Pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu


Pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
Date : 17 March 2022

Radha Madhav ki jai
Pancha Tattva ki jai
Asta Sakhi ki jai
Prahlada Narsingha ki jai
Gaura Pornima mahotsva ki jai
Caitanya Caritamrita ki jai

I heartily welcome you all from all over the world, Middle East, here there from everywhere devotees have come to celebrate 536th birthday of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. It’s birthday party, it’s about to happen that’s tomorrow. Just to be in that mood we are asked to talk about that.

Thank you Srila Prabhupada for ISKCON we should also be thanking to Srila BhaktI Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur for giving instructions to Abhay Babu. Go to the West and you know the rest. So I always think this instruction although emanating form the lotus mouth of Srila BhaktI Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur but the actual instructor is

And you know the result of it we have assembled here today. So I also thought of one verse which I will read out from Caitanya Caritamrita, Antya Lila 1. 132.
You are familiar with, you are expected to be familiar with this verse. We are vaishnavas we are Gaudiya vaishnavas.

anarpita-carim cirat karunayavatirnah kalau
samarpayitum unnatojjvala-rasam sva-bhakti-sriyam
harih purata-sundara-dyuti-kadamba-sandipitah
sada hrdaya-kandare sphuratu vah saci-nandanah

“May the Supreme Lord, who is known as the son of Srimati Sacidevi, be transcendentally situated in the innermost core of your heart. Resplendent with the radiance of molten gold, He has descended in the Age of Kali by His causeless mercy to bestow what no incarnation has ever offered before: the most elevated mellow of devotional service, the mellow of conjugal love.”

This verse appears in Caitanya Caritamrita 3 times. This verse (Vidagdha-madhava 1.2) also appears in adi-lila (1.4 and 3.4).

Who is Gauranga Mahaprabhu?
Sri Krsna Caitanya . Why is He full of karuna or more karunamai than Krsna. Krsna is vadanyaya but Sri Krsna Caitanya is mahavadanyaya.

ntah krsnah bahir gaurah sangopangastra-parsadah
saci-garbhe samapnuyam maya-manusa-karma-krt

Inwardly Krishna but outwardly of golden form, I will be accompanied by My associates, servants, weapons, and confidential companions. Taking My birth in the womb of Shachi, I will accept the role of a human being.

“ekatmanav api bhuvi pura deha bhedam gatau tau”

Caitanya Caritamrita describes in the very beginning. Radha and Krishna are ekatmana, they are one. But to perform their pastimes they become two. “deha bhedam gatau tau” they become two.
caitanyakhyam prakatam adhuna tad-dvayam caikyam aptam

So they are one they had become two. But then again those two become one “tad-dvayam caikyam aptam ” that is Caitanya Mahaprabhu. This is a statement from Caitanya Craitamrita again. They became two they assume two forms from one they become two then latter 536 years what happen?

So they were two 536 years ago then they became one, that is Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

radha krsna-pranaya-vikrtir hladini saktir asmad
ekatmanav api bhuvi pura deha-bhedam gatau tau
caitanyakhyam prakatam adhuna tad-dvayam caikyam aptam
radha-bhava-dyuti-suvalitam naumi krsna-svarupam(CC Adi 1.5)

Radha-Krsna is one. Radha-Krsna is Krsna and Krsna’s pleasure potency combined. When Krsna exhibits His pleasure potency, He appears to be two—Radha and Krsna. Otherwise, Radha and Krsna are one. This oneness may be perceived by advanced devotees through the grace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. This was the case with Ramananda Raya. One may aspire to attain such a position, but one should not try to imitate the maha-bhagavata.

Radha duti he has been cooking for all of you
In Sri Krsna Caitanya there is Radha and Radha is very very kind. You know Radharani she is very merciful. Radha Thakuri. We are making that point that karuna is due to Radha rani.

Sastra mentions He left Golok behind and came to earthly planet, Bharatvarsa ki jai. To give relief to bestow their mercy with Hare Krnsa.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu says by giving up the nectar those who demand give me poison they are fools. Gauranga came for them.

Holy name is the wealth of Golok, so Lord Gauranga left His abode and He comes down to give nectar to give the holy name to the whole world. In order to offer the mellow madhurya bhava, Srinagar rasa or Vraja bhava and Vraja bhakti.

Hari has now assumed the form the word sundar speaks more of beauty than the word beauty these are limitations of english. Dharma is dharma its not religion, religion is not dharma.

As Rupa Goswami is writing in his Vidagdha Madhav the whole beauty has manifestated; Golden complexion, not just golden but molten gold tapta kanchan.

So having described Gauranga introducing how he looks like he kindly appears he comes after long long time. After long time he comes, once in one day of Brahma otherwise Krsna has said in Gita.

sambhavami yuge yuge

But Gaurangas appearance in kalpe kalpe.

Svayam Bhagvan appears in one day of Brahma during the day of 7th Manu each Manu has 71 cycles of Catur yuga then that is one Manus period during this Manus cycle so this one is 28th cycle
During the 28th cycle of this Catur yuga Krsna appears after Dwapara yuga

Followed by sri krsna caiatnya mahaprabha. The same Krsna appears but now he has appeared along with Radha rani all associates of Krsna appears. Gaurana appears. The whole Golok descend with this I like to remind you that Golok has two parts one is Vrndavana other part is Navadvipa also called as Svetadvipa but this is not where Visnu lies on Anantasea. So Radha Krsna are in Vrndavan so is Caitanya Mahaprabhu is in Svetadvipa part of Golok eternally

World is in trouble that’s not the case Caitanya Mahaprabhu is eternally there. Golok is nija dhama of Radha Krsna and also of Lord Gauranga. Those are the pastimes of Goloka. Radharani appears and asta sakshi nanada yasodha and cows and cowherd boys and than Gauranga Mahaprabhu appears 536 years ago. So this the continuation of this pastimes. Radha Krsnas pastimes takes placein Vrndavana.

Acarya says this is parisita lila, you know parisaita lila. At the end of the book there is appendix or the book is complete and more has to said They are not less importance they are of equal importance. Unless you refer the appendix understand that digest that than you will have complete picture of the book.

Lord appeared to share unnat ujawala rasa madhurya rasa. So this is Caitanya Mahaprabhus opinion.
You should all worship Vrndavana dhama ki jai.
So Krsna has become devotee of Krsna.

Bhakta rupa –Caitanya Mahaprabhu has become bhakta of Krsna.
By his example he is teaching the whole world. Krsna is Bhagavat Gita tells do this do that but he does not do it himself. But Krsna as Caitanya Mahaprabhu follows that he becomes devotee and follows all those instruction he becomes a great devotee of aradhya bhagavn

Caiatnya mahaprabhu is worshipping Krsna. How to worship krsna in age of Kali. Caiatnya mahaprabhu comes down and he is chanting hare krnsa..

Not only worship Krsna but also worship the dhama, so much love for Vrndavana as soon as he started chanting
You can’t do that meditation of Satya yuga archanam no one does that properly. So as Caitanya Mahaprabhu started chanting the holy name as his chanting was pure and offencless. He stared running towards Vrndavana.

Yes you wish to worship you hould worship Krsna as Radha rani or Gopis wroshipped Krsna. He is strongly recommending Vraja bhakti. You wish to read scripturses read what? Grantha raja Srimad Bhagavtam ki jai
Some other religions are very proud how many books we dnt have just a book but we have library of books this si something to think a bout srila Prabhpada says these are just like pocket dictionary

It’s a ocean and it’s just unlimited when Caitanya Mahaprabhu his favoraite pastime to hear Jaidev Goswamis Gita Goivnd or his own compilation Siksastakam caitanya mahaprabhu would spend sleepless nights and dive deeper and sharing the commenatrries with Svarupa Damodhar Ramananda Ray.

Rest of the world is they fight or strive for 4 achievements 4 pursartha dharma, artha, kama, moksha. That’s the limit.

What Caitanya Mahaprabhu has to offer is also super excellent all the items from Golol. So that Lord is offering this to the most fallen people of the Kaliyuga.

Mahaprabhu danced and he relished chanting and dancing and he shared and propagated that’s why he is knows mahavadanyaya. This dhama is also called Audarya dhama from here he propagated Madhurya of Vrndavana. Vrndavana is known for Madhurya and Mayapur is known for Audarya. They will be distributed in every town and every village of this world.

Will reach where? Every village every town of Bangal, of India every nook and corner of this whole world. You think this will happen? All ready happening.

Srila Prabhupada travelled 14 times around the world. He also asked us to do padayatras so that holy name will reach every town and every village. So what has happened these 50 years? Mayapur festival time devotees form 70 countries reach here. So holy name has reached, holy name has reached.

Caitanya mangal says golden period 10000 years why it’s called golden period this is Gauranga times whose time is this? Gauranga time.

Gaura Premamnanda hari hari bol

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