Mera Bharat Mahan


Venue: ISKCON Noida
Dated: 3rd Jan 2015

“Om namo bhagvate vasudevaya”

There’s always something to keep us busy, so I am happy to have you here this evening, we are here at Govinda dham. You are very important persons because you are God’s people, God’s devotees, God’s parts and parcels and God’s servants. God is great so you being servant of great God is a very big position. You know I work for Birla’s, just because I work for Birla’s are big so, I am somebody in Birla so I am also very big, very important. Like that people just because you work for Birla’s or Ambani’s whatever other firms are there or companies. If that makes those people big then if you are God’s servant you work for God, at least you have come here, you are God’s people whether you are serving now or not, would like you to serve God because you are His servants.

Anyway regardless even if you have not taken up serious service unto God of course He has name, what is His name? Krishna, yes one big name, principle name otherwise He has thousands of names Vishnu, Sahastranaam so many big names. So being people or devotees, servants, associates of God, that is very very big position, infact there could be no better bigger position than being servant of God or servant of even some of His devotees, some of the devotees of Lord are friends of God, God’s friend, He’s my friend, Modi he was my friend we were working in hotel together or selling chaai together something like this people like remembering 20 30 40 years ago.

As soon as someone becomes big then people small people try to identify, he’s my friend and I know him. We went to the school, room-mates they like to make their connections, thus having connection with big people that makes you big. Devotees you could also be friend of ‘suhrdam sarva-bhutanam’ (Bg. 5.29) they are best friends suhrdam. We are different souls, we have different relationships with the Lord.

Basically we say we are servants of Lord but some servants are friends, God’s friend. Some servants or souls are even parents of God. Lord gives them that position or that post and He becomes the child or son of God. We don’t know as of yet who we are whether we are servants or friends or parents of God but certainly we are God’s, we belong to God. Yes? Is that ok with you? You accept this? Whether you accept or not, this is a fact, you are property of God, you belong to God. So that makes you VIP’s, you are all VIP’s very important or VVIP’s.

So we are happy once again very important souls, so many souls have assembled here, we feel happy to meet other souls and more the souls better it is, so many souls coming together. So when we come to the temple we come and we are souls everywhere even in the factories or industries or government office you are souls but no one remembers you as souls no one treats you as souls, you are treated as bodies, this is my ID, this is how I look like and all thoughts are mundane thoughts and mundane material jobs and like that. So but here as you come, we see you as souls each one of you is one individual soul spark.

So when one soul meets another soul on the soul platform spiritual platform they become happy. Are you happy? someone in the back. So we still have that presentation? anyway we will go through this and then we will talk little more. I am not quite familiar with but it is going to appear on the screen but I liked the topic its ‘Mera Bharat Mahan‘ at the back of lorries they write “Mera Bharat Mahan” my India is great, India is great, Incredible India.

So, is India great? How is it great? Why is it great? What do you mean by great and like that we will, that’s the approach. So there’s something to look at, something to give you, something colorful give your eyes and mind busy or focused then something to hear also. What I have to do? I am very new to this technology. I am using this just to open a topic, some other prabhu has prepared this kind of search for Bharat. So one time India was this size the presenter of this slide he thinks India was but infact one time the whole planet was Bharat-varsha not just what you see. At present it has been further reduced smaller shrunk so many countries are part of this map, geographical map are not part of Bharat India. But going into the past distant past, Hastinapur was capital of Bharat, “Maha…….Bharat” is greater India. Hastinapur used to be the capital of Bharat-varsha and this is some 5000 years ago and there was that Mahabharat big battle and that was world war because the kings from all over the planet were part of that war.

So, that’s Mahabharat means history of great India 5000 years and this is very, Bharat is a land for millions trillions of years, this is a different calculation that world is not aware of. We’ll not talk about that now, so Bharat thinks like that these are, the one understanding the time factor Bharat is way ahead of the rest of the world. You are taught the Darwin’s theory of evolution, so according to them its a different approach which is a incomplete and concocted and we say mental speculation and lot of imagination but what we understand from the history from Mahabharat scripture or many other scriptures, Ramayan is also history, it is a historical fact depends, ek tha raja aur ek thi…raja tha Ram aur rani Sita rani kahani history are narrated like that.

So Ram was on the planet about a million years ago not million but little less, million is 10 lakhs, 10 lakhs makes it million years. Because Ram was on the planet during Treta yuga we are now in kaliyug and kaliyug lasts for 4 lakhs and 32,000 years is a duration of kaliyug and twice as long duration is dwapar and three times is treta and four times is satya yug and then these four yugas put together makes one Mahayugaa and one such 1000 yuga cycles makes one day of Brahma only one day, not even day and night just the day and then night is also that long. You multiply that by 7 that makes one week of Brahma, multiply that by 4 that makes one month of Brahma and multiply that by 12 that is one year and he lives 100 years and this 100 years life span of Brahma is but just one breath of Lord Krishna Mahavishnu, He’s called Mahavishnu, one breath.

So this is a different calculation, we are talking about rest of the world, the Modern world is not aware so we talk Bharat these are the thoughts or idealogies or philosophies lifestyle. Everything is big and grand and old but old is gold. So, going by these calculations I was in Los Angeles in California, Los Angeles some years ago and they were celebrating bicentennial, 200th anniversary of California or I think Los Angeles may be city Los Angeles was founded 200 years ago, they were having big celebration and I had met one of those enthusiastic celebrator or one who was celebrating and then he was saying, “I know, I know, our Los Angeles is very old”. But he was saying Los Angeles is very old, he was thinking by stretching it oo….old, that would make it older. So I asked how old is it? Its 200 years old. So for them 200 years was very old and here we talk of Sri Ram was on the planet 10 lakh saal pehle Ayodhya town, that’s Los Angeles city and this is Ayodhya city. A million year but a million is also nothing just a drop in the ocean when you talk of the whole life span infact Time is eternal, kaal is eternal.

So, when you consider all this, when you know lot of things, then this amoeba business has now placed in with the facts presented by Mahabharat or Bhagvat Gita or other scriptures, the sages and sages they never tell lies, rushis, munis mahatmas they never do any cheating gambling, its called gambling, mental speculation, I think according to me…this is gambling, so they speak the truth and nothing but the truth. So Bharat, search for bharat, so they have shown previous one; this shows kab kab bata Bharat someone has done some studies and all these different countries one time according to this presenter he thinks Bharat is only this much big but we already said its much bigger picture. “Who is great me or Mahatma Gandhi?”, Prabhupada is saying this. Mera Bharat Mahan, Prabhupada is in London, why have you come here? So one time as topic has come here why have we come, so Prabhupada was talking to the reporters news media press, they ask this question why have you come here to our country, Prabhupada’s response was, it’s not here, but what I had gathered what his reponce was, “You came to our country.” You came, now I have come but then Prabhupada also said that you came and whatever was valuable you thought or your leaders, viceroys were thinking this is valuable that is valuable you are all stealing and bringing that over to England but in that attempt your leaders, those who were ruling India that time they forgot the most valuable items of the real wealth of the country they left behind. And when Prabhupada was asked, “Oh! what is that the most valuable that you are talking about our viceroys did not take note of that, they left behind”, Prabhupada then said, “the culture, culture sanskriti of Bharat”, that is the wealth of Bharat or teachings of the vedas or puranas, Bhagvat Gita this is the wealth of this country, most ancient thought are there in the vedic scriptures and in the past as it is Indian youth they migrate they go overseas for overseas education, they also take loan and by hook or crook they want to go to Australia, to America for overseas education. I am foreign return, I have a degree from here there to get a better job or whatever.

So these are the modern trends, Indians are going overseas for so-called higher education but there was a time the whole world came to India to study and that was certainly higher education, spiritual education, studying vedic texts in universities like Takshashila, Nalanda these are some big big names and many other. So, students scholars they would come and then they would go back, yes I am Bharat return, India return, look at my degree. Even Jesus Christ was, He was in India He had come to learn, that’s what biography of Jesus proves.

So Prabhupada was pointing out the knowledge, this is the intellectual property, these days they call intellectual property. Usually we think the buildings and this and bank balance this is property but there’s something called intellectual property. So, the intellect or intelligence or intelligent desings, intelligent ideas or thoughts, deeper thoughts, eternal truth all this was the wealth, so Prabhupada says this is the wealth of our country and certainly we are talking just the plain truth, its straight forward, the Holy Name Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, this is the wealth of golokera prama dhan Harinam Sankirtan is a golokera prema dhan spiritual wealth, real wealth that could make the soul happy. Why do you need wealth for? To become happy you need wealth, you make money to become happy but then the Holy Name in fact could make you happy.

So money could make your body happy, money could make your senses happy, money could make…like that wearing this kind of cloth, mera joota hai japan ka meri patloon englisthan ki, around the world in dollars, you don’t know this song? So anything important in the decoration of the body or this is for the body to make some pleasure some entertainment. So people acquire wealth, make money to satisfy the body and the mind and the senses and in this attempt the real You real YOU is ignored, forgotten which is the soul that we have been talking about in the very beginning. You are the soul when you come to the temple we see you as souls you as atma, Lord is parmatma He is Bhagwan and we are the souls.

So all this, run around, make money and then not taking care of yourself, parents say friends say take care, take care of yourself, take care but unless you know the self, your real self how are you going to take care of yourself? So we do not spend our wealth unfortunately in taking care of our real self. Something deep within is what we are, deep within, we are not floating at surface, we are within this body deep that is the soul. So I was telling Prabhupada’s point, this is the wealth Hare Krishna Hare Krishna is also wealth amongst all other valuable gifts of India. This makes you happy, your soul is made happy by chanting the Holy Names of the Lord. Prabhupada made his claim when he went to America, he was teaching, propagating, spreading the Holy Name and so many Americans they had started chanting Hare Krishna, they were not happy before, in America they were not happy and don’t think just being American you could be happy.
No, this is not true.

So, they were frustrated and they were looking for some alternatives, all the wealth their pleasures were at the disposals but still not happy. But then Prabhupada gave them this mantra, Hare Krishna Mantra and they started chanting, even some of those frustrated young boys and girls of America they became happy, so Prabhupada used to say they were hippies and they became happies. They were hippies and now they are happies. So Prabhupada demonstrated all that wealth of America, land of opportunity. So everything was at their disposal even name and all that was there still not happy. What is wrong? The ignorance you do not know who you are and don’t know how to take care, why have you come here is the topic, so Prabhupada was saying I have come because your leaders they did not realise what is real wealth of the India Bharat and they left it behind so I have come, you are asking me why I have come, I have come to do the home delivery of that wealth and to do so, to deliver the gifts of Bharat, the wealth of Bharat, he traveled all over the world and what he started began some 50 years ago ISKCON was founded in 1966, so in one year Iskcon will be celebrating golden jubilee celebration of ISKCON (Haribol!) 2016 next year please be with us, lets celebrate this together 50th anniversary of Iskcon. So for past 50 years, what Prabhupada started sharing and delivering this, the gifts of Bharat, ancient India prachin Bharat. Present day Bharat is not much of Bharat, lot of things are same as west and be Indian- buy Indian, where are Indian we don’t see so much of Indian clothing here. So, west this was there understanding, misunderstanding I would say, their wrong perception thinking India as a poor country.

When first time I traveled to America was in 78, first time I traveled to America. So, and then, so those days when they would ask where have you come from?, a common question, so we would say I have come from India, Oh! that India that beggar’s country, poor country. So this was the impression. It was also because that whenever our leaders or Indians went, they went to get something, take something, beg for something. So that also gave wrong impression, they must be poor people, they are always coming with a begging bowl.

Srila Prabhupada was one he was convinced that India is the richest nation, Bharat is the richest, enriched in culture and knowledged in so many ways. So India could contribute that wealth, share with rest of the world. So this is what he did, he shared the most valuable gifts of India with rest of the world, he exported ways to call him, he was a exporter and importer also. Exported the most valuable export quality goods or items, like Bhagvat Gita is export quality and Hare Krishna is certain export quality, the lifestyle and culture is export, he exported there and then he imported American sadhus, European Brahmin, he traveled back to India with American, European, Australian Brahmins with sikhas and kanthi malas and Brahmin threads and tridands and chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.

So, Bharat is not some tract of land with man-made geographical boundaries which is decided and divided by some demoniac sense gratifiers in order to satisfy their personal desires or name fame profit adoration or politics. Bharat is a principle, devotee who has prepared this, Bharat is a principle, it is a way of life, it is a philosophy and its living application, it is a land of dharma, land of God, land of devotion and like that. So, Bharat, just by name Bharat, ‘bha’ refers to the light surya gives light so surya is also called bhaskar, ‘kar’ means to do, he does the light, he gives the light so he is called bhaskar.

So, Bharat is that land where people are absorbed in; Bharat break it into bha and rat, bha means light rat means absorbed, people of this land are absorbed in light, torch light of knowledge, they are not in darkness. Tamaso ma, vedas say “tamaso ma jyotir gamaya” get out of this ignorance, go to the light, come to the light, so those who come to the light then they become delighted in the light, then they become, then they are Bharat vasis.

So, it is not just because you have taken birth in Bharat doesn’t make you Bharatiya in true sense. Talking of Bharat is a principle, its a way of life, philosophy and all that. One may be living within the geographical boundary of Bharat may not be an Indian but one may be living outside the geographical boundary of India but may be a real Bharat-vasi if he is strictly practicing, so here’s one real Bharat-vasi amongst us who was not born in Bharat (Haribol) Srila Prabhupada’s direct disciple (Haribol) Prabhupada initiated and then imported him to India, he is not born Indian but by his life style and philosophy and principles which he follows, the values he cares and foreign practices he is genuine Bharat-vasi, Bharatiya than so many so-called Indians, they are called, they are so-called but they are not really Bharat-vasis they are called, so-called, they are so-called. Mera Bharat Mahan, Gopal Krishna but he eats beef, his name is Gopal Krishna but he eats beef so what kind of Bharatiya he is. In Ahmedabad, once I met, we had gone to some business man to make him a life member so we went, he said I am a Brahmin we were happy to hear he was a Brahmin but then he said I eat beef, he did not say he eats, he said I relish beef. You know what beef is? You don’t have to know, somehow it has become popular. He said I relish and I take great pleasure in eating, he was so shameless.

On one hand, I am a Brahmin, I relish beef. So, would you call him Bharatiya? Is that Bharatiya? Like that, some people I am chaturvedi, chaturvedi means I am student of four vedas. So, in the past their family they were students of the four vedas, adhyayan adhyapan learning and teaching but now they are only so-called chaturvedis, only so-called because what to speak of studying and knowing four vedas, probably they don’t know even know the names of four vedas. Please say what are the four vedas? (Rig veda, sam veda, atharva veda, yajur veda) Ok good, so you are chaturvedis (laughter). So names only, chaturvedis, trivedis and dwivedis, dwi means two, two vedis three vedis, infact now they are nirvedis (laughter) no vedas.

So this is unfortunate situation in our country today. Just because I am born Hindu, I am a Hindu, same also with Christianity, because I am born in Christian family, I think I am Christian, born in Muslim family Muslim but they do not practice that’s the trouble. We say no difficulty, you ok? If you are Christian, practice Christianity, the Bible will immediately tell you the ten commandments, ten principles, thou shall not kill, thou shall not kill. Prabhupada always said talking to Christians, what kind of Christian are you? You don’t follow, someone was Christian he joined the Krishna Conscious movement then he came to India and he was asked by some Indian or some Hindu, Oh! why have you, why did you get converted and have become Hindu, that devotee said, no, no, I am a better Christian now, I am a better Christian, I was born Christian not practicing but as I have joined Krishna Consciousness Movement, I am better Christian. This is the fact, following all the principles, thou shall not kill, love thy Lord with all thy heart, with all thy strength is another Biblic statement, love thy neighbor as thy self and so many principles we had heard and read before but not practiced now I am practicing I am better Christian. So, what kind of Indian so called Brahmin relishing beef and then whole India now has become major exporter of beef also, big boat loads of beef or meat is exported everyday to the middle east and so many other countries of India by slaughtering animals unfortunately cows also.

So, where is the spirit of Bharat? Values, the principles? Some years ago in the Parliament there was a Indian Parliament this issue of animal killing and slaughtering was being discussed and there was some reporting that the Indian slaughter houses, machinery to cut the throats of animals, the blades they are not sharp, they are blunt, as a result it takes longer time to cut the throats of animals, so what to do was being discussed, what to do. So what they could have passed resolution ok no more killing, no more slaughter of animals in India, they could have passed resolution animals are suffering while they are slaughtered, instead the whole Parliament discussed and they concluded that we should modernize our slaughter houses, modernize we should import from Ireland some countries they are leading Chicago, children in the school were taught; sansar ka sabse bada katal khana kaha hai? Chicago, we had to do the matching, the names of cities and what are they known for, sansar ka sabse sundar shehar- Paris and like that sabse bada katal khana- Chicago and this and that.

So Chicago was biggest slaughtering at least this was 50 years ago when we were in school. So the members of the Parliament, lets import from this country that country, lets modernize our slaughter houses so that when animals are slaughtered, will pain less, animals will not suffer. In favor of this proposal, majority of them voted in favour of this proposal, that’s not Bharat. How kind were the leaders of this nation? The members of the Parliament were very kind to import some modern machinery so that while killing animals would suffer less so that’s very kind of them, they were very kind. So where is the Mahan Bharat? Searching for that Bharat, that spirit, Bharat, this is not tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, this is going back remain absorbed in darkness, stay ignorant.

So, ok who cares name may be this or that but so called Bharatiya his name is gopal krishna but eats beef, so there are some ‘mahatmanas tu mam partha’ (Bg 9.13) what makes great Indian great soul means mahatma because taking shelter of “daivim prakrtim bhajanty ananya-manaso” with unflinching faith he is worshipping and knows also “bhutadim avyayam” the Lord is source of all the, what is mahan? to take shelter of mahan Lord is mahan, I think we started there. So to be connected, be associated, be part of that mahan be servant of that mahan, friend of that mahan. So India is also mahan, Bharat mahan, Mahabharat, beacause of God centered, Krishna centred India. God centred, God’s thoughts, high thinking, simple living and high thinking and there’s more but I think we should stop somewhere here.

Mera Bharat mahan is a big topic, we are just taking some angles or some limited approach because time is limited and life is short, also miles to go before we sleep the woods are lovely dark and deep one western poet had to say, we have so much to do long way to go. So, mera Bharat mahan, Lord appears, Krishna Ram so many incarnations here in this part of the world, hum us desh ke vasi hai jaha Ganga behti hai Jamuna bhi behti hai and all the vedic texts the sages rishis, munis they did their experiments within their hearts and they have come to so many conclusions, they were scientists rishi munis were scientists.

So we should understand the Bharat, India and their talking to improve the Indian tourism and the visa on arrival, we already manage to go 22,000 visas they granted the westerners and they want, prime minister also talking that the westerners should be exposed to Indian culture and India’s ancient places like Varanasi, Mathura, there are 100’s and 1000’s of places here, they take way back into history, thousands of years they think 200 year old Los Angeles is very old, then they could visit so many places, hundreds and thousands of years old.

So, the attempt is being made so that westerners could also realize the value, the wealth of this great nation and this wealth its not Indians’ wealth, this is God’s, this is God in fact Krishna. Because of Him, Bharat mahan, when you take God consciousness Krishna consciousness out of India, so nothing that makes it, the rest is the waste. Even in India, India becomes like a waste, wastage, wasting life, wasting human form of life, the gratification, industrial civilization. So much science here Bhagvat Gita is a science and the great sages, munis they were scientists. There is also so much astronomy, astrology and all this are there part of vedic education and Lord Krishna went to school, Sandipani munis, he was learning, so many herbs ans sciences, that’s the science, science of self realization, that’s original science, science of soul, science of self. Ok I think we will stop here and if you have any thoughts, discussion points we could…

Question – Its shown on television about astrology, is astrology a science should we trust it?
Answer – I don’t know what exactly they show on the television, I never watch so I don’t but astrology is a scientific, even the sun eclipse the moon eclipse that is also part of the predictions, astrological calculations and there’s also bhavishya puran talks of the future of the world. The astrology science it exists but whether the present day astrologers are competent to understand the whole science and whether their predictions could be true or not true that could be a question. There’s nothing wrong with astrology science as such but the astrologers may not be qualified, competent or realised, so their predictions may or may not come true but there’s nothing that doesn’t make this astrology as science nothing wrong with that. Next year in December there will be winter and very cold this is my prediction, this is also part of the astrology because somethings are, there are cycles and they are repeated like that once in year or once in every age ‘harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam kalau nasty eva nasty eva nasty eva gatir anyatha’ (CC Adi 7.76).

So this is everytime there is a age of kali, chanting is the way. Sukhdev Goswami, he was much more than astrologer, personality like Narada Muni, they know past and because they know past, they could also know the future, future depends on the past. So Sukhdev Goswami said ‘kaler dosa-nidhe rajann’ (SB 12.3.51) ok Parikshit, now the age of kali is about to begin ‘kirtanad eva krsnasya mukta-sangah param vrajet’ just by chanting Krishna’s name, one could become free from the bondage. Because he knows age of kali, the symptoms of agle of kali everytime the age of kali, same symptoms making things complicated and everytime this age of kali’s solution is chanting Hare Krishna. So Sukhdev Goswami becomes astrologer because he knows these are the symptoms of, before it was predicted, at the beginning of age of kali, he predicted, everything that was predicted has come true. He also spoke about Lord Buddha, appearance of Lord Budhha was talked about 5000 years ago when Sukhdev Goswami spoke he talked about the appearance of Budhha. So after he talked some 5000 years ago and Budhha appeared. So there’s a whole universal time table or schedule this happens this time, that happens this time. So, knowing history and the past, he could also say future.

So this is one aspect of astrology also and then basically as you sow so shall you reap, that is always the law of karma, so by knowing you did this, you did that, you did this in the past, you eat too much, there could be diarrhoea or indigestion, action and reaction, cause and effect. So they are related, cause and effect, this cause then this would be the outcome effect of this. So by knowing your past and action reaction, by knowing action, you could talk of reactions. Shastras also say “mamsa” means mam and sa there are two parties myself and yourself, if you kill me today, I’ll kill you tomorrow, this is the law of karma.

So, one lady with her daughter were sitting while I was flying from Moscow to Delhi and mataji elderly, so when it was time for dinner during the flight, airhost was going around and he asked swamiji, swamiji, what will you have? fish or chicken? you have a choice fish or chicken. Atleast in India, they would ask swamiji veg or non-veg but there was no choice, fish or chicken. So, ofcourse we don’t take any food cooked outside. So I was just sitting chanting and those the lady and the daughter, one had a fish other one enjoyed chicken, I was sitting and chanting swamiji was sitting. So when they enjoyed the meal and their belly was full with fish and chicken, the elderly lady wanted to take advantage and she extended her hand, swamiji bhavishya jante ho? (laughter) So, I was not very happy with them because shamelessly they ate fish and chicken just next to me sitting there and so I did not respond, I kept chanting but I was then thinking if she asks me again, I wanted to keep my answer ready and so that did not happen but my answer was you ate fish so in future you’ll become fish (laughter), the daughter had chicken, she would become chicken in next life.

So, I am not a big astrologer but this is if you eat me today, I’ll eat you tomorrow, by that law of karma cause an effect. Also, the future could be predicted but if you are chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare and also clapping and if you approach some astrologer, he would not be able to do the calculation, they are going to go wrong because what was otherwise going to be your future, that is not going to be your future anymore because what happened? because you chanted Hare Krishna. All those future reactions and births that is natural, this action that reaction, in this life or the next but its not going to leave you alone.

As you sow so shall you reap, again the Bible says. Jaise bovoge waise paoge, so all the astrologies are kind of based on this principle. So now in the past, you could talk of the future but we the Krishna Conscious person, he changes his future Krishna says, ‘mam ekam saranam vraja’ (Bg 18.66) You take shelter of me and then He says, ‘aham tvam sarva papebhyo moksayisyami’, I will make you free from all the reactions which are waiting in the corner, tomorrow is the turn of some actions in the past will have its turn, its the reaction and then something that you did in the distant past day after tomorrow is that reaction and next week is that reaction, next year is that reaction, so all that future reactions which are in a waiting list action reaction this all Krishna says I’ll take care “aham tvam sarva papebhyo moksayisyami” I’ll take care I’ll neutralise and get rid of all those reactions and then only it is possible then prediction of such devotee its again astrology, ‘punar janma na vidyate’ (Bg. 8.16) he doesn’t take birth again and then he goes to Krishna, Krishna lok, goes back to home, back to Godhead. So there’s no reason for him, ok I think this is some kind of answer to your question. Should we stop here?

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