Overview of Canto 1 of Srimad Bhagvatam and Glories of Maharaj Yudhisthira


S.B 1.13.16 Translation and purport by Srila Prabhupad,
Srila Prabhupad ki jai……………………

Translation: Having won his kingdom and observed the birth of one grandson competent to
continue the noble tradition of his family, Maharaja Yudhisthira reigned peacefully
and enjoyed uncommon opulence in cooperation with his younger brothers, who
were all expert administrators to the common people.

I repeat the translation (Translation repeated)

Purport:  Both Maharaj Yudhisthira and Arjuna were unhappy from the beginning of the Battle of Kuruksetra,
but even though they were unwilling to kill their own men in the fight, it had to be done as a matter of duty, for it was planned by the supreme will of Lord  Krsna. After the battle, Maharaj  Yudhisthira was unhappy over  such mass killings. Practically there was none to continue the Kuru dynasty after them, the Pandavas. The only remaining hope was the child in the womb of his daughter-in-law, Uttar? And he was also attacked by Asavattama, but by the grace of the Lord the child was saved. So
after the settlement of all disturbing conditions and reestablishment of the peaceful order of the state, and after seeing the surviving child, Parikshit, well satisfied, Maharaj Yudhisthira felt some relief as a human being, although he had very little attraction for material happiness, which is always illusory and temporary.

yudhisthiro labdha-rajyo,  drstva pautram kulan-dharam

bhratrbhir loka-palabhair,  mumude paraya sriya”

“Dhrtarasta quits home” is the chapter and here in we hear about Yudhisthira Maharaj he has everything he has a kingdom,
he even has a grandchild, the brothers cooperating  very expert in administration and “parayasriya” lots of opulence what
more do  you want? Everything is there and of course what he has and his brothers have is Krishna, that is the main
thing, He is everything to them, Krishna is all in all to the Pandava brothers, then all other thing and then they have meanings also, even the wealth has some meaning, when there is Krishna or the wealth could give “mumude” if enjoyment, happiness, peace could be achieved with the wealth, if wealth is used Krishna consciously in service of Krishna and not
otherwise. So he has wealth and he has Krishna dharma, artha, kama, moksha and of course prema  also. These five brothers have prem for Sri Krishna not just the four purusarthas, dharma, artha………… lot of people of course go for they do not start with dharma, they start with artha and they go only where? Kama the whole life is just to things artha and kama, hence no satisfaction, no not possible life has to start with dharma and everything falls in its place. You go all the way to moksha and some go, fortunate one’s all the way to prema platform. Just artha and kama is not enough it will not give peace, not give you happiness it is said “Yes yes you could buy bed with your money but no sleep”

“You have nice soft bed but all sleeplessness all night long” “Yes you could buy food with your money not the appetite” So not with the money you could have happiness or enjoyment or peace it is not that cheap. No by bread alone is also Bible says “Not by bread alone you could survive, you could be happy there is much more to life than just money and bread and other things you could purchase with the money. Prabhupad reminding the whole world yes everything is another zero this achievement that
achievement all these zeros, there has to be what? There has to be one then one zero-10, two zero-100, three zero like that it has meaning otherwise Oh! One zero, two zero, 100 zero is like one big ……….zero. you may be so called hero with all zeros that one is important, that one that one is Krishna and that is how infact this Pandava brothers they won the battle five on one side and
hundred on other side, how was it possible?

“vijayastu pandu putranam” The law is law that governs this world is you may know, you may not know but the law functions it is upheld by Him the Supreme controller, what is the law?  “vijayastu pandu  putranam” And the victory of the Pandu putranam, OH! Yes guarantied the victory of the son’s of Pandu

Radha Madhav ki jai………………Why? Why not? Why victory of Pandavas because “esham pakshaye janardhana” because on side of Pandavas there is Janardhan, there is Krishna, victory is guaranteed.

“dharma-ksetre-kuru-ksetre samavete yuyutsav
mamakah pandavas caiva kim akurvata sanjay” (B.G 1.1)
kim akurvata sanjay To Sanjay! OH! Sanjay! Please! Tell me “kim akurvata sanjay” Sanjay what happened? What is going on? What is the outcome of all this? Could you please tell me? And while he was enquiring Dhrtarasta says OH! They have assembled. You know my son’s and son’s of Pandu, they have he
could have said they have assembled in Kuruksetra but he couldn’t say just Kuruksetra he had to say “Dharma-ksetre-kuru-ksetre” OH! They have assembled in Kuruksetra and that Kuruksetra is dharma-ksetra. There is no need of him even to ask this question. Now what is the outcome of this? Outcome is clear the battle is taking place in dharma-ksetra, the religious place and the son’s of Pandu are dharmik, son’s of Pandu are God conscious or Krishna conscious this place is certainly going to favour son’s of Pandu and yes as this was the first statement of Bhagavat Gita. What is the last

“yatra yogeshvarahkrsno yatra partho danur-dharah” (B.G 18.78) Tatra four things you will find yes so the battle
has not been concluded, he just giving narration of what is going on the battle field running commentary as the cricket goes on there is someone gives running commentary. So Sanjay sitting few hundred miles away from Kuruksatra he is sitting
in Hastinapur, he is able to see not only see but hear and also he could tell what is the mind of this person or that person. Now Arjun thinks like this, goes beyond just seeing and hearing but even the feelings of this person that person are known, he knows Sanjay knows and this was of course  possible by “vyasa  prasadat shrutvan” At the end of Bhagavat gita Sanjay very honestly admitting OH! This is imposible seeing, hearing and feeling but this become possible to me OH! Drhtrastraji
this became possible “vyasa prasadat” This was mercy of Vyasadev, he gave me such a power to see and hear and to
know. So that Sanjay even before much conclusion of battle he is saying where ever there is Arjun who is Dhanurdhara, Dhanurdhara , Kulandhar here Dhanurdhara holder of the bow, Gandiv “Where ever such Arjun  and Yogeshwar Krishna there you will find four things Shri, Paryasreya, the opulence would be there, lots of Laxmi would be
there “ tatra, shri , tatra, vijaya” there is victory that goes there.

“yudhisthiro labdha-rajyo” He became victories, he gained the kingdom, yes where there is Krishna and Arjun or even
Yudhisthira  same family there is opulence, there is  victory, there is what? “bhuti” extra oridinary power and there is “niti” also morality  and all this is there in this family we findright here. Hence the family is very very happy family they are victories, they have again the kingdom they have opulence and on the top of this, all opulence everything is giving them lots of “mumude”happiness and peace and this is source of all this is Krishna because they have Krishna on their side and this is the 1st canto, I am changing my topic here of Bhagvatam, it will remain not newspaper news. It’s the 1st canto of
Bhagvatamand the scene is being set here the entire 1st canto including this statement and “The Drhtrastra quits”,
chapters 5 to this, following 19 chapters of Bhagvatam this is all Suta Goswami specking and where is Sukhdev Goswami? He speaks only in the 2nd canto of Bhagvatam it is also the case with Gita, although Bhagvat Gita meaning song of God,
entire 1st chapter of Bhagvat Gita is mostly the song of Arjun (laughs) the words of Arjun except for just few words have been spoken by Krishna, just few words, 1st chapter 25th verse not even entire verse is spoken by Krishna
“pasya” just see OH! You wanted to see Arjun, yes now your chariot is between the two armies now you are  much closer
to the enemy camp “pasya pasya” now see “pasyaitam sarvetan kurun iti” (1.25) One… Two… three… four
words have been spoken by Sri Krishna in the 1st chapter of Bhagvat Gita. He only specks in 2nd chapter of Bhagvat Gita similar arrangement is here with the Bhagvatam entire 1st canto 19 chapters spoken by Suta Goswami speaking. They have assembled in Naimsharanya at the beginning of Age of Kali, they are expected to be there 4100 yrs. 88,000 sages have assembled
Shunaka Muni is their leaderand Sukhdev Goswami is sitting on a big ashan and everyone else is there 88,000 “om namo bhagvate vasudevaya” Srila Vyasadev writes this at the beginning and then he  complies 3 verses in the chapter which is Mangalacharan of Bhagvatam and then he mentions yes sages have assembled and soon in the 1st chapter and sages are asking question, 6 questions have been asked and the lastquestion  they asked was? What was the last question?

“dharmah kam saranam gatah” “dharmah kam saranam gatah”     (S.B 1.1.23)

The Lord departed “dharma jnana di bhi saha” He took everything with him as he departed for his own abode OH! Then what happened to the dharma? Whose shelter did dharma –religion, Krishna consciousness take?That was the ending question. So the answers to these 6 questions are given by Suta Goswami in the
following two Chapters

narayanam namaskrtya,  naram caiva narottamam, devim sarasvatim vyasam, tato jayam udirayet (S.B 1.2.4)

That is 2nd Chapter of the 1st Canto, his pravachan begins first questions by sages then hispravachan is beginning and in the beginning of the pravachan he is offering his obesciences to Narayana and others Saraswati. He is remembering his Spiritual

“ sata uvacayam pravrajantam anupetam apeta-kratyam” (S.B 1.2.2) OH! Sukadev Goswami
is being remembered OH! That my Spiritual Master who recited the Srimad Bhagvatam he did not undergo any purificatory process as soon as he took birth he ran “pravrajantam” he ran towards the forest and behind him ran Srila
Vayasdev  putreti tan-mayatay taravo bhinedus tam sarva-bhta-hrdayam munim anato smi (S.B 1.2.2) (laughs)  Like we say “nama om  Vishnu padaya Krishna preshthaya” this is his prayer he is offering his prayers to Sukadev
Goswami.“putra……putra….. putra…… putra…… putreti”

He was addressing and Srila Sridhar Swami Maharaj describes putra meaning he said 1st then “putra….. putra……” explains like that but only tress “taravo bhi” only trees responded d trees were also saying “putra….. putra……” (Laughs) and he explains more nicely, what trees were talking. OH! Even we are not attached to our fruits, we keep fruits ready  and people just come and take our fruits away we don’t run after them, but look at you, you are running  after your fruit, your son look at you, we are much better!

“tam sarva-bhta-hrdayam munim anato smi” (S.B1.2.2) Unto such Muni Sukadev Muni who is sitting kind of in the heart of everyone, everybody even the treess knew the feeling of Sukadev  Goswami and to such Sukadev Goswami I offer my most humble obeisances. Beginning like that chapter 2, 3 he answers the six questions asked by the sages and he has now explained. OH! Whose shelter did dharma take and ending of the 3rd Chapter he is talking of Bhagvatam. The religion took shelter in the Bhagvatam Lord had returned to his abode living his another form behind or he appeared in another
form. “kalau nasta-drasam esa”  “kalau nasta-drasam esa” (S.B 1.3.43)

The people of Age of Kali they lost their eye sight, there was darkness all around under this circumstances “puranarko dhunoditah” (S.B 1.3.43) This Bhagvatam which is brilliant as sun, appeared on the scene

“idam  bhagavatam nama puranam brahma-sammitam” (S.B1.3.40) This another
incarnation, Lord incarnated in the form of  Bhagvatam and you know I have heard this Bhagvatam from Sukadev Goswami
as he was narrating this Bhagvatam to King Parikshit  and I was just sitting next to King Praikshit. I was kind of front rows, sitting right there and

“yatha-mati yathadhitam” “yatha-mati yathadhitam” (S.B 1.3.44) As much as I have realized, understood now I repeat the message of Bhagvatam unto you and he was about to recite Bhagvatam, right there at the end of the 3rd Chapter, but what happened?  Where did another 16 chapters come from? To make the total of 19 chapters of the Bhagvatam. Well they did not allow him to just go ahead and speak, wait a minute! Wait a minute! What did you say? OH! You heard Bhagvatam from Sukadev Goswami and you wish to narrate that, repeat that recite that Bhagvatam message unto us. OH! Before you do socould you tell us little more about this Bhagavatam? Did someone compile this before? And who was the person who compiled it? And what inspired him? Give us little background, before you talk of that Bhagavatam and also tell us about this king Parikshit that you mentioned and Sukadev Goswami. So basically  they want to know about three things know  more about Bhagvatam, know  more about king Parikshit that, know  more about Sukadev Goswami. Before Sukadev Goswami would repeat, recite that Srimad Bhagvatam and this is how this 16 chapters come into existence and so the chapter 4, 5, 6 is the meeting between Srila Vyasadev and Narada Muni this takes place in Badrikashram, Narada Muni has just now returned early morning hours from his travels and Srila  Vyasadev is sitting there on the banks of Saraswati, doesn’t look very happy. OH! Whats wrong with you? (Maharaja askinga devotee sitting in audience are you sleeping? No he is looking behind, now when anyone is pointed out there that person looks behind meaning not me may someone else behind so that others would know that it’s not me, finger was
pointed towards me but that is wrong some one behind me).

So what’s wrong with you Srila Vyasadev, so he explains I did you know so much job writing, but no job satisfaction.  You are familiar with the job satisfaction; I wrote this scripture that scripture, you know big pileof them, 108 Upanisads and Vedas and Purans 17 of them and Vedansutra and Mahabhatarat my God! But you know I am not happy, I am not just happy, could you please tell me? And of course he has approached his Spritual Master and OH! Where is

“vasudevasya mahima hy anuvarnitah” (S.B 1.5.9) Narada Muni does some
book review work, book review, all the work that he has done Narada Muni does
the review and his remark is OH! You have stressed so much on dharma, artha,
kama, moksha business but where is? “vasudevasya mahima hy anuvarnitah” (S.B 1.5.9) You have not emphasized the glories of Vasudev that is a flaw besides few other comments this is as the gist. The main the missing thing is Vasudev is missing or he is there but just little bit, but just little bit no he has to be there everywhere on every page and every statement there has to
be connection of Vasudev not that once in a blue moon, occasionally or every chapter once or once in one canto, no.. He has to be everywhere “ado madhye ante” everywhere he has to be there “vasudevmahima” and then there is more conversation Narada  Muni how he came to Krishna consciousness? We have in BTG how we came to Krishna consciousness? So the 6th Chapter of 1st Canto Narada Muni is talking how he came to Krishna consciousness? son of a sudra but luckily during the caturmasya, Bhaktivedantas  they just stationed camp just outside his own village and mother use to go everyday washing pots and he used to sit and listen and may be do little menial service to those Bhaktivedantas. Ahe…boy bring that water, bring some flowers bring this, bring that. Little boy what he could do and then with permission he says of those sages I used to take little
mahaprasad also may be lots was not given little boy. So this Bhagvatam you know I just mentioned, so what I heard was Bhagvatam it changed me, the revolution in my consciousness took place because I heard Bhagvatam . I was serving those Bhagvatas also and eat some prasad and then entering to the 7th Chapter of 1stCanto then Narada Muni lives for some more travels and then Suta Goswami is talking about king Parikshit and he begins that from events starting from after the battle of Kuruksetra. The battle is kind of concluding and here is Asvatthama killing the 5 sons Of Draupadi and he thought that once
Duryodhana hears this news that I have killed 5 sons of Draupadi, he will be jubilant. But that was not the case even Duryodhana did not approve of such heinous act and then of course Drupadi, the whole disturbance in the family and
they heard of this worse possible news then Pandav brothers, Krishna on the scene what to do now? And the conclusion was Krishna very expert and how to resolve?

Now he is son of our Spiritual Master but look he was aggressive and trying to way, what to do? What not to do? So they only punished him by insulting him not killing but take his hair of, jewel of and that was like take his honor of which is worse than killing for someone who is known personality. So then this was after the battle of Kurukstra, Krishna he had come to
Hastinapur and after spending few months there trying to pacify Yudisthira Maharaj. No! No! It wasn’t you who was responsible for battle and killing it was me, I wanted this   he was trying to give so many good reason, facts but Yudisthira Maharaj was just not ready to forget he was no I am responsible look sixty six hundred forty million people
killed because me, so that I could be king “lambdharajo”

So Krishna was trying to control pacify and it wasn’t working but Krishna was finally ready to go to return to Dwarka as he was seating in the chariot there comes Uttara running “pahi pahi mahabaho” “pahi pahi” Please protect, please
protect! Whats wrong there was Uttara, she was pregnant child still in the womb and Asvatthama he had not he had no learnt his lesson, although he was insulted and all that he made Parikshit Maharaj, Uttara’s child in the womb the target.
OH! He is the one after 5 sons he is the one, he would continue the dynasty. “kulandara” mentioned here so I would kill him, so he threw Brahmastra, brahamastra not a small astra not a little bullet or little, missile, this is the most powerful astra in existence coming in the direction of the womb and the child in the womb of Uttara and she runs, rushes towards Krishna and herehe goes Krishna has his weapon making circles around the womb and protecting the child and as he was still kind of seating in the chariot. Kunti comes forward he still wishing to go, wanting to go to Dwarka, queen Kunti comes forward and offers her famous prayers, Kunti’s prayers there are so many sets of prayers throughout Bhagvatam. The very set of prayers is by queen Kunti in bhagvatam in the 8th Chapter. And Srila Prabhupad gave whole lecture series in Mumbai on the prayers of queen kunti, there a book and “vipadaha santu tah sasvat” (1.8.25) Most famous verse let there be calamities OH! My Lord, my Lord again and again that prayer and “krsnaya vasudevaya  devaki-nandanaya ca nanda-gopa-kumaraya  govindaya namo namah” (1.8.21)

It’s very sweet and simple but very simple easy to remember kind of prayers, but full of meaning to Kunti she offers that prayer and many other prayers. Krishna was determined to go but then Yudisthira was there again his is not looking very happy and so
then. I have to go little faster because we have many lectures to cover, before Harisvari prabhu comes. So Krishna doesn’t go Krishna gets down from the chariot because I need to stay givelittle more association, more time to Yudisthir Maharaj and the family and then whole family goes to Kuruksetra because Yudisthir Maharaj is thinking so much of the battle and so many people killed, he goes to the same battle again and Pandav brothers go and Krishnagoes and there was another reason why they go there was our grandfather Bhisma lying on bed of arrows. Some time has passed and 10th Day of battle of Kuruksetra he failed and for more than a month close to some 52 days he was on those bed of arrows and this was the time for his depature and Krishna wanted to be there at the time of his departure and also Krishna wanted grandfather Bhisma to speak to Yudisthir Maharaj, you know I have spoken so much but I couldn’t pacify him, there is any influence hardly any or little effect is there. So let grandfather Bhisma speak, so grandfather Bhisma speaksand whole speech was directed to Yudisthir Maharaj and as a result he feltcompletely pacified and peaceful, finally he is peaceful as mentioned here“mumude” he is enjoying. And then grandfather Bhisma departs Krishna comes back to Dwaraka, no through Hastinapur he returns to Dwarka, so there is a chapter
Krishna returns to Dwarka, Krishna entering Dwaraka and then some 35 yrs later,35 yrs later Yudisthir Maharaj is organizing yet another what you would want to call mega event, a big event this time Asvamedh yagya, horse sacrifice, he had
done Rajsuya sacrifice before now asvamedha yagya and he is doing it for 2-3 reasons one is for yagya funds are required treasury of  Yudisthir Maharaj was now getting depleted,exhausted some more funds were required, so he sends his brothers to raise funds in the name of this sacrifice, the remaining funds would be used to run the admistration, the kingdom and if such event is organized for sure Krishna would come, he would not come for small ribbon cutting ceremony. No it has to
be big big thing he is a very very very very important person. So it has to be very big event, biggest event organized in Hastinapur and then Krishna is invited, Krishna comes and Krishna returns to Dwraka this time Arjun goes with
Krishna to Dwaraka . And now few more months to go before Krishna would no more be on the planet, his family is wound up, sacricital war at Prabhassetra. Another reason why Arjun was taken with him with the Lord to Dwarka at the endall men were
finished ladies returned 16,108wives were handed over to by Krishna personally you take  care of them, you take  care they are in your custody now ok! And soon Arjun is heading for Hastinapur , prior to that just prior to Krishna’s departure, Krishna is meeting uddhava and Krishna meets our Maitre Muni and the one of the last person Krishna remembers is Vidura just see….. Remembering Vidura, please convey this message unto Vidura, I can’t see him, I wish he was here as I am departing departure but please convey this message. And these two gentlemen Uddhava, Mahabhagvatas and Maitre Muni they had the message so Krishna departs and these 2 personalities also live for the north, one is heading for Badrikashram, on the way to Badrikashram Uddhava meets Vidura in Vrindavan and talks about Krishna, Krishna is no more on the planet, so he is thinking of
Krishna remembering Krishna trying to be close to Krishna by talking about Krishna, talking about Krishna to Vidura. He talks everything about Krishna except one thing; he does not say nothing about departure of Krishna, why should I be carrier of such a bad news no, no I don’t want, so he did not say a word about Krishna’s departure. The Vidura meets Maitre muni in Haridwar and there is chapter after, chapter after there are few cantos infact the dialogue, converasation between Maitre Muni and
Vidura, the creation so many topics they are dealing with. From there Vidura returns to Hastinapur and the result of that he is talking to his brother Dhrtarastra, result of that is this chapter quitting, “Dhrtarasta quits home” and then, but we did not mention was, King Parikshit  has already taken birth after Kuruksetra battle he was attacked by Asvatthama, Krishna goes to Dwaraka, while around that time king parikshit has taken birth he is already some 36 yrs old now king Parishit. Yudisthir Maharaj was ruler of this world for 36 yrs, till the time of Krishna’s departure for his own abode now Arjun returns with the news. They are already suspecting they have already seen so many bad symptoms and they had almost concluded OH! Does this mean , Does this mean that , Does this mean, Does this mean, Does this mean Krishna……………they knew they kind of knew but they didn’t want to say it talk about it or conclude that way but finally as Arjun returns after spending 7months in Dwaraka. And there was anews Krishna has gone back we also, we go then no more interest in ruling the kingdom immediately
they enthrone King Parikshit as a emperor they retire timely they go towards north and to the lord ultimately and then king Parikshit is ruling he is a emperor and this is the beginning of the age of kali. The kali begins the day
Krishna left this planet “sham tyaktva svapadam gataha yad? mukundo bhagavan”

“mukundo bhagavan Sri Krishna the day  he left this planet, this earthly planet From that day appeared the kali and what kind of kali “sarva sadhan badhakaha” The kali that causes disturbances to whom, specially the  sadhakas, those who are
doing sadhana practing their Krishna consciousness the badha, the obstacles are caused by this kali “sarva sadhan badhakaha” and there he kali was there taken assumed the role of a king dressed  like a king harassing a cow those dharma, bull dharma same family, mother cow personification  of dharma and then King Parikshit action response to that he was ready to slaughter that kali but then there a chapter called the punishment as well as reward yes. Yes, oh! Where could I stay? Please! So punishing was appropriate but It is considered forgiving is even superior principle then the punishment. So punishment and
reward is also there. Where could I stay? Could I stay somewhere OH! You could stay in 4 places what is that?

“dyutam  panam striyah suna” (S.B 1.17.38) Four places“dyutam”– gambling, “panam” – intoxication, “striyah” – prostitution, “suna” –meat eating four places and also the black money, the gold there you could
stay and the kali got the places, shelter in kings kingdom and then he was ruling e ruled for some about  3o yrs.
King Parikshit is about 66 yrs old now, approximately 66 yrs and once he is out in the forest and on that day another piece of information he was wearing the crown made up of gold. When Krishna, Arjun and Bhima had gone to Jarasanda to
battle with him and Bhima had finally killed. So when they returned to Hastinapur they brought different things, some opulence’s some wealth, some gifts and one of them was Jarasandha’s golden crown and it’s said that particular day (laughs) King Parikshit was wearing that gold Jarasandha’s gold, Jarasandha’s wealth in form of this crown and that influenced his whole thinking kali entered through this gold, this kind of crown which was made up of gold and this thought oh! Water water could someone get me some water and he saw Samyaka rishi there sitting there in trance. No! No! Here he sits he is
pretending because he doesn’t want to give me water, he wasn’t in any kind of trance or padmasana but as soon as I asked for water immediately he had taken this asan. So this kind of thought and wanting to insult him picks (Hari…..) up snake around and soon comes the Shringi the son immature you fool! Foolish son how could you do this? Cursing Mahabhagvat  King Parikshit. NO! No but this was the age of kali even Brahman where immature in talking such hasty whimsical decisions ready to curse King Parikshit like personalities Mahabhagvat King Parikshit got the news he could have counteracted sending his whole army but no! No! he takes it in another spirit I am such a offender I must be punished this dying in 7 days it’s nothing, I should have received severe punishment he is thinking like that and he is getting ready now and he renouncing everything crown, clothes just loin cloth walks out sitting on the banks of Ganga there and there come the hero oh! Thank you (laughter) timely so there comes our Sukadev Goswami andhe has been glorified so sages wanted to know tell us more about Bhagavatam who compiled? Etc… the history context and tell us more about Parikshit and tell us about Sukadev Goswami so throughout the 19th Chapter occasionally here theresome an especially in 19th Chapter there more we hear about Sukadev Goswami and
now the two personalities have met and King Parikshit as I am on the verge of death and under this circumstance you please tell me “paramam  gurum” (SB 1.19.37) You are yoginam, you are guru of the whole world, you are even guru of the yogis please tell me what is the duty under this circumstance? What should be done? And so that enquiry was made by King Parikshit and then the very last statement of the 1stcanto ofBhagvatam is “pratyabhasata
dharma-jno bhagavan  badarayanih” (SB1.19.40)
Sir Suta Goswami said the King thus spoke and questioned the Sages using sweet language then great and powerful personality the son of Vyasadev who knew the principles of religion began his
reply. Questions were now being reused by King Parikshit and what was the reply? That follows and one more time there is “om nama bhagvate vasudevya” Not that I am going to begin my, some of you are probably wondering, these two
prayers are very famous in ISKCON as soon as you hear “om nama bhagvate  vasudevya” (maharaj makes a sleepy face)
(Laughter) But as soon as you hear “mahaprasade govinde” every one jumps (laughter) So I don’t want you to get into
sleepy state by hearing “om nama bhagvate vasudevya” but it’s time for Prasad so that 2nd Canto is now from whom? Sukadev Goswami and 2nd Canto begins and all cantos and like that…….

Thank you (greatround of applause) His Holiness Lokanath Maharaj ki jai………………Srila Prabhupad ki jai……………………………….

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