is also what is to be understood from this puja.

Those who do parikrama of Govardhan they make little homes on the parikrama path using some of those rocks or shilas of Giriraj they make little home and they stand before that home newly built little home and they pray. You may like to pray also? The pray is ‘My dear Lord whenever I am finished with my body with my material existence let my soul run rush to Vrindavan, may you Giriraj give me residence just at your foot hills’. May Lord Giriraj Haridasvarya fulfill all your desires and give you pramananda. Jai Giriraj dharan ki…..Jai.

So the last place that Srila Prabhupada when he was ill during this month, Srila Prabhupada wanted to come to Govardhan on this day of Govardhan puja day. This shows our founder acharya’s meditation on Giriraj and his attachment to Giriraj he was lying in the bed but he was thinking I would like to go to Govardhan and take part in Giriraj Govardhan puja at Govardhan.

Jai Srila Prabhupada ki….jai
Giriraj Govardhan ki……….Jai
Vrindavan dham ki……………Jai
Nitai Gaur Premanande..Hari Haribol

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