Rasa dance begins


So Krishna is now back with them and there are so many
different ways of meeting and dealing, embracing as many as many Gopis are
there, Krishna is meeting each one of them. There are several descriptions of
how what each Gopi does? How she deals with Krishna. It is mentioned about one
Gopi she had very unique way of meeting her Lord. What she did was she drank
Krishna with her eyes, drank the form of the Lord through her eyes and she took
him to her heart, made him sit down there and as soon as he was in she closed
the window door, so no one would notice. So in there she is meeting her Lord,
how someone know that she is meeting? Look, look her body is trembling look how
hairs are standing on end, look the tears gliding down her cheeks these are all
the symptoms.

Obviously the Gopis
meeting is a real union, they are united. So when soul meets the Supreme, soul
these symptoms, there we were mentioning about one particular Gopi. But when
devotees meet full Krishna conscious, meeting takes place, Bhakti yoga linking
is done and these symptoms. So one  Gopi
had this very unique idea of meeting her Lord in the heart, inner chambers of
heart. Because social customs don’t allow or she wanted more private meeting.
So she chose the heart to be the meeting place. And there were just million
ways how different Gopis are meeting the Lord. And that’s reunion that’s the
4th chapter of these 5 chapters “rasa  panch adhyaya, chapter 32 is the reunion
with the Lord, meeting and Lord also expresses the feeling “na paraye ham” (S.B 10.32.22). I am indebted to you all Gopis, the
kind of love that you have for me and your innocence I am just, I can’t repay
all this debt to all of you, I can’t compensate you, what you always do for me,
had been doing for me, what you did for me today and that chapter is concluded
with that statement and then finally the 5th chapter “Maharasa”.

govindo, rasa-kridam anuvrataih, stri-ratnair
anvitah pritair, anyonyabaddha-bahubhih.
(S.B 10.33.2).
At this time
Krishna expands himself and he is with every Gopi as many Gopis those many
Krishna’s “rasotsavah sampravrtto,
gopi-mandala-manditah” (S.B 10.33.3).

So this is decoration, beauty of Vraj mandal has been enhanced by this “rasotsavah”  “yogesvarena krsnena, tasam madhye dvayor
dvayoh, pravistena grhitanam, kantha svanikatam striyah” (S.B 10.33.3).

Between two Gopis
there is one Krishna. So that means one Gopi -one Krishna or between two
Krishna- one Gopi or between two Gopi one Krishna whatever way you want to say
yam manyeran nabhas tavad, vimana –sata
sankulam” (S.B 10.33.3)
. As Lord was about to begin the grand festival of
Rasa dance sky up there is filled with the aircrafts, aircrafts’ are hovering
all over. “divaukasam” The demigods they are taking their position
their sits “tato dundubhayo nedur” (S.B
different instrument they
are playing.

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