Occasion Vyasa puja celebration in Pandharpur


Occasion Vyasa puja celebration in Pandharpur
4th July 2017
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Hare Krishna
Srila Prabhupada ki jai
Nityananda Prabhu ki jai

All the assembled viewers, listening or watching us. Today here in Padharpur, we are kind of in middle of the Vyasa puja, celebration festival. So very bigger event here in Pandharpur. Its yearly festival, on occasion of commencement of chatur masya. Today Shayani Ekadashi biggest day here. In Pandharpur for Lord Vitthal. And I am happy Lord gave me birth on this day, which is big day for Lord of Pandharpur. My family they worshipped Lord Vitthal, my father used to come here walking, for darsana of Panduranga and when we were children we would be waiting for our parents. I waiting for my father also to return.

Here darsana of Lord is always very special, each person comes in front face to face with the Lord. So, when my father would return from Pandharpur l would be waiting of course. As our children attraction is for mahaprasadam that would be brought back for us. And those who could not go on pilgrimage to Pandharpur they used to receive pilgrims and touch their feet and embrace them thinking that they have just come from dhama. After meeting Lord and after touching the Lotus feet of Lord.

One time even pilgrims coming to Pandharpur they did not only touch Their feet but put head on the lotus feet of the deities and embrace the deity. But those days are gone now.” So, my family they worshiped Panduranga Vitthal, and Lord gave me birth on this big day like today. Millions of pilgrims are here in town today and ISKCON devotees are also are here in big number.

This year’s Vyas puja festival has special flavor or dimension. Jananivas Prabhu from Mayapur arrived today with the “Nityananda paduka “ its shoes of Lord Nityananda they have been travelling around the world to do the fund raising for TOVP and today I had invited Jananivas and Brajvilas Prabhu also to come on occasion of Vyaspuja with the paduka of Nityananda. Nityananda is Adiguru, Guru of all the Gurus. He is original Guru and we were blessed, I was blessed by presence of Lord Nityanada His padukas, His Lotus foot prints, His shoes, sandal’s are non-different from Him.

Also there was initiation in Pandharpur today. Just right in middle of Mangal arati that time they arrived and we offered Abhishek to paduka’s of Lord Nityananda and worshiped them.

I felt that after five hundred years Lord Nityananda again returned to Pandharpur again on this day of my birthday and the assembled devotees, disciples are very generous. Of course, Jananivas Prabhu, Brajvilas Prabhu and myself we did appeal to the assembled devotees, disciples for their generous contribution. Financial assistance for completing TOVP. And response was tremendous beyond our expectation. Raised to some close to seven crore rupees. I think that was highlight of the Vyas puja today. That took quite some time this TOVP presentation and fund raising so will continue this evening, with more offering from disciples.

So, may be some of you are watching, hearing, witnessing the proceedings of Vyas puja activities here of course most the offering where in Hindi some in Marathi and there are also some English offerings. So, I am getting news of devotees, disciples around the world gatherings different part of the world celebrating this occasion.

I am grateful, thankful of course as a I said that during the day that we are all the glories are ultimately offered to our Prabhupada and predecessor Acarya and ultimately Lord Nityananda or Balarama who is original Guru, adi-guru. We are there to receive and listen to offering glories that is infact glories of the Lord and we offer that unto Them, They are to be glorified, Nityananda, Balarama.

Also my Vyas pooja book has been printed this time it is heavier ,thicker and bigger. Vyas pooja book with more offerings more than ever. So go through those offerings and they also would be uploaded on the websites. So, that you could have privilege of accessing those offering from your God brother’s or sister from everywhere. I take your leave now. I have to get ready for next event this late afternoon, Vyas puja continuation on the stage.
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