Radha Madhav Golden Jubilee festival


Radha Madhav Golden Jubilee festival
March 3, 2022

Sri Sri Radha Madhav ki jai
Mayapur dham ki jai
Srila Prabhupada ki jai
All glories to assemble devotees.

We are celebrating here 50th anniversary of this and 50 th anniversary of that of course those historical facts are of course there but what we are also celebrating is 50 years ago Srila Prabhupad revealed Mayapur Dham to the whole world and he also made those prediction come true of Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur had predicted one mahatama will gather those bhaktas from all over the world they will come to Mayapur and they will chant.

What will they chant ?
jai sachi nanda jai sachi nandan jai sachi nandan gaura hari
So 50 years ago, we are going in to the past 50 years ago. All that you see around wasn’t there. It was a very humble beginning just a little piece of land and small festivals. Only 70 devotees attended and the festival lasted for five days. Ofcourse a lot of very significant things happened during those five days. I was thinking, Prabhupada also was must have checked here is a vaisnav from Germany, devotees from here there, they all have come here they have received the Holy name of Lord, they are all chanting,
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare
Mahaprabhu’s prediction has come true,

p?thiv?te ?che yata nagar?di gr?ma
sarvatra prac?ra haibe mora n?ma

"In every town and village, the chanting of My name will be heard." My name will be chanted in every town, every village all over the world all over the planet. So by holding that festival 50 years ago and bringing
vaisnavas from all over the world, American sadhus, European sadhus. This is how I was introduced in 71 when I was a college student and Prabhupada was holding a festival In Mumbai and it was advertised the promotion was American sadhus are here and European sadhus are here.

We all Mumbaikar’s were thinking what American scientist is ok but Americans sadhu? Forget it, but here they. Prabhupada infact was traveling all over India for almost one year holding festival here festival there beginning with Amritsar and then many places.

I went back on the track, Prabhupada was once in the ardha Kumbha mela 71 holding Hare Krishna festival there and Radha Madhav deities Chota Radha Madhav ki jai. They were worshipped during that Kumbha mela ardha Kumbha mela at Prayagraj. Then Prabhupada travelled to Gorakpur probably you know not far from Prayag in Uttar Pradesh held another festival and the presiding deities were Chota Radha Madhav and for the first time there Srila Prabhupada sang this Bhakti Vinod Thakur’s song "jai Radha Madhav.”

Ofcourse he sang differently difficult to follow the same tune and well but more difficult of course is to his bhava and his emotions those who were present in festival at Gorakhpur they all witnessed as Srila Prabhupada sang this "jai radha madhav" song Srila Prabhupada was emotionally surcharged. His emotions stirred up and he was unable to sing this song. Tears gliding down his cheeks and then and there he named these deities as we called them as Radha Madhav.

Announced in our vaisnava parampara as Srila Jaidev Goswami prana dhan hye. Jaidev Goswami worshipped Radha Madhav. Be seated Maharaja is His holiness jayapataka Swami Maharaja ki jai.

He was the first one Prabhupad sent him to Mayapur. Maharaja is now worshiping Radha Madhava, he is entering in to the pastimes of Radha Madhav by swinging there cradle their swing they were seated in this swing. So those deities then. I don’t know all the details I think Jannivas and others Jaipataka Maharaja could tell they were in Kolkata and then Srila Prabhupada send Jaypataka Maharaja and Jannivas, go bring these deities to Mayapur. They were kind of packed not to be worshipped every day. And then worship of Radha Madhav began in Kutir Prabhupada Kutir 50 years ago. That is also celebration. I think I could just go back and so I was also saying let me finish that
Prabhupada was or what we are celebrating is Srila Prabhupada made Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s prediction come true by bringing vaisnavas from all over the world to Mayapur earlier we know Gaura Nityananda they had liberated Jagai and Madhai.

dina-hina jata chilo
hari-name uddharilo
tara sakshi jagai madhai

The holy name delivered all those souls who were lowly and wretched. Gauranga and Nityananda They liberated Jagai and Madhai and then by bringing devotees from all over the planet to Mayapur 50 years ago.

Prabhupada was proving the potency of the Holy Name. American Jagai and Madhai, European and Australian, Canadian and African Jagai andMadhai.

Jayapataka Swami Maharaja ki Jay. He is the man of the show also here. He is the doer. Prabhpada handed over this dhama unto him. I am giving you kingdom of God or Gauranga. Develop this so that Jayapataka Maharaja gets credit for lots of things or most of things that has taken place we are witnessing around us here any way I just want
to say one more thing so the deities were worshipped began at Kutir.

1972 that festival I had missed but I didn’t missed in sense because after here, after Mayapur Gaura Purnima which was on 29 th February 1972 Srila Prabhupada in month of March beginning he had traveled to Vrndavan and conducted another bhumi Puja or groundbreaking ceremony in Vrndavan for Krishna Balarama Temple and in middle of March Prabhupada traveled to Mumbai Hare Krishna Land and there was Hare Krishna Festival was going on. I did miss 72 festival in Mayapur but Srila Prabhupada was so magnanimous, so kind, he brought the festival wherever I was or all the Bombay folks were and Hare Krishna Festival was held there and I was able to participate in the festival as well as I witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony of Radha Rasbihari Temple.

Radha Rasbihari ki jai
Krishna Balarama ki jai
So three ground breaking ceremonies in one month like a marathon. So I was able to witness one in Mumbai and so I did not miss 72 festival in one sense. So 72 at Kutir then well Prabhupada also and the deities were shifted to lotus building in 73 the first festival I attended ,I just want to say that Radha Madhava were on the ground floor here where the exhibition is now and of course Jananivas Prabhu was the pujari, head pujari and you know I was also pujari. Prabhupada had made me pujari of Radha Rasbihari in Mumbai so when I pujari from Mumbai had arrived Jananivas was very kind to invite me also me to worship Radha Madhav and during early morning hours after Mangal arti he used to take care of Madhav, he is to hand Radharani to my side and so he was very kind. Jananivas Prabhu to giving me opportunity to serve Radha Madhav especially Radha that time and so while we were busy doing that I know we were so much Prabhupada conscious while worshiping Radha Madhav I also think a Prabhupada.

Prabhupada is on the Bhaktivedant Swami Road now, he must have reached the Yogapitha now, he must be coming back and finally I would know ,yes Prabhupada is back because in front of Radha Madhava temple, devotees would begin kirtan as Prabhupada is back. Then both of us used to rush and try to finish of the remaining task to get deities
ready for Shringar darsana and Prabhupada finally coming into the temple and Jananivas Prabhu blowing conch shell curtains open and Prabhupada offering flat dandavats and standing with folded hands listening to Govindam that prayer and circumambulation of the deities and kirtans and ringing the bell.

So we are being reminded of all that those good old days or beginning days 50 years ago during this 50th Radha Madhav Golden Festival days these days so we are. This is the time to get inspired to carry forward mission of Srila Prabhupad and we all have our instructions and Prabhupada desires and of course Mayapur has a lot more to be done and remaining and as I said yesterday Radha Madhav's palace, Prabhupada got Radha Rasbihari’s palace ready the palace of Radha Madhav is just now coming. Just two more or two years to go and we'll be here two years later the festival will be held in Panchattava Temple, Radha Madhav Temple, Prahlad Narsimha Temple, Parampara Temple.

Srila Prabhupada ki jai
TOVP temple, we are looking forward to that occasion event and of course we have to prepare for that not just leave it up to Ambarish and Vrajavilas Prabhu and Jayapataka Maharaja. We all have to get right behind them facilitate their service of completion of TOVP

Are you thinking , are ready to do that?
Thank you.
Srila Prabhupada ki jay,
Radha Madhav ki jay.
Gaur Premanande.

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