Proposal for Vrindavan by Upananda


No one appointed him but because of his concern for Krishna and Balarama and other residents of Gokul also, he had been doing this research and traveling and traveling, now, he just now returned from his travels and he is proposing, now he is saying, we have to leave this place.

“utthatavyam etha asmabir gokulsha hiteshibihi”

We care for all residents of Gokul and for every one’s benefit, especially for the benefit of Krishna and Balarama, we have to leave this place, is the proposal of Upanada.

“Maha Utpat Balana nashhetav”

It seems that the target of these attacks are balakas, the children, specially, Krishna and Balarama and he is reminding everyone, “Do you not remember,” all the assembled members of this august gathering that Balagnya, when Krishna was only six days old, Putana appeared, luckily you know, Krishna managed killing. Then Krishna was three months old, Shaktasur, just kicked that cart and cart went flying and broken into pieces. The attempt was there, trying to kill this child, then He was hundred days or three months old, Trnavarta came took the baby into the sky, of course the baby did not mind, He was enjoying seeing the whole Braja, first opportunity to fly in the sky free. Shilayam, and Krishna became heavier, he is briefly describing each past time, and on a big rock, he was killed as Krishna became heavier and heavier and then before us is this ghastly disaster seen, you could see the trees uprooted and,

“sureshvare paritrataha sureshvare tad api achuta rakshanam”

Achuta is, Sureshvar is, Lord is, Narayan is protecting our children but how long, one of these days, who knows? Who knows? So far, so good. Children have been protected but we can’t take risk. Then he says, “yaa shamo anyatra sanugaha,” we have to go, take everything, take everything with us, all the residents, all the cows, the basic needs with us and we have to leave this place, oh! Where do we go? What are you talking about? Do you have some concrete proposal? Yes, yes, and Upananda says,

“vanam vrindavanam nama pashavayam nav kananam”

I had been traveling and traveling throughout Braja Mandal and I have found a place, a place called Vrindavan. Let’s go to Vrindavan, Let’s go, are you ready? (Maharaja asks the audience and they respond by saying Haribol) What about the katha? (Laughter) We have taken sankalpa, we are in Vrindavan also, as we listen to katha of Krishna in Vrindavan, we are in Vrindavan, we are with Krishna, Krishna’s pastimes, just watch Krishna, take note of Krishna, try to become part of those pastimes, witness those pastimes, through the eyes of the Bhagvatam, Bhagvatam has two pages, right! So, see through one page with this eye and another page through the other eye and there is a window, hole is made into the Brahmand and you could see things beyond this universe through the eyes of Bhagvatam Shastra Caksusha,

“Gopgopigavam sevayam punyaadri tran Virudham”

And that Vrindavan is sevayam, very appropriate, suitable place for cows, always the concern is cows, for the cows very good place, very good place for us also and specially he is mentioning, therse is also punyaadri, there is one hill, mountain called Govardhan, there is lots of trina, grass, creepers and lakes, everything is there, beautiful place I have come across and we should go there right away. He made this presentation proposal for the residents of Vrindavan and he says we will go there,

“Bhavatam yadi rochate”

If you like we will go, if you, if you want, if you are ready, you think its a good place, I have described to you, if u like, we will go and what do you think was the response of the residents? Yes. Jaya, jaya. They said sadhu sadhu, say sadhu sadhu, (devotees reply sadhu sadhu), speaking Sanskrit now, forgot English? (laughs). Ya that’s what they said, sadhu sadhu iti wadinaha, as they heard, sadhu sadhu, Oh! Wonderful, wonderful and yes, we are for Vrindavan. Lets go to Vrindavan and they got ready to go to Vrindavan.

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