Meditation on Damodarastakam


Venue: Vrindavan
Hare Krishna! Welcome all the devotees this morning, Welcome to Vrindavan Dham ki jay! So as I was given choice, I could continue, choice was I continue with the regular verse or I could choose another one. So I chosen not just one but eight, they are not on the board, so I will reveal unto you.
So this is very special, very very special month, right? According to Srila Prabhupada and Bhaktirasamrtasindhu, Damodar month is best of all the months. Forty years ago, it was 1972, this is 2012, so 40 years ago Srila Prabhupada considered this is to be very important special month. Srila Prabhupada stopped all his other engagements, all his travels and he rushed to Vrindavan. “My plan is to come to Vrindavan for Kartik” he wrote,” and I want to stay in Radha Damodar temple until nearly the end of November. I will lecture daily in courtyard”, not this courtyard, this did not exist. Well the land was here. Radha Damodar courtyard. “I will lecture daily in the courtyard especially for the benefit of the devotees. So you can make the arrangements”. And that year Kartik began in October 15th and Srila Prabhupada was there on time, before time. So this year is also then the 40th anniversary ISKCON’s Damodar festival in Vrindavan. Haribol!!(claps). The managers may not have taken note of this, but because as I also happened to be there did little counting, 40 years ago.
So regarding Damodar masa mahatmya, Srila Prabhupada writes in Nectar of Devotion “one of the most important ceremony function is called Urjavrta. Urjavrta is there, urjavrta is observed in month of Kartik specially in Vrndavan. There is a specific program for temple worship of the Lord in His Damodar form. Damodar referes to Krishna’s being bound with rope by His mother Yasoda. It is said that just as Lord Damodar is very dear to His devotees. So the month known as Damodar or Kartik is also dear to them. Even person is lacking seriousness who execute devotional service according to the regulative principles during the month of Kartik and within the jurisdiction of Madhura in India are very easily awarded Lord’s personal service.” So what is Srila Prabhupada writing for Damodar, greatness of month of Damodar and the month Damodar both are very dear to the devotees of the Lord. During this month as the beginning of the month, one devotee asked Srila Prabhupada the question about this. This is, okay, “can you describe” asked Prabhupada, “Can you describe what is that, what that is, that Urjavrata and how it is observed?” and Prabhupada replied, “urjavrata, you can chant Hare Krishna 24 hours a day for a month (Haribol!laughter). That also was the response of the devotees, assembled devotees also laughed and then Prabhupada said,” Yes! Just chant Hare Krishna 24 hours a day just for a one month.” The devotees laughed. Gurudas, one of the devotee present during that Kartik festival, some 40, 50 devotees and that number was considered very big number. When someone contacted us and asked how many devotees? So many devotees, so many devotees, how many? How many? 40 devotees. That was big number (laughter). So Gurudas was amongst them, amongst many others. So Gurudas, when Prabhupada said just chant Hare Krishna 24 hours a day. So we started immediately, “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare… then Prabhupada let go that chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, then Prabhupada said, “don’t sleep, don’t eat (laughter) this is urjavrata, can you execute it?” Pabhupada asked. And devotees, one particular devotee replied,” Oh! I don’t know!” Could you do this?” Prabhupada said. “I don’t know!” and this provoked more laughter.
According to Gautamiya tantra, some tantras and mantras, Kartik is particularly meant for mantra siddhi, perfection in chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, mantra siddhi, Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, siddhi means chanting and chanting, some perfection, as perfection in yoga. Siddhi, perfection of chanting is attained in this month or this month is favorable for attainment of that mantra siddhi. So that year 72 Kartik, Srila Prabhupada stayed at Radha Damodar and we, we stayed at Keshi ghat. Which King’s palace is there? Kaunse Raja ka? Bharatpur. Yeah! So Bharatpur King’s palace, so we were staying in the palace. Early morning we took bath in the Jamuna along with the tortoise, kacchap, big, big tortoise were there those days (laughs).
so Prabhupada did it as was the plan. He was going to give the classes for the benefit of devotees, not a public program, no public function. He wanted to give lectures, so he did famous Nectar of Devotion lecture series, you know? Many Iskcon devotees know about this, nectar of devotion lecture series. So early morning, Bhagavatam lesson, Bhagavatam in the morning and nectar of devotion in the evening and Srila Prabhupada used to do send us to this property. Every morning, in the morning we start our kirtan at Radha Damodar and going through Loi Bazar and zig zagging and then coming by Radha Madanmohan temple and through Bhaktivedanta Goshala, did not exist that time and the more zigzagging and coming here, some basic digging for foundation, construction had started. Not this tree but the previous one, is this second or third tree? It is third one, ok! This is third avatar of that tree. The first one was here, not very tall, when we offered our obeisance’s into the dust of our lands property its Raman Reti also and as we stood. Ok second, president is correcting me. He knows the history, so, as we stood next to the tree, tree was well was same height as ours 3/4/5 feet tall. So Srila Prabhupada purposely had ‘preserved the tree’ secret tree Tamal tree and the design was made so that the tree stays in a courtyard.
So that was our program early morning coming here, chanting and then going back and attending Prabhupada’s lectures, morning evening and lots of association during the day going into his, well what we could say, quarters very little, small room, very small room, a man was shocked when we were arrived from Bombay, Aditya mataji was there and Panchadravid, who was Dravid Brahmacari and then he become Panchadravid. He was initiated; I also receive my initiation there on the day, very first day of the Kartik, day before kartik, Sharad purnima. That morning took devotees to the Seva kunj, morning walk on Sevakunj that morning and Prabhupada talking of pastime of Lord there, about night pastimes, rasa dance, brief introduction, that was the theme of that morning walk and so that was one month’s very intense program being in Vrindavan and being with Srila Prabhupada, being at Radha Damodar and Damodar Vrata and Damodar month and chanting Hare Krishna and maybe we were trying to get some perfection to our mantra siddhi during that time. Srila Prabhupada ki jay!
So I just thought talk of Bhagavat, talk about Bhagavat, Srila Prabhupada as Bhagavat, mahabhagavat. So Bhagavat lecture right? This is Bhagavatam lecture. Sure when next time Srila Vyasadev would add few chapters to Bhagavatam, some appendix, Srla Prabhupadawould be there on the chapters, Prabhupada’s chapter, Prabhupada, Jay Krishna Balaram ki jay!
So we are having little setting of the scene. We want to do little meditation somehow meditation of Damodarastak which we have been singing every day and we will continue to the end of the month. So just we will go deep into the mantra get little deeper in understanding the emotions and then devotion, from emotion comes devotionwe were hearing from yesterday Devakinandan Prabhu he said emotion then devotion no commotion (laughs). So this Damodarastak is from Padma purana and Satyavrata Muni, he gets the credit or he is the one who compiled this and this appears as dialogue between Narada muni and Shaunak rishi and this Damodarastak is then included in Hari Bhakti Vilas of Sanatan Goswami and Srila Sanatan Goswami even gives commentary on this Damodarastak and explains how this month of Damodar, Damodar vrata is to be observed and one text or two meditation on Damodar with Damodarastak as the prayer, ok.
So we are familiar with the astak, Damodar, this pastime Damodar, Damodar, dam is the rope and the udar is the belly of the Lord and during this month, on the day of Diwali, in the morning in Gokul this pastime takes place in this month during this pastime. Although He always ate butter and He stole butter but one day He was caught red handed not red handed,white handed (laughter) and then He was tied not just Him but the mortar also considering that this mortar must also be punished, this mortar helped Krishna to steal. So both were tied, ukhalbandhan lila. So that is how the beginning first astak reminding us that Lila the pastime
“namamisvaram sac-cid-ananda-rupam lasat-kun?d?alam gokule bhrajamanam”
Namamisvaram, immediately as soon as we begin this astak first thing one does is namami, bow down or I bow down to namami unto whom? Namami isvaram the Supreme Personality of God head and that is described as sac-cid-ananda rupam, of course the pastime is not possible without rupam. Brahmajyoti, brahman cannot perform any pastimes. Brahman is just to be, no movement, no activity nothing, so no pastimes, no association nothing. But here sac-cid-anand rupam. I offered my obeisance’s unto Isvaram, who is sac-cid-anand rupam.
‘lasat-kunadalam gokule bhrajamanam”
And that rupam that form was just one item is mentioned is wearing kundalam, earrings are bhrajamanam and they are effulgent shining they are also dancing, they also dancing, as Krishna is moving trying to get away from mother Yashoda that is coming next that is running away and as He runs away the kundal earrings are also moving to and fro they are dancing each of the ornaments of the Lord they play different roles and they relate with the Lord they are also like personalities and they have different reciprocation with the form of the Lord.
So these kundalas, they are effulgent, they are dancing and why they are effulgent, effulgence of the face of the Lord is reflected on the earrings, not that there some effulgence is there in those kundalas those earrings, but they are reflecting more effulgence, where that is coming from? From the form of the Lord which is effulgent, His face is effulgent and that reflects on His earrings and that more glowing and dazzling earrings as one looks of them.
“yasoda-bhiyolukhalad dhavamanam”
Yasoda was there with the stick in her hand where is He I will find Him, He has broken the pot next door while Yasoda was taking care of the boiling milk, spilling milk so many emotions are explained that the milk was thinking oh! Today Krishna may not drink me because He is drinking His mother’s Yasoda’s breast milk so today He is not going to drink me. Oh! What good is my life? I better commit suicide. How could I do that? The fire just around, so milk is boiling and throwing himself or itself into the fire. “I commit suicide. I gave up my life that is the mood of the milk. The milk also has the mood. So while Yasoda rushed to take care of that milk. Krishna gets very angry. That morning she did not come to wake Him up, as soon as she got up she started churning the butter (laughs) and finally He had came found, finding Yasoda very busy then still she does not say word or doesn’t talk of feeding Him think of feeding Him. He had to hold that churning rod and everything stopped and then He jumps in the direction of the breasts giving clear indication “I want milk, I’m hungry” then Yasoda sits down just now started feeding but then she had to rush into the kitchen then He was angry and want to do something so what could He do so He broke that churning pot where the churning was going and then He ran away from the scene expecting Yasoda to return and bit Him up or do something so He goes next door.
Pastime is so, so attractive they don’t just let you go they grab you, “talk about me, talk about me, me too, me too, talk about that pastime too, where are you going? Grab you by neck, force you to think, to think of that pastime. So Krishna He was stealing butter standing on the mortar expecting Yasoda to turn up any moment so He was looking this way and looking that way He was stealing and distributing also, He had whole charity show going on lots of monkeys had lined up me too me too me too me too me too and this me too…..ok you too. So He was distributing and there comes mother, Yasoda-bhiyolukha as He is scared of Yasoda, Supreme Personality of Godhead namami isvaram, that Isvara is scared. Very difficult to understand, Very difficult to understand even that who was it? Kunti Maharani also had difficulty understanding that Lord, oh! While she is offering her prayers she is remembering this pastime of Krishna stealing and He is tied to the mortar and but Krishna was going through, she was finding it very hard.
So seeing Yasoda Lord dhavamanam He is trying to run away escape,
“paramr?s?t?am atyantato drutya gopya” and Yasoda is trying to run swiftly quickly although she is well built with her hips, breasts and elderly lady and Krishna is just little boy, easy. Children never walk they only run like a air they fly. But Yasoda still making endeavor and running swiftly behind to catch hold up that naughty boy she has stick hold in her hand.
“rudantam muhur netra-yugmam mrnjantam karambhoja-yugmena satanka-netram”
So as a result this is the outcome, what is happening rudantam Krishna is crying swabbing Netrayugmam- two eyes are being rubbed, mrjantam, karambhoja-yugmena, His is using His two lotus hands, to rub His two lotus eyes, that’s the idea. Rudantam muhur, again and again and again and again, rubbing netram, two netras two eyes they are being rubbed with the two lotus hands and satanka-netram His netra are full of scare He is afraid, one could read His mind by looking into his eyes, look He is scared, satanka-netram
“muhuh svasa-kampa-trirekhanka-kantha”
(Laughs) I did this I did this also myself when my mother was running after me and kind of get me and sure next program was bit me (laughter) did you go through this sometimes? How many of you? Even in Russia! (Laughter) So this is perfection. In fact of this vatsalya, vatsalyarasa, this pastime is perfection. He had really become human like, the human like, child like, more drama, real thing, not a natak, real life story, life experience of the Lord and He wants to experience that, otherwise in Vaikuntha, there is so much of that jay jagadish hare….. and prayers this and that He is fed up. Stop! Stop!! I want to, for a change I want to have some other experience, so my parents and they are superior and they, and the boy also has to be naughty boy. Children are lots of time are very naughty. He is the naughtiest, He is the supreme child, so he has to be a naughtiest “matah parataram naanyat” so when I become child I want to be really child that no one could match my childness, childishness.
So “muhuh svasa-kampa” He is breathing, very heavily breathing. As a result there is a tremble in the body and how is the tremble noticed? Around his neck there is sthita-graiva graiva means diamonds and ornaments and that is also shaking. Because His body is shaking the ornaments around neck is also shaking. “Damodaram bhaktibadham” so Damodar Has been bound up. So the pastime has been wound up very quickly just in two verses while Srimad bhagavatam there is a whole chapter and bhakti-baddham. He could be bound only with bhakti and not otherwise, not possible. Later on it comes up this kubera-atmaja. So bound by Yasoda later on when these two trees were uprooted and this Manigreeva and Nalakoowar appeared and they offered the prayers also and before they were to go away take off they are, they were appealing to the Lord may I help you? May we help you? Could we untie you?” Krishna says, thank you very much! But it’s not possible for you to untie these knots. These knots were bound by a devotee and not just any tom dick and harry kind of devotee but my mother bhakti-baddham I have bound by Bhakti, so only another bhakta of that caliber could untie these knots, not just anybody could come with the seizer and no!, So, so that offer was made for untying but it was not the job of these two brothers
“itidrak sva-lilabhir ananda-kunde sva-ghosam nimajjantam akhyapayantam”
“Iti” means referring to these two verses mentioned described earlier. Itidrk like this, sva-ghosam sva-lila His own lila. Ananda-kunde He was feeling up the kundas the lakes with what? Not with water, performing this pastime, Lord was feeling up the lakes of Vrndavan with ananda-kund what kind of kund? Ananda-kund, filled with the bliss feel with anand, sva-ghosam sva-ghosa and the residence of Vrndavan what they would do? nimajjantam, they would throw themselves into those ananda-kund swim, swimming in ananda-kundas drowing in ananda-kundas. Lord performs His pastime fills ananda-kundas whole braja is filled .with anandambudhi-wardhanam
“tadiyesita-jnesu bhaktair jitatvam”
And this is a reminder, those who are trying to understand the supremacy or His aisvarya and God is great kind of that understanding of God yesita-jenusu to them Lord is reminding, never know, in fact I could be conquered, not only understand but I could be conquered by bhaktas and their bhakti bhaktair jitatvam. I could be conquered by my devotee’s not just information gathering about me, my greatness especially here in Vrndavan. There is Madhuryadham, madhurya, aisvarya- vaikuntha, madhurya-Vrndavan and audarya of Mayapur. Lord became so magnanimous that He shared his madhurya His sweetness, the sweetest pastimes the sweetest personality was shared by same person Shri Krishna Caitanya. Krishna becomes Sri Krishna Caitanya and in Mayapur other division of Goloka, of course other side of Goloka and He does the program of the distribution, audarya dham. So I could be conquered by my bhakta bhaktair jitatvam.
“punah prematas tam satavrtti vande” he had offered his obeisance’s in the beginning. Now he says I like to offer my obeisance’s satavrtti hundreds and hundreds of time again and again Oh! Damodar accept my obeisance’s premataha with a loving my loving obeisance’s.
“varam deva moksam na moksavadhim va na canyaa vaee haa varenad apeha” na moksavadhim va,
And then he is addressing the Lord, varam dev oh! Deva, oh! Lord, moksam na moksavadhim va I am not interested in moksa, na canyam vrne ham not other kind of deal and you are varesa var isa you are the best amongst the benedictors. You are Varadraj. In south India there is deity called Varadraj, var means benediction blessings benediction, varad-one who gives the benedictions and Varadraj the King of those benedictors.
So you are Varesa, Varesa you could give anything and everything to me but I am not specially this moksa business don’t give it to me no no no no no no moksatva me and na canyam and other benedictions na dhanam na janam kind of mood is there, kavitam wa jagadish kamaye
“idam te vapur natha gopala-balam sada me manasy avirastam kim anyaih”
Ok! I don’t want this; I don’t want that, take something! Ok! One thing, one thing you could give me vapur nath gopal-balam, oh! gopalbal, gopal bal, bal gopal, Sri Krishna, sada me manasy avirastam, please reside in my mind, in my heart. The pastime of you as bal gopal of this or this Radha Damodar pastime I did meditation upon that darshan of that, this is what, you please come and sit in my heart, sit on and appear on the smritipatal. There is a screen, the screen, so you appear so that I don’t have to watch television, I will be just busy and happy to have your Darshan all the time your pastime revealed unto me and kim anyaih? Any other thing? No I am not interested. Nothing! I just, just this, this is my only interest.
idam te mukham bhojam atyanta-nilair vrtam kuntalaih snigdha-raktais ca gopya”
Again going back to that pastime and the Lord Balgopal, “idam te mukhambojam atyanta-nilair,Your mukhambhoj” your lotus face is, lotus like face atyant-nilair very deep bluish but then I see, kuntalaih snigdha your face is covered with the curly, kuntalaih, curly, snigdha, glossy hair, not dry but glossy hair, very fine hair, that is making a frame around your face then at the back they are also hanging either side, but I also saw raktais ca gopya. What are those reddish spots on your face? Your full bluish, your bluish face, but there are some, some red, the cheeks are red what are they due to? “muhus cumbitam” that mother Yasoda she does chumban she kisses you again and again as if she likes to eat you up such a sweet boy! Mother think why is he out he should be part of me, trying to kiss him expressing all the affection. This is a perfection of the affection and the kissing is siddhi, snehasiddhi so Yasoda is expressing her affection and is ends up kissing and that kissing were making, Lord’s face so fine tender, little touch and immediately there is a reddish “muhus cumbitam bimba-raktadharam me” like a reddish like what? Bimb there is bimb fruit very reddish, especially when it is ripe, the bimb fruit is ripe is very reddish deep red like a blood red and that is your face is like that Aha! He says manisha that form that form I like to meditate upon that form I like to posses. That form I like to have property that is my property alam laksa-labhaih, the millions of other benedictions oh! I am not interested this is enough this much is enough.
“namo deva damodarananta visno prasida prabho duh?kha-jalabdhi-magnam”
And then Lord has been addressed by many sambodhan, addresses are here. First of all, my obeisance’s is Deva is one, Damodar is another one, Anant is third one, Visnu, Visnu is forth one and also we grahanesh, Isha five different ways Lord has been addressed. Prabhu also was that’s another one, sixth one. Deva, Damodar, Anant, Visnu, Prabhu, Isha six addresses to get attention of, of the Lord He has been approached this way and that way and getting His attention to Look! Look ! look at me oh! Lord dukha-jalabdhi-.magnam I am drowned, I am lost dukha-jalabdhi-.magnam, magna, dukhajala ocean of sufferings, so many complications, I am really caught in the net of this mundane existence dukha-jalabdhi-.magnam. Then that is why, Lord krpadrsti I need your krpadrsti krpa drsti drsti with krpa your merciful glance what kind of glance your merciful glance upon this mamagya me the fool ignorant fellow as I am please have some mercy upon me, krpa-dr?st?i-vrst?yati-dinam batanu, aksadrsya my eyes want darshan I want to see you I want to see you I want to love you, someone sang that song? George Harrison,’ Oh! Sweet Lord! Something like that I want to see you, so aksadrsya what good are these eyes if I not seen you then what have I seen! I have seen nothing! I want to see you my Lord and then continues…
“kuveratmajau baddha-murtyaiva yadvattvaya mocitau bhakti-bhajau krtau ca”
And the end of that day that Diwali day pastime of this Damodar pastime what happened kuveratmajau baddha-murtyaiva yadvat. Those two sons of the Kubera who were bound up in the body of a tree, but what did you do? Tvaya mocitau , you liberated them, you got them out of these tree bodies and not only that bhakti-bhajau and you drowned them in the bhakti, you deeped them in the bhakti kunda gave them abhishek, sarvatmasnapanam kind of sarvatmasnapanam you gave your bhaki to them, bhakti-bhajau krtau ca, tatha, oh! now I know you like that, me too, me too the way you liberated those two brothers sons of Kubera and endowed them with devotion, bhakti unto you, tatha like that prema-bhaktim svakam me prayaccha to me also give me that prema-bhakti, na mokse graho me ‘sti damodareha and again reminding that mukti business this moksa business, please don’t give that to me and I want only bhakti oh! Lord and finally
namas te ‘stu damne sphurad-dipti-dhamne tvadiyodarayatha visvasya dhamne”
Take note of this, there are two words, one is damne and the other word is dhamne damne, dhamne. Two different distinctions and of course meaning is entirely different. Namaste I offered my obeisance’s unto the damne, unto the rope, my obeisances unto that rope tied around your body. Namas te ‘stu damne sphurad-dipti-dhamne and so many effulgence coming from that rope, that effulgent rope I offer my obeisance’s unto, is one thing and then tvadiyodarayath, tvdiya your udar I offer my obeisance’s unto your belly and what kind of belly visvasya dhamne now this is dham, that was dam and this is dham, dam is rope and dham is abode. So visvasya dhamne your belly is abode of the universe whole universe is within you. When mother Yasoda asked ok! Open your mouth and Krishna opened aaa! And Yasoda looked inside what was inside? Whole universe whole Brahmanda was within, that pastime took place at Brahmand ghat that is why the name Brahmand ghat. So whole universe was within, all planets within Krishna, whole earthly planets within Krishna, Delhi-Agra within Krishna, and then Jamuna flowing within Krishna also, Yasoda and Krishna standing she is looking inside. Ye! another Yasoda inside you, she looked inside Krishna, she is scared, open your mouth kind of. So visvasya dhamne, you are abode of whole universe, Jaganniwas, You are Jaganniwas niwas, you are residence of the whole Jagat. That is why, that is why it was not possible to tie His belly with the 1 meter long rope, if the whole universe is within Him. What should be the length of the rope to go around the universe? You need that long of rope, not belly is that around circumference of the belly circle ok how much is this? Ok, 9 inch or 1 foot that was the calculation. But the fact is, your udar is tvadiyodarayatha visvasya dhamne that is why took all day, still she did not give up trying very hard and so two inches short.
“namo radhikayai tvadiya-priyayai namo ‘nanta-lilaya devaya tubhyam”
So I offer my obeisance’s unto Radhikayai. What kind of Radhika, tvadiya-priyayai, she is very dear to you. So I have to offer obeisance’s to somebody who is very dear to you, not only to you. You won’t be happy. I offer my obeisance’s unto you. Radhika is very dear to you, so this month, month of Karthik, Damodar urjavrta is urja, shakti, alhadini shakti. This is also month of worshipping Radha, Radha Krishna. How we do it? Chant Hare Krishna 24 hours a day and there is a worship seminars how to worship Radha. “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” could there be better worship more than worshipping Radha Krishna than chanting Hare Krishna this is the best program if someone wants to know how to observe this urjavrata, how to worship Radharani in this month? How to get her benedictions? How to please her? Chant Hare Krishna that’s very basic foundatinal and this is Hare Krishna movement program program given by Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu,
“namo ‘nanta-lilaya devaya tubhyam”
And again started with namami, obeisances and ending with obeisances, ananta-lilaya devaya tubhyam. Obeisance’s unto Lord with anant lilas. Unlimited pastimes, amongst those pastimes this damodar pastime stands out very tall, self effulgent, self effulgent pastime or dominating pastime, dominating childhood pastime, so considered most pleasant. Ok, so, that is some kind of runing through quickly of this Damodarastak, mindsets or minds are set properly, in proper mood and we sing also, we should know what we are singing about not just parrot like singing, understanding something has to happen as we sing and then something has to happens as we sing and then what happens that sticks to our consciousness, everything has to become Krishna conscious.
ok any discussion points or questions? So, lots of things are happening during this month. Lots of festivals also I was thinking besides this Damodar pastime and this month has Damodar name, month kind begins with. Yes? There is comment, but no question, no questions. There is one comment yes.
Mantra meditation is while we are chanting, worship is going through our heart, mantra meditation, mantra should get into the mood of meditation. When we say Hare, immediately there is bhava-bandhanat mocay, this is the thought. Oh! hare please make me free from that bhava-bandhan as we go on sevayogyam kuru, please make me fit for devotional service. When we chant please you also reciprocate with me you reciprocating with Radha so you are radha, you are Radha Raman, you are this raman, that raman that you also do raman with me. Please include me in your pastimes. Please do not ignore me, let me part. So like that when we say, Hare, there is one meditation and when we say Krishna there is another meditation again Hare another meditation again Krishna another meditation Krishna Krishna Hare Hare each one of these meditation ideas thoughts.
So there is meditation and this is what we have to get into, mantra meditation Hare Krishna Hare Krishna not just words but this is a whole object of meditation. And anything else? (one mataji asks question) During mangal arati what happens? You are late by few minutes, why not come on time. Few minutes earlier, you don’t get light, sun is not rising, then also you can meditate, meditating on vande guru sricaranarvindam, dhyayastu vanstasya yasastrisandya 3 times a day you meditate upon pray unto him, seek blessings of your spiritual masters. So I see you could chant at home, yah! Ok, 24 hours you have to stay busy.
Yes! yes! What does it represent two fingers, two short? One is the endeavor of the devotee and then that one figure is covered and then Lord sees you are endeavoring and with devotion you are endeavoring then Lord takes the other step from His side and then other figure is covered and then it’s no more short and Lord is bound. So and that is applicable to whatever we do if we do and we don’t make endeavor then nothing happens.
So our endeavor and endeavor with proper mood, devotion, understanding this that and consistency also utasahat, niscayat all those factors from our side and then Lord takes action. He reciprocates with the devotee. And then there is no gap between He and us, we are with Him and He is with us. Nitai Gaur premanande hari hari bol!!

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