Prayers of Nagpatnis


Verse: Srimad Bhagavatam 10.16.39-40, 10.16.44-45.

These Nagpatnis are praying:-

“Namas tubhyam bhagavate
purushaya mahatmane
bhutavasaya bhutaya
paraya paramatmane

brahmane ananta-shaktaye
namaste prakritaya cha

namah pramana-mulaya
kavaye shastra-yonaye
pravrittaya nivrittaya
nigamaya namo namah

namah krishnnaya ramaya
vasudeva-sutaya cha
satvatam pataye namah”

Like that they keep praying beautiful meaningful prayers, appropriate, befitting prayers they offer, I just said few, they are many more, again homework for you and they said towards the end of those prayers “apradhah,” certainly are husband has committed big big offense but you are “bharta,” you are the master, creator, you are purusa, we are your prakriti, my dear Lord, please tolerate and forgive this “mudha” (laughs), addressing the husband, he is mudha, you know he is mudha, that’s what he is , he has no brain, he is first class fool and he has committed this aparadha, but “anugrahi,” “anugrahnisva” please benedict him and he is about to lose his life, my dear Lord but being the wives, we are only begging Oh! Lord “sadhu sochanam,” have pity, pity upon us, our only request is:

patih pranah pradiyatam.”

Please keep our husband alive, he is about to lose his prana, keep him alive.

vidhehi kinkarinam

We are your kinkari, we are your servants, please order us, we are ready to render service and please make us free from all anxieties.

sarvato bhayat muchyate

And Viswanath Chakrawarti Thakur comments that as Krishna heard these prayers, Krishna jumped, He was on the top of the hill, He came down, He was in front of Kaliya and the Nagapatnis. That means He released that Kaliya.


gave his life back or gave him strength, “shanakair harim krichrat,”and gradually he was getting his strength back and “dinah,” poor Kaliya was struggling, doing proper breathing, so gradually, gradually, he attained normal state and he has his hands folded(laughs). I don’t know what kind of hands he had? But this is:

“kritanjalih,” “kritanjalih”

Hands folded and he is also offering prayers, begging for pardon and Kaliya uvacha, Kaliya speaks yes, yes, my dear Lord, we are, you know, this is what we are, serpent species, we are always envious, we are always angry, this is our svabhava, I wish to become free from this anger but this kind of moha, this kind of conditioning is not very katham, how to get rid of this illusion and bondage and this kind of conditioning, anger, envy? We don’t know but:

bhavam he karnanam tatra sarvagyo jagdishwara

But you are cause of all causes, if you wish to make me free from all this lower natures, Lord, you are free
anugraham nigrahamva,” either favour me, love me or leave me. “Anugraham nigrahamva,” anugraha, you may favour me, nigraha punish me, “manyase tat vidhi” whatever, whatever, whatever you do, “yada ecchasi tatha kuru” you do as you wish, so with this words he is fully surrendered unto the Lord:

iti aakarnaya vacha

Sukhdev uvacha. Sukhadev Goswami says by hearing these words He had heard the Nagapatnis, the wives of Kaliya, the Lord has just now heard Kaliya also.

Lord said: “natra stheyam tvaya sarpa samudram yahi ma chiram

You don’t stay here, go to the ocean, “go nrabhir bhujyatam nadi.”

“I want water of this Yamuna river for my cows and my friends Braja vasis. That’s brief. Lord’s response was very brief but very clear, firm and Sukhdev Goswami is making few comments here, anyone who listens to this pastime of Krishna subduing Kaliya, one benefit, are you scared of snakes? Some of you. You will not be, fear of snakes will not brother you any more. Haribol! You may have to read this pastimes few more times, (laughter) so that’s one, other benediction is any one who takes bath in that lake, it is no more poisonous lake, you don’t have to worry and he does fasting and takes bath, where Krishna says “mad-krida” Lord’s krida had been performed and remembers this pastime:

smarann sarva-papaih pramuchyate

He becomes free from all the reactions of the sin, remembering this pastime, fasting, taking bath in that Kaliya, great Kaliya lake and Krishna said to Kaliya, yes, I know you had left that “ramnika dvipa” because you were afraid of Garuda but now your head has been marked with my lotus feet, so wherever you go you are safe, Garud will not bother you, the reason, its another very mysterious history why Kaliya chose to be in that particular lake? And why he had come to Vrindavan side? So Krishna knew all this, now you don’t have to worry. There is a trade mark on your head, my lotus feet and you are safe.

evam mukto bhagavata
tam pujayam asa muda
naga-patnyas cha sadaram

Then the whole family got together, headed by Kaliya, the wives and the children and they begin worshipping the Lord, “jai jagadish hare.” (laughter)

pujayitva jagan-natha
prasadya garuda-dhvajam

They are praying Jaganatha, puja and they are giving gifts.


Different garments, jewels, specially snakes have jewels on their hoods, they are supposed to be very very valuable, hard to get there, we can’t reach, we can’t slap a snake and snatch them. Its not that easy but so their “abhushanayi,” so many other ornaments, they are offering to Krishna and finally the family did parikrama around Krishna and they left for the ocean as they were instructed.

tadaiva samrita-jala
yamuna nirvisha abhavat

At that moment, immediately as Krishna had also touched, done some swimming there, Yamuna jala became no more poison, became nectarian.

anugrahad bhagavatah

And this was benediction of Bhagvataha, of Supreme Personality of Godhead who was playing role of some kind of manushah, human like form but He is original Supreme Personality of Godhead and with that Sukhadev Goswami ends that chapter.

Nitai Guar Premanande Hari Hari bol!


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