Overview of Bhagavad-gita chapter 7


Venue: Cross Maidan Festival : Reading from Bhagvad-gita -As it is chapter 7, I was not mentioned any particular verse, then there are so many choices of course by now you must be knowing why chapter 7 has been selected for this festival here at Cross Maidan. Yes exactly Srila Prabhupada had been giving his discourses on this chapter 7. In 1971 during morning hours, Srila Prabhupada ki …………………….jai. Of course I missed the morning talks, morning talks are for more serious students. Anyone could come in the evening but to come in the morning it takes, you to be somebody seriously interested in the subject matter. So maybe I did not have so much interested in 71, I was coming in the evening attending Srila Prabhupad’s Hare Krishna festival right here at Cross Maidan. Unfortunately I did missed morning Bhagavat gita lectures. The 7th chapter onwards of Bhagavat gita 7th  through 12th  chapters is considered as ‘Bhakti Yoga’ discussion.

“yoginam api sarvesam, mad-gatenantar-atmana, sraddhavan bhajte yo mam, sa me yuktatamo matah” (B.G 6.47). This is how Krishna has concluded the 6th chapter of Bhagvat-gita saying that of all the yogis – The Bhakti yogi is the topmost “sraddhavan bhajte yo mam sa me yuktatamo”  yuktatamo means the topmost. This way one who is engaged or this way one who links with me, yoga is linking and the best and complete linkage is there when there is a Bhakti yoga with devotion and of course it is  Srila Prabhupad the Vaishnav acharya who describes or translates Bhakti as not just devotion but Devotional service. While lot others are, whenever there is word Bhakti devotion they say, devotion. But Prabhupad translates this devotional service not just sitting around, so that is over that meditation is over and Dhyana yoga is getting completed here and now is a time for, meditation as well as action that is devotional service.

“mam anusmara yudhacha” cha means and, You have to do 2 things Krishna says “mam anusmara” that is one thing while remembering me “yudha” you have to fight “cha” means and this and that. Not only mam anusmara only remembrance or not fighting but fight while remembering me that is Devotional service for ksatriya. So that Bhakti yoga is being described here in 7th chapter and some more chapters. The knowledge of the absolute is the title of the chapter. Shri Bhagavan uvaca, so we will just take look at different verses of this chapter. I was just running through the chapter I could see practically every verse in this chapter is the most quoted verse. Srila Prabhupada used it very frequently; many of the verses were used. “mayy asakta-manah partha, yogam yunjan mad-asrayah, asamsayam samagram mam, yatha jnasyasi tac chrum” (B.G 7.1)

‘Please hear’ who says this? Shri Bhagavan uvaca, “Shrunu”, attention or says try to hear, in fact early morning also it is little difficult we are fresh not fresh also at the same time, sleepy morning sometimes.  So the advice here is try to hear the Supreme Personality of Godhead said. Now hear Oh! Son of Prutha how by practicing yoga in full consciousness of me with mind attached to me you can know me in full free from doubt. How fortunate is Arjuna we are hearing these words of Sri Krishna here at Cross Maidan, some 5000 years later, but there was Arjuna hearing it directly from the lotus mouth of Lord “ya svayam padmanabhascha mukha padmat vinisritaha”.  Bhagavat gita is very very special scripture because it has been spoken by Lord himself “Padmanabh” the Lord with lotus navel speaking these words from his lotus mouth “mukha padmat” and “padmanabh vinisritaha” these words are coming right out of mouth of the Lord. The 1st person to hear this right in front of Sri Krishna is Arjuna. He was recipient of this mercy and to these words he has said this is prasad my dear Lord.

“nasto mohah smrtir labdha, tvat-prasadan mayacyuta” (B.G 18.73) Hye! Acyutam OH! Infallible one, I am thankful to you for this prasad. What he has heard, he has heard 18 chapters almost, few more sentences to go and then Arjuna says yes ‘nasto mohah’ my illusion finished “nasto mohah smrtir labdha” I have regained the consciousness and this has become possible “tvat-prasadat” by your prasad only, the prasad that Arjuna is referring to are these words of Shri Krishna in the form of Bhagavat gita. So He was the 1st one to receive prasad and what we get here in Cross Maidan is what? maha maha prasad.

Acharya have heard this in disciplic succession and we finally heard it from Srila Prabhupada. Bhagavad gita – As it is, let Krishna speak for himself Srila Prabhupad would emphasize let Krishna speak ‘you shut up’ OH! You have spoken enough could you shut up now kindly stop! Let Krishna speak. Of course those who sit with Bhagavad gita even they do not let Krishna speak that’s the point what to speak of others those who are busy just doing prajalpa or gram katha but who do so called Bhagavad katha, Bhagvat gita talks even they do not allow Krishna to speak. Hence Prabhupada had to insist let Krishna speak for himself. He can speak let him speak, so that is Bhagavad gita-As it is, so we are hearing it from Srila Prabhupada so it is maha maha maha maha prasad.

“asamsayam samagram mam, yatha jnasyasi tac chrum” (B.G 7.1) So if we allow or as acharya’s allow Krishna to speak then “jnasyasi” to know Krishna becomes possible. Samagram Krishna as He is could be known if we hear Bhagavad gita-As it is. And asamsayam there is no doubt about this, there was no even need of such a statement Krishna is speaking so there is no doubt but He is still using that yes don’t be doubtful why should one doubt. Krishna had no doubt infact Krishna was not doubting but it is for us “sarvam etad rtam manye, yan mam vadasi kesava” (B.G 10.14) this was Arjuna’s stand. “sarvam etad rtam manye, according to me ‘manye” I consider this is Arjuna speaking “am manye” ‘I consider what do you consider Arjuna? “sarvam etad rtam” all that you, Krishna is speaking this is nothing but the truth “sarvam etad rtam manye, yan mam vadasi kesava”. You are talking to me oh! Kesava and this is all truth nothing but the truth you are speaking this is Arjuna’s stand. Still Krishna says “asamsayam samagram mam, yatha jnasyasi” – you will know by doing what? Shrunu – just hear, give me ear, hear right here.

“jnanam te ham sa-vijnanam, idam vaksyamy asesatah” (B.G 7.2) Again samagram Krishna already said that again He says “asesatah” as I speak this would be complete,  nothing no balance I will talk complete “asesatah” sesa – asesa, sesa means balance something is remaining. Anantsesa Krishna is unending of course He is “asesatah” and I will talk of jnanam also  savigyanam “jnanam vigyanam sahitam” in other words. My talk will be dealing with jnana and savigyan  “ajgyatva na eha” In this material world there is nothing more to be known I shall now declare unto you in full this knowledge both phenomenon and numinous this being known nothing shall further remain you to be know and then Krishna talks. Everyone is not interested, everyone doesn’t come for this knowledge, everyone doesn’t come to the pandal, everyone doesn’t, is not interested in these topics these Hare Krishna or the religion or God Krishna

“manusyanam sahasresu kascid yatati siddhaye, yatatam api siddhanam kascin mam vetti tattvatah” (B.G 7.3) out of many thousands among men one may endeavor for perfection & those who have achieved perfection hardly one knows me in truth how rare is knowing Krishna. Krishna clarifies here “manusyanam sahasresu” out of thousands & thousands – “manusyanam sahasresu kascid” someone “kascid yatati” endeavor “siddhaye” for perfection and “yatatam api siddhanam” and out of those endeavoring “kascin mam vetti tattvatah” those who know me as I am tattvatah that is even more rare. This knowing Krishna tattvatah is of great importance, Tattvatah – tattva, tattva one who knows this tatt, tatt means that, what is that, that is Lord, tatt means Lord. Om tatt sat, tatt means Lord tattva the siddhant the whole science about that “tatt” is called as tattva & then “tattvatah” to known Lord “tattvatah” full tattva siddhant.

“janma karma ca me divyam evam yo vetti tattvatah” (B.G 4.9) so that kind of understanding would help “tattvatah” and “tyaktva deham punar janma, naiti mam eti so arjuna” naiti mam eti for that person there is no birth but he comes yeti he comes to me he doesn’t go for another birth but he comes to me so how important is this tattvatah, tattva buisness has been stated here. “ bhumir apo nalo vayuh kham mano buddhir eva ca, ahankara itiyam me bhinna prakrtir astadha” (B.G 7.4) Again very often quoted verse by Srila Prabhupada talking about 5 great elements and 3 subtle elements & the grand total is asta – astadha 8 all this 8 elements are “me bhinna prakrtir” this is my external energy “bhina” separated energy Prabhupad translates, separated energy earth, water, fire, ether, air, mind, intelligence & false ego all together these 8 constitute my separated material energies.

Although the scientists have further broken down these great elements into other more elements and they have reached number 108, about 108 they are not able to kind of go beyond that just discussing with some scientists few days ago how number is about 108? I said yes that’s something special number Gopis are 108, Upanishads are 108 and what else is 108? Our beads, 108 beads so how many elements they have 108, those many elements some gases are also there some elements are there physical we could touch & some like that. So all those are also in the body all that is in Bhramhand is also that in this body in Pinda this is called as pinda, body all that is outside of course because we eat part of Bhramhand and then  this is little 50 kg or may be some are 150. So all that is outside around is in there but of course mind, intelligence & false ego is even beyond the list of 108 elements. So that makes the body different from the dead matter and there is yet another element which is very special that Krishna is going to be talking about in a minute’s time.

“apareyam” immediately He says  “apareyam itas tv anyam, prakrtim viddhi me param, jiva-bhutam maha-baho, yayedam dharyate jagat” (B.G 7.5) He is talking here besides these, these means these 8 elements that He had just talked about. Oh! Mighty armed Arjuna there is another Superior energy of mine which comprises the living entities who are exploiting the resources of this material inferior nature. The body is there He has mentioned comprising of 8 elements but “jiva bhutam” yet there is another energy of mine ‘param’ is superior. He is describing that energy as superior jiva bhutam that is the living entity. 8 elements is the matter & Prabhupad, the scientists are kind of coming to some right conclusion finally Srila Prabhupad writes that in “easy journey to other planets” he talks about the Russian scientists. They are wondering oh! If there is matter then there must be antimatter also then it is complete. Only matter oh! There must be antimatter, anti material. So what is that anti material what is that, that is the spirit? That’s the soul. So in one verse Krishna talked about the matter & that energy is inferior energy and here is talking of “param prakrtim” My superior energy is anti material it is jiva bhutam that is the living entity in this body & then He himself then Krishna is establishing himself also there is a body, there is a soul and there is Me then.

“etad-yonini bhutani, sarvanity upadharaya, aham krtsnasya jagatah prabhavah pralayas tatha” (B.G 7.6). Then that is “aham” and this aham is referring to Krishna and then that is Me aham , aham but there is no pride in the Lord aham. He is just speaking the truth what else could He have said He is speaking as He is aham yes. “krtsnasya jagatah prabhavah pralayas tatha” I am what am I? I am both origin and dissolution of this world. And I have created all created beings have their source in these two natures Krishna says what are these 2 natures? One is the matter and another one is spirit these two natures are created, all created beings have their source in these 2 natures of all that is material and all that is spiritual in this world know for certain that I am both origin & dissolution so He is all in all. “Mataha” such a famous verse “mattah parataram nanyat kincid asti dhananjaya, mayi sarvam idam protam, sutre mani-gana iva” (B.G 7.7) Prabhupad’s favorite verse, Prabhupad wanted emphasizing Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead how many times he has said this, how many times has he written this wherever he mentions Krishna, right Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Never tired this is contribution of Srila Prabhupad, this is Srila Prabhupad emphasizing again this is Bhagavad gita As it is. “mattah parataram nanyat kincid asti” There is no one else with full realization & conviction Srila Prabhupad repeats the  message of Krishna Oh! Saraswati tell me, Srila Prabhupad would ask Saraswati tell me OH! You know Krishna? Who is Krishna? Who is Krishna? You know Saraswati in 71 she used to be on the dais just few years old,  Malati & Shyamsundar their daughter. Sometimes Prabhupad would ask do you know Krishna? She would say ‘Yes, yes’ I know Krishna, tell us tell us & she would say Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead & Prabhupad fully satisfied he would say she knows more than other so called  learned scholars. They don’t know but she knows. Who is Krishna? Krishna is Supreme Personality of Godhead.

“mattah parataram nanyat kincid asti” nanyat there is no one else “kincid asti” not even little bit mattah superior – no, no not even little bit kinchit- just tiny bit “nanyat kincid asti” Oh! Arjuna there is no one superior to me Krishna is described as “asamourdhvam” asama-aurdhvam

No one is equal to Him urdhvam no one is above Him avurdhvam, aswarudhavam & He is one “oh! Conquer of wealth there is no truth superior to Me everything rest upon Me as pearls are strung on a thread” there is a common thread. Thread is common amongst all those pearls in a necklace. Every pearl has a thread and same thread, same thread through each pearl. So likewise same Krishna through each & every atom, not just Bhramhanda. This is the realization of Brahma also “andantara-stha-paramanu-cayantara-stham-govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami” (Sri Brahma-samhita 5.35) Oh! I am right in there in Bhramanda in universe I am there as Garbhodaksaya Vishnu “andantara-stha” what about “paramanu-cayantara-stham” paramanu the smallest unit you break down, break down break down Brahmanda the smallest unit is molecule, atom that  is paramanu-cayantara-stham in there also I am  there. So there is mani “mani-gana iva” “mani gana iva”(B.G 7.7)

So Lord is in that sense also He is all pervading, He is everywhere, atoms are everywhere, He is in each & every atom. So we hope one of these days they looking at the atom, nucleus, proton, neutron as they make progress take close look if they ever could produce microscope of course that microscope infact is Bhagavad gita and that microscope is Bhagavatam its available here right and now see through the eyes of the scriptures and you will see within that tiny atom Lord residing in there, that provision has already been made.

“raso aham” and now Lord is taking few examples ok He takes this mani, that mani this pearl that pearl different things He picks up from this universe and He says I am in this, I am in that, I am in here there starting with “raso aham apsu kaunteya prabhasmi sasi-suryayoh pranavah sarva-vedesu  saddah khe paurusam nrsu”  (B.G 7.8) Few samples to begin with rasa. I am rasa, I am taste, did I say it right? Taste, taste two ways to say, 3 ways English teacher is correcting, juice has taste “raso aham” I am taste of what? “Apsu” in water. Taste in water that is Me “raso aham apsu kaunteya” – Srila Prabhupada would aleast once or may be more times Prabhupad  picked up while talking on this verse once he picked up his water cup & he drank water. Every time he drank water & he spoke every time he drank – he could remember taste of this water oh! That’s Krishna. He would become Krishna conscious he said, is it difficult? All day you are drinking water oh! This taste is Krishna. “raso aham apsu kaunteya”

“Prabhasmi sashi suryayoh”prabha means light I am also light Krishna says and He mentions two objects “sashi suryayoh” sashi is moon & surya is sun, the light of sun & the moon that is Me so every time you see the sun or sun rays or every time you see and without help of sun you cannot see, Prabhupad would explain such a simple thing but stupid as we are, we never think sorry! Stupid as I am. I don’t think that I need help of sun to see this is again Prabhupad training us ok if there is no light, you have your eyes there is no light could you see? no. I can’t see what is your power of seeing if there is no light? and light is Krishna. Only with the help of Krishna you could see. If He doesn’t wants to show you, you can’t see. Can’t we see how controlled we are? “Prabhasmi sashi suryayoh” and  the light and then it was Prabhupad who explained it further that light of sun and moon is not its  own light it is in fact the light of Krishna, Bhramajyoti coming from spiritual sky and the sun is only acting as the mirror and just reflecting that light of Krishna when we were just children. When I was a child in the village I remember that we take a mirror & go out of house during the day & then (laughs) reflection of it we would throw right into the house, right into the eyes of the mother. Hey rascal!  And she cannot see and then she is screaming or we will tease her somebody& we would go outside and put the bright sunrays right into the eyes with the help of the mirror.

Yes you know you have done this ever? You have some experience like, at least few, yes anyone else? Oh! So many what happened, I thought I was only one. This kind of tricks are kind all of pervading, must be same God who is keeping these tricks around and alive & so this like a child throwing with the help of the mirror light into the dark house so this universe is otherwise dark & this Bhramhanda, the sun & moon are acting like mirrors & original Krishna Kanti the Bhramajyoti is reflected upon this, inside this world. So “Prabhasmi sashi suryayoh pranavah sarva-vedesu” (B.G 7.8)

Omm……………this is “pranavah sarva-vedesu” (B.G 7.8). “ommm” “climmm” “shremmm” These are different “pranavah” but of all this “ommm” this is Me. Of all the different syllables “om” in vedic mantra that’s Me and the sound there is “sabdah khe”  shabda is sound and “khe”  “bhumir, apo, nalo, vayuh, kham. What is kham? – Ether the 5th element. Earth, Water, fire, air, ether kham. The sound in ether is Me Krishna says. Sound in ether is that’s Me, its Krishna.

“paurusam nrsu” and  the ability in man or woman, ability anyone who is able capable that ability capable, that capability that ability is due to Krishna. “paurusam nrsu”. So like that Krishna is pointing out here how He is that common thread that goes through the whole creation. “punyo gandhah prthivyam” (B.G 7.9) Sometime ago (laughs) there was some kind of obnoxious  smell. Did you smell it? I was smelling it was not pleasing at all, some smell but bad smell that’s not Krishna. “punyo gandhah prthivyam” prithvi  this is prithvi earthly planet prthivyam in prithvi, in earth there is gandhah smell and punyo gandha. Original Prabhupad translating that original smell, fragrance in the earth that is Me, that’s Krishna. And that fragrance is in the flower. One time Prabhupad also said he was looking at the beautiful bloomed fragrant flower and he said this is like the face of Lord Krishna. That beauty that smell every time you smell you are not supposed to be smelling first offer it to Krishna what a beautiful flower! Let me offer this to whom? Krishna. Other person would think oh! What a beautiful flower let me offer this to my girlfriend or Boyfriend so the consciousness is different. So they are trying to exploit, abuse Lord’s energy, Lord is in there and like that “jivanam sarva-bhutesu tapas casmi tapsvisu” (B.G 7.9)

“bijam mam sarva-bhutanam viddhi partha sanatanam”  (B.G 7.10) like that He goes on “buddhir buddhimatam asmi tejas tejasvinam aham” In this I am, if someone is intelligent that intelligence is me Krishna says & I give  intelligence mataha from me intelligence. “balam balavatam caham” (B.G 7.11). Strength of the strong that is me, it should be used in my service this is Krishna’s proposal says. “dharmaviruddho bhutesu kamo smi bharatarsabha”

Prabhuapad  pointing this it is right there, throughing some light on this “kamo smi” even the lust that is Me, if it is dharma-aviruddho, aviruddho means it is not contrary to dharma. If lust is not contrary to dharma within the parameter of dharma than that kamo smi aham, that kama that’s is Me.

And then He continues and then we have reached the 14th verse after different mentions how Lord is in everything, He is the common factor, the thread in all whole existence and He says “daivi esa guna-mayi mam maya duratyaya mam eve ye prapaddyante mayam etam taranti te” (B.G 7.14). So this is guna-mayi  maya this is my maya I have mentioned this this this all these different things “esa” all this is guna-mayi, guna-mayi means full of guna, three modes of material, its full of 3 modes of material nature  things “mam maya” and this is my maya and because it’s my maya of course it’s my maya so  it has to be  “duratyaya” very difficult to overcome, very powerful because whose maya is it? Its Krishna’s maya so it has to be powerful otherwise what kind of maya is it? It is your maya my maya not so strong but its Krishna’s maya and “duratyaya” very difficult to overcome but its not only scary He is just letting us know yes yes its difficult to overcome, on your own, ok go ahead try it,  it will not work, You would not succeed in overcoming this maya on your own and this is where I come into the picture. I am just around here, here, here look here, I am here come near OH!  Dear! Here here, He is calling.

“mam eve ye prapaddyante mayam etam taranti te” Lord says “mam eve ye prapaddyante” if they surrender unto me “mayam etam taranti te”– yes for sure very easily they could overcome my maya which is I have described as strong maya. Doesn’t matter it is my maya, my maya is not strong than I am, it is my maya I can just order my maya, Hye maya! Oh! Maya get out, out I say, maya out like the owner of the dog orders different names. Oh! Dog, my friend wants to come in get out of here. So that kind of command Lord has over his energies, his own energies. But there are, Krishna continues there are some what kinds of people – 4 kinds of people they do not surrender unto Me. Lord just gave a clue that if you surrender unto me you will cross this maya, overcome this maya. But then the next verse He says there are 4 kinds of people they never surrender unto me you know, they never surrender unto me who are they? You want to know? Anyone interested? Not so much interested, interest is growing gradually ok.

“na mam duskrtino mudhah prapadyante naradhamah mayayapahrta-jnana asuram bhavam asritah” (B.G 7.15) Prabhupad  always fools and rascals and demons, cats and dogs. When I joined, around the time I joined, I was like couldn’t he use some better terms people used to come all the way down town coming to Juhu. I had just joined and people coming big big people with their, ties and coats their  wives  sitting next to them  with pearls and Prabhupad- rascals and fools and demons, cats and dogs on and on and on . I was just a new bhakta and I was thinking what! Such a nice people they are with their wives and family members they came all the way from the town just to hear that they are cats and they are dogs, you fools, you rascals, you demons (laughs). I had hard time digesting for some time I had difficulty how could but soon I was, well gradually I realized that Prabhupad was presenting Bhagvad gita – As it is. So these terms are right there in Bhagvad gita which other speakers, the commentators they do the sugaring of the pill but Prabhupad was presenting it how? As it is, straight forward. So who are they? “Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind whose knowledge is stolen by illusion and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto me”. So these are the 4 fellows, 4 kinds of people this is not talking of Indians or Hindus only but people on this planet all over the world, they don’t surrender unto Me, these 4 kind. And then Krishna goes on to now that there are also 4 kinds of people they surrender unto Me. These 2 verses are next to each other for your information now you will not forget. First list of those who do not surrender now those who surrender unto Me.

“catur-vidha bhajante mam janah sukrtino arjuna arto jijnasur artharthi jnani ca bharatarsabha” (B.G 7.16) these are 4 kinds they surrender unto Me and they have been described as “sukrtino”. Krta means activity, krti, krti krta “sukrta and duskrta” good activity and bad activity. So sukrtino surrenders and duskrtino do not surrender and they are “arto” – in great distress those who are in great distress they surrender unto Me. “jijnasu” those who are curious, “artharthi” need of money and “jnani” some knowledge they have. These 4 kinds of people they come to Me, they surrender unto me. We have few more verses

“bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan mam prapadyate” (B.G 7.19) talking of surrender there are some people do take little extra time but they have been described here as “jnanavan” and finally they surrender unto Me. who surrender to me? “jnanavan”. Earlier previous verse said “sukrtino” the pious people, soul’s surrenders unto Me. Here He says “jnanavan” those who are in knowledge “jnanavan” they surrender unto Me. “bahunam janmanam ante” after many many births  “bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan” those who have knowledge they surrender unto Me. And what is knowledge – “vasudevah  sarvam” this is called knowledge. If someone asks what is knowledge? Krishna is describing what is knowledge? – “vasudevah  sarvam iti” “iti” means this much. One who knows, how much? “vasudevah  sarvam” Vasudev is all in all, that  person is described here as “jnanavan”. That person is in full knowledge and in full knowledge as he is, what does he do?  “mam prapadyate” surrender unto Me. How many such people surrender unto Me?  “sa mahatama su-durlabhah” very very rare persons surrendering  unto Me with full knowledge after acquiring full knowledge surrendering  unto Me. Such thing is rare “sa mahatama su-durlabhah”.  After having talked of persons surrendering unto Him Krishna now states – there are some others yes yes they do surrender but not to me who are they? who are they? Find this out.

“kamais tai stair hrta-jnanah prapadyante nya-devatah tam tam niyamam asthaya prakrtya niyatah svaya” (B.G 7.20) “kamais tai stair hrta-jnanah” Those who are afflicted, influenced by by what? “Kama” – lust “kamais tai stair” and what does that “kama” do “hrta-jnanah” hrta means stolen “hrta-jnanah”. They are stolen, they are deprived the knowledge is confiscated from them. They have no knowledge who has stolen? “kamais tai stair hrta-jnanah” the lust is stealing lust is the thief, stealing the knowledge “kamais tai stair hrta-jnanah” and they have intense desires and desires have to be fulfilled. So yes they do surrender prapadyante but nya-devatah, oh! They have found some other devatah. They have found some other personality Anyadevatah meaning Krishna says other than Myself. Those who are “jnanavan” those who are full of knowledge, they come to me. But there are others whose knowledge has been stolen by the lust so they go to others. And who are they? anyadevatah, they are the demigods and demigoddess are the one that they go to.

“antavat tu phalam tesam”  (B.G 7.23) Ok fine we can’t stop them from going to anyadevatah other demigods but they should know Krishna says   “antavat tu phalam tesam” . the fruit that they are going to be deriving, the benefits  fruit that they are would be deriving from going to other demigods is going to be “antavat” is going to be “anta” its going to be  ending very soon not lasting very long. And they are  “alpa-medhasam”   this is how  Lord is describing them as less intelligent as they are. The demigod worshippers are less intelligent “devan deva-yajo yanti mad-bhakta yanti mam api” and they go to the demigods. Those who worship demigods go to demigod,  mad-bhakta but those who my devotees “yanti mam api” they only come to me Lord is making the distinction here. And now the case of the mayavadis,  Krishna talked of the materialist those who do not surrender , then He talked about those who surrender but not unto Me but they go to Demigods, and now He is talking of the impersonalists.

“avyatam vyaktim apannam manyante mam abuddhayah param bhavam ajananto mamavyayam anuttamam” (B.G 7.24) “avyatam” so these are the impersonalists also described as unintelligent man as “mam abuddhayah” they have no buddhi no intelligence. So what do they think what is their philosophy “avyatam vyaktim apannam manyante” oh! They think the Lord is ultimately “avyatam”. He is impersonal, He is just a light, He is all pervading then occasionally He becomes “vyakta” He takes a form. He is normally avyata, He is  not manifested  He has no form but then He assumes the form “avyatam vyaktim apannam manyante” They consider “manyante mam” muze about Me they think like this and of course they are “abuddhayah” they are less intelligent “param bhavam”  they do not know My superior nature which is inexhaustible and the finest.

“naham prakasah sarvasya yoga-maya-samavrtah” (B.G 7.25) oh! I do not like this Lord is making a comment.  “naham prakasah sarvasya” I do not everyone doesn’t get light, doesn’t see the light of the day or doesn’t become knowledgeable “yoga-maya-samavrtah” and yes

They are all governed by My maya “yoga-maya-samavrtah”. They are all covered, I am never manisfest to the foolish and unintelligent for them I am covered by my internal potency.Therefore they do not know that I am inborn and infallible. And this is Lord we are getting closer to this chapter of course we did not cover every verse,  we skipped few. There are 30 verses in this chapter.

“vedaham samatitani vartamanani carjuna bhavisyani ca bhutani mam tu veda na kascana”  (B.G 7.26) Lord says “vedaham” – I know veda aham – I know Vedas or I know Vedas I know I know not only Vedas but I know Vedas also but  everything else that is to be known is known to Me. “Samatitani” all the things from the  past everything from past I know. “Vartamanani”. Everything that is happening right now right here I know “ Vartamanani”. bhavisyani. I know the future of everything of everyone but the trouble is “tu” means but saying something different, contrast while I am like this I know past, present, future of anybody, everybody, everything. “mam tu veda na kascana”   but also I know all living entities but Me no one knows, but Me no one knows . And in the very beginning of this chapter  Krishna had said , “Srnu”, you better hear me  Arjuna jnasyasi and by hearing me you would towards the end He says no one knows  me but knowing because possible by “srnu” by hearing that’s why Krishna is speaking so that we would know.

“yesam tv anta-gatam papam jananam punya-karmanam te dvandva-moha-nirmukta bhajante mam drdha –vratah” (B.G 7.28) text 28 “Persons who have acted piously in previous lives and in this life and whose sinful actions are completely eradicated are freed from the dualities of delusion, and they engage themselves in My service with determination” .Devotional service is getting established here You hear Me you would know me, You know me then you would serve me, that’s the sequence. Bhajante – They will go for worshiping me bhajante mam. How will they worship? “drdha –vratah” established in knowledge, equipped with the knowledge they will worship me, haven’t  become free from “te dvandva-moha-nirmukta” they would become free from dvandva, dualities of this existence free from illusion. “yesam tv anta-gatam papam” papam  finished by hearing me. jananam punya-karmanam  All those pious persons those who listen to me they will worship me “bhajante mam drdha –vratah”. Those in full consciousness the last verse of the chapter.

“sadhibhutadhidaivam mam sadhiyajnam ca ye viduh prayana- kale pi ca mam te vidur yukta-cetasah”  (B.G 7.30) “Those in full consciousness of  Me, who know Me, the Supreme Lord, to be governing  principle of material manifestation of the demigods, and of all methods of sacrifice can understand and know Me the Supreme personality of Godhead, even at the time of death”. They would know prayana- kale pi they would keep knowing and remembering Me  even at the time of ‘prayan-kale pi” even at time of death. So that’s the perfection if we remember the Lord at the time of death. So The next chapter would be “Attaining the Supreme” – knowing the Supreme, knowledge of the Supreme this was the chapter “Knowledge of the Absolute” – 7th chapter and 8th chapter is  “Attaining the Supreme” you know you achieve.

Any questions, any comments (maharaj asking the audience)

Question1. Maharaj ji you quoted one verse where Krishna says He knows the future, many people want to know the future so they go to astrologer so is that equivalent to trying to find Krishna?

Answer: Everyone is curious Krishna is knowledgeable He also knows the future,  persons curious to know the future they go to the astrologer to know their future but Krishna also knows so is there difference. Yes the astrologer – if you chant Hare Krishna those who are chanting Hare Krishna they need not go to astrologer. Those who chant Hare Krishna and also “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare! Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”

Hye! Lives are changing means your future is changing and it is ever changing. What your astrologer is going to tell you is like a action – reaction if you perform this action this could be cumulative effect. So the astrologer has way to calculate or know your past and then your activities. He also asks you some questions and he has way to find out your past and based on that – and at that time your life is governed by so many different planets, there are governing factor. Then nothing changing so far you remain mundane and that’s your future, because this action that action this rahu, this ketu that graham so this is your future. But as soon as you chant Hare Krishna, surrender unto Krishna that is surrendering unto Krishna everything changes.

“aham tvam sarva-papebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah” (B.G 18.66) I am going to make you free from all the reactions of your previous lives and do not fear you will come to Me. So astrologer could  talk about your next birth based on your  previous birth but if you hear Krishna, surrender unto Krishna then there is no more birth and astrologer has no way to talk beyond this creation or Bhramhanda. They can’t talk of that future but scriptures could tell yes you could go not only back to Godhead but you would take this flight and you will land there and you would be received by this party and this is your rasa – mellow, dasya, sakya and you will be entering this nitya lila and engaging so like that, this is what you are. They see inside you within this 8 elements gross and subtle there is a soul they see the soul and talk of the soul. So astrologer could talk of the bodies’ future and the mind, intelligence, false ego part. But as soon as you are surrendered it’s another jurisdiction and another knowledge, another future.


Question2. In the verse “raso aham apsu kaunteya” what does apsu refers to? How could we taste Krishna?

Answer:  Apsu refers to water; Prabhupad in the purport is also talking about drinks and vine. Well Wherever there is water infact, in  water there is water, in juice there is water, in vine there is water, the grapes you  take fresh grapes and do so many things with the grapes and rotten them and  this and that and  essence of this you want to drink that’s vine. But originally it is coming from water. So the taste is essentially a characteristic of water, fragrance comes from the earth like that Krishna describes. If there is sound that comes from ether, in the air there is a sound and touch, in the fire there is sound, touch and the form,   in the water there is sound, touch, form and taste. In the earth there is sound, touch, form, taste & smell. So water is known for its taste. Wherever there is taste that is from water. So I think I have heard you could correct me, they would remember that taste in that vine there is a Krishna connection they would become Krishna conscious. Because that taste is originally the taste of the water.


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